Enjoy the View

by hankj

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Slut Wife, Cuckold, Humiliation, Masturbation, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: A man and his wife share a conversation, but he can't get a word in. She' learned a few secrets about her husband that he hasn't been willing to discuss with her before now.

This story is merely a conversation between a woman and her husband. There are no names given. There are no descriptions of the surroundings because I want the reader to fill in the blanks. Choose a character and imagine that's you or someone you might want to be, if even for a fleeting moment. You'll find that it can be pure fun to take on another person's persona in a fantasy even if you never have any intention of being anything like that. It's probably a lot safer as well! When I'm writing I try to make something at least somewhat believable for the reader to partake of. All I hope is that this story makes someone's day better! And to all those writers, please keep them coming! I call this Enjoy the View.

"Hush. Shh. It's all right. You don't need to say anything. I just want you to sit there and enjoy the kind of view you like to see so much. You don't get to enjoy this as much anymore since I've been going out with my friends and leaving you at home all alone lately. You don't have to say anything at all. Just enjoy the view, sweetie. I've really learned to like it when men look at me! You like women who dress up so they can be looked at, don't you? It turns you on, doesn't it? I'm glad it does! I try to really excite the guys when I get dressed up to go out nowadays. I like wearing sexy little outfits like this that I know will give men a hard-on! You like picking out daring little outfits for me to wear, don't you sweetie? It's like I'm your life-sized Barbie doll that you can dress up in all kinds of sexy dresses and skirts and even lingerie! You've bought me so many nice ensembles that it's hard to have a favorite. After I put on those revealing clothes you like so much, do you want to let me go out to see if I can attract a life-sized Ken doll? I think I'll try that for a while tonight. I'm sure I'll learn to like it a lot! Just relax and watch me for a while. See, if I bend over too far, you can see right up my dress! Or if you're in front of me, you can see my breasts hanging loose inside my blouse!"

"Here, let me put this glass down. Do you like those kind of views, sweetie? Do you like looking up my dress? I'll let you look all you want for a little while. Were you daydreaming that other men would be getting the same view as you later, maybe even better? They might get to see me climbing in or getting out of the car in my short little dress. Or maybe they'll be looking up my dress while I'm sitting on a barstool at the club. Ooh, your penis is getting hard. You must like that a little!"

"Stand up. Hush. It's all right. Let me take your penis out of your pants. Ooh, that penis is really stiff! Would you rather I let you handle it? I know you like to masturbate a lot. Don't worry sweetie, I know how to make your penis feel good too! You don't mind if I touch you like this, do you sweetie?"

"You must like it more than a little. You're getting even harder!"

"Can you tell when I get excited? No? Well, my nipples get hard just like your little penis does."

"Do you want to make my nipples get hard quicker? Here, slide your hand inside my blouse. See how my nipple just pops right up when you touch it?"

"Do you think your ex-wives let their lovers see them like this? You've told me that they wouldn't let you, but I was just curious if you thought they let those other men do things like this! Ooh, I hit a nerve, huh baby? I'll bet you bought them sexy clothes to wear too!"

"I know you like to think about all the times your ex's were cheating on you! Ooh. See. Your little penis just twitched again! Your penis is just like a little lie detector! It gives away your secrets, doesn't it?"

"Do you want to tell me about your secrets? No? I'll bet I can guess!"

"I'll bet you have some really interesting secrets! Did you want your ex-wives to dress up sexy for you like this too? I'll bet you really wanted them to dress sexy so lots of other men could look at them! You did, didn't you? You wanted lots of men them to get hard watching them flaunt their bodies!"

"See, there's that little twitch again! And there's a little pre-cum starting to come out too! That's what you really wanted! You really wanted to dress your ex-wives up so lots of men would look at them! But that wasn't all, was it? You wanted them to enjoy being lusted after by lots of men, didn't you? There's that twitch again! And then those men would come on to them and start hitting on them! You knew that they wanted to get in to each of ex-wife's little panties, didn't you? You were counting on that, weren't you? If you weren't with your ex-wives, I'll bet you were at home stroking your little penis, weren't you? Did you tell them to have fun while they were out? Ooh, and the kind of fun you really wanted them to have was in the back seat of a car or in strange motel room with a big, horny cock! You actually wanted your ex-wife's to fuck around on you before they even thought of it themselves, didn't you?"

"I'll bet most of the men your ex-wife's met, had a good chance of getting into their panties too! Do you know how I know that? Most of those men had bigger cocks than you! That wouldn't be too difficult to find, would it? Did you notice I said cock? A cock is something a real man has! Your little penis is about the size of a boy's, isn't it? Ooh, your little penis got even more excited by that comment! And when you were alone at home, you were fantasizing about your hot, slutty wife getting laid while you were rubbing your little penis with your hand. Rosie palm and her five friends were making you feel real good, weren't they? You like being with Rosie palm, don't you? Rosie palm makes your little penis feel really good, doesn't she? I'll bet Rosie palm can't make you feel as good as your wife felt with a big cock driving inside her horny, slutty, married and oh-so-easy-to-fuck pussy! While you and Rosie palm were getting off, your ex's were playing a better game with a real man's cock!"

"I'll bet I can make you cum if I keep talking like this! Do you want me to make you cum? You have a little boy dick that cums as quick as an inexperienced young boy does too, don't you? That's why you liked seeing your ex-wife's get dressed up really sexy to go out! You wanted your ex-wife's to meet other men with man-sized cocks! Ooh, a little more pre-cum! Big cocks that could last a long, long time! Big cocks that knew how to fuck and how to really please a woman! Not someone with a little-boy dick like yours, but a man-sized cock! A nice hard cock that would ferociously spit it's manly cum deep inside her pussy! You were happy to let your ex's go out so you could spend some quiet time with Rosie palm, weren't you? All the time you spent being entertained by Rosie and her friends, your ex's were spending quality time with real men with really hard cocks!"

"You knew you weren't man enough for them, so you wanted your ex-wife's to attract real men! And they did! Both of your ex-wife's did! I'll bet that's what you imagine about me when I'm out too, isn't it? Even the girlfriends that moved in with you found they needed to feel a nice hard cock pounding in them once in a while! They all found several real men that could make them feel like real women, didn't they? Your ex's liked finding real cocks that could really fill their pussies! You don't blame them, do you? They liked having real men inside them! A real man who knew how to use his cock! And I'll bet they all loved to feel the men cum deep inside them! That's what you wanted all along! You wanted real men to fuck your ex's pussies and flood them with their potent cum, didn't you?"

"Ooh, and I like that too! I like being with real men! I like to get them hard and then dance real close to me so that I can feel how stiff and big they are! Would you like to watch me dance with a real man, sweetie? Would your little-boy penis be able to handle it if I took you away from Rosie once in a while? I'll bet you'd cum in your pants if I danced that close and sexy with a real man! Especially when you saw how I'd let him grope and fondle me! That turns me on a lot! It turns you on to, doesn't it? I can be a true slut out on the dance floor with a real man! My nipples get really, really hard when I have a real man grinding his thick cock against my crotch!"

"Do you think you'd like to see me get excited like that? My pussy gets really juicy too! Ooh yeah, just like your little penis is getting right now. See how your little-boy penis is leaking. My pussy leaks like that when I feel a real man rubbing his big, thick cock against me! Especially when I'm with a guy that I know I want to have fuck my brains out! Feel how slippery that pre-cum makes your little dick. Imagine my pussy getting slick just like that, wanting a real man's cock to ram itself up inside me! I love being with a man with a thick, hard cock! I like playing the slut who needs to feel a real man in her horny, slutty, married, and oh-so-easy-to-fuck pussy! Did you know that about me, sweetie?"

"I'll bet you'd like to eat my pussy, wouldn't you sweetie? Do you know how I know you do? You're a man with a little-boy cock who likes to masturbate a lot but he also loves to eat pussy! A man with a little-boy cock like yours has to eat pussy, doesn't he? You know that you can't compete against a real man with big, thick cock, can you? That's why you learned to eat pussy! You have to eat a woman's wet, juicy cunt just to get her off, don't you? I'll bet you'd eat my pussy until I finally had to push you away, wouldn't you?"

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