Blind Date

by Tilpondarius Dedonde Manaday

Tags: Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Incest, Mother, Son,

Desc: Incest Story: A lonely woman is set up by her co-worker on a blind date. A date that will change her life forever.

"Should you sin, sin boldly. Don't confound the matter with timidity."

-Roger Elliott McFarland, "Under a Fair Sun," 1932, Blackwell and Simons, London

"You need to get laid. He's handsome, he's got muscles, he's sweet and funny. Best of all, he's got this monster between his legs. I had cramps for two days after the first time. But god, it was worth it."

"What about Henry?"

Betsy grinned knowingly. "Henry, well-" She gave Sandra an odd smile. "Listen, Mark is a whole 'nother experience. He's discreet, too."

"Betsy, you're so bad." Sandra smiled patiently and turned back to the financial reports. They were casual friends; she had lunch with Betsy but they didn't do things away from work. Betsy was younger; in her twenties; Sandra knew the cute brunette was randy. But she wasn't going to let Betsy set her up with some guy.

It had been over a year since Charlie died. She really did need to get out and meet guys. And a big cock- Betsy wouldn't know of course, but that hit her hot button. Charlie had had a big cock, and he could fuck her to a frenzied exhaustion. She turned back to Betsy. " I'm not sure I'm ready. I think I'm going to call my Mark and see if he can spend some time at home."

"Mark, your son, right." Betsy made a face. "Look, you're cute as hell. You have a great figure. And you're letting it go to waste. Charlie wouldn't have wanted you to sit at home alone night after night. Or playing mother hen to a teenage son. You're too young and way too pretty."

"I'm not mothering him. Mark is nineteen, and he moved out last year. He's very mature and successful. He makes more than me."

Betsy rolled her eyes. "You can use your kid for an excuse if you want. Listen, I've already set it up. Here's the address for the bar. Meet him at seven Friday. I told him blonde, big boobs, face of an angel, and a red blouse. You have a red blouse? If you don't, I can loan you one."

"No, Betsy. You be naughty on your own time."

"Think about it."


"Don't say no, just think about it."

Okay," Sandra laughed. "I'll think about it."

She did think about it, but she wasn't going. Betsy kept glancing at her with an odd smile throughout the afternoon, but she ignored her, or at least tried to.

Friday afternoon, Betsy reminded her. "And if you're not interested in my Mark, maybe you'd like to spend some time with me and Henry." Saying that Betsy's eyes went to Sandra's breasts, her eyes dropping like a man's would. Odd.

"Thanks, Betsy. I'm going over to my son's."

Thursday night, after several glasses of wine, she had waxed her pelvis. Charlie had liked her vulva clean; it was the first time she'd done that since he'd died. She still wasn't going out with Betsy's blind date. She was determined not to. But she did have a pretty cunt. Anyway, Charlie said so. She missed that big thing of his, banging into her womb. She missed everything about him.

Before she could fall into a gloom, sh went to the exercize equipment in the bedroom. She worked out naked in her bedroom for an hour, frustrated, angry, missing Charlie. It wasn't as good as sex, but for no clear reason, when she went to bed, she slept better than she had in ages.

Friday afternoon, Betsy rubbed her shoulders briefly and kissed the corner of her jaw. Sandra was surprised; she wasn't that close to Betsy. "If you don't want the meet our Mark, Henry and I would still love to have you. Over."

"Thanks, Betsy. I'm calling my son as soon as I get home."

Sandra did call Mark as soon as she got home. He begged off; he was busy. "I'm sorry, Mom. Maybe tomorrow, okay?"

"Mark, you work too much. You should take some time off."

Mark laughed. "It's a date, Mom. First time I could get free in weeks. I've got a date with a beautiful woman. I'll call you tomorrow, okay?"

Her son had a date. San looked at the phone sadly. She didn't want to be home alone while her son got on with his life. Charlie wouldn't have wanted her moping about.

Maybe Betsy was right; it was time to get back into things. For a moment, she felt panicked. Could she find the nerve to get out among people?

She had a red blouse; she wore that, a skirt that came above the knee, and flats. Charlie used to tease her that about her heels; "That's what caught my eye about you. Women in heels always give head." He'd been right about Sandra, anyway. She'd spent so much time with his big thing down her throat, massive and hot, almost choking her. She'd loved doing that though, feeling at once powerful, and grateful: powerful because it stirred him so; grateful for all the pleasure he gave her, for the exotic sexual adventures he led her on.

She considered calling Bill, a friend of Charlie's and hers, but Bill had been closer to Charlie, and the last time she'd seen him it had been a little awkward.

That left Betsy's young stud, the blind date thing. She did have a red blouse, but it buttoned low, so she'd have to wear a little demi bra. Did she dare? She took a shower and dried in front of the mirror.

She'd been working out since Charlie died. It was a way to fill her time; at first, it had been a way to not-miss Charlie, working obsessively at weights and machines. Now- well, now she saw the results in the mirror. She was in better shape than she had been five years ago. Everything was tight and smooth. Her breasts were average, but full and prominent. Her nipples were bulbous, a little too large, but that wasn't exactly a flaw. They were sensitive, and way too eager to stand up and say hi to the men, But that wasn't always a flaw either. Men liked it, sometimes. Charlie had loved her breasts.

Charlie. Sandra sat down and sighed. Charlie. She still missed him. The idea of meeting some young guy pretty much just to get laid made her feel guilty. But Charlie would have approved. Heck, Charlie would have insisted. She slipped a finger between her labia and smeared the dampness between her breasts, then licked her finger, smiling at her reflection. "Okay, girl," she told the mirror a bit anxiously, "Let's try to get laid."

She tried on a pair of tiny red thong panties, then slipped them off altogether, going bare. If she got lucky, they'd be in the way. If she didn't, well, she'd still feel a little wicked with her biscuit out there for the world to see. She took a cab downtown. If she got lucky, she didn't want to have to retrieve her car the next day.

Sandra should have known. Betsy's young man was her son Mark. She cringed. She should have known.

She had sat at a booth in the back, and she saw him come in and look around. She felt stupid. She should have known. But that didn't make a lot of sense, because there was no way she could have known

Then she realized Betsy was sleeping with her son; had they arranged this so Mark could get into his mother's panties? The thought sent a completely lascivious shiver through her. He looked so good across the room, broad shouldered, confident, handsome. Then Mark noticed her, and the surprise that registered on his face reassured her. He wasn't trying to seduce his own mother. Sandra plucked at her blouse, trying to close the vee, to hide the fact her nipples were standing up to say hello. But the blouse buttoned low and the little bra pushed her breasts together and didn't conceal her erect nipples at all. There was nothing to be done for it.

"Hi, I'm Mark," he said, coming to the table, "You must be Sandra."

Sandra rolled her eyes. "Mark, sit down. I feel silly enough as it is."

He sat, giving her a crooked smile. "You don't look silly. You look beautiful."

"Please, don't. If I'd known. You said you had a date, didn't you? This is way to embarrassing. I think I should go home."

"Already? Of course, if you want, but I'd be happy to buy you dinner first. My place or yours?"

Sandra blushed down to her throat. "Mark, I'm your mother. Don't even. Don't suggest anything. Don't even imply."

Mark smiled, considering something, watching her mouth. "You know, my dad always said I should never try to seduce a woman from a position of strength. He thought it was dishonorable to hit on the young, the stupid, the timid. You're mature, confident, and really beautiful. I think that makes you fair game."

"Your mother," Sandra insisted, frowning. "I'm your mother."

He took her hand and gently licked her palm. Sandra couldn't suppress the shiver that went through her. "That's just adds relish, doesn't it?"

"Stop it, right now. I mean it, Mark." She tried to look angry, but it wasn't convincing. The shock was sincere, though.

"Have dinner with me, then. Will you do that?"

"Making love with me would be incest. It's not going to happen."

"But dinner would be okay?"

Sandra glared. "Fine. Dinner. That's all."

She'd wanted to spend time with Mark, and here he was, but they sat for several minutes barely talking. She didn't know what to say. Mark ventured casual converastion, but she still felt awkward. Maybe she should go home.

Sandra got a second scotch, a double, and as the whiskey warmed her, she felt less uncomfortable, or at least pleasantly fuzzy. Mark was relaxed and confident. It might not have troubled her so much except that he was handsome. He was a heartbreaker, really, and she couldn't deny a secret attraction. But that didn't mean she'd allow anything to happen.

Betsy had set them up; she wondered what he'd done with her. A lot, apparently. Did Betsy know she'd arranged a date between Sandra and her handsome son? Maybe not. Probably not. Who would know?

"Do you think Betsy set us up?" she asked.

Mark considered that, watching Sandra's eyes. "No. I don't. I never even knew where she works. I met her through Henry."

"So what did Betsy say about me?" Sandra asked cautiously.

"She said you get daydreamy in the afternoon, and your nipples swell like hen's eggs when you thing about sex."

"She did not!" Sandra blushed hotly, mostly because it was true, her nipples were big and enthusiastic, and even industrial bras couldn't quite conceal them when she got horny.

"She did. She wants to make love to you, did you know that?"

"Mark, stop this, you're embarrassing me."

"Sorry, Sandra. That's Betsy, though. She is a little wild."

"I really don't know her that well. Why do you call me Sandra?"

"You're my date."

"I'm your mother. Don't for an instant think you're going to- to seduce me."

Mark smiled and cocked his head, studying her. "Except for that little detail, I'd sure try. You're the prettiest woman here."

"Mark, stop that. I mean it."

Mark smiled crookedly. "Bigger than hen's eggs, I'd say. Almost as big at tennis balls."

Sandra's face flamed red. "I should slap you. I'm leaving." She didn't quite get up, but she did glare, and finally with conviction.

"Sorry, sorry. That was pretty vulgar. Sorry. Stay. I like being around you, Sandra, and whether you like it or not, you're a beautiful woman. Let's spend the evening together."

"You're not going to seduce me."

"I think I'm going to try."

"Mark, I'm your mother! You're my son!"

Mark nodded. "Yes. So what?"

"What do you mean, so what!"

"I mean we're both adults, able to make our own choices. Take a chance. You don't have to be afraid of me."

"I'm not afraid of you."

"Then take a chance."

"You are not seducing me. I mean it."

Mark chuckled. "That's what all you beautiful women say."

Sandra glared at her son. "How did you ever get so sure of yourself?"

"I guess you raised me right. Dinner, dancing? Friendly flirting?"

She couldn't help smiling. It crept out through her indignation. "Dinner, all right? That's all."

"And flirting."


"Dinner and dancing. And flirting."

"No. Dinner. Maybe dancing."

"Okay. Good."

"And don't look down my dress."

"Don't admire what you're displaying?"

"Stop it, Mark. You're being obnoxious."

He was and he knew it too; he looked a bit contrite, a little embarrassed. More than his wicked proposal, his implacable confidence, that embarrassment reassured her and thrilled her at the same time. He was a charmer, that was certain, just like his dad.

"I've started classes at university," Mark said. "Night classes."

"Besides your job? You must be awfully busy."

Mark laughed. "Yeah, I had to skip a class for our date. It's hectic. I really don't have a life."

"You don't have a date, either. You are not going to get anywhere with me."

"Maybe not. Let's see what happens."

"Treat me the way you'd treat your mother. Okay?"

He gave her a wicked cockeyed smile, and Sandra couldn't help appreciate the irony. Perhaps this was the way he'd like to treat his mother.

Mark ordered iced tea, and moved the conversation to safer ground. They talked pleasantly, and Mark dropped the flirting, at least for the moment

He worked far too much, and he was going to school; he was majoring in philosophy, of all things, and he was enthusiastic about it. He was bright and funny and it was hard to believe he'd graduated from high school two years before. He was charming, and Sandra felt herself responding more to his friendly, unassuming manner than his blunt flirting earlier. He'd be a catch. His dad certainly had been. Had Mark been teasing her earlier? She knew she could be wicked herself, enough so to almost wished he hadn't been teasing. Almost.

Making love with her handsome son: it was a delicious notion. Sandra was perfectly capable of being wicked herself. She knew her nipples were reaching out to him, but she couldn't do anything about that, and he didn't appear to notice. At least his eyes didn't linger on her cleavage.

Mark had been talking about a new product his company was developing, when Sandra realized Betsy knowing them both had other implications. "Oh, god, Mark, I just realized. Betsy is going to want to know how my date went."

Mark smiled easily. "We're back to that, aren't we? Well, we can tell her the truth, unless we make love later."

Sandra flushed. "She'll ask regardless. You are not getting into my pants. I'm your mother."

"You brought it up. What difference does Betsy make, unless we do the dirty?"

Sandra frowned, but she wasn't able to put much heat in it, because he was right. "She's going to want to know about us. She- you've made love with her. She's going to know that I know. It'll be awkward."

Mark shrugged. "You're right. She'll ask me about you, too. I'm going to tell her you're the best piece of- the most passionate woman I've ever met."

"And I'll tell her you're a vulgar beast. What you're talking about is incest."

"Okay. There are two options. First, we stood each other up. Second, we tell her we're an item and no others need apply. Incest is best, yes?"

"No. Mark, please. You're a handsome guy. You can get lots of girls. You don't need to hit on me."

"You're a beautiful woman, Sandra. I want you."

"And stop calling me Sandra. Call me Mother. Or Mom."

"Mom for short? When I've fantasized about you, I always thought of you as imaginative and adventurous. Willing to try something new. Let's do something bad, something we'll have to conceal from Betsy."

Sandra frowned and shook her head. He was getting to her; she did want hm. Or at least she'd looked at him some times and wondered, considered, daydreamed. But this was the real thing, and she wasn't going to let anything happen. She wasn't. "You'll tell her you showed up late and I wasn't there. I'll tell her I didn't go. Okay?"

Mark laughed. "Okay."


"I promise. I won't admit to anything we do tonight. Our secret."

"You are incorrigible." Sandra frowned, but her eyes sparkled.

"And you are a babe. If you want, we can got to my place and I'll fix dinner."

"No," Sandra laughed, then she shook her head. "No. I mean it."

"A restaurant, then. That's fine. I'm a lousy cook and we can go to my place later."

"No, Mark. I mean it."

"Your place then?"

"You are not going to seduce me. I'm a grown woman, and that's all. Please stop."

There's a little Italian restaurant a couple blocks away. Shall we go?"

"No. Yes," Sandra said, feeling somehow defiant. "Dinner is okay. Nothing more. You're not going to seduce me."

Mark rose, bowed and pulled her chair back. The little shit.

It was only dusk when they left the bar, and most of the downtown bustle had quieted. Mark took off his sports jacket and offered it to his mother.

"It's warm out, thanks. I'm okay."

"I thought you might want to cover yourself. It's a little distracting for me."

Sandra grinned and shook her head. "I suppose I am a little bit on display. I think I can live with a little ogling. I don't look that bad for an old girl."

"You're not old; you're very sexy. I wasn't worried about your equanamity. If you don't cover up, I can't be responsible for what I might do."

Sandra drew her shoulders back. There had been a compliment in there, and she warmed h herself on it. "Deal with it," she said. "I can protect myself from you."

Mark laughed and kissed her cheek, and they walked in silence for a moment.

"Sandra?" Mark asked as they turned a corner. "There is one thing you should know about me."

"What's that?"

"I don't seduce women. I flirt, and if that's welcome, then I ask."

"I don't suppose a lot of women say no," she said, eyeing him frankly. She liked that approach; direct and honest.

"Some do. Will you make love with me?"

Sandra laughed. "No."

His arm went around her waist easily, and she permitted it. Permitted? She liked it; the strength and presence of him, a soft cinnamom smell about him, something herbal and unpretentious. "You do have one advantage over all the other pretty girls."

"And that is?"

"I already love the hell out of you."

"You are so bad. I'm not going to flirt with you."

"Think of it as an adventure. Or a challenge. Are you strong enough to protect your virtue from my charms? Do you dare flirt?"

"I'm. Your. Mother."

"If you decline, then we can have a perfectly good time with our clothes on. I really do love you, you know."

"And I love you, Mark. But that's hitting below the belt."

Mark grinned at her, and she couldn't help laughing. "I should suck you block off. Knock. I meant knock. You are so infuriating."

Mark was gracious enough not to tease her about that gaffe, though his eyes lit. "Relax," he said, "this is going to be an intriguing evening."

His hand on her waist, the presence and smell of him. She suppressed a shiver. Her nipples already liked the idea, and she had gone out pretty much to get laid. She had no intention of doing any thing with her own son, but like he said, getting to the end of the evening chaste was going to be intriguing. "And dancing, too. You're taking me dancing."

"Dancing, of course."

The restaurant was small and intimate. After they ordered, Sandra asked, "Did Betsy really say she wanted to make love to me?"

Mark shrugged. "Yeah. I think she wanted me to mention it to you to see if you liked the idea. She's adventurous, but not very bold."

"Did you set this up? Did you and Betsy arrange things so- so you could get me here?"

"No. Scout's honor."

Sandra gave him a rueful smile. "Scout's honor, my foot. Betsy is a married woman and you're playing with her. How honorable is that?"

"It's not what you think. I'd rather not talk about them, Sandra."


Mark shrugged, a bit uncomfortable. "I expect Henry wants to make love to you too."

"Did you make love to Henry? Mark?" She had a palpebral image of Mark with another man. The abrupt rush of pleasure made her knees weak.

"You know better than to ask. I will say that Betsy didn't cheat on him, though. I hope that doesn't shock you."

Sandra dropped her eyes.

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