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Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Incest, Lactation, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: A Mother, her son and his wife both nursing very young babies. Pay attention to the author's note at the beginning. It will help answer some questions you may have.

Authors note: For those of you interested I wrote 'Daddy' under the name Trog. This is the sequel to that story. I have chosen this name to write stories of this genre. I will still write under the name Trog and hope you will read them. Enjoy.

I had always been very close to my Mother so it was natural that I went to her. Life sometimes deals us a raw hand and that's what I was feeling. When I rang the doorbell, Mother opened the door and invited me inside. She was holding my six-month-old sister and I couldn't help but notice her blouse wasn't buttoned completely. I glanced at her cleavage and felt the twinge in my groin just like I had when I was younger.

"What seems to be the problem, Tom," she asked.

"She kicked me out," I gushed. "Cathy actually kicked me out of the house."

"What? Why?" Mom asked with an astonished look on her face.

"I really don't know. I mean she was sitting on the sofa about to nurse our son. She wasn't wearing anything but her bra and had just lowered one nursing flap. I saw the milk dripping from her nipple and licked my lips."

"OK, but then what happened," Mom asked as she unbuttoned her blouse. Her fingers slipped open her own nursing flap and held my sister to her milk-filled breast.

"She saw me looking and licking my lips and then started calling a pervert. It's not like I haven't watched before. As a matter of fact most times she would sit half naked and I would share her other breast." I had quickly sat down to hide my growing erection. Just seeing Mother's dripping nipple was enough to excite me.

"I take it she never objected before?" I shook my head in the negative. "Maybe she's going through post maternal depression," Mom said smiling as her eyes briefly flicked over my crotch and back to my face.

"I don't think so, Mom. You and Cathy got pregnant at about the same time and she mentioned how odd it seemed. She knows just how close you and I have always been."

"You think she's thinking you had something to do with my getting pregnant?"

"In her state of mind who knows? She didn't exactly come right out and say it but she hinted strongly that you and I have been closer than it looks." I suddenly found myself watching my sister nursing rather than looking at my Mother's face.

"She doesn't know about you and your brother?" Her smile told me she had noticed my gaze.

"Not even a hint."

My eyes closed as my mind drifted back almost ten years. My brother Robbie was much younger than me. I was fourteen when he was born. Dad was then, as he was now, an over the road truck driver and not home very often. It was left up to me to be the 'man of the house' and I took my responsibilities very seriously. When Robbie was born, Dad had come home and stayed three weeks before having to leave and make money.

When Robbie was two months old I happened to walk in on Mother when she was about to nurse him. (She had nursed me until I was three. Mom always said any Mother not willing to nurse her baby wasn't much of a Mother.) She had just taken off her blouse and opened her bra from the front. For some reason Mother hadn't gotten herself a nursing bra with the drop down flap. That left me seeing her naked milk filled breasts and a growing erection in my pants. To her credit, Mother didn't raise a fuss or say much of anything. She simply asked if I could leave them alone for a while. My face turned red as I rushed out closing the door. Later that night Mother sat with me in the front room.

"Tom, I don't want you to think I was hiding anything from you this afternoon. You caught me by surprise. I think the time has come to explain a few things to you. First, I am going to nurse your brother just like I did you. It's something I strongly believe in doing. Second, it's time you learned what breast feeding is all about. Do you have any memories of my nursing you?"

"Sometimes I can remember," I replied, "but don't really know what it was like."

"Well, you were a very greedy little boy and at times I worried you would drain me before your little belly was full. I can't tell you how many times I would have to use both breasts before you finally fell asleep."

"I guess I must have like what I was getting," I remember saying back then.

"That you did, Tom that you did," Mother chuckled and pressed my head to her breast.

Mother patiently began explaining how breast milk is formed. She took the time to detail how a baby suckles and gets the nourishment from its Mother's breast. I sat and listened with fascination. Mother had always been easy for me to talk with and she never failed to make sure I understood what she was teaching me.

"Tom, I have just given you all the technical details I can think of. Now I think it best to show you what all that means."

With deft fingers, Mom quickly unbuttoned her blouse and laid it on the back of the sofa. The front closing snaps of her bra were next and it rested on top of her discarded blouse. I sat gazing at her naked breasts as I felt the tightness in my pants.

"Are you OK with this?" she asked cupping and lifting her milk filled breasts.

"Uh, yeah," I stammered my eyes glued to her heavy breasts. They weren't what you could call huge, but to me they seemed larger than most women.

"Watch carefully," she said as her fingers moved just behind her left nipple. It was already swollen and a single drop of her milk oozed from the tip. "I'm going to show you how my milk is expressed." Her fingers squeezed and moved towards the nipple. She had to this a few times before thin triple streams of her milk squirted out.

"Wow, Mom, you are making you milk squirt."

"When your brother suckles it comes out just like this," she explained. "My breasts don't just give up their milk without help. It's the same with all mammals, the baby suckles and the mother releases her milk thus feeding her off-spring."

I shifted my position making my crotch more comfortable with the swelling inside my pants. My eyes never left the sight of her nipple squirting her milk.

"Now that you know more about lactation I think it's time you went to bed."

I didn't really want to but Mom was firm. Actually, I was sort of glad because when I stood up I had to turn my hips away from her. There was a very noticeable bulge in my pants and I felt embarrassed. I really didn't want Mom to know I was sexually aroused.

Nothing more was said about what she had taught me that night. The days became weeks and I never once saw Mother-nursing Robbie. I even went so far as to make sure she was alone when I thought she would have him to her breast. Things were going great until I came home early from school. The house was quiet as I walked to my room. Mother's bedroom door was open and she was half lying, half sitting with Robbie to her breast. She still hadn't gotten a nursing bra so her breasts were nakedly exposed.

What really captured my attention and forced me to stand and look was Mother had her skirt pulled to her waist. She had one leg straight and the other bent with her foot flat on the bed. I was getting my first look at her vagina as she rubbed it with her fingers. Her eyes were closed and I hadn't made any noise so she seemed to not know I was standing there watching. The more I watched the more excited I became. Robbie was nursing her breast vigorously and Mom was quietly moaning. For some reason I concentrated between her legs as she slipped two fingers inside her sex and used her thumb to message the thick bump just above it. As her fingers moved deeper and faster into her sex, she began moaning louder. Suddenly her eyes opened and she looked at my face. I expected her to stop what she was doing and shoo me away but that didn't happen.

Robbie was still suckling her breast as Mom gazed with cloudy eyes at me. She smiled, licked her lips and then her body stiffened. Her hand was pumping fast and hard between her legs forcing her fingers into her sex. She opened her mouth and moaned as her body slowly relaxed. It was several minutes before her hand stopped pumping her fingers into her body and she sighed with contentment. I took that moment to quickly exit and close to door to my room.

I was old enough to know about sex and dropped my pants. My young boner stood out hard and proud as it bounced with each beat of my rapidly racing heart. It was my fingers that formed a fist around my hard pulsing shaft and it began pumping. Being I was young, dumb and full of cum it didn't take long before I was shooting long thick gobs of my seamen. I knew from sex education classes in school I was shooting millions of tiny sperm onto the rug but I didn't care. What good would they do me, I wondered as the flood of sexual release filled my brain.

The weekend had started and I was trying to avoid Mother. She had seen me watching as she masturbated and I wasn't ready to face her. But, because it was a small house, I couldn't keep from being around her. Mother, to her credit, waited until the next night before confronting me.

"I won't say I'm sorry for what I did yesterday when you saw me," she began as we sat in the front room. "I have sexual needs just like any other woman and with your Father gone most of the time I have to resort to doing things to give me relief."

"But Mom, you were masturbating," I cried.

"Yes I was but was that any different from what you did when you ran to your room? Don't try to kid me, Tom. I know what you did. You really should have done a better job of cleaning up the mess you made on the carpet."

"But that's different, Mom," I meekly shot back. I was busted.

"Why, because you're a boy and I'm a woman? Since when did you think only boys and men masturbate? I've got news for you young man. Women have been doing the same thing for about as long as men."

There was a long pause when we both remained silent. Finally Mom spoke.

"Look, Tom, having Robbie nursing does things to me. I have very sensitive breasts and when I'm lactating, they are even more sensitive. When your Father is home, I love having him pay attention to my breasts. He worships them, sucks them and that gives me a great deal of sexual pleasure. What you saw yesterday was my aroused sexual desires. Does any of that make sense to you? Do you still think there is something bad about what I was doing?"

"When you put it that way, Mom, I can't. I never really thought about it before."

"I guess I really can't expect you to know that much about it. At your age, this really must have come as a shock to you. Tell me, did you masturbate after you saw me?"

I nodded my head but couldn't look at her. Mom explained all about the sexual drives men and women have and then dropped the subject. She never did allow herself to expose herself to me after that. When Robbie nursed Mom made sure I wouldn't be home but I knew what she was doing and it didn't bother me.

"Thinking back and remembering?" Mom asked bringing me back to the present.

"Sorry, Mom, but that's what I was doing."

"I know," she giggled. "The bulge in your pants gave you away."

"Aw geez, Mom," my voice squeaked.

"Well at least I can still arouse one male around here. I feel flattered."

Mom gently moved my baby sister from her breast and saw she was sleeping. As she got up I expected her to close the nursing flap but she didn't. Instead Mom left me alone to put the baby to bed. A few minutes later she came wearing her thick terry-cloth robe. From the bouncing on her chest I suspected she wasn't wearing her bra. She sat beside me and then began talking again.

"You know, Tom, it's really sad your Father never got to see your sister. If he hadn't been trying so hard to get back before she was born I'm sure he wouldn't have been killed."

"I know, Mom, and I still feel bad. I don't blame him for the accident, but I still have bad feelings about the drunk that ran him off the road. He was one of the best drivers out there."

"What were you thinking about when you spaced out on me?" she asked.

"I was remembering you teaching me about nursing and how you showed me a few things. Then I saw you masturbating and heard you telling me why."

"That was a long time ago, Tom. I saw the way you were watching me nurse your sister."

"I'm sorry, Mom. I guess you shouldn't have done that with me for so long."

"And you still have feint memories of me nursing you?"

"Yeah. I guess there are some things a guy just can't forget."

"Would you like to suckle from me again?" she asked looking deeply into my eyes.

"I would like that more than just about anything in this world."

"Then I want you to have what you want. I have so much more than your sister can take and every day I have to express my breasts. Come to Mother, Tom, and suckle from my breasts. Let me feed you like I did when you were a baby. I need to feel the lips of a man nursing my breasts."

Mom opened her robe and exposed her naked chest. Her breasts were firm with milk oozing from her nipples. She pulled my head to her breast and my lips firmly became attached. Some things in life are never forgotten and to suckle is one of them. It only took a few seconds before my mouth was being filled with her hot sweet milk. With a baby-like movement my hand slipped up from her belly to touch her firm breast. My fingers curled around the globe as my mouth drew from her.

"Just like when you were a tiny baby," Mom cooed caressing my head. "Mmmmm, it feels so good to have you at my breast again."

I found myself totally immersed into the nursing of my Mother. At the age of thirty-four she still had the good looks I remembered from my childhood. My loins tingled as I felt my erection growing. Could it be that as a baby I felt the same excitement? I had no way of knowing but right now I did. My free hand touched the bulge in my pants.

Mom cradled my head as she held it to her breast. Her breathing quickly grew more rapid as she pressed my mouth to her swollen milk-giving breast. I felt her shifting slightly and opened one eye to see what she was doing. Her legs had parted and the lower half of her robe with them. With difficulty I saw her hand going between her legs and instantly knew she was going to make herself feel good. I moaned at the thought and touched her naked thigh.

My fingers were half way between her knee and groin. Mom gasped when my fingers gently squeezed and then slowly began moving higher. I felt her legs spreading further apart and quickly found the heat of her sex as my fingers came closer. My reaction to the touch of her wetness caused an involuntary reaction as my lips tightened around her turgid nipple and my teeth bit down.

"Yes," Mother groaned pressing my face hard to her breast. "Harder, bite harder. Your Father would bite me hard and I love it."

I wanted to but I just couldn't. Instead I sucked harder and heard her moaning. Mom's hand found mine and forced my fingers to feel the wetness of her sex. Her outer lips were slick and puffy. I felt her legs opening wider as two fingers slipped easily into her. She lifted her hips forcing my fingers fully and deeply inside. Across the front of my pants directly on my bulging erection Mom pressed the palm of her hand. As I nursed and slowly stroked with my fingers she began rubbing my groin.

Keeping my mouth firmly attached to nipple I shifted my hips allowing her easier and better access. She was opening my pants and feverously tugging down the zipper. Her fingers found my erection and eased with my heavy testicles from the confines they had been trapped in. I felt her make a fist around my shaft and her hand was scorching hot. My lips released her nipple as I looked deeply into her eyes.

"Don't stop, Tom. Come back to Mother and nurse again. Just let us have this night for pleasure."

Again I was suckling at my Mother's breast with my fingers moving in and out of her sex. She, in turn, was slowly stroking my erection and occasionally caressing my testicles. My thumb sought and found her button stroking it gently. Mom sighed and panted softly into my ear.

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