Marshmallow Pizzazz

by Bankington

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Romantic, Mind Control, Hypnosis, Heterosexual, Humor, Food, .

Desc: Sex Story: Barbara's behavior changes after she eats a bowl of sugary breakfast cereal.

Eddie parked his car outside of the run-down convenience store that was down the street from his girlfriend's house. The building was made of simple stucco walls, and painted a non-descript beige color. The sign hanging outside was sponsored by a large soda company, and read NAFFY'S STORE in a bold font.

He had never been here before, and didn't know who the hell Naffy was. This store was in an area of drug users and teenage pregnancies. There were men with no shirts and numerous tattoos hanging out on the side of the store, smoking and laughing. One guy strode an old bike that he had been riding.

Eddie knew what he needed: cereal and milk. He had been staying at his girlfriend's house a lot this week. The city was experiencing a horrendous heat spell, with temperatures over one hundred degrees for five consecutive days. His girlfriends place had air conditioning.

His girlfriend, Barbara, had called right as he was getting off work, knowing he would be headed straight to her place. She reminded him, "Pick up some Lucky Doos and milk for tomorrow morning. We're out."

Barbara loved Lucky Doos! The cereal consisted of sugarcoated grain in the shapes of spades and jacks. Mixed with these sugary pieces were multi-colored bits of marshmallow. She ate them every morning.

Eddie strode into the small store. To his left was the cashier, a swarthy man with short salt-and-pepper hair and mustache. There were only three aisles of groceries in the place, located to Eddie's right. He peered down the row full of potato chips, the next aisle that lead off with candy bars, and turned down the final aisle when he saw the cereal section at the end.

"Let's see, let's see, ' Eddie muttered to himself, kneeling to better read the brand names. There were boxes of flakes and chocolate balls. There were a couple of fruity flavored bits that turned to mush as the milk hit. But, there were no Lucky Doos.

The only close match, that Eddie could see, was a solitary box of a brand he had never seen before. He picked it up by its displayed side panel, and brought the front of the box to his chest so he could better see the product contents.

"Marshmallow Pizzazz," he said to himself. On the front of the blue box, a huge cascade of sugarcoated bits of grain and marshmallow flowed into a huge bowl. Around the bowl was strange looking little kids prancing and smiling. On the back, a yellow maze formed like a swirl that children could solve for fun.

Eddie had never seen his girlfriend eat generic cereal, but he was too tired to traverse town looking for the real deal. He grabbed some milk, and took the solitary blue box up to the counter.

Eddie and Barbara both got up the next morning at 6:30am. Eddie first swaggered out to the kitchen to make some coffee. His girlfriend followed soon after, her thick light brown hair a mess. Her sleepy face gave Eddie a kiss and then a smile.

She walked over to the kitchen pantry to get the box of cereal. The morning ritual had Eddie drinking his coffee while Barbara ate her cereal. She opened the door, hesitated, and pulled out the box of Marshmallow Pizzazz.

"Oh, what's this?" she asked in a sweet voice. She turned the box from front to back, inspecting it.

"It's generic Lucky Doos. It's all they had at that crappy store down the street." He answered.

"Oh," Barbara carried the bowl, cereal box, and milk to the kitchen table. Eddie joined her with his coffee, and they conversed.

It surprised Eddie when Barbara poured herself another bowl of Marshmallow Pizzazz as he finished his coffee. He had never seen her eat more than one bowl of cereal in the two years they had been dating.

Eddie put his dirty coffee cup in the dishwasher. He headed to the shower while Barbara continued chomping down her cereal.

In the shower, he adjusted the water to perfect warmth, and climbed in. Hot showers always felt great. He craned his neck back and the stream of water flood over his short hair.

He let himself zone out in the relaxing stream and heat of his morning shower. He sensed a presence outside. He turned to look, not alarmed that it was Barbara, a nebulous figure of colors and movement through the shower door.

She walked up to the door, and opened it just enough so that Eddie could see her face. She had a beaming smile and smoky eyes. She was naked.

Barbara opened the shower door fully and climbed in with her boyfriend. "Hi, Sweetie, ' she cooed, as she cocked her head to the side.

She reached out slowly and tickled Eddie's balls with her hand. Eddie's posture perked at this unexpected act. He let out a yelp when she gripped the balls softly. His erection was instantaneous.

Barbara slid her grip so that her hand fully engulfed Eddie's hard cock. She straddled his legs of her taller boyfriend, pressing her slick breasts into his chest and side while she kissed and suckled on his neck. She stood on her tiptoes.

"God, you're so fucking hot!" she said to him as she lowered herself to her knees, placed both hands on each buttock, and swallowed his cock whole.

"Ahhhh! Emanated from Eddie's throat. Barbara worked her lips around his cock, like a snake engulfing its prey. She slithered her lips slowly, by millimeters, until Eddie could feel the tip of his penis in the back of her throat.

He looked down with a pleasantly painful look on his face, and saw Barbara staring him straight in the eye, her mouth full of his cock. She giggled.

Eddie supported himself by placing the palms of his hands on the shower door and wall. His head felt weak. After the muffled giggle from Barbara's cock-filled mouth, she furiously started fellating his dick. She rammed it down her throat, and let herself gag. She took it out; holding the tip between her manicured nails, and licked his balls in broad swipes. Even with gallons of water falling around him, Eddie's throat was dry.

His breathing quickened, and Barbara must've sensed his climax arriving. She again stuffed his erection fully into her mouth, stared intently at Eddie's face from on her knees, and started working his cock to the back of her throat in short jags. She didn't take her eyes off of him.

Eddie climaxed hard. His cock pulsated and shot cum down Barbara's throat. It felt like his whole body was deflating. He had to keep from collapsing on his kneeing girlfriend.

Barbara slipped Eddie from her mouth, and bounced up. "How was that?" she asked perkily. Eddie just stared at her blankly with a slack jaw.

The same sequence happened the next morning. Eddie drank coffee. Barbara ate two bowls of Marshmallow Pizzazz. He entered the shower; she followed, and proceeded to suck the bejeezus out of his cock.

Later in the morning, at work, Eddie thought about the events that had taken place that morning and the one before. Why was his girlfriend so horny in the morning this week? He pondered. Was it the heat? Did she read somewhere that shower sex was the vogue thing in one of her women's magazines? Did she really like that crappy cereal?

Eddie chuckled to himself. Whatever it was, he hoped it would continue. However, he wasn't going to let fate decide Barbara's newly increased libido. An experiment was in order.

That night, Eddie made sure they ate at their favorite Mexican restaurant. He complained about some slight pain that night. "Maybe it was the Mexican, sweetie," he told his girlfriend. Of course, he wasn't in any pain. He always ate chicken enchiladas, and they never caused him any problems.

Early the next morning, he called his boss's voice mail at work and let him know that he'd be late. That morning, he lay on the couch instead of drinking his usual cup of coffee. His stomach still didn't feel right, he claimed. He told Barbara that he was going to be late for work until, or unless, the pain subsided. He might just call in sick.

From the couch, he watched Barbara pour herself a bowl of Marshmallow Pizzazz. She sat the dark blue box in front of her, and started eating as usual.

Eddie watched her, hand resting on his stomach in feigned discomfort, his face motionless.

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