by Raven Skye

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Sex Story: The one thing standing between Adriana and Stephan is her pride and fear of being hurt. Will she be able to overcome?

With tears streaming down her face, Adriana watched through the fog of loneliness and despair as her true love turned to leave. Pride and fear had kept her from telling him how much she desperately needed to feel his arms around her and and for him to nuzzle her hair and whisper "I love you, baby. It'll all work out." She wanted to call out his name and beg him to stay, but the little voice inside her head told her that she wasn't that weak and to let him walk away, forever if need be. With a hollow, empty feeling deep in her soul, she watched Stephan drive away.

With the memories of the past threatening to overwhelm her, Adriana turned from the window and decided to run a warm bath in the jacuzzi. She slowly undressed and watched herself in the mirror. She had a body that most men dreamed of and most women were jealous of. She had long blonde hair that was almost to her waist and flowed with spiral ringlets that she had never had to pay for. Her tanned complexion was compliments of her mother and her large sky blue eyes were from her father. It didn't take much activity or diet to keep her hourglass shape because she was blessed with a metabolism that left most of the teenagers in her classes wondering where she got her energy from.

She grabbed her lilac satin robe and proceeded to her bath. The weight of the emotional goodbye to Stephan was still upon her shoulders and the stress in her neck was almost excruciating. She slowly stepped into the jacuzzi and lowered herself into the bubbling water after adding some of her favorite jasmine scent. Before long, she felt her body relax and the stress begin to seep from her muscles. As she relaxed, she felt her mind drifting to the past and to memories of better times with Stephan.

"Come on babe! Just one more hill," Stephan called back to her. They were trying to hike ten miles uphill and then do some rock climbing to get to the summit of Pike's Peak. Adriana had begun feeling her legs cramp about 2 miles and half a mountain ago.

"I'm coming! Don't wait on me, I promise I'll be there," she called up to Stephan. She knew that this trip meant a lot to him. He and his dad had taken on the same journey before his dad had passed away from cancer a year ago. It had taken her at least two months to get him to agree to it and to promise her that he could do it without getting upset about his father. She was amazed that he had enjoyed it this much and that he seemed elated to be taking the same trails, the same hills, the same trip as before. She just hoped that she could make it to the top.

When she looked up to see where Stephan was, he was nowhere in sight. She felt the beginnings of panic pulling at the edges of her mind. "STEPHAN! Where are you?!" she called.

"Right here, love," he said gently from a cliff that was to her right. She hadn't noticed it before because she had been concentrating so thoroughly on just putting one foot in the next space and pulling herself up. "I couldn't keep going without you. Come this way. I'll help," he said as he started to climb the ten feet to her side.

They met in the middle and then made their way back to the cliff. Stephan hurriedly unpacked some rations from his bag and got the water ready while she rested on a rock. After he had a blanket spread on the ground and their "picnic" laid out before them, she walked over to his side and lowered herself to the ground next to him, and promptly collapsed into his lap.

"I love you, Stephan. You know that right? I mean..."

"Shhh... don't say anything else," he said as he gently placed his hands under her head and turned her towards him. He slowly bent his head until he could feel her breath on his mouth. She had always been able to just mesmerize him with her beautiful eyes without trying.

Adriana could feel her heart pounding faster and her body arched toward her beloved. She could feel the heat in her stomach spreading to her nipples and pussy. God how she loved to kiss him. I never want this to end, she thought as she found herself pulling his head closer with one hand and rubbing her hard nipples with the other.

Within moments, she was laying on her back with the weight of his body on her. She could feel his erection through their clothes. She could feel her own body responding automatically. Her back arched towards him to bring her pussy closer to his hard cock. Her nipples were so tender that even through her shirt she felt him gently nibbling on them.

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