Albert's Letters

by Softly

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Desc: Sex Story: Husband sends wife on "free cruise" chartered by a men's club.

This is a copy of the letter that Albert Berdequez received from his wife.

Medicine Hat, Alberta, Canada.
February 3, 2001.

Dear Albert,

By the time that you receive this letter, which I will mail from the dock in Miami, Florida, the cruise ship, that I am on, will have been at sea for three days. It is the same ship that I was on in February of last year.

It would be fair to say that neither of us told the other the truth as to how that trip came about, and what happened to me during the cruise, last year.

You know that I am not the most worldly woman. We get a little cabin fever from time to time up in Medicine Hat.

When you got that new camera, I let you take nude pictures of me, "Just for Us." Then, you asked to send pictures of me to that voyeur site. I said, "Okay," as long as you blocked out my eyes.

Well, the Queen's britches! Next, you wanted to tie me to the bed, and take some more nude pictures. That was fun. That night that we all got gunned on the "White Lightning" that Big Jake brought over, got a little out of hand, when you guys tied me to the bed, and took turns plowing my field.

I never noticed when you took all the photos of me being fucked. You and your computer. You were sending out all sort of things.

The letter to me from "Fantastic Cruise Lines," offering me a free cruise on the "Florida Princess" in return for me "Showing my talents, and being a Hostess for four hours each night," sure was a surprise to us both, huh? That is a $1587.00 trip, as we discussed. I remember that you said that I should go alone, because you had to do the milking.

Well, I asked you how "Fantastic" could have heard of a farm girl from Medicine Hat? You lied. You lied right through your teeth. "Must have been that they saw your titty pictures?" you said.

Well, Albert, my friend, I was run over by a tractor, and put on the clothes line to dry, by the things that happened to me last year. Yes Sir!

But, now I know what all happened. Yes, I do. I found the disk with all those pictures of me being fucked by you and Big Jake, along with the story about me, "She Fucks Anyone That Wants Her." All the pieces fit. Among others, why the Cruise line wanted to know my age and sizes.

I had no problem telling them that I was twenty-nine, and stood five feet six. It did not bother me to tell them that I was 36-27-33. I was not happy telling them that I was one hundred and thirty-one pounds, and am D cup.

Anyway, everyone was very nice the first night at sea. I noticed a strange thing. There was about seventy woman, all my age, and all without their husbands. The other seven hundred passengers were all men, and they all wore green kilts. Damn strange, huh?

On the Bulletin Board the next day there was a note stating that "Hostess suits" for the ladies were available at the ship's store, and that the "Judging," would start at eight PM. When I saw the suit, I said out loud, "Give me a break?" Little, itty, bitty, two piece, yellow thing, that would not cover me at all.

You know how I have been talking about having a breast reduction. Without my bra, my tits hang down to within two inches of my navel. I hurried back to my room to try the suit on. That suit covered the same amount of my tit, as you suck. Pussy hair stuck out on three sides of the bottoms.

Well, I thought, If they want to see tit, I got lots of tit to see. Sort of turned me on. Not often, a rural girl like me, gets to show off.

Had several strong drinks with my lobster dinner. Got used to sitting there in that yellow suit. At five of eight, the M C rattled off all the woman's names, and directed us to go to seven different lounge areas on the ship.

Albert, you follow what I am going to tell you now, very closely, because your pictures, and that story are the reason it all happened. When we entered the room, the men took off our suits. We were placed on mattress on the floor. Our arms were tied out straight to the side. Then our legs were lifted, and brought up to our outstretched arms, and tied to them. My cunt was facing right at the ceiling. It was like I was a cow in the stall, and the bull is about to ride her.

One man announced, "Welcome ladies to the world's largest gathering of the Magnificent Cock Club." Now, Albert, I'm thinking, What the hell is a Magnificent Cock?

The man then said. "Here are the rules. We have ten ladies in this room. The ten winners get to have them first." At that, the men took off their kilts, and begin to pump their cocks to make them hard.

Albert, Albert, Albert, you go out to the barn and take a look at the donkey's cock. I was looking at seventy cocks that big, while hog tied, with my pussy giving off that smell that you like so much.

We were three hundred miles at sea. I knew that I was going to be fucked. Heavens to Betsy, was I going to get fucked. The cocks were placed on a table, and carefully measure. The men with the ten biggest cocks were told to, "Do it!"

"The rest of you guys can play with the gals, as they become available." This big, muscular, guy steps up next to me, and in an Irish Brogue said, "Ahh, Lass, so you like being tied, and having me shelayly stirring your clover, now do you?"

My world got very small right then. That man's cock was so big that there was more cock then you have beyond the point where he was holding it. Medicine Hat was a long way away. My eyes were glued to his manhood. On his knees next to my ass, he said to a young guy standing next to him with a cock as big as his, "Hand me the "Slick Glide," now won't you, son." He put a hand full of Slick Glide on his cock. He leaned over, and held himself off me with his right hand, as his left hand lifted up that cock of his and put the end in me.

I was panting. I was making mooing sounds like the cows do when the bull runs his long rough tongue up her twat. My cunt was flowing, and my pussy lips were puffing out. Albert, just the end of his cock had touched me, but I wanted him to service me.

Albert, I hope you took a picture of the donkey's cock. You should frame it and put it by the bed.

Because, Albert, when he was ready, he lay on me. Thrusting his ass down, he buried eleven inches of throbbing cock in your wife's pussy.

May the Queen fart a drumstick! He grabbed my ass with his hands, and put the peter to me. I was like a bean bag chair, with two kids jumping on it. Two hundred pounds of peter driving machine was fucking me. Knowing that all could see us, he would run his peter all the way out and slam it in me.

Albert, light a candle for me, because, I loved it, yes I did. Two other guys pulled my breasts out to the side, and were yanking and sucking on them. It was only a minute, when I begin to cum.

Softly, I moaned, "Oooooooohhoooo... Aaawwwwaaaaaaaaa... Oooooooohhoo...

He begin to pump even faster, and then he grabbed both my breasts as he arched his back upward, and cum was spurting in me. I was only half way through my orgasm. My vagina was tight, and there was a "fire," in my loins.

A tall skinny man, with dark complexion, placed his cock in me. With one push it was in so far that his balls bounced off my ass. I was shaking all over. I felt like the cows, the day that lightning struck the milking machine. "Yyyyyeeessssss! Oh, heavens to little bunny rabbits, Yyyyyeesssss!"

"Oh, she is gooodddd? Veerrryyy Ggooood." the man hoarsely said, as he too pumped his cum in to me." Albert, are you paying attention?

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