Most Loving Man on Earth

by Softly

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: Philip finds the love of his life. They get married, divorce, and she remarries. Then, one day, she asks a special favor of him.

Trying to figure out what characteristics a woman should have, both physical and mental, to select for a wife became of interest to me, when I started my first year at Harvard Law school.

Completing High school, with honors, in three years, left no time for dating. My pre-law courses keep me busy, since I completed my undergraduate degree in three years.

At first, I thought that large breasts, and a beautiful face, were signs of an interesting woman. I soon came to the conclusion that many of these self same woman's heads were filled with little more then air.

By my last year of Law school, I had dated and bedded twelve woman that can only be described as movie star quality. Something just was not there, however.

At a luncheon for Profession Grant, of MIT, I saw in a corner speaking to a young lady, a professor of mathematics, that I admired, Winston Leary. "Professor Leary, how are you?"

"Well, Philip Hampton, how are you? I want you to meet Gail Graham, who just took a position with MIT as a mathematics instructor. Gail, you should know that Philip is ranked third in his class, at the present time."

"Well, he sure gave us each the others pedigree in short order," I thought as I offered my hand to Gail. "Gail, are you new to this area?" I inquired.

"Received my Masters from Georgia," she said as she took a longer look at me. Professor Leary excused himself, and went over to speak with Professor Grant, an old friend of his.

Gail and I chatted for the next hour. She agreed to drop her car off at her apartment, and join me for a seafood dinner on the waterfront, in downtown Boston.

As I drove alone to her place, I scratched my head. I was attracted to this woman. Really, really attracted, but for the life of me, I was not sure why. The best that I could tell, her breasts were the size of eggs. Her figure was slim, trim, and she walked like a woman jock. When she jumped into the front seat, it dawned on me that she was the most intelligent woman that I had ever spoken with.

During our meal, her hobbies and interests unfolded to me. Avid skier, hiker, swimmer, runner, roller blade, constant student of anything you cared to bring up.

Had hiked, and rode the trains across Europe. The more we chatted, the more that I was fascinated by the breadth of her knowledge, not that she was trying to impress me. It was all casual, like, "Doesn't everybody?"

Love at first sight. Ya, I guess you could say that. I finished Law school on May 21. We were married on June 17. After a two week honeymoon, I went to work for the law firm of Bailey, DeSota, and Feld. My days quickly became very long, working from seven AM until ten thirty PM, six or seven days a week. It is what a new attorney has to do, if he wants to establish a client base. In law, everything has a deadline. That includes your work, as well as the work assigned to you by the partners.

Twice Gail came to me, and quietly told me that our marriage needed more together time. In my head, I would say to myself, "It takes four years of this, before I can slow down." I said to Gail, "Later Honey, when things settle down."

Then the terrible day came. Gail sat me down. She kissed me on the forehead and said, "I love you, but this is not working. I want a family, but I would need you, and you aren't there." She handed me divorce papers.

Shortly after the divorce was final, she married, John Wilson. I did not hear from her for a year. My office phone rang. My secretary intoned, "Mr. Hampton, there is a call for you on line four. It is a Gail Wilson." I stopped for a moment, before pushing the button.

"Hello, Gail, how are you. I think of you often."

"Phil, do you have time to meet me at "Cheers" bar for lunch? I need a big favor."

"I will make time. Gail, for you, I will do anything."

After we had gotten settled in our booth, I told her, "Gail, without belaboring the fact, I want you to know that I still love you."

She smiled, and it was apparent that my statement had taken her back for a moment.

"Phil the favor I am asking of you is unprecedented. I will understand if you refuse, and leave. What has happened is that I have not become pregnant. I had John's sperm count checked. He has so few that each one should have its own RFD address. I want you to have sex with me, so that I can bear a child."

One of the things that you learn when a trial attorney is that there are times that you have to keep an uncommitted face, while your mind races, to understand and deal with new information. This was such a time.

Gail studied my face. We sat for a minute. I thought to myself, "I'm a fool to care, but I do. I have never dodged a problem in my life. In fact, I thrive on challenges." "Gail, I will do that for you."

She released a long breath. Reaching across the table she grabbed my hands, and raising one to her lips, kissed it. "I expect that next weekend, I will be ovulating. Can we go to your cabin for two days."

"Yes. Does your husband know?"

"God no... It is quite a switch for you to be available for two days."

"My work days are much shorter now that I have concentrated on Labor Relation Law."

Saturday morning, Gail met me at the MIT parking lot. We drove to my cabin. I lit the fire, and put some coffee on. Gail made some toast, with eggs and bacon. It was like old times. We both relaxed, but neither headed to the bed room.

At ten, she stood up, and took my hand. Without saying a word, we undressed. She, now naked, got on the bed, and lay on her back. She had been on that bed a hundred times before, but this was different.

"You have larger breasts, and more of a figure then you had."

"Not enough exercise. I have put on ten pounds."

"On you, it looks good." As I climbed on the bed, I started to cry. "God, I miss you."

She brought my head to her chest. I looked at her face. There were tears in her eyes too. We lay that way for ten minutes. She took my cock in her hand, so I knew it was time to get on with business. It was soon hard, and I rolled between her legs. She guided my cock to her pussy. I wondered how many times John had put his cock in this pussy during the last year.

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