The Education of Frank

by superannuated

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Desc: Incest Sex Story: Story about discovery of sex by young man

Updated: September 18, 2004

I must have fallen asleep because suddenly it was very hard to swallow and my mouth was quite dry. Then I became aware of the rolling thunder of the storm along with the gusts of wind that was shaking the house. It made me wonder how I had ever managed to fall asleep in the first place.

I could feel a thin sheen of perspiration covering my entire body as I lay there, still half asleep and trying to go back to sleep between the bursts of thunder. So I started thinking back on what had been a very unusual day for me. For some reason, I felt that somehow the day had been a turning point in my life. It was most certainly the start of a new phase of my life.

Earlier in the day, when the car with Aunt Sue and Ruth had pulled into the driveway lane with a following cloud of dust, I had been washing my car. I had gotten the car three months ago for my 18th birthday and as everyone kept saying, I was going to wear it out just by washing and waxing it. Which of course I did about every other day. Anyway, I had just finished washing the car, when I looked up and saw the car with a following cloud of dust coming down the lane toward me. I remember swearing to myself that I would now have wash the car again. I still remember that feeling of anger or a sense of being irked, even though I had known that Aunt Sue and her daughter were supposed to arrive sometime in the afternoon. It just seemed like the God's were against me keeping a clean car.

I recognized Aunt Sue right off, but I wasn't quite sure who the very good-looking girl was. She couldn't be the Ruth that I remembered. In fact the Ruth that I remembered had been a spoiled brat, or to be more blunt, just a pain the ass. I had hated being around her, because all she ever did was whine and a make pest of her.

I had even passed up what could have been a fun vacation trip last summer when my father had made a business trip to San Francisco where he also visited Aunt Sue, has half sister. I really wanted to go on the trip, but passed it up just because I didn't want to around Ruth.

Then several weeks ago, Dad had been in San Francisco on another business trip and he had stayed with Aunt Sue and she had accepted his invitation to come stay with us for several weeks. I remember my initial reaction when I realized that I have to "nurse maid" Ruth for two weeks.

I also remember how I forgot all of that and dust, when Ruth gave me a big smile as she jumped out of the car and ran over to me. I was very much taken by surprise when she grabbed me and gave me a big kiss. I had then become very much aware that the very full sweater being pressed hard against me had two soft but yet very firm mounds that felt good against my bare chest. I think I must have blushed, because Ruth started laughing. Then we all began to laugh, especially Aunt Sue and my father.

Moments later, after taking in their bags, Sue and my father stood together in the hall talking while Ruth went off with my mother. That was when the first thing happened that was going to a turning point in my life. I had gone back out on the porch when I suddenly remembered that I would need a clean rag if I were going wash the car again, so I turned around and walked back into house.

If Sue had not giggled, I don't think I would have really noticed them standing in the dim light of the hall. Both Sue and my father (Harry) were standing close together, facing each other. He had one hand on her shoulder while she had one of her hands fumbling at his crotch and was whispering something that I couldn't hear.

They neither saw nor heard me they were so intent on what she was doing to him. I still remember that shocked feeling that hit me. My head was whirling, because I seen something that I knew might make my secure little world fall apart. I was numb as I turned around and silently walked back outside and went to my car. Almost like in a trance, I started washing the car again, using the old rag that I used earlier in the day.

I don't know how long I washed the car, while mulling over what I had seen and what it meant. I now wondered about last summer and then again several weeks ago, when Harry went on his last business trip to San Francisco. I had tried to think back to see if I could remember any other times where they might have acted usually friendly toward each other. Of course they had always been friendly toward each other and always seemed to be touching and holding hands a lot. But why not, there were brother and sister. Yet what I had just seen, was no accident. She was fondling him and for all I knew after I went back outside, she had pushed her hand into the open fly of his pants.

At the same time I wondered about Ruth and if she had seen them doing the same thing while he had been staying with them. Sue and her husband had gotten a divorce about three years ago and since then Sue and Ruth had lived alone in their big apartment in San Francisco. Then thinking about Ruth that made remember again the feeling as she had pressed herself up hard against me. The thought of it caused a rush of desire and I could feel a slight swelling in my crotch. I wondered how it would feel to have her naked breasts pressed against my chest. That then caused more than just a slight swelling and I had suddenly felt very uncomfortable. I had placed one hand down to adjust my swelling to a more comfortable position, when I became aware that someone was watching me.

I look up and saw that Ruth was leaning out of the guest room window, watching me. I could hear the muffled sound of my mother talking to Ruth. Ruth had changed from her sweater and slacks and now had on a halter and shorts. Her leaning forward caused the halter to sag open and I was given a clear view of the same breasts that I had just been dreaming about. I was glad that she was a modern type girl who didn't wear a bra, because the lush fullness of her breasts that swelled out and above her halter was a delight for me to look at.

"Frank! Is that the car that your mom told me you are going to wear out by washing and waxing it?" she teased. I could hear my mother's muffled laugh in the background of the room. Then Ruth started to say something else, but then her words were choked off when she saw the look on my face and bulge in my pants. The effect of what she was showing me must have been very obvious to Ruth, because even she blushed and ducked back out of the window.

Then I heard her say something to my mother who was somewhere behind her, because both of them then started laughing as I walked away from car and muttering to myself. So I had been given both barrels, first catching Sue and my father and then having Ruth give a show of her charms. But I now wanted to see much more of her, but not now.

I didn't see Ruth for the rest of the afternoon, which in away was a relief. I had been totally shaken up by what had happened and didn't want to see anyone. I didn't know if I could ever look at Sue again. What she and my father had been doing bothered me, but yet I could accept it.

My dad and I had talked about sex before and I had told him about what I had done with some of the local girls. He had given me advice on how not to get the girl into trouble and pointers on how to make it better for the girl. He had told me the difference between being in love with the girl and just plain fucking for the fun of it for both her and myself. He kind of hinted around that while he loved my mother very much, that he might have been fooled around a little too.

Dinner was later after it got dark but before the storm started. It was one of the worse meals that I have ever had, even with everything we had being my favorite dishes. My father and Sue sat on one side of me and Ruth and my mother on the other side. I watched Ruth with my side vision and wondered about her. I also glanced, off and on, at Sue and had a fantasy that if I had stayed in the hall and watched them and what I might have seen. I was also aware for the first time, that Sue had a lush figure and a teasing smile. I even noticed once, that Sue had been watching me and then had given me a faint smile when I looked at her. I still remember the searching look that she gave me.

I wondered if she knew that I had seen her and dad. It was just too much for me. I picked at my food and then asked to be excused. Later in my room, my mother came in with a worried look, thinking that I must be sick. I assured her that I was alright and that I was just worried about getting the car to running good and then about borrowing a bike so Ruth and I could go on a cross country bike ride the next day.

She made me come back down stairs to the table for desert. When they asked both Ruth and I if we wanted to go to the party at the club, much to my surprise, Ruth declined along with me, saying she was tried.

Then later, before the storm came up, Sue and my parents left for the party. I remember now, since we were alone in the house, both Ruth and I had been kind of stiff and formal with each other. I was even afraid to look at her, feeling that she would be able to tell that I thinking about her. I could tell that she was disappointed in my silence. Then a little later, saying that it had been a long day, she got up and went up stairs. I sat in the front room and listened to the sounds up stairs as she made ready for bed.

I think that if the rain had not started, I would have been tempted to go out in the yard and climb the elm tree next to her bedroom window, so I could watch her as she undressed. Somehow after what had happened earlier, I felt that anything could happen from this point on. I wanted so much to watch her and get another look at her breasts. I was thinking this as I got ready for bed. My whole body was tingling and I began to feel that lazy glow of passion.

Just thinking about wanting to look at her again, made my pulse quicken. At that point I guess my daydreams became night dreams, because I kept hearing someone call me, but yet I couldn't move. A great weight seemed to press me down. Then suddenly it was lifted and I must have drifted into a dreamless sleep.

Her first scream was so muffled, that it really didn't wake me. Yet I became aware of something with a start and my body bathed in a cold sweat. I realized something was wrong, yet it took at least a minute to organize my thoughts. The wind was still gusting, as it had been earlier when I went to bed, but the rain had stopped and the full moon was now shining. A shutter on a ground floor window started banging in concert with the moaning wind.

As I laid there now with my eyes fully open and quite alert, I watched weird shadow patterns playing across the ceiling from tree branches passing back and forth between the reflection of the full moon from our water pond behind the house. I then wondered if Ruth was awake also.

If I hadn't known better, the roar of a very violent wind gust sounded just like the breaking of ocean surf on a beach. The howl of the wind almost masked her second scream, which hung for a moment in the concert of the noise. I threw my covers off, but then hesitated for a moment, with the thought that maybe Sue or my parents would also respond to her scream. Then I started getting out of bed as I realized that they wouldn't be home yet.

Her third scream, was really more a cry of horror and that brought to my feet. I ran down the hall to her room. As I entered the room, she was sitting up in the bed and staring at the window and at the same time was fumbling at the lamp beside her on the nightstand. The sound of me bursting into the room made her flinch and she looked at me with a look of pure terror.

"God Ruth! What's the matter?" I called out as I hurried to the side of her bed.

"Something... something... at the window," she managed to choke out. As I moved away from her bed toward the window, I realized for the first time that I was completely nude.

"Don't turn on the light," I snapped at her, now more concerned about my state of undress than about her fright. I didn't realize until later that it really didn't matter about the light, since both the direct and reflected moonlight flooded the room with light and made me quite visible to her. Reaching the window, and at the same time muttering to myself about silly girls who were scared of the dark, I looked out to see what had scared her. A branch of our big elm tree had broken and was rubbing back and forth against the rain gutter. It did make a weird sound, like a hollow moan from a pipe.

I realized that even I would have been startled at first, if it had woke me. However, her window was twenty feet above the ground, so there was no way anyone could have gotten into her window without a ladder. I felt a pang of sorrow for her, since I knew that she was really scared. Besides that she was city girl who was only used to city sounds - not country sounds.

My thoughts again returned to when they arrived and when I had seen her for the first time in three years. I had been stunned. My cousin Ruth who had been a spoiled brat had now changed into a very lovely and exciting young woman. In fact she was a little too sophisticated for a county boy like me and even with me being a year older than her.

Not that I hadn't been around girls, because there is no shortage of girls anywhere, but the girls I had been around were county types too and just didn't have that something that Ruth had. However, she was different in the way she talked, walked, and the way she wore her clothes. In fact, before we went to bed as she started up the stairs to her room, she had caught me looking at her legs and instead of getting angry or flustered, she had given me a sly smile and move in such a way that I even saw more of her legs.

"It's nothing Ruth... just the wind," I assured here in low voice as I turned back from the window toward her. I started to say something about what was making the noise, but the words caught in my throat. The moonlight flooded into the room when I stepped away from the window, which caused her dim form to suddenly become very visible and almost glow.

The sight of her sitting up in the bed, the covers down around her hips and her gown open with a resulting full exposure of her lush breasts, stunned me. I could see the dark circles of her nipples, which were in sharp contrast to the ivory sheen of her skin. Where I had seen her from afar in the afternoon, was now within ten feet of me. She was so lovely, yet the sight of her naked form so excited me that I felt an impact of lust that suddenly flooded my whole body.

I just stood there, like I was paralyzed and gazed at her naked form. When I started to feel the effect of my passion in my loins, I forced my eyes away from the feast they having with her breasts and looked at her face. That even startled me more, because the look of terror was gone and she was looking at me with an almost wanton expression as she now was looking at my naked form.

It was then that I realized that she could see me as I could see her. The passion in my loins had resulted in my becoming very tumescence. I was so erect that my pulse caused my cock to sway side ways back and forth in time with my heartbeats. I knew that I only stood there for less than five seconds while I watched her face, but it seemed like hours. Suddenly I felt very vulnerable. What if she laughed at me! The surge of desire that had been flooding my body was now replaced by shyness. I knew my face must have been flushed. I cleared my throat and stepped sideways out of the moonlight.

"It's... It's only a tree branch," I almost snarled.

I was angry with myself for allowing myself to become vulnerable. If she laughed at me now, I would hate her for making a fool of me. Then I rapidly walked toward the door to the hall and remarked as I went out the door.

"I'll leave my door open so you can yell for me... Better get some sleep if we are going to get an early start," I almost mumbled as I went down the hall.

Somehow I expected her to start laughing at me and I wanted to get away from her as fast as possible.

"Are they back yet?" she called as I hurried down the hall.

"No! It's only about midnight. They should be back home about three." I replied.

I then paused in my flight down the hall and waited for to ask me something else. But she didn't, so I went into my room and paused again. I had an uneasy feeling about Ruth. That hint of a smile on her face as she looked me in the nude, bothered me. I knew my parents were not averse to staying out late if they were having a good time and I suspected that Sue would not be in a hurry to get home either. That would mean they might not even be home until daybreak. When it was obvious that Ruth was wasn't going to say anything else, I walked over to my bed very much aware of heavy feeling swaying between my legs and the warm flush of desire that had been caused by seeing Ruth and having Ruth see me. I was getting into bed, when Ruth suddenly called again.

"Frank! I'm still scared", but her voice did not sound like she was scared.

"Don't worry Ruth... I'm down the hall... I have left the door open so I can hear you if you call... Good Night..."

I don't know how long I laid in bed, staring at the ceiling, but it must have been at least half an hour. I couldn't sleep now, not after seeing her up close. God but she was lovely. The thought of her just down the hall and the two of us alone in the house was feeding my wildest fantasy. The warm glow of passion that I had felt was now building to a roaring fire of throbbing desire. I could feel my hardness lying on my stomach. Now I wished that I hadn't left her and I began to imagine what would have happened had I stayed.

How at first I would have sat on the bed beside her and talked to calm her fright and then to make even feel more safe, I would touch her arm and run my fingers up her arm and then sideways to one of her breasts that I would then lightly squeeze followed by then my fondling her nipple. She would then have taken off her gown and pulled my head to her breast so I close my lips over one of her nipples.

I was quite aware that my fantasy was having a real effect on me, as I started breathing rather heavily. Then going on with my fantasy, I imagined her trembling with the delight that it was giving her. Then she would reach over and take hold of that part of me between my legs that was now like a bar of steel. Now my fantasy really took off as I pretending my hand was her hand, as it crept under the covers and down over my stomach until it was holding my hardness. It felt so good along with the lazy feeling of total passion spreading through my body. I pushed the covers off so I see what my hand was holding. Then pretending even more, her hand became her mouth and then I started to slowly pump my cock.

The wind had started to blow hard again. Even the house began to creak. So the sound of the wind must have masked the sound of her moving down the hall. Because suddenly I was aware that someone else was in my room. Then I heard her gasp, which was followed by her speaking softly.

"Frank!" she whispered, "Are you awake?"

I looked toward the sound of her voice and could see her vague form standing just inside the door to my room and at the head of my bed. With a feeling, like the time my mother caught me with my hand in the cookie jar, I jerked my hand away from the pleasure it was giving me.

"Yeah..." I croaked back, "What's the matter?"

"I'm scared Frank... it sounds like someone is trying to get into my window again."

I was now feeling something that I had never felt before and that was feeling helpless. The feeling of desire was so strong that I felt like I was in a state of shock. Also, my heart was pounding so loud that I knew she must be able to hear it.

"I'll look again," I managed to croak. Suddenly I then realized that she could see me in my state of extreme sexual arousal and what I was holding in my hand. I could not see her face, but I knew that she was looking at my very erect cock that still throbbing in my hand since I had almost been ready to empty myself on my stomach. I then vainly tried to cover myself with both of my hands.

"Oh NO! Just let me stay with you for awhile... I'll be alright then," she hurriedly replied while pretending she hadn't seen what I was trying to hide with my hands.

My heart almost stopped with that... I had a funny feeling that you get when are going to do something very dangerous. I knew that I wanted her... to look... to touch... and to fondle her delightful body, yet I wondered if she realized what could happen. I was almost beyond caring because my built up feeling of lust that had engulfed my whole body and was getting out of control. I was sure that I wouldn't be able to control myself and be able to stop if she wanted me to stop. I made one last attempt to get her back in her room.

"Ruth! You know that we are alone and how it would look... if they came home and caught you in my room", I whispered back.

"Oh... You'll be good... won't you?" she interjected with a hint of teasing in her voice.

Trying to casual, I slipped my hands down once again exposing my very hard cock to grab a sheet and pull it up to my chest. She then stepped forward and turned so I could see her. I could smell the odor of her body and it made me even more excited. I was glad that I was covered because her odor now made me so hard that I was throbbing with pain.

I knew that she wouldn't be standing by the bed very long, so it was like waiting for the other shoe to drop. I became aware that I had been holding my breath while she stood beside the bed looking down at me. My room wasn't as bright as her room had been, but it was light enough. I could see that she had removed her gown so she standing there in the nude. I could see the dark circles of her nipples and now for the first time, the dark patch between her legs. Then she gave a soft shy and gently sat down on the side of the bed.

"I'll only stay for a little while... it's just that the noise scares me so bad... and we'll both be good... won't we?" she remarked almost as if she were talking to herself.

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