Hell of a Gift

by Softly

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Sex Story: Our Hero runs into a burning building. Amoung those that he saves is the son of King Otmaad, the Imperial Rules, who invites him to Africa, so that the KIng can thank him personally.

I'm no hero. Just a guy that is trying to get through college. I work part time at the "Seven-Eleven" over on Main street. It was on January 24 that my world was turned up-side-down. It was twenty below. I was driving back to my apartment. Looking down an alley, I saw flames coming out of the roof of this apartment building. Holy shit, I said to myself as I slammed on the brakes.

I left the damn car running in the street. Dashing into the building, I ran up the stairs hollering; "Fire, Fire, everybody out." I kicked in the door at the top of the stairs. In the bed room, there was a guy who was drunk as a skunk. I picked him up in a firemen's carry and started back towards the door. At that moment, the ceiling caught fire. I went to my knees and dragged that sucker out of there. By the time we were down to the main floor, his apartment was an inferno.

Everybody made a big deal about what I had done. My picture was on the front page of the paper. They credited me with saving all ten people in the building, because I had woke up the others yelling

"Fire, Fire."

The guy that I saved stopped by my apartment. " I am Sasheed Otmaad, of the Kingdom of Swazaki," he said giving me a slight bow.

I have spoken to my father, King Otmaad, the imperial ruler. He has asked for me to bring you to our palace so he can thank you for saving my life."

"Where is this palace?"

Taken back by the fact that I did not know of his country, Sasheed stiffened as he said, "Africa."

"How would we get there?"

"The King's Boeing 747 is on Its way to pick us up, as we speak."

"Just the two of us? Your shitting me?"


Fifteen hours later, I was introduced to the King, a huge man of at least three hundred pounds who stood seven feet tall. He was wearing all that King shit, including the long purple cape. I was grabbed in a bear hug. "There is nothing that I will not do for you," he said, as he kissed me on both cheeks."

"Right now, I would go for some food."

Turning on his heal, the King beckoned me to follow him. In the next room was enough food to feed an army. Anything that you could imagine.

After we ate, the King took me for a tour of the Palace. We came to one large room, the size of a basketball court. In it were thirty-five girls, all chained together. Only their eyes could be seen because these black garment covered everything else.

Turning to Sasheed, I inquired, "What's this?"

"The King beds a new virgin every night. After he has used them once, my four brothers and I can use them as long as we want. Then, they are sold to whoever wants them for about $300.00."

As he said that, I looked at the girls, who were just a few feet away from me. From what I could see, most were black girls. Then, one caught my eye. She had blue eyes.

Turning to the King, I asked, "Could I have one?" I was thinking of a nice fuck with the blue eyed one, after the King was finished with her.

The King bellowed, "Of course, of course, yes, yes. Which one?"

I pointed at the blue eyed one. The King clapped his hands as he ordered his servants who were always standing near. "Unshackle her. Take off her clothes. Bring me her papers."

I stood there with my mouth open. Sasheed just laughed. Shaking his head he whispered to me, "Do you have any idea what you have just done?"

From his tone and expression, I knew that I had gotten myself into something. I formed the word "what," as the King brought her papers over for me to look at. As they were handed to me, Sasheed said, "The girl is now your property. My father is giving her to you. And, my friend, don't even think for a second of rejecting a gift from the King.

My mind was spinning as I looked at the papers. She had been kidnapped during a raid on property owned by the church that her parents were missionaries for. Both her parents were killed. She and they were Dutch. Her cost to the King? A mere $400.00. Pocket change. The King kissed me again on both cheeks. I wish he would stop that shit. He handed me a paper giving me ownership of the girl.

She was standing naked. He eyes were downcast. There were black and blue marks on her from a beating. Her body was average. Her breasts were small. A natural blonde with an untrimmed pussy.

Abruptly, the King announced that he had business to attend to as he departed.

"What the hell will I do with her now?"

"Fuck her, or anything that you want to."

"I don't mean that. How do I get her out of the country and into the US.

"Oh, that is nothing. I will get diplomatic papers for her that will allow you to take her anywhere, unchallenged."

Fearfully the girl cowered before us. I put her black garment around her. Sasheed took me to my bed room. I dragged her along by the hand. I locked the door. I took off her robe again and took her in the shower with me. She just stood there, as I washed her body. Entering the bed room, she tried to curl up in a corner on the floor.

I picked her up, gently laying her on the bed. Stroking her face, I kissed her on the forehead, while covering her with a sheet. She was trembling. I got in the other side, and turned my back to her as I went to sleep. It had been a hell of a day.

Two days later, Sasheed, the girl, who I had named Alena, and I got off that 747 in the good old U. S. of A. I took her with me to the language department at the University. By now, she clung to me like a puppy dog.

We were in luck. Dr. Dan Powers, spoke her language. He was dumbfounded as I relayed my story to him. From time to time, he would look at Alena.

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