Dark Pits

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Fa/Fa, Coercion, Mind Control, Lesbian, Heterosexual, Fiction, DomSub, MaleDom, Gang Bang, Orgy, Oral Sex, Masturbation, .

Desc: Sex Story: The tall blonde grabbed me around the waist and held me up. With her standing behind me she effectively shielded me from the rest of the room so when he could put his hand up under my short skirt, nobody in the room could see what he was doing.

I saw him across the room, his eyes locked on to mine, they were like dark black pits.

"Who's that?" I asked my mate Jane.

"Who? Oh him, don't know his name, but there's something, oh yes," Jilly said, "he's trouble, best be avoided."

"Why?" I asked, but she just shrugged.

I looked back at him, he had been joined by a tall curvaceous blonde girl in a tight dress. There is no way I can compete with her, my figure, although good, was of the slim, even petit variety. I look back at them, he turned his black eyes onto me; I could feel a shiver go up and down my spine.

Somehow I couldn't forget about him, I dreamed about those eyes, staring at me, looking into my very soul, so when I saw him the following week at a party, my heart soared. I looked around for the tall blonde, but she seemed to be absent, that was until I turned around and there she was.

"Come with me," she said, taking my arm, meekly I was led away.

"Hello, who do we have here?" he said, looking deep in to me.

"Sally," I whispered, "my name is Sally."

"Hello Sally," he smiled at me, my legs became weak.

The tall blonde grabbed me around the waist and held me up. With her standing behind me she effectively shielded me from the rest of the room so when he could put his hand up under my short skirt, nobody in the room could see what he was doing.

"Spread them for me," he whispered with a smile, my legs moved apart seemingly under there own volition.

His fingers found their way past my damp knickers and into my pussy.

"Oh, no, please," I said, but my pussy was already gushing from his attention.

My body seemed to have divorced itself from all my conscious thoughts; its only reason for being now was to come for him.

"Come for me," he said quietly in my ear; my hips jerked twice against his fingers and I did. "There's a good girl," he cooed.

His fingers left my pussy and his hand cupped my small bust.

"Very nice girlie," he said, "my name is Gerald, and the girl behind you is Tina, would you like to come home with us now?"

"Yes," I whispered.

"Good, good," he smiled, "let's go then."

Tina's arms still held me as the three of us left the room.

He drove, leaving Tina with me in the back of his car. During the whole journey, she kissed my neck and her hands squeezed my braless boobs through my thin top; I'm not big enough up top to need a bra, so I seldom do. Tina almost had to carry me into his apartment, where I found myself sitting on a big stuffed sofa, my skirt bunched up around my waist, my Knickers somehow had disappeared.

"Spread them for me," he asked me again, "wider," he urged.

His hardness entered me, bringing fulfilment to my life. I started to come straight away and it went on and on, every time he thrust into me, I would come. At last he splattered inside me and pulled out, I felt totally drained.

I felt myself being pulled about, I realised my dress my one remaining item of clothing was being removed. I lay there naked, my eyes closed, waiting for something to happen. After an eternity, my legs were gently pulled apart and I was entered once again. This time the body lying on me was soft and smooth, not hard and rough. I opened my eyes to see Tina's naked body between my legs, the hardness I had felt in my pussy was a large plastic penis she had strapped to herself. Looking passed her shoulder I could see those black eyes staring down at me. It was those eyes and not the plastic phallus between my legs that made me come yet again. The busty blonde pulled out of me; I lay there, my legs spread and my pussy empty.

"Get the camera," he ordered.

I lay there totally exposed to his lens while he snapped off a number of pictures.

"I'll get Tina to take you home," he smiled down at me, "now get dressed. Do you want to come here again, my little one," I just nodded, not trusting my voice. "Good, Tina will pick you up tomorrow at eight outside your dormitory."

That night I had nightmares, my naked body was being abused by demons, it was a great relief to me when I finally awoke. I did some studying and then showered, putting on a pair of black bikini knickers, a short skirt and a button up top. His car pulled up outside on the dot of eight, I climbed in, and Tina drove off.

"Good evening my little one," said Gerald, I smiled back at him, his black eyes taking control of my soul.

"Ok my little one, we'll have a bit of fun now, then later, we'll go out to a party," he said.

His hands moved over my body, slowly stripping off each item until I was naked. We moved to the couch, my leg's opened wide and my arms lay above my head in total surrender; his hardness slipped into my wet pussy easily.

"There's a good girl," he cooed in my ear.

His thrust became harder and harder, until he came deep within me.

"Have we got time for me to fuck her?" asked Tina.

"Sure, just be quick, ok don't bother to strip off, ok," he said.

She took a couple of minutes to strap on her phallus and then she got on top of me.

"Ok little one, get dressed and we'll go out," he smiled down at me.

After a short drive we arrived at a large house where a loud party was in full swing. Tina grabbed me and we danced, sometimes fast and sometimes slow but always very close; her hands would caress me in the dark. After a while Gerald reclaimed us and we followed him meekly upstairs. On the bed in the main bedroom was a girl, with two guys and all of them naked, one was thrusting between her legs, while the other was fucking her mouth. The sight stop me in my tracks, I have never seen anything like that before. Behind me, Tina puts her arms around me and squeezed my breasts; my nipples were painfully erect. She unbuttoned my top and cupped my naked breasts and tweaking my nipples.

"Would you like some of that?" she whispered in my ear.

"No," I said, shaking my head.

As we watched the guy between her legs was rapidly approaching his orgasm. His thrusts were becoming harder and quicker, then he stopped and grunted as he came. He pulled out and zipped up, his place immediately taken someone else.

"Open up for me," Gerald said, standing next to me, his hand moves into my sopping pussy while Tina continued to squeeze my breasts, I came almost immediately.

Later we're downstairs again, I'm introduced to an older gentleman of about sixty.

"Who's this then?" he asked Gerald.

"This, my friend, is Sally," he replied, "she's a very special friend of mine and Tina's."

"Oh the luscious Tina, how is she?" he asked.

"She's fine," he said, Gerald's hand reached out and cupped my boobs, "Sally here has very fine tits."

"Oh yes, can I?" the older gent asked.

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