by Bear

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Petting, Squirting, Caution, .

Desc: Sex Story: The Anniversary of a young couple so much in love. What happens that memorable night?

I stumbled my way into the bedroom. I was drunk. Call it what you want: plastered, wasted, toasted, etc. I was fucked up. The room was spinning. My head hurt and I was just shy of up-chucking whatever remains of food had been in my stomach.

I was trying to get myself to the bathroom. I only made it as far as her dressing room before collapsing onto the floor. I awoke sometime later and I found myself pulling up on the chair to her vanity table. It was a struggle to get up. And I fell numerous times. One of the times, I accidentally knocked over a bottle. The immediate fragrance of the perfume filled the air and brought back memories...

Ever since she was introduced to Clive Christian's Perfume No .1, she always commented on how she loved the fragrance, but didn't want to spend so much money on something as trivial as perfume. I have to admit that it did smell great on her when she first tried it. She yearned for the perfume, but had convinced herself that she would never be able to afford that bottle of perfume. I was going to change that.

I was driving down Rodeo Drive to make preparations for our anniversary night. I was going to make it a night to remember. We both had high paying jobs that gave us a little more of a luxurious life than most. Even so, I knew I would be stretching my budget with all that was planned. But she was worth it. She was the light of my life. And she deserved everything that I would do for her tonight.

The first stop that I made was to Palette Maquillage for the perfume. This was an exquisite boutique that had some of the most hard to find beauty care products. It took me a while to find a store that carried the perfume. When we first encountered Clive Christian's Perfume No .1, it was when we were honeymooning in France. But I was able to finally find it here.

The sales associate, brought out the black velvet box. The box itself was already awe-inspiring. It was embroidered and gold-leafed. When she opened the box, the bottle was resting on soft satin. I was admiring the bottle. She noticed this and informed me of the rarity of the item.

"... this rare bottle is handmade from lead crystal. The neck is 24-karat gold-plated sterling silver, stamped with unique hallmarks and set with a brilliant-cut 1-carat diamond solitaire. The stopper is fashioned after the original design granted by Queen Victoria..."

"Thank you," I said as I interrupted her. I wasn't trying to be rude. I just was in a hurry because there were a few more stops that I had to make before evening. "I will go ahead and purchase the item."

I took the bag and headed into my car for my next destination: The House of Harry Winston. I purchased the Floral Motif Classic Diamond necklace. This was the item that really set me back a pretty penny. As much as the perfume would be a surprise, this would be a total shock to her. She had no idea I even knew about her desire for this necklace. I had overheard her and her girlfriends one evening as I was coming in from the garage. And they were talking about this specific necklace and how it would look so good on her. She had responded by saying something to the effect of how she will "keep dreaming". I wanted our first year anniversary to be a night where dreams would come true.

My last stop was to the Regent Beverly Wilshire to make sure that the suite was in order. I had the florists immerse the room in red roses and rose petals. And I wanted to make sure everything was perfect. The Regent is one the most elegant hotels on the West Coast. I took the elevator to the presidential suite.

I opened the door, which lead me directly into the main sitting area. Then walked around making sure that all the flowers were carefully arranged. I found the large bags of rose petals on the bed and opened them up. I carefully laid out rose petals on the bed and onto the floor near the bed. I took the second bag and went into the bathroom. I laid some inside the deep sunken marble bathtub. And all round the lip and floor. Placing some around the candles to accentuate the vanilla crme color.

Satisfied with it all, I left the room to go home. I was going to give all of her presents to her that evening in the hotel room. But I just couldn't resist and I brought the perfume with me. I wanted to give it to her right away. I couldn't wait.

I got home and called for her. She yelled back that she was in her dressing room. So I went in there. She was beautiful. Sitting there in front of her vanity mirror in her satin white slip. Her hair was done up and it accentuated her neck. I went behind her and kissed her on the side of her face and nuzzled my way up to her ear. She giggled a bit, but turned around, grabbed my face and drew me in for a long deep sensuous kiss.

When we broke the kiss, I held up the box to her. She looked at it and her eyes got wide. She recognized the box from when we saw it in France.

"It couldn't be... no... you didn't..."

"Yes honey. I did."

"Oh baby. I can't believe you got it for me. It's so expensive."

"For you, it's worth it."

She opened the box and started to tear up. She gently placed the box on her vanity table and then hugged me fiercely. Her voice was barely a whisper when she thanked me.

To be honest with you, I'm not sure I wasn't a little crazy when I bought it for her. After all, how the hell could one little bottle of perfume cost over eighteen hundred dollars. But one look at her when I gave it to her was all the evidence I needed to be sure it was well worth the money.

"Honey, this will be a night you won't ever forget. I was going to give you the perfume later on at the hotel. But I just couldn't wait. Why don't you finish getting ready. I have some last minute things I need to take care of at the hotel, so I'll head over there first. Come to the hotel when you're ready."

"Ok baby." I kissed her on the forehead, then went into my closet, gathered my things and left for the hotel.

In my drunken state I looked at the liquid that lay in a little pool on the vanity table. The smell of the perfume permeated my senses. It was light and airy, yet powerful at the same time. It was a good fit for her as that described her as well.

I sat in her chair thinking about that first year of marriage. Thinking about that first year of marriage brought a smile to my face even through my nausea. The amount of love that we shared with each other that first year of marriage was incredible. I don't think that two people could have been more in love. We were compatible in every sense of the word.

I dipped my finger into the little pool of perfume water and brought it to my nose. The smell just reminds me of that night, washing her hair.

She brought the perfume with her. We were pouring in a little of it in with the unscented bubble bath. I turned off the water when the tub was all filled up and lit all the candles that I placed earlier around the tub. I asked her to stand in front of me. She was beautifully stunning in her evening dress. The diamond necklace that I gave her earlier that evening shown brightly against her skin and her black velvet dress. I stepped behind her and reached for the zipper in the middle of her back. She turned her head slightly to look at me.

It warmed my heart to see her looking back at me shyly. She was blushing. As I was finishing unzipping her dress, I lightly kissed her shoulder. A moan escaped her lips and she was excited from the contact. I pushed the straps off of her shoulders and let the dress fall to the floor.

It was then, that I knew why she was blushing. She was wearing this beautiful French-crme colored corset. It had delicate Bastille lace trim. She was breath taking in it. Under that she was wearing this tiny thong. She was an exquisite creature to admire. Beauty, grace and elegance radiated from her. I don't think I could have been more turned on than at that moment.

I took a minute to admire her. She was gushing with the attention that I was paying to her. It felt like it was the first time all over again. Is it possible to fall in love with someone over and over again? That's how I felt about her. She was the center of my life. She was the day and the night. Her beauty within was the only thing that surpassed her physical beauty. And every day that I knew her was another day I loved her.

I turned her around to face me and we brought our lips together. The kiss was sweet and soft and demure. Yet it had promise of things to come. As we broke the kiss, I placed my arms around her and brought her into a hug. I kissed her forehead and whispered, "I love you baby. Always and forever. I love you." She brought her head down to rest upon my chest as her arms circled my neck.

We stayed like that for a little while. Both of us not wanting to move. It was comfortable standing there, embracing and basking in the glow that was our love. I felt her shudder a slight bit. I also felt wetness on my chest where her face was. She was crying. And truth be told, so was I. We were both overjoyed with the love that we felt at that moment for each other.

Finally she brought her arms down so that she could wipe her tears away. But I held her wrists before she could do that. I then took her chin and lifted it. I bent down and kissed her tears. She looked up and saw my tears as well. She took her hands and wiped them away and kissed me on the lips again. This kiss was passionate and unbridled. It was more direct in showing each that we wanted the other.

I broke the kiss and pushed her away at arms length. She whimpered slightly at the loss of contact. I tenderly shushed her and moved my hands down to the hooks on the front of her corset. I moved down from hook to hook, releasing the corset from her body. When I unhooked the last one, the corset unwrapped around her and fell to the floor. Before me, this superb beauty stood. Her large breasts were unconfined now and protruded proudly. Her nipples were straining so hard that it seemed almost as if they would leave her body. Her chest was heaving and her breath was shallow with anticipation.

I brought my head down and placed soft kisses her neck just right under her chin. I moved down slowly, all the time kissing her tenderly. Down to the area between her breasts. Down to the top part of her stomach where she giggled. Down to the belly button. And finally down to the top hem of her thong panties. As I kissed her there, I took the top part of the panties with my teeth and started removing them. I held her ass cheeks with my hands while I was doing this. Her eyes had closed and her head had tilted slightly sideways and backwards. One of her hands was on her breast and the other was on the back of my head. She was enjoying the moment tremendously.

When I brought the panties to her knees, she intuitively lifted one leg allowing that side of the panty to fall. Then she lifted the other leg and stood there completely naked. I took her right leg and kept it lifted. I kissed the top hill of her foot in the same treatment as before on the top of her body. I moved to the ankle. Up to the shin. Up to the knee. Up to the thigh. As I was on her thigh, I moved slightly inwards to the promise land. I smelled her scent. It was sweet and musky at the same time. She was definitely aroused as she was wet to the touch. She kept her pubic area completely shaven. That was a habit shared by the both of us. We liked the touch of skin.

I kissed the outer part of her pussy. Her lips were soft and puffy. One kiss and they opened in beautiful blossom. My tongue darted out as I licked her from the bottom of her opening to her now protruding clit. She was moaning softly now. Her eyes were still closed and her eyebrows were arched. She was grabbing handfuls of my hair now as I continued to alternate between kissing and licking her. Every so often I would gently blow air at her clit, causing her whole body to shudder and goose bumps to appear.

I bit one of her lips softly and pulled slightly. That elicited a pleasurable response from her. All the time, I was rubbing her ass with my hands. She was grinding her hips slightly to meet with my tongue entering into her. I took my right hand off of her ass and pushed a finger slowly into her. She was really hot and wet, so my finger slid in easily. She was moaning audibly now bucking her hips a little more. I pushed the finger in and out of her, slightly twisting it each time to touch all around the walls of her pussy.

She was really getting into this, so I pushed a second finger into her. I turned my hand palm up and curled my two fingers as I pushed in and out of her. This come hither motion really turned her on. She was as hot as a firecracker ready to explode. She was wildly gyrating her hips now and yelling, "Oh baby. Yes, keep doing that. Ughhh... It feels so good. Yes baby. Ughhh... I'm gonna come. You're gonna make me cum baby."

Within a few more seconds, her whole body went stiff. Her mouth was open, but no sound was coming from it. Both of her hands were grabbing onto my hair. I could feel her pussy fluctuating rapidly. My whole right hand and arm was being coated with wetness as she came. She very rarely had female ejaculations, so she must have been extremely turned on. It was probably only a few minutes, but it seemed like she was in this state for hours.

Finally she let out an "uhhhhhh" and her body slumped. She had passed out. I held onto her and gently brought her down to the floor. I didn't want her to stay too long on the cold marble floor, so I lifted her and brought her into the warm tub. I was careful to lay her in there gently. But now my arms were soaked with both her juices and the water from the tub. I laid her propped up to the side of the tub. I stepped back and peeled off the now wet tuxedo shirt I was wearing. I took off my cumber bun and socks, but left my tuxedo slacks still on.

I went back to her and brought her hair back a little. I took the washcloth and dipped it into the water. Gently I washed her face. This stirred her awake. After being a little disoriented, she looked at me with such adoration and love. I brought the cloth down to her neck and started washing it. I put the cloth down and had her lay back a bit.

I had two large pitchers of warm water set aside earlier. I took one of them and slowly poured water on her hair. I then took the shampoo and squeezed some onto the palm of my hand. I lathered my hands together and then placed them on her head. I gently rubbed the shampoo into her hair. She sighed in content. And her hair had the sweet soft smell of the shampoo mixed with a little of the perfumed water.

After lathering all of her hair with the shampoo, I took what was left of the first pitcher of water and rinsed out her hair. I poured with my left hand, as I used my right hand to brush her hair as the water rolled off of her. Her hair was sufficiently rinsed, so I took the conditioner and applied some to her hair. As I was applying the conditioner, I gently rubbed her scalp in small circular patterns with my fingertips.

I left the conditioner in there for about five more minutes and then rinsed her hair with the other pitcher of warm water. She was purring as I stroked her hair to get the conditioner and water out. It warmed my heart to see her as content as she was. When I was done with that, I got up to get her loofah so that I could wash her. I poured some body wash onto the loofah and rubbed it to lather it up some.

I held the loofah on her chest and started to rub softly onto her body. I asked her to stand up so that I could wash her. I stood up with her. As I was washing her chest and stomach, she reached my belt and undid the buckle. I opened up my arms a bit to allow her easier access to my pants. She then undid the clasp and zipper to my slacks and pulled down to release them from my waist. This had all been very sensual, so my cock was already semi-hard and sprang out from being trapped under my slacks. I did not have any underwear on. I don't usually. It was a habit I picked up before I married her. And it just felt more comfortable than the restraint of briefs or even boxers.

I stepped out of my slacks with her help and then continued washing her without missing a beat. Her skin was radiating off of the light coming from the candles. She was my love goddess: more beautiful than the flower blossoms in the spring and more radiant than dawn's first light.

After soaping up her whole body, I took the remains of the second pitcher of warm water and poured it over her, rinsing her body. I placed the pitcher down and started to move her back into the water to relax, but she had other plans as she pulled me into the tub with her. Our lips met once again. This time her tongue darted out and met mine as we wrestled inside our mouths.

Our bodies were plastered to each other. Her breasts were pressed tightly against my chest. I could feel her heart beating with mine. Our hearts were beating as one. We melted in each other's arms, lost to the world around us. All I could concentrate on was she and all she could focus on was I.

We both sat down in the tub, still kissing. Her arms and legs were wrapped around me, holding on as if for dear life. We finally broke the kiss as I laid her down with her back to the edge of the tub. I brought my mouth towards her left nipple and teased it with my tongue. It was already hard and pointy, but when I did this, it created goose bumps around her areola.

Her hands went to her pussy and she was rubbing her clit slowly. The movement of her hands created small waves in the bathtub. Suckling her nipple was strangely comforting to the both of us. I brought my right hand to her left breast to caress it as my tongue was flicking the teat of her right breast. My saliva was coating her sensitive skin.

I moved up from her breasts and kissed her once again. Our tongues were exploring each other's mouths once again in a playful banter. She quickly pulled me towards her and felt my dick bump her thigh. She could feel that I was painfully hard. I felt her hand move down under the water. The electric feeling of her touch was so great that I almost jumped when I felt her fingers wrap around my shaft. I moaned audibly in pleasure into her mouth. But she kept up the tongue-play without skipping a beat.

She pumped her hand a few times before she guided it towards her entrance. Even in the warm water, I could still feel the heat radiating from her delicious passionflower. She rubbed the head of my cock up and down her slit a few times before she finally pulled it into her. When my head had penetrated into her, she let out a loud, "unnngghhhh!"

I gradually inched my way deep inside of her. It was deliciously slow. I could feel every ripple inside of her canal. Both of us had our eyes closed, as we wanted to focus our sensations on the single act of my entry. It really enhanced the feeling and brought us closer together.

We both moaned happily as I bottomed out. Throughout this process, our lips never left each other. We continued to kiss while holding still with my dick lodged firmly in her pussy. Our arms were wrapped around each other and I started caressing her back. I twirled little circles around her shoulder blades, massaging them as I went along.

We finally broke the kiss, panting with either the loss of breath or with anticipation. Not being able to bear it any longer, we both started moving our hips. Our movements were independent at first, but as time went on, we synchronized our thrusts. The movement of the water also calmed into a stead wall of waves pushing back and forth against the bathtub lip. Some of the water had splashed and doused a few candles, but we were too absorbed in each other to notice.

The feeling of water in between us as I pulled out of her and pushed back in was incredible. It was a soothing feeling to have the contact of the warm water on my shaft as I exited her. The flow of water filled her pussy and then was pushed out when my dick re-entered her. It was exhilarating to feel the fluid motion around our sex.

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