The Lake
Chapter 1

Caution: This Erotica Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Heterosexual, True Story, Nudism,

Desc: Erotica Sex Story: Chapter 1 - Boy meets girl. Girl fucks boy. If it only were that easy, you say? Well … sometimes it is.

I love this lake. Sandy shores, big, deep, half of it dedicated to wildlife so there's no way the water can turn stale in the summer, part of the shore dotted with bushes and trees which give shadow, high grass which gives privacy if you want it, and mostly used by students who couldn't care less about you bathing attire. Or lack of it.

Today, it's packed as usual. I find a spot besides a blackberry bush where a hopeful couple tries to find any that are already edible. No such luck; after a while they give up and head off to their nest in the grass, holding hands.

On my other side is a guy who's getting toasted. He declines my offer of sunscreen with an air of 'do I look like I'm gay or what?'. Well, I'm not either. So what? Get sunburned, then. I think I'll doze for a while.

Heat. Sweat. Boredom. Will that lecture never end? Bah, it's probably all in the book anyway. Pack stuff, get out, unlock bike, off to the lake and its beach.

This ride usually takes ten minutes. Today, ten eternities. Others had the same bright idea as me, the place is packed already. Favorite Spot One, too many people. Favorite Spot Two, ditto. Fav Secluded Spot, umm, two couples who may or may not be actually having sex right now, I'm not the voyeur type. Fav Blackberry Bush, the stupid berries aren't ripe yet but the guy beside it has left some room, probably afraid of the thorns. Duh. Anyway. Get towel out of bag, flop towel down, flop self onto towel, ouch -- after seven years with breasts I should have learned not to do that any more. Relax. Tune out the ubiqiutous music, don't ask how many boomboxes today...

Tell internal alarm clock to ring me five minutes before being burned crisp. Sleep.

Zip. OUCH! Huh? Oh, the guy has decided he's had enough and is leaving. Apparently, he's trying to zip his pants up, but isn't wearing underwear, and his pubic hair has been caught in the process. Come on, guy, this is why God (or Mr. Levi, or whoever) has invented the button fly. I turn my face to the other side so that he doesn't catch me stifling my laughter.

On that other side, the blackberry bush has gained the company of a young woman. She's lying on her face, looks at that guy, grins slightly. Short unruly hair, tomboyish face, green eyes... eyes... now she looks at my eyes. As I look into hers.

Somehow, we can't seem to stop looking. Our grins fade.

Huh? Why's that guy's towel on fire? No, just orange. He's still hopping around. Ants in his underwear? Ah. No underwear, hair in the zipper. Giggle. Stifle giggle, Mr. Hoparound isn't in a good enough mood for that. The guy next to me turns to look at me. Probably laughing inside too. Nice face, bit largish nose, brown eyes, I look at him, look...

Five minutes later. Still looking into his eyes. Don't ask why. Just seems the right thing to do. Somehow.

Have you ever tried to really look into the eyes of somebody else for any length of time? Sometimes, it's as if you could read each other's thoughts. Or your innermost desires. Other times, you and your partner just vanish. Only the eyes remain, looking at each other, but the mind is... elsewhere.

This was one of those times. I was brought out of it by a growing awareness that the neck muscle responsible for pulling my head to the side was going on strike soon. So I turn to the side and put my head on my arm.

Peripherally, I note that my dick is now pointing sideways, i.e. to the ground, and I think hopefully she doesn't think I want to start something with her. Well, maybe I do, but at the same time nothing could be further from my mind. I'm still mesmerized by her eyes. So seems she, with mine.

He turns to his side, faces me. Rubs his neck, ah, must have gotten a crick in it. I'm getting one too, seems, so I do the same, grope around a bit and pull a towel under my head for a pillow. Him still looking into my eyes. Weird. Stretch my legs a bit. He's not looking down. Never met a guy like that before. Up the ante: raise hand, touch breast, tweak nipple. Almost makes my eyes lose focus. All he does is raise his eyebrow a bit. I grin. He grins back. We're serious again. Still looking into eyes.

Now she, too, is turning to face me. I hope she won't mind if I save looking at her body for later. Her eyes still fascinate me. She moves around a bit... is she trying to turn me on? I raise an eyebrow at her. This is fun.

I guess that if I would want anything, which I'm not at all sure about, I don't want a show, I want her. Let's start with a small part... so I take my hand from under my head and slowly slide it across the sand towards her, palm up. I wonder what she'll do...

His hand. Moving towards my head. Scary. But fun. What now?

That Zen sound of one hand clapping. One per person, I presume. We're two. We grin, at each other. If this goes on we're going to be one, soon. Yes...

CLAP and her right hand covers mine. I don't think she could have missed my surprise, though I managed to avoid the sudden motions I usually make when somebody does something unexpected. Well, I don't know what I expected, but not this.

She grins at her action. So do I. Then I move a bit closer and stroke her cheek lightly with my other hand, quickly, just once. Her eyes widen a bit. I'm getting a hard-on. Does she notice?

His hand on my face. It tingles. Feels like his fingers are still there. But his hand is by his side again...

Our lock on each other's eyes gets deeper and deeper, and her smile lights up her whole face.

Now she's positively grinning. I wonder what she's up to...

As much tension as I can stand. More later. I want a kiss. Now.

So I take one. Easy, right? Wrong. Guess there's a reason people usually don't so this. I'm beyond reasoning.

Suddenly, she moves towards me, lies half on top of me. I open my mouth in surprise, and get a thorough kiss in return. Our tongues wrestle. My hard-on pushes against her hip, then she straddles me, without interrupting that kiss.

Haven't looked before if he's as hard as I must be wet. Now I feel him. Against my clit. Nice. Move up, nicer, down, up, nicer... oops.

Her hips move in small circles and arouse me further. She moves up a bit further each time, and... now my hard-on is at her entrance, I feel her wetness, and she hesitates. Is this going too far, should I stop this, find the condom that must be buried in my backpack somewhere?

My mind shouts, waves yellow flag, last chance. Break kiss, look at his face again -- what now? Hey you, silently, to him, you know what you're doing here?

Do I know what I'm doing here? Quick calculation, no, not fertile now. Trust him? OK, trust him. Mind, please shut up now. Thank you.

Again we look at each other's face, completely serious this time, trying to read each other's minds, yet reluctant to actually talk.

She doesn't pull away. I guess that means it's OK with her if it's OK with me, so I slowly rock my hips... and I enter her, one millimeter further in each time...

His eyes and mine, again. And his cock, against me, entering me, in me. Ohhh...

We're looking into each other's souls now. At least that's what it feels like. I see my face reflected in her eyes, see her face reflected in my eyes, feel me penetrating her, feel myself being penetrated. Is it possible to be in two bodies at the same time?

My cock, against her, penetrating her. Strange. Double vision. Double sensation. Double feeling. Scary. Heavenly.

Some indeterminable time later, I finally am all the way inside of her. At the first contact of her clitoris with my pelvis, she shudders...

He's inside. All the way. His pelvic bone, my clit, aaahhhhh... fireworks...

Back from the stars. I kiss him. Like there's no tomorrow. Well, is there???

After eating each other's tongues out of our mouth, we mellow down for a while, and eventually fall asleep together, still joined, me still hard.

Yawn, hey, sun's going down and I gotta do some work for tomorrow. Shit. Get up slowly, muscles a bit cramped, him plopping out of me. He didn't come, well, save it for tomorrow or whatever. Gotta leave a note... pen here, paper -- no paper. Hmm. Anything else? Yeah...

When I wake up, she's gone. I start panicking, but then I note a felt-tip pen sticking out of the sand beside me. Huh? If she wrote a note, where? I check my skin, but nothing. Duh. I feel like I'm missing something here.

Later, at home, I'm about to take a shower after the bike ride home when I glance at my reflection in the mirror. There is writing on my forehead and on my cheeks. She even wrote in mirror-image letters. Left cheek "Same time". Right cheek "Same place". Between my eyes and going down my nose, "Same day". Next week, or what? Well, it's likely. Oh yes, and on my chin there's a heart with a lightning bolt going through it. The heart is upside-down.

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