My Girlfriend's Sister

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Fiction, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Sex Story: It was the eve of us going on holidays and I had been looking forward to it for months. Two weeks away alone with my girlfriend. We had been seeing each other for six months or so now and I really enjoyed the sex, not that we could do it much. But for the next two weeks I had hoped to get plenty more.

"I've got some bad news," my girlfriend Sharon said.

It was the eve of us going on holidays and I had been looking forward to it for months. Two weeks away alone with my girlfriend. We had been seeing each other for six months or so now and I really enjoyed the sex, not that we could do it much. But for the next two weeks I had hoped to get plenty more.

"What?" I asked my heart sinking, "you can still go, can't you."

I had borrowed the tent and everything from a mate.

"Yes, yes, but," she said.

"But what?" I asked.

"Dad said we have to take Jilly with us," she said.

Jilly was her younger sister and a right pain in the arse she was too.

"What! no," I snapped.

"Please Peter, it'll be ok," she soothed.

"The tent's not big enough for three," I said, clutching at straws.

"Dad said we can take his," she said.

Right there goes my two weeks of sex and debauchery, there's no way now, not with her there.

"It'll be ok," she soothed again, "I promise it'll be fine."

Not a lot of choice really so I just nodded.

Their dad dropped us of at the camp site and paid for the two weeks ground rent, then gave Sharon some more money and then he kissed both his daughters good bye. Just before he left I noticed he gave me a look that said 'that scuppered your plans my lad' and I was afraid that he was right. The tent was a lot bigger than the one I had borrowed. It had two bedrooms for a start with and an area out side to sit and cook. It took no time to put up, good thing for it started to rain. Something I would have welcomed if Sharon and I had been on our own. We could have retired to bed and made love while the rain poured romantically down outside.

"I'm cold," said Jilly from her bedroom.

We had retired early and Sharon and I had cuddled up naked in our double sleeping bag.

"Can I come in with you?" she asked.

"We'll have to let her," whispered Sharon.

"Yeah all right," I agreed.

"Come on in sis," called Sharon and soon the shadowy figure unzipped out door and entered.

It was too dark to see much but it was just light enough for me to see that she wasn't wearing much. Much to my surprise she didn't get into our sleeping bag on Sharon's side but climbed in next to me.

"Thanks guys," she snuggled down and I noticed immediately that there was a lot of naked skin touching me. "God I'm cold.

"Snuggled up sis," said Sharon.

God what a situation to find myself in I thought. I had my girlfriend's naked body on one side of me and her sister's naked body on the other. I closed my eyes and tried to sleep but it took a long time before I did.

I didn't have to open my eyes to know it was morning and I knew something else. There was a hand stroking my morning hard cock. My first thoughts were that Sharon was also awake but then I knew it wasn't her but Jilly who had me in hand. This didn't look good, if Sharon knew that Jilly was giving me a hand job she'll go ballistic but what could I do but lie there a endure it. Then it got worse or better or whatever. Suddenly Jilly moved from beside me and straddle me and impaled herself on my hard cock. This didn't go unnoticed with Sharon.

"What are you doing?" shouted Sharon, "get off him."

"Please I need it," wailed Jilly moving her hips rapidly on me.

I tried to push her off but she clung on to me with a vice like grip.

"I'm nearly there," she said her hips moving even faster then she fell sidewise off me with a groan.

"What the fuck do you think you are doing?" snapped Sharon sharply.

"I was only borrowing his cock for a few moments," she giggled, "there's still plenty left for you, so don't be nasty."

"He's my boyfriend," she snapped angry, "get you own."

"I will," she sighed, "but give me a chance, we only got here last night. Now I leave you and go and have a shower so you two can have a good fuck."

"Sorry bout that," I said feeling slightly guilty and I didn't know why.

"No, no, it's that slut of a sister," she said, "not your fault."

My cock was still hard for it was all over so quickly with Jilly that I didn't have time to come myself.

"We are all alone now," I said reaching out and squeezing her fine tits.

"Stop it," she pushed my hand away, "I'm not in the mood now."

Fine fucking holiday this is going to be, I thought.

"There's some fit guys pitched next to us," gushed Jilly, "invited us all to their barbie tonight if it ever stops raining."

"Good," snapped Sharon, "you can get off with one of them."

"We don't have to go," I said, "we can stay here and be all alone.

"No it would be rude not to go," she said.

They were a nice bunch of guys, intent of having a great time even though the weather was bad. Sharon and I left early so we could be alone for a while before Jilly returned. Thank god Sharon was in the mood for some action and we had a very lazy but nice fuck then we both went to sleep.

"Where's Jilly," said Sharon," her beds empty.

"Don't worry," I said, "looks like she's found herself a bed partner, that's all."

"She's a bit young for that sort of thing," said Sharon biting her bottom lip, "could you be a sweetie and go and find her and make sure she's ok."

I quickly dressed and wandered over to the next tent where two of the guys were outside brewing tea.

"Is Jilly here?" I asked.

"Yeah sure," said one, who nodded inside his tent. "give her ten minutes or so and she'll be ready to come home."

"Oh good," I said sitting down with them, "her sister was worried when she didn't come home last night."

"No she's ok," said the other guy, "save and sound here with us."

Just then the tent flap opened and a third guy came out.

"That fucking girl is fucking us all to a stand still," he said sitting down heavily and taking a cup of tea.

"You talking about Jilly?" I asked.

"Yeah, who are you?" he asked, "oh yeah you were here last night with that blonde bird.

"Yeah Jilly her sister," I explained.

"I hope she not like her sister then," he laughed, "this one is fucking sex mad. She hasn't stopped all night the little slut."

"You mean," I said.

"Yeah we've all fucked her a number of times," he laughed.

"Oh," I said, unsure what I would tell Sharon.

"If you want a go, I'm sure she'll be happy to oblige," he laughed, "we won't tell her sister."

"No, no," I said, "I here just to take her back."

I was handed a cup of tea and together we all waited until at last she emerged looking remarkably fresh.

"Hi Pete," she said. "Miss our early morning fuck did you?"

"Your sister was worried," I said quickly, hoping that the guys would pick up on what she had said.

"Right then, thanks guys and I'll see you all later," she said with a wave and she followed me back to our tent.

"Rest now ok," she said over her shoulder, "you'll need all your strength for later."

We walked the few yards in silence until we were almost there then she stopped.

"Are you going to tell Sharon?" she asked staring up at me with her big innocent eyes.

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