Cross-Country Trip

by PhoenixKiwi

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Family has to travel to new job

It was damn hot on this, the second day of our trip, and I don't think that any of us were enjoying the travel. Dad, Mom and I were going almost right across the country so as Dad could take up a relieving managers position brought about by illness. Initially the plan was for him to fly and live in hotel accommodation but as it would probably last for almost 6 months we decided to go as a family, enabling Mom and I to experience of quite different culture and living style.

We had departed late yesterday, it having taken quite a while to pack the small trailer and the station-wagon, and we spent the night in a roadside motel before making an early start this morning. Dad did all the driving and Mom naturally claimed the front seat leaving me crammed in the back with the overflow of clothes and stuff. It was mid-afternoon, about 2 hours after we had a lunch-break at a truck-stop, and Mom was obviously feeling the after-effects of her meal and the heat. She was lolling back in her seat, asleep, one leg propped up on the transmission tunnel and the other stretched out. She wasn't actually snoring but I wouldn't have been too surprised if she started, as she seemed to be sleeping so soundly.

I figured that I should concentrate on keeping Dad awake as it probably wouldn't be too good if he dozed off while driving. To this end I leant forward with my chin on my folded arms, resting on the back of the front seat, and chatted quietly with Dad about a wide range of subjects, trying not to wake Mom. Because of the heat all I was wearing was my shorts and underwear, Dad still had a tee-shirt on with his shorts and Mom appeared to be lightly dressed as well. When she shifted uncomfortably in her seat I looked down to see if she was OK and discovered just how lightly she was, in fact, dressed.

The top of her smock type dress had gaped open and I had a clear view down it and could completely see the whole of one breast and the side-swell of the other one. I couldn't take my eyes of this wonderful sight and I am pretty sure that I began to babble to Dad but he must have been so involved with driving that my blithering didn't register with him. I couldn't take my eyes from Mom's wonderful breast and, to my great surprise, I saw the brown nipple expand and poke out further even as I watched.

When I did finally manage to tear my eyes away from her boobs I saw that her dress had also ridden up her thighs, slightly, and there were sort of gaping holes between the large buttons which kept it closed down the front. Through one of these gaps I could see the wedge of her white panties at the junction of her thighs and, though I couldn't see much, I got the distinct impression that there was something dense and dark coloured making a visible bulge and I guessed that this was a large bush of hair. This had me even more enraptured than the clear sight of her breast and it was probably lucky for me that Mom began to move and give indications that she was returning to awareness. I quickly sat back in my seat and wriggled my erect cock into a more comfortable and less obvious position and pretended to doze myself.

A couple of hours later Dad reached his limit and we booked into another motel. After a meal we watched TV for a while until Dad decided he needed an early night and Mom went off to bed with him. They were sharing the bedroom leaving me with a 'fold-down' in the lounge and after some more TV I climbed under the covers myself. I slept for a while but, because of the snoozing during the day, I woke and lay there, in the dim light from the neon signs outside, tossing up whether to switch the TV back on or just try to go back to sleep.

The sound of movement coming from the bedroom suggested that I wasn't the only one unable to sleep and I was not surprised when the bedroom door quietly opened. It was Mom who was awake and, obviously not aware that I was also not sleeping, she was careful to make no sound as she crept quietly to the bathroom. I could see, in the dim light, that she was in a white nightie and not wearing a robe as was usual. When she flicked on the bathroom light as she entered, I got a good impression of her body which was clearly outlined through the light material of her bed-wear. I was almost instantly hard from what my vivid imagination was convinced that it had seen.

In the quiet of the evening I could clearly hear the intimate sounds of Mom peeing, tearing off a wad of paper, flushing the toilet and finally washing her hands before opening the door and giving me another arousing view as she exited. Something must have alerted her to my possibly being awake as she whispered,

"Are you awake? I can't seem to sleep so I think I might make a hot drink. Do you fancy one?" there seemed to be no point in continuing to pretend I was asleep so I replied,

"Yeah! I'm the same. Too much dozing during the day I suppose. I'd love a drink. I'll get up." I climbed out of bed and joined Mom in the kitchenette where she was boiling the jug. I was only wearing my jockey underpants but I didn't think that it would worry her as she was so lightly dressed herself.

Mom had drawn the curtains and flicked the kitchen light on but we continued to talk almost in whispers so as not to disturb Dad.

"I'm pleased that your father is getting plenty of rest as he must have been exhausted after driving all that way. It's a pity that he hates riding with anyone else driving otherwise we could both help."

"Well, it's his own decision. He knows that we would take our turn." I was not showing too much sympathy for Dad as I would have loved to take a share of the driving.

We were now sipping on the cups of tea that Mom had brewed and we continued to chat quietly, standing beside the sink-bench. It had been a long time, years in fact, since Mom and I had chatted intimately, and I was rather enjoying this time together. We talked about all sorts of things and were a whole lot closer to each other than we had been since before I started to mature and finally Mom said,

"I suppose that this will be the last time that you will come on holiday with your father and me? It's probably far to tame and boring for you now. Mind you, you didn't look too bored at one stage today." And she smirked as she said this.

I desperately hoped that she wasn't referring to what I thought she might be but, stupidly, I didn't hold my tongue and responded,

"What do you mean? I was bored all day, just sitting there staring out the window or dozing." I was foolishly protesting my innocence before being charged.

"You didn't seem to be staring out the window when you thought I was sleeping. It appeared to me that you were staring right down the front of my dress. What do you have to say about that?" I was struck speechless, knowing that anything I said could dig me in deeper.

"I can't imagine why you would want to look at my old ladies boobs anyway. I'm old enough to be your mother, for goodness sake." And she giggled as she said this.

I figured, from the giggle, that she wasn't angry and may even have been secretly flattered so I decided that I probably wouldn't do much harm and I replied,

"They didn't look like 'old ladies boobs', or what I could see of them didn't anyway."

"Hmm... flattery will get you nowhere, young man, You sound as if you would like to get a better look at them. You shock me, those breasts are a whole lot older than you are and you couldn't possibly be interested in them. " She didn't sound too shocked.

"They seemed pretty damn young looking to me, from the little bit I accidentally saw. I would definitely like to get a better look at them, anyone normal male would." I didn't know where all this teasing talk was going but I would play along.

"That's wicked! This is your mother you are trying to talk out of her clothes. What would your father say?"

"Well I won't be telling him if you don't. Show me them, Pleaseee" I decided to plead my case a bit, and to my surprise,

"I shouldn't, but I suppose..." Mom didn't say what she supposed but she did begin to undo the tape that fastened the top of her nightie and eventually it fell open and both her breasts in all their naked glory were exposed to my rapturous view.

They were magnificent, not too large, but not small either, and sagging just enough to show that Mom was a mature woman. The nipples were quite dark and were very prominent, seemingly sticking out quite a long way and looking to be quite hard and firm, from what I could see, and they were surrounded by even darker areas showing contrastingly on mother's pale white skin. My mouth went dry and I had to lick my lips and Mom smirked at me when I did so.

"It looks like you do like them. I'm actually quite proud of them still but you should have seen them when I was young and still firm." Mom began to pull the tapes to close her nightie and I quickly protested,

"Don't cover them up, Mom. They are beautiful." Mom paused and without going any further to cover herself she said,

"Oh well, I suppose you've seen them now and I can't do any more harm. It's just a pity that we are mother and son otherwise..." And she stopped mid-sentence. I urged her on,

"Otherwise what? Don't stop there. Finish what you started to say."

Mom blushed a bit and then went on,

"Otherwise I guess that you'd be doing your best to seduce me." She looked a bit guilty and went on, "There now I've said it. I suppose you're shocked now."

"No, I'm not shocked and yes, you're right, I would probably be trying hard to seduce you. If I had the nerve that is. Mind you, we could pretend that we're just another man and woman and not related." I waited nervously to see how she would take this.

"That's a naughty idea and wouldn't be right. Anyway, if we were pretending, just what would you do." She didn't look angry or disgusted, possibly just a bit intrigued and I decided to jump blindly in the deep end.

"I'd probably hug you tightly and kiss you, just like this." And, moving closer, I wrapped my arms round her and hugged her tight to me, crushing her exposed breasts against my bare chest. I pressed my lips to hers and was gratified to feel her open her mouth to allow my probing tongue to enter and explore. After holding the kiss for quite a long time, and allowing my erection to press firmly against her belly, I pulled my lips away from my mother's and went on,

"Then I'd probably take you over to the sofa and sit you on my knee and really get down to kissing you properly." And, following my words with actions, I backed to the sofa taking Mom with me and sat, pulling her down on to my lap. I went back to kissing her and fondling her tits as I did so. Mom didn't seem to mind either action and returned my kisses with a fair amount of passion herself.

Eventually I lowered one hand onto her knee and, receiving no protest, began to slide it up her thigh. While Mom didn't open her legs to aid me she didn't protest or prevent me and did let me force a passage as I slowly got higher and higher up her leg. I knew that I had almost reached her pussy when finally she pulled her lips from mine and muttered something about things going a long way further than she had intended and that what we were doing wasn't a good idea. She didn't actually pull my hand away or order me to stop so I just ignored her doubts and pulled her face back down to mine and recommenced kissing her, thrusting my questing fingers all the way to her crotch and discovering that she was wet and open and obviously excited.

Looking down at my mother and seeing her on my lap, white nightie sagging down to waist level, freeing her boobs, and bunched up from the bottom, completely exposing her legs and lower tummy, was a highly erotic and forbidden sight. The more that I explored and rubbed her with my fingers, the wider apart she spread her legs and, she was, by now, crooning softly deep in her chest, as she continued to kiss me wetly and passionately. My cock was getting harder and harder and more and more uncomfortable and finally I had to speak,

"God, Mom. I've got to make love to you. I can't stand much more of this."

"How could we? It's terribly wrong and illegal. And, anyway, your father could wake and come out here at any time even if we did want to." Mom hadn't actually refused and I quickly made a suggestion.

"We could go into the bathroom and shut the door. He wouldn't hear us in there." I tried to get a desperate and pleading sound in my voice as I spoke and Mom seemed to finally nod in agreement. I guessed I must have had her more aroused than I hoped but it turned out that she wasn't sure yet.

"No! I'm sorry but it's really out of the question. It just wouldn't be right." Mom was making a major verbal denial but she didn't really sound too convincing.

"Why not? You know that deep down you'd enjoy a good fuck just as much as me and who would we actually be hurting? It's not as if we are likely to run off together and break up your marriage or anything. It would just be two people screwing for pure pleasure and enjoyment. Come on, let's go in the bathroom." I had given it my best shot and I waited to see what would happen.

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