My Best Friend Debbie

by Clvfan

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, Cheating, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: Deb and I have been best friends for over ten years, when we are sent on a work project together we find we are even more compatible then we thought

Debbie and I have been best friends for over ten years. We met at work, both of us work for a state government agency as programmers and when I was hired I moved into the office right next to hers. She was very helpful in getting me established and up and running. We found out over the course of time that we shared the same views on just about everything.

As we grew closer so did our families. Debbie is a 34 year old woman, 5'8 and a nice but not great body, very pretty but not beautiful. She is married to Jack who is 48 years old 5' 11" pretty much overweight now although he wasn't when they were married. It's the second marriage for both. They have two kids a 14 year old son and a 11 year old girl.

I myself am 43 years old, 5'9" weigh 172, certainly no Brad Pitt but okay I guess. My wife Janet is also 43, 5' 2". what was once a pretty face and great body is now a pretty face and a very overweight body. We have two grown kids, one son, married with one child and a daughter that is attending college in the state.

We are all best friends and really have a great time together, Jack and Janet also work in state government but in different agencies. The four of us try to have lunch together at least once a week and go to each others houses for cook outs and just being together.

Its funny how the personality's mesh, Debbie and I both like to just be alone sometimes, I call it a me day when I take off from work to just laze around the house, maybe do some things or maybe doing nothing at all. Debbie likes the same thing, She and I both try to keep in shape, I run and work out some with the weights, she likes to run and do aerobics. Neither one of us go at it really hard so while we keep in pretty good shape we aren't hard bodys. Now jack and Janet don't do any kind of exercises. They are both people people, they are happiest when they are in a crowd or going somewhere, doesn't matter where, just going.

The agency we work for was going to upgrade one of the systems to a special application that was developed by a private company just for state governments.

24 states were going to purchase this application and the training for this was going to be in Los Angeles. Debbie and I were picked to take this training for our agency. It would be a month long.

When we arrived on a Sunday morning we picked up the rental car and a map of the city and drove to the hotel, only a few minor mistakes along the way. It was a nice place, not ritzy but clean and very well kept. The car, hotel and training were all part of the package when the state bought the application.

It was just after lunch when we got checked in, our rooms were adjoining with a double door between. I got unpacked and knocked on the adjoining door, Deb opened it and moved back to unpacking.

I stepped in the room and she said "hand me the stuff out of the suitcase there"

Okay I am always glad to help so stepping to the open suitcase I see several piles of bras and panties. Picking up a stack of panties I handed them to her and picked up another stack, there was a pretty lacy pair, bikini cut. I whistled "now you have got to let me know when you wear these" I grinned.

"Gimme those you pervert" she scolded snatching them out of my hand but grinning also.

We went about getting settled coming and going in each others rooms several times till finally we just left the adjoining doors open so we could move back and forth freely.

It was very hot so we decided to go swimming, it didn't take me long to get in my trunks and she had a two piece that flattered her figure very well, her upper thighs and ass had a little extra meat on them but they weren't fat just nicely rounded. All in all a nice looking package. I have often told her she is a good looking woman and she is.

We swam and talked for an hour or so then got ready for dinner, afterwards I got comfortable in some lounging shorts and tee shirt and she put on a pair of cotton shorts and a tank top. We have went on weekend trips with each other many times and the only difference was we didn't have our spouses with us.

That first night I really didn't pay any attention to the fact she was a very attractive woman, she was just my friend. We watched TV in her room till about 10:00. Like old friends we laughed and cut up and made fun of the shows we were watching.

For whatever reason when I went to bed I didn't close the adjoining door and she never bothered to either. When the alarm went off Monday morning I rolled out of bed and started getting dressed. I could hear Deb moving around also. Now the adjoining door was at the far end of the room, the bathrooms were just as you come in the door so I guess we figured that was private enough but didn't prove to be so. I was finished dressing and went to see how close she was to being ready.

When I stepped through the door Deb was just coming out of the bathroom having showered and washed her hair. She just had a towel wrapped around her and one around her head. The towel only covered from just above the nipples on her breasts to barely below her pussy.

I have seen her in bathing suits and little pajamas and never had a sexual thought about her but this sight made my dick start to swell. She didn't see, me she had her head down drying her hair and I took in her long legs still damp from the shower and the cleavage caused by the tightly wrapped towel. She just looked very sexy to me.

I think it reminded me of when I used to see Janet coming out of the shower before she let herself go, We were almost late to a lot of things because she really stirred my blood.

Any how I stepped back into my room before she saw me and hollered "hey kid are you about ready yet."

"Give my about 15 minutes" she hollered back and I heard the hair dryer start. I watched TV till she was ready and we went to the first day of training. The first few days went pretty much the same, the training wasn't hard so we didn't have to do any studying. That left the evenings free to do what we wanted. There was a three hour time difference here so we usually called home when we got in from the training.

Sometimes Janet would call later or Jack. After a couple of times of hearing my phone ring while we were watching TV in Deb's room I bought a portable phone and a multiple switch to plug in with the room phone. When Janet called I didn't have to rush around.

On Thursday night we were trying to find something to watch, all those channels and nothing interesting. As Deb surfed through the channels for the second time she flashed by one of the adult channels, I guess the price of the rooms included them.

We got a quick glimpse of a big breasted blonde sucking a big dick. Deb kind of hesitated and then went on.

"That was the only interesting thing I saw" I quipped.

"Yeah I figured you would like that, cause you are a pervert" she laughed.

"Okay I am, I don't deny it, but hey you can always learn new things, now one or both of us might learn something don't ya think." I was just teasing but I wouldn't mind watching a good porno flick. When my wife and I were young we went to several and had some hot sex when we got home.

"you really want to watch that" she asked with raised eyebrows?

"Is there anything on you want to watch" I asked?

"Not really, and I have wondered what they were like, okay" she said and flipped back to the porno.

The big breasted blonde was taking most of some guys big dick down her throat then taking it out and running her tongue down the underside and around his balls before taking him back in again. I had to re-adjust my self in my shorts as the blood was rushing to my pecker.

Glancing at Deb to see if she had seen me, I needn't have worried, her eyes were glued to the screen. Then the Blonde wrapped her boobs around the guys dick and started sucking the head when it appeared between her tits.

"Those aren't real you know" Deb said, she never took her eyes off the screen.

I laughed "you think that guy cares if they are real or not". "So perverts like you like big fake tits" she looked over at me then back to the screen.

"I don't know about all perverts but I like them real, big or little or in between." I grinned.

The blonde was sucking the guy hard now and pulled his dick out keeping her mouth open while she jacked him off till he shot several ropes of cum into her mouth and over her face.

I laughed "Is jack that messy"?

I saw her blush then grin "that's just a waste."

"Oh ho so you are one of the sought after few that swallow." I countered.

"That's for me to know and you to find out" she laughed and stuck her tongue out at me.

The blonde was joined by a good looking brunette who helped the blonde suck the guy up hard again.

"Ah every mans fantasy" I said "to have two women making love to him".

"Oh, you don't think women don't think about two men making love to them" again I got the raised eyebrow.

"You surprise me my friend, are you saying you have thoughts of two men making love to you?" Now my turn to grin and raise my eyebrows up and down.

She didn't answer directly "I bet a pervert like you would love to have two women doing you, does Janet know about this?"

I had to laugh again because Janet and I had about the same conversation many years ago, she told me the only way I was going to have two women while she was around was if there were two of her.

"Yeah she said if I could find another woman willing, she didn't care, you want to volunteer?" I gave her my best shit eating grin.

She just snorted "you wish" and went back to watching the movie.

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