Office Assistance

by Nicolo Parenti

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Reluctant, Heterosexual, Fiction, Cheating, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: (This story was a 2005 Golden Clitorides Finalist) Dee's job is anticipating her boss's needs. So when Eva needed a boost for her sex life, Dee had already worked it out... and then some.

Copyright© 2004 by Nicolo "Loco" Parenti

Author's note:

You'll notice a complete lack of concern in this text for disease

and contraception. That's because it's FANTASY, dude, and that

stuff just gets in the way. In real life, you'd be nuts to engage

in these acts without protection.

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"You know you want to, Jack," she said with a grin. "And why would it bother me? I'm offering to help, you dummy."

The dummy in question was naked in bed with Dee, short for Denise. I shouldn't have been. For one thing it was the middle of the work day. For another, we're both married, and not to each other. We were enjoying a classic nooner, one of several in the past few weeks. Dee is delicious, adventuresome, and a little depraved -- the perfect fuck buddy. And not at all possessive, as she'd just shown.

'It' was bedding her boss, Eva. And she was right, I did want to, along with probably every guy she'd ever met. I know that's as much a comment about men in general as it is about Eva, but if the Dalai Lama met her, I'll bet that saffron robe would start to tent.

Dee and I could get together without tongues wagging around the office because I don't work in her office, at least not every day. A consultant who serves several companies, I'm here and there as work requires. So Dee takes a lunch break and comes back laid -- who's the wiser?

Dee is a cute brunette in her early thirties with short hair and brown eyes. She stands -- and she doesn't stand often around me -- about 5' 5", and sports lovely B-cup tits and a die-for tush on her athletic 120 pound body. And you'd never know it to look at her, but she's as hot for sex as any woman I've ever met.

At work she's cheerful and friendly, never flirty. She's been married a while, no kids, and I assumed her home life was fine. I never thought she'd be getting any on the side, and I sure didn't expect to be the one giving it.

Like a lot of guys, I normally take at least an oblique run at any pretty woman I get to know, and I do score often enough to keep off the bench. But Dee, well, as I said, she really didn't seem the type. So, OK, being wrong about a woman doesn't make me unique.

I live quite a ways from most of my clients, so a few years ago I bought a small older house to serve as an office and a base for my small staff (no size jokes, OK?). They gather in the morning, disperse to client sites, regroup at five. This house/office has some benefits that have nothing to do with taxes -- for example, it's where Dee and I were lying naked, and where it all started for us...

I wasn't looking for a lover when Dee and I found ourselves chatting casually at an after hours office get-together one tipsy Friday night. As we drank we got on the topic of my business. She knew I had an office nearby but didn't realize it was in a regular house.

"You mean, with a kitchen and bathroom and... everything?" she asked.

"Sure, with the office in the living room and a bedroom for storage and repairs."

"Just the one bedroom?"

"Ah, no, I do keep the second one for the usual purpose, you know, in case one of us is working late or I have a client in from out of town."

"Wow, your office sounds neat. I'd like to see it sometime."

I can be dense, but not that dense. "Um, sure, Dee, any time. In fact," I said, checking my watch, "I have to stop there pretty soon. Want to tag along? I can drop you back here after the tour."

She oohed over the kitchen and the office and the work room. When we got to the bedroom I bumped into her as she stopped short in the doorway. I figured she was shocked silly that the bed was made.

The physical contact, plus the unavoidable presence of the bed, triggered something. I slipped my hands to her hips, then moved them forward to hug her from behind. She looked up over her shoulder with a look I can't quite describe. But she didn't pull away.

"So, Dee, it really is a bedroom, with a bed. And unless I'm reading this wrong you wouldn't mind finding out if the mattress is firm or soft... ?" I slid my hands upward to the bottom of her breasts as I spoke and she relaxed backward to rest against me.

"Jack, don't think badly of me. I don't do this, really I don't. But I'm a little drunk, I like you and I think you like me, and this is the first time in years I've been alone in a bedroom with a strange man. And damn it, I can feel that thing of yours getting stiff against my butt."

Yes, well that didn't exactly take ESP. She turned and I felt her body melt as she molded to me, her tits firm against my chest. I guess we both wanted to feel that thing of mine pressing from another angle, because someone's hips urged forward (it was hard to tell whose). Then her breath was hot on my neck and I took her chin to raise her face. I saw a look I recognized, and of course she saw it too. The hug turned into a kiss, and that became a grope, and before we knew it the clothes were flying.

I love removing a woman's clothing, especially for the first time. The bra, for instance, often hides nature's intent, holding up what wants to fall, pressing in what wants to flop. But not so much with Dee -- hers were nicely firm with just a little heft. Her nipples were stiff with desire, so I nibbled at them a bit, then worked my way down to her pussy.

I was amazed that we were doing this, that she had this sexy side I'd never suspected. I'd been fully hard from the moment we started. I tongued her clit and inner lips and made tentative moves down her ass crack, which she didn't seem to mind. She ate my dick like it was a Nutty Buddy, sucking at the tip and gnawing gently on its sensitive underside. Yow.

But that was prologue. After a minute I flipped her over doggy fashion and placed myself at her threshold. She was quite vocal in expressing her need for cock, urging me forward in the most graphic terms until I was in her to the hilt. She only needed a few deep strokes to reach her first climax. She came again with me, a few minutes later. And yet again, an hour after that. Ahh, new love.

That's how it began. And here we were a few weeks later, still as hot as minks in a microwave.

Remembering that night (and sure, the sight of Dee's lovely body) got me horny again, so I reached for her. She in turn took hold of my rising handle and drew me toward her mouth. "So is this for me, or for Eva?" she asked with a wicked leer. I wisely held my tongue, or rather, employed it to better use than answering silly questions. It was for her, and for Eva, and every woman I'd ever lusted after, and some not yet born. But there was only one woman in a position to use it now.

I licked her in long, languid strokes from below the lips up to her turgid nub, stopping on occasion to press into her hot, juicy core. I knew she liked this because she moaned around my dick as she tried to stuff it deeper into her mouth. She didn't have the knack of throating, but believe me that's no complaint. She had the knack of being there, right now, sucking my cock.

After a bit of this we read each other's minds and shifted into what had become our favorite position, with Dee leaning back, her legs spread, bent at the knees and dangling to the floor. I was standing at the edge of the mattress, a style that allows good penetration and force and lets us both watch the action.

Dee threw her head back as I eased into her hot, tight channel, which caused her lovely tits to strain upward. I obliged them by reaching forward to tweak the nipples as I began pumping into her well-licked slit. She doesn't last long in this position, horny little girl that she is, and I can count on her coming a couple of times before I have to let go. I increased the pace and power of my thrusts, with the expected effect.

"Oh, fuck, yes, that's it Jack, keep it up, don't stop, oh fuck fuck fuck that's good, god I'm close again, fuck me you bastard, yes, right there, just like that, OHHHH!" Did I mention she's very vocal? "Oh, yes, coming! Coming!" To add a little fillip, I took her swollen clit between my fingers to tug and twist it gently. "AHHH! Fuck, shit, AHHH!" I didn't let up until she had stopped babbling and opened her eyes in a glazed and cross-eyed stare. I slowed to a maintenance motion, leaning to suck at her nipples as she recovered.

"Time for another?" I asked with a smile after her breathing had calmed.

"Christ, I don't know if I'll be able to walk if we do that again. That was one major come. I'm drained, you lovely fucker."

"Want to change up, try something else, maybe cowgirl? I still have something I need to give you."

"Mmmm, way too physical for me right now. How about I just lie in the middle of the bed and you ravage my lifeless body? I couldn't climax again for a week."

Ravaging sounded good. I proved her wrong, and in the process shot a hot cupful deep into her. Then there was just enough time for a Dee to grab a snack from the kitchen and take a quick shower before heading back.

"Bye Jack, see you Thursday, OK? And think about it. Wouldn't you like to have Eva lying naked right there like I was, taking your hard cock? I'll bet it can happen within a couple of weeks."

It wasn't hard to imagine that, and little Jack started to stir at the image she was painting, had been painting for a few days now. "But sweetie, what do you get out of it? Is this a revenge thing, or do you want pictures, or what?"

"Revenge? Hell no. And no need for pictures, Jack," she said with an enigmatic smile. "Bye!"

Eva poked her head into her assistant's office, thinking how much she'd come to rely on Denise. They meshed nicely, though unequal in many ways. Dee was paid well for her job, but it was just a job. Eva was a star, the head of sales for a high-end graphics firm who took home six figures. Smart and sexy, married with two kids to Mark, a successful ad executive. She seemed to have it all.

'All' included the drool of her male clients and co-workers, though no one had gotten close to bagging her. She had an approachable yet businesslike manner that telegraphed her interest, but not in a sexual way. Well-timed references to her family made it clear to all but the hopelessly lustful that she was off the market.

She sometimes felt a bit skinny, but her slimness was really an asset (think Ally McBeal plus). She carried about 100 lbs on a gym-toned 5'7" body, which didn't leave a lot of padding. A-cup breasts seemed just right, and her long legs, sculpted features and tight rear gave the impression of a fashion model. She was always nicely turned out, her strawberry blonde hair styled and her clothes 'business chic', great for endless rounds of discussions, pitches, proposals and lunches.

But it may not surprise you that the perfect picture had a crack or two. One issue was her marriage, which seemed to fit somewhere after work and the kids. Mark traveled for weeks at a stretch, tending to his clients and their campaigns. For a couple in their thirties, weeks of separation meant weeks of frustration -- at least for Eva. She half-suspected it wasn't the same for Mark, whose entertaining of clients meant late nights in music clubs and titty bars, with plenty of young cuties on the prowl.

The office staff, especially Dee, could tell when Mark had been away for a while. Eva got just a little bitchy, a bit restless and much more tense. She didn't exactly bite off heads, but the signs were there.

"Dee, I need the sales summaries for last quarter -- Tom's review is coming up and he'll want to know about his bonus."

"Already got 'em, boss," Dee smiled, handing her a folder. "One step ahead as usual."

It was true, Eva thought. Dee often knew what she needed before she did herself. It was one of the things that made them such a good team.

"So, Eva, can we catch a lunch this week?" Dee knew she could -- after all, she kept her boss's schedule -- but wanted Eva to have the choice.

"Sure, how about tomorrow? Got a place in mind?"

"Someplace out of the way. Maybe Chinese? I'll get Sammie to cover our phones. It'll be fun, we haven't done lunch out in a while."

"I know -- it seems like you've been eating on your own a lot lately, and I've had all these clients, and Mark's out of town..."

"Yeah, on my own. Always something, er, somewhere new to try."

"What's your secret, Dee?" They were sitting in a back booth at a Szechwan restaurant a few miles away. "You're always so even, so together. Shit, some days I want to crawl out of my skin, especially when Mark's been gone for a while." She got a sheepish look. "I don't suppose that's news to the people in the office."

Dee smiled. "They might notice you getting a little short, but I don't think they connect it to your sex life. I hear the guys talk, and they assume with your looks you're getting it night and day. Though they wouldn't mind adding to your burden."

"Pffft!" Eva gave a little 'spit take' at that. "Dee, what in the hell are you talking about? You know I'm faithful to Mark. Besides, I'd never fool around at work -- that's career suicide. And these days all the men I meet are clients or co-workers."

"I just mean that guys fantasize, that's all. Hell, you know that, you play them like a pro, it's second nature to you. But you don't have to let the tension get to you. There are ways to relieve the pressure."

Eva wasn't comfortable with the turn this was taking. Still, it was just girls talking, and despite the fact that Dee was her subordinate at work, Eva thought of her as a friend and peer.

"Oh, Dee, I've tried those buzz toys, but it's not the same. Besides, I'm a smart and successful woman -- I should be able to get beyond that. I have a family, a career -- I don't need sex like some 20-year-old. I can do without when Mark's away."

"Boss, forgive me, but no you can't. Trust me, I know you better than anyone -- you need to get laid a lot more than you are. It affects your mental health and mine too. And of course you can't take up with clients or office mates, so it's a problem finding a man-toy."

Eva thought she'd better shut this down before it went too far. "Dee, really, I can't believe we're discussing my sex life. Anyway, what would someone in your shoes know about it? You're happily married and Chuck doesn't travel, so you can get what you need at home."

Dee paused and peered at Eva, trying to read her. She didn't want to move too fast. "Uh, honey, it's not all peaches and cream. Sure Chuck's home a lot. But it's been ten years and you know how it goes, routines set in. Pretty soon it's spaghetti on Wednesday, sex on Saturday -- except when there's drunken bowling Friday night. Yeah, I can visit Victoria's Secret, so can he, but it's still the same cock, same tits and ass, no mystery and less and less passion."

Dee looked down at her tea. "So I found us a guy."

Eva wasn't sure she'd heard right. "You mean us, like you and Chuck? Chuck's into guys too, or likes to watch, or -- what am I missing?"

Dee set her gaze intently on Eva's. "I mean us as in you and me." Now it came out in a rush. "You need some outside loving, hell, I can count the weeks that Mark's away by the number of times you snap at someone or pace the hall. So I thought ahead, anticipated your needs. It's what I do, Eva, and you know I'm good at it."

Eva sat open-mouthed as Dee blitzed on. "See, I knew it couldn't be someone at the office, because people see things and they talk, and there's no way it wouldn't get out. But I wanted somebody we were comfortable with, who wouldn't go nuts, who had something to lose. I found him, Evie. I worked at it and I found the perfect guy to play with. I've been seeing him for about a month and it's great. It's even made a difference at home."

"Denise, what in the fuck are you saying? You're pimping for me? You've got some guy lined up to haul my ashes, wham bam, better than Prozac for your bad moods? Are you crazy?"

"Not crazy, just lucky. I went looking for a stud and I found a gem. He's talented, hot, and married. Best of all, we don't need to use motels or anything like that. There's no risk, no connections, we're just friends who like to fuck. I may have hunted him down, Eva, but he's turned me out. He knows what I need and gives it to me straight, or any other way we can think of." She quivered a little as her body remembered.

Eva sat back, stunned. "Wow. Wow. Dee, I can't believe what I'm hearing. I never thought you'd be one for that. And you're right about one thing -- there's no hint of this at the office. I never suspected a thing and I would have heard."

She was calming down now. "But you say this is for 'us'. Dee, I can't. I just can't. I guess I appreciate the thought, and I'm happy for you if you're happy, but whoever this guy is, he would brag, or obsess, or something else bad would happen. God, what am I saying? I can hear myself with a salesman's ear -- these aren't reasons, they're objections to be overcome. I mean, I can't do this because I just can't. I'm married, and that's that."

Dee pulled out the big gun. "Married? Do you think that stops Mark? Are you in total denial about these extended road trips? You've heard your own clients go on about 'out of town rules' and you know what that means. I did some digging, Evie, and if you want chapter and verse I'll give it to you, but you have to know he's not saving it for you, so why save it for him? And I'm telling you, it'll improve the times you do have."

Eva was floored. "You did some digging? How? What did you find out? No, wait, I don't want to know. You're sure? Oh, god, what a fool I am. I don't want details, but you have them? There's no mistake?"

"No mistake, he's acting like any man in his situation would. I'm sure he tells himself it's for the job or for the client's sake, but he's doing it anyway. If it helps, it's not serious, just sport sex. The same thing I have, and you can too."

For the first time since this discussion started, Eva began to really consider what Dee was offering. "Uh, not that I'd do this, but can you say who this guy is? It'll go no further than this table, but I'm having a hard time seeing who could fit this bill. Someone we know, but isn't a client or from the office? Married, but with a place to, ah, meet in?"

"It's Jack, Jack Miller, you know, the systems guy."

"WHAT?" Eva blurted more loudly than she intended, drawing looks from nearby tables. "You're fucking JACK MILLER? Dee, that's... that's..."

Dee grinned. "It's perfect, isn't it? Everyone knows him, he's around then he isn't, he has an office in a house a mile away -- wait until you see it -- and was I right? Sort of hot?"

"Well, not Antonio Banderas hot, but yeah, sexy in a rumpled way, and he's always a gentleman. No one would think he's the type to screw around."

"I know, and that's why I was amazed when I found out totally by accident that he was doing Tracy, that last receptionist, for a couple of months last year. No one had a clue, they still don't. That made him super discreet in my book, and obviously available for what we needed."

Eva winced again at the 'we'. "Dee, oh boy, it's crazy just to talk about this. I have too much to lose."

Dee grinned again. "Yeah, but you're getting itchy, aren't you? All this sex talk has you squirming on your seat. Who knows you better than me? Look, let's just meet him for a drink after work, and see what you think."

"Whoa, wait, have you discussed this with him? I can't possibly have a drink with a guy who thinks he's going to get in my pants. Especially because he won't be, no matter what."

"No," Dee lied, "he wouldn't have a clue."

I didn't have a clue what Dee was cooking up when she said she'd like to get together with Eva and a couple of others from the office for a drink after work.

"You haven't been talking crazy to her about, you know, have you? This is still just between us, right?"

"Of course not, Jack," Dee lied again, "I just want all of us to have a little fun together. No pressure, no problem, just a drink."

Well, we know where 'just a drink' can lead with this gal, but with the others around how bad could it get? Besides, she had my dick in her hand, stroking and pulling it back to life, and that has a way of making me agreeable. Hmmm... I'll bet she knows that.

So we ended up at El Perro doing margaritas, and it was as fun as she had promised. It wasn't hard to play the role of dude-not-fucking-Dee, and for her part Dee did enough circulating to keep it looking totally innocent.

I tried to be cool, but Dee's mentions of Eva while we were in bed had rattled me a little and a few times I found myself looking at Eva a little too hard, holding her gaze a bit long, touching her arm just to see what it felt like. And it did seem as though Eva, for her part, was more intimate, had to lean into my ear to make herself heard over the bar crowd, looked my way from across the room more often than necessary. I chalked it up to a too-vivid imagination.

And my imagination was definitely in hyperdrive, as I suspect Dee had wanted. Sometimes when I caught myself staring I was seeing Eva in the same positions and state of undress that Dee and I just shared. Then I'd snap out of the daydream and spot Dee fixing me with a grin that meant nothing to the others, but which told me she knew exactly where my mind had been. Damn this woman for a witch.

So Dee had her fun and we all got a little toasted. But that wasn't the end of the story by a long shot. Dee was just getting cranked up.

"I've got to say, Dee, you're right about being discreet. I looked for some sign that you two are getting it on and I saw nothing. If anything you were spending more time with Bill."

"So you couldn't tell that he'd been eating me out just a few hours earlier, that we'd both come twice at lunch and that I'd... ?"

"Dee! Stop that," said Eva with a nervous laugh. "You're awful!"

"Still, you checked him out, didn't you? I saw the sly looks when you thought no one could see, and I saw you hovering a little closer than you usually do. Nothing anyone else would notice, but you were, right?"

Eva reddened an bit and looked down. "Shit, Dee, how could I not, knowing what you two have been up to, and after your tales of wild sex. I guess I had to see what the big deal was."


"Well, he's not disgusting to look at and I think he's smart and funny. He can obviously keep a secret, and... shit, Dee, I can't believe I'm talking about this. For god's sake, even if I did want to sleep with him, he's, well, yours. I couldn't SHARE him with you!"

"Evie, I told you, he's not mine -- he's ours. I found him for us, for you at first, but I admit I've gone beyond just research," Dee leered. "I'll keep seeing him even if you don't want to, but don't you get it? I want to get you laid too, and he's perfect for the job, as I've proven -- many times. So maybe you have the odd Monday or Wednesday, and I keep Thursday, or whatever. There's enough for both of us, believe me. But if that's what it takes, I'll back off and you can have him to yourself."

Eva let out a long sigh. Dee was working her like a pro, countering objections, pointing out benefits, pressing for a close. Dee must have been paying attention at the sales meetings, Eva though ruefully. And she couldn't shake the feeling that it had come down to this: she'd made up her mind and was just stalling with lame arguments.

"Anyway, Dee, how do you know he'd want to? It isn't a sure thing that he'd even want another affair."

Dee just laughed. "How many guys have you ever met that you didn't think would fuck you silly if you bent over the wrong way? Look at you, you're as pretty and sexy as they come, and you know it. If you wanted to you could get a blind monk into bed. And Jack's no monk."

Eva sighed again. "Shit. Shit, shit. I cannot think about this, and you have to stop teasing me. I'm married, I'm no teenaged slut, and I can't afford to screw up my life for a roll in the hay." Even if I really want one, she added silently.

"Ok, ok. But we both know you'll be thinking about it. And I'll feel Jack out a little... no, wait, hold on, I'll feel him out without giving him any ideas. I'll just get him fantasizing about the women he knows, what he'd like to do, that kind of thing. I'm sure I won't be the one who brings up your name."

"God, Dee, this is nuts. You do what you like, I'm out of this."

Dee was so persistent, in a naked sexy drill sergeant sort of way, that I finally gave in. Seeing Eva at El Perro had piqued my interest, especially given Dee's assurance that she could deliver this ideal of pulchritude to my bed. She'd turned my usual, casual fantasies about women I work with into something specific about this one woman. For what was on offer was not the creation of a fantasy, but the fulfillment of one. Well, of many, to be honest.

"Great! I know we can do it, Jack, I've been working on her for a while now, and..."

"What!? You said you hadn't talked about us, or this plan or anything. Are you nuts? What if she blabs to your husband, or my wife? You're loony!"

Luckily Dee isn't easily offended, or maybe she recognized a kernel of reason in what I was saying. Or maybe she'd already decided to bulldoze over my blathering -- not a bad decision if so.

"Relax, baby. I know Eva like I know you, and she keeps more confidences than both of us put together. You couldn't tell when we were at the bar that she knew about us, could you? And you didn't sense that I'd already offered her a shot at you, did you?"

I was goggling, I know. My jaw was slack, my eyes were bugged. Goggling. My lover had just let on that she'd been talking about us to her friend, even knowing how important it was to keep mum. But mostly I heard 'offered her a shot at you'. I felt like a piece of meat. Huh. Felt a little funny, but not all that bad, considering.

"You... you promised!" I sounded like a ten-year-old.

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