Dead Man's Heaven

by Softly

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Reluctant, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Bill knows that his ex football teammates, now poker budies, would all like to have sex with his wife, Mellisa. He has an accident and dies, but is allowed to stay on Earth, where he sees who suduces Melissa. Even her sister sets her up for some hot action.

Bill Thornbury, holding his cards just below his eyes, watched Jack Burton laying down his three aces. "There, you bushwhackers, read 'em and weep," Jack said as he reached for the pot.

"Not so fast," Bill said. "I did not stay in just to sweeten the pot" With that, he lay down his cards. "Just got these itty bitty pair of sixes, and three pretty nines, for a full boat."

Ron murmured under his breath," Sandbagging son of a bitch!"

All six guys at the table laughed. "Lets take a break for some popcorn, and a beer," Don Johnson said as he left to round up some things in the kitchen.

The card game had been a regular event since the "Boys" were freshman-playing football for Joe Paterno at Penn State. Now graduated and settled in the Chicago area working for different companies, they had remained friends.

Bill, the only one married, had included the "Boys" in his wedding party when he married Melissa. They were good guys that everybody liked, but rowdy as hell.

As Don returned with a round of drinks, Jack spoke up; "Let me tell you my tale of woe. That Linda that I'm dating. Well, I tried to come on to her the other night, with the titty feeling routine. She stopped me cold when she informed me that her titties were so tender that if a guy grabs them it hurts a ton. I got a real thing for this fem, but how to you get from A to Z when you have to bypass the mountains?"

"Go from Z to P, dumb shit," Ron injected. "Hey Bill, now that you sleep with that

Baby Doll, that you somehow stole, kidnapped, drugged, or purchased, I am amazed to see you out of the bedroom. She is one sweet thing, let me tell you."

Wanting to add to the sexy talk, Bill countered, "Melissa has an idiosyncrasy, like Linda's, but it puts her in bed, not out. If I rub her pussy with my leg, knee, or hand, her knees go weak. We can be having a heated discussion about something. I put my hand down there and start rubbing. Her mouth will be saying that she wants to do this or that, but I back her into the bedroom, and open those legs. Regardless of what the mouth is saying the pussy is soaking wet. She even admitted to me that she would lay down for anyone, if they rub their hand on her cunt."

"Looks like a text book case of she needs my cock," Don ventured. "Ditto here," Ron added. Jack drained his glass, and as he got to his feet said to Bill; "Bill buddy, we gots to let you know that every guy in the room would like to jump Melissa's bones, and would do so in a minute, if you were not in the picture."

"Homely fucking picture it is," Don added. "Lets play some cards, fuck heads?"

Good guys. Good friends. But keep in mind that many true words are said in jest, passed through Bill's mind as he picked up his cards.

March 26, 2000 brought a blizzard. When Bill got home from work he looked at the garage roof, shaking his head. Must be nine hundred pounds of wet snow up there. He used a ladder to get up on the roof. Had it almost half cleared when he lost his footing, and fell backward. It was not a high fall, just ten feet. But his head hit first, and his neck broke with a crunch.

Whew, nice dive ass hole. Bill stood up, and was amazed to note that he was naked; standing next to his body sprawled in the snow. What to fuck, some sort of out of body experience. Holy shit, I'll have to tell the Boys about this.

Looking closer at his body, he noted that his eyes were open. He had only seen a dead person a couple times before. Stunned, he realized that he was, indeed, dead. Dead?

He saw Melissa come rushing out of the house. She held his body and cried.

The "Boys." Well, the "Boys" were just as you would expect them to be. Like an old fashion wake, they got drunk. Don Johnson said it best. " Bill is in God's hands now. God needs a defensive back and Bill baby is one tough mother." They would have got him out of the coffin to sit at the card game table, if it were not for Bill's dad that sat in on the game.

Bill took stock of his situation. He was invisible. He could see his naked self. Though it was not uncomfortable, he could tell it was cold when he walked in the snow, or it was warm inside. He passed through trees, walls, or moving vehicles with ease. He would stand next to Melissa when she was on the phone and overhear both sides of the conversation.

On April 16, he was sunning himself. There had been a spring thaw. A voice said, "You Bill Thornbury?" Bill looked up and realized that a "Being" was standing next to him.

"Yap that be me." Bill looked over this "Being." Looked like a human, tall, with wings. Bill smiled to himself when he saw that the Being was hung with a thick cock.

"Sorry to be so late getting to you. Listen up. You made God's good guy list, so you have it made, like forever. Heaven is a little different then you thought. You will stay on earth. Its the quality of life that is different."

"Contrary to what people think, sex is intended to be a front burner interest for you now. Men and woman on the good guy list revert to a spirit body as they were at age twenty-four. The spirits can locate, and go to, any other spirit just by thinking of them. You can have an orgasm every five minutes, as can the ladies. The "Big Guy" takes a very dim view of all the headaches, and I'm tired excuses, for denying sex to men among the "Alive ones." So, a spirit woman cannot deny sex to anyone. Since weight is a non-factor, you will observe a spirit woman walking along, with a spirit man hanging on to her front or rear, fucking like crazy."

"The "Alive ones" are another story. If you maintain contact with an "Alive one" for over a minute, they will have a feeling at the spot that will cause them to rub the place. So, if you are actively fucking a woman, she will put her hand right through you to rub her pussy area since you are gently agitating the area. If she is masturbating, and comes while you are fucking her, it is, well, Heaven."

"You can make things move. Things like a door, curtains, and papers. But only if you have very high emotion. The "Alive ones" will, of course, never see you, when any of this is going on."

"There is one thing that may take some getting used to. If an "Alive one" thinks of you, for any reason, you will "Swish" instantly to their side. I won't go into it now, but sometime you might chose to not see what is going on."

If you want or need any more guidance, as you go alone, just think of my name for me to appear. I'm Gabe." With that, he was gone.

Bill's $400,000.00 life policy allowed Melissa to stay in their home. She decided that she did not want to return to her small hometown. The ring of the phone brought Bill and Melissa into the kitchen. He had been dead for five months.

Jodi, her older married sister, was on the line.

"Hi Melissa, how is it in the big city? I am bored down here in Richmond, Indiana. How about if I come up this weekend and we go out on the town? You need to get out, and I sure do. Jerry is, well, Jerry."

Melissa frowned, and replied, " I just don't know how I would be around other guys."

Jodi laughed and said, "You mean that none of the "Boys" have made a serious pass at you yet?"

"Well, no, but Jack does stop and cut the grass, and Don calls and chats." They still think about me."

"I'll bet they think about you a lot," Jodi gushed into the phone. Jodi, four years older then the twenty two year old Melissa, was much more worldly, and had slept with her share of guys while in college. Melissa, on the other hand, had a steady guy in High school that was her first sex partner, and then there was one other guy in college before Bill had swept her off her feet. She loved to dance, and party, but it was always with her steady boyfriend, so she had no experience with the give and take of guys on the make.

Bill liked things as they were. He would lie next to Melissa and run his hand over the velvet skin of her tits. When he tied of that, and she had rubbed herself where his hand had been, he would play with her pussy lips until she would rub those. He always had a hard on, so it would be thrust into her warm pussy. "Oh, man, does that feel good." It was a rush if she was asleep when he rode her. She would begin to hump and masturbate in her sleep, calling out his name.

Jodi arrived Friday at three thirty. Bill had never seen her naked. Even wearing clothes, he could see her body clearly. He placed his hand on her breasts. They were a full cup larger then Melissa. As she sat talking to Melissa, he slid between her legs to insert himself in her pussy. She was tight like Melissa. He rode her sidesaddle with her leg right through his midsection, as he listened to the girls chat. He came twice, but of course there was no visible jism. For her part, she said to Melissa, "There is something making me horny. My pussy feels like I need to use it."

"You talk dirty," Melissa said, with a smile. "Want some more coffee?"

Jodi had more on her mind, then Melissa imagined. Jerry, her husband, was a good guy, but lacked imagination. They had been married for five years, but had not traveled much, or partied at all. Jodi was hot for some excitement, maybe even a fling. You know, a good fuck by a stranger. Her trip to visit Melissa was her excuse to get away. She knew that Melissa would never go hunting for some strange sex, so she talked up going someplace to flirt, dance, party, like it was a high school event. Jodi knew that if a guy got a good look at Melissa's figure, that he would want to give her an all night fucking. Jodi smiled to herself, Maybe that would be a good thing?

She needs to start fucking the "Boys" so that one of them will marry her and she can get on with her life. Jodi concluded.

They left the house at nine-thirty. It was ten-fifteen when they arrived at "Mitty Glen" lounge. It was known all over South Chicago as the place. Not kids, mind you. This was the older money crowd. Valet parking. Guys were the thirty five year old, Mercedes, BMW types, that liked flashy well built ladies, that knew what a bed room was for. Jodi would fit right in. Melissa didn't know what she didn't know.

The "Other World" band pumped out the sounds to a jam-packed house. Two hundred Kittens and Tomcats viewed each other swaying in the flashing lights. Voices had to be raised to be heard. Neither Jodi nor Melissa spent much time at their table, as each had gentlemen wanting to swing and sway with them.

Ed James got right to the point with Jodi, after she made it clear that she craved his contact by pressing those lovely tits into his chest, and allowing his leg to rub her twat. "Hey there gal, how about we part from this scene, and catch some quality time at my pad?"

"I'm all for it, but we need to take my sister along, with a guy to keep her busy.

We have to tell her that it is a party we are going to, or she won't go. Know a guy who can go with us?"

"Sure, buddy of mine is here. He comes on a little strong. If he gets alone with your sister, he won't take no for an answer..."

With a wry smile Jodi whispered in Ed's ear, " You both can come on strong."

Bill was between them as this conversation was going down. They were plotting the fucking of his Melissa. There was nothing he could do. He could not watch. He willed himself back to the house, and sat in the dark. His cock, he noticed, was rock hard, thinking of Melissa being fucked. Hey cock, that is my pussy that they are talking about. His cock responded, "Not anymore, big guy, you can share it, but her cunt need some good going over by one of the "Alive ones."

"Melissa, this is Anthony Pelina, Ed James has invited us all to a party. We will go in his car." Jodi handed Melissa her coat and begin to walk to the door with the men. Melissa would have protested, if it were not for the distance between them and the noise. She was not swift enough to question just what kind of party it was.

She climbed into the back seat with Anthony. He had dark complexion, black wavy hair, and a stocky built. He worked out three times a week. His one hundred, eighty pounds was trim and hard on his six-foot frame. He liked to fuck, and bragged that he had fucked over one hundred, thirty-five woman. He likes to push a woman, for her to resist, and then to cling to him wanting more of his cock.

Anthony had seen Melissa during the evening. He like the way her breasts were large enough to fill out her blouse. He guessed that she was five foot five, and weight one hundred and forty. He had undressed enough women to know exactly how to peal off her skirt, panty hose, and bra. He chatted with her, as they rode along. He went over, in his mind, inserting himself into her cunt. It was eleven thirty, so he did not intend to waste any time after they got there putting her onto her back. He assumed that she knew that she was his fuck for the evening.

Melissa noted that Jodi was not just talking to Ed. She was pressed to his side in the front seat. Anthony was safely on the other side of the rear seat, so she, so to speak, went along for the ride.

Booze had flowed at the "Mitty Glen." Ed was drunk, as was Jodi. During the ride, unseen by Anthony and Melissa, Jodi had unzipped Ed's pants and was slowly running her hand up and down his swollen shaft.

Melissa's first warning about what lay ahead came when they pulled into Ed drive. No other cars were there. Just a few lights were on. Before she could react, Anthony had opened her door and had her hand. Once out of the car, they were all at the entrance and in the house in just a few seconds.

"See you later." Jodi said as she and Ed hurried for a bedroom.

Wide eyed, Melissa turned to see Anthony discarding his shirt and shoes. She stammered out, "This is not my idea. There is some mistake," as Anthony's mouth found hers and he reached down and did the one thing that sealed Melissa's fate.

His hand grabbed her pubic bone and with the fingers cupped up into her vaginal

area. He worked the hand back and forth. He had two reasons for this. One was to begin to stimulate her pussy, and the other was to use her pussy as a handhold to more her to the bedroom.

Wherever the reason, her knees went weak. Softer now, she was telling him that she did not know him well enough for this. She did not think it was a good idea for people to have sex until they knew each other well.

The back of her legs hit the side of the bed. Her blouse and bra came off. Anthony lay her on the bed, and pulled off her pantyhose, leaving her naked on the bed.

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