Life's little Games

by Softly

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Cheating, Slut Wife, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Sex Story: The husbands and the wives each have an agenda, which benefit them both.

Life had been good for Sharon Decooman, and Butch Ainsworth. Butch had started dating Sharon while still in high school. A week after graduation, Butch was hired by Failsafe Sprinkler. A year later, Sharon and Butch married. Now in his sixteenth year with Failsafe, he was a state-certified, master-sprinkler-installer. They had it all; a nice home, two cars, and a twenty-three foot boat. They had tried to have children, without success.

Butch's boss, Tony Tognelli, a tough, Italian guy, was like a father to Butch. Tony's wife, like Sharon, had kept her maiden name, Joan Conti. Joan, was the sexiest woman that Butch had ever known. Not that he saw her all that much. A long driveway, from the warehouse, separated the office, a converted, private home.

Most of the time, when Butch came to work at the warehouse, the assignment for the day would be typed, sitting on his desk. There were four crews. His crew, of three men, would already have the sprinkler hardware loaded into the truck. Off they would go. Often, he and his crew would talk about the fact that Failsafe was always busy. They wondered how Tony was able to bid for and get so many jobs?

Then the awful day came. Butch was using an old, wooden-ladder to paint his house. A rung broke, sending Butch tumbling backward, ten feet to the ground. He crushed two vertebras. The good news was that he was able to walk again, after six months. The bad news was he would never again be able to be a sprinkler-installer. Since it had happened off the job, Butch had no workman's compensation insurance. Their savings were about all used up.

The phone rang. Sharon answered it. "Hello?"

In his usual gruff manner, Tony Tognelli asked, "Is Butch there?"

"Yes, Tony, I'll get him for you."

She handed the phone to Butch. "Hi Tony."

"So, how is it going?"

"Oh, I'm doing pretty well. But, as I told you last week, the doctors have said that I will never be able to install again."

"Figured as much. Joan and I have been talking. We've made a lot of money. She and I agree that now might be a good time for us to sell Failsafe, and move south. We are considering buying a place in Florida. Would you and Sharon be interested in buying Failsafe?"

"Holy shit, Tony, are you serious? We would love to. But, you know, Tony, I don't have much of my savings left."

"No problem, Butch. If I take some of the paper, the bank will loan you the rest. Why don't you and Sharon hop in the car? We are at the office."

"Be right over."

When Butch and Sharon arrived at the office, Tony took them through a door into the rear of the house. Butch had never been in there. He knew that Tony had a wonderful home in Upper Montclair, a twenty-minute drive from his office in Newark. The rooms off the office were like walking into a wealthy men's club in Manhattan. There were two rooms. One had a wet bar, and several overstuffed chairs and sofas arranged so that several people could sit and talk. The other room was a bedroom, with an adjacent bathroom.

"Drink?" Tony asked.

"Gin and Tonic for both of us." Butch said, after looking at Sharon.

Joan said nothing. She sat with a smile on her face. She seemed to be looking mostly at Sharon.

Tony handed Butch last year's profit and loss statement. The owner's net income was $127,295.00. Then Butch checked the employee's pay list. Joan Conti's income was $72,734.00.

"How much are you asking for Failsafe, Tony?"

"How does six hundred thousand sound to you? That is just over three times the owner earnings. I will hold two hundred thousand of the paper, and the bank will loan you the other four hundred thousand. So, you will come in with no investment, not a penny. Of course, if the business goes bust, you will lose your home, everything, and I get the business back. Now, I should tell you that you would need for Sharon to work here just like Joan did to make enough to make the payments. That is for the first five years. Then when my loan is paid off, you will only have the bank loan, which is for fifteen years."

Butch shot Sharon a quick look. They were desparete. Sharon nodded yes. Butch turned to Tony. "We'll do it."

Three weeks later, on a Friday afternoon, in the Law office of Wendell Showater, the deal was finalized.

Just before they walked out, Joan asked Sharon what her e-mail address was. Then Joan asked, "Will you be home Saturday night, Sharon?"

"Of course."

"I will send you some information about ten PM. The information will be of interest to you both."

"Oh, okay."

Saturday, exactly at ten, the e-mail arrived. It read: "Dear Sharon and Butch. Tony and I are now settled in our new place. Congratulations on buying a fine business. So that you will not be caught off guard on Monday, I thought that I should give you some suggestions. First, Sharon, Tony and I never told any of our customers that I was his wife. You should not either.

Next, Butch, I'm sure that you and the other installers have often wondered how Failsafe received so many job bids, when there are eight other sprinkler companies within twenty miles of Failsafe. The reason that we did is because the bids were rigged.

As you know, we are at the mercy of the general contractors. When we first started, we were struggling. Then, one day, John Palmer, of Palmer General Contractors, was in Tony's office discussing our bid, when he mentioned to Tony, "Jesus, Tony, you have a hot asistant. Loan her to me a couple nights a month, and I'll give you every sprinkler job that I get."

Most men would have set him straight that minute. Tony said nothing for a few moments. We had kids to feed. We also were supporting my mother. Finally, to John, he said; "You sit here a minute, I'll go tell her that you would be interested in taking her out for dinner."

Tony came out of the office and wiggled his finger at me to join him in the rear of the house, which we had not improved yet. I almost fell through the floor when he told me that John Palmer had the hots for me, and that Tony was willing for me to go to dinner with him. He did not tell me that John wanted me a couple nights a month

"Tony Tognelli, you know that man will want me to do more than have dinner with him?"

"Look, for just a few minutes of your time, we can make some real bread. John just told me that if I arrange for him to spend some time with you, that he will give us every job he gets. Joan, Baby, you will get a nice meal, get to flirt and play some, and spend a few hot moments in a bed. Remember, Joan, we have the kids and your mother to feed, and right now, I don't know where we will get the money to pay next months bills."

I stood looking at Tony for several moments. He didn't know it, but when the kids were young, and he was on the road a lot, before we owned Failsafe, I had three one-nighters with guys I picked up at a lounge next to the Ramada Inn. Having Tony know about me being in bed with another guy was something that I had never considered. Well, at the time, it seemed so easy, so simple. I said, "Okay. I hope that you know what you are doing, Tony Tognelli?"

John took me to the same lounge, next to the Ramada. We had a nice dinner, and then he got a room. When we walked in, he undressed me. My skirt was dropped to the floor. My blouse was unbuttoned and removed. He unhooked my bra, which was tossed onto a chair, and he removed my panties. I was still wearing my garter belt, hose, and heels. I stood with my eyes closed, trembling.

"Are you Tony's mistress?" He asked.

"No." It was the truth.

"Bet his wife worries about you working for him?"

"She has a lot of things to worry about."

"Tony ever come on to you?"

"Four or five times a month."

"Well, Babe, a nice Italian lady like you, with such a fine set of tits, must have a lot of guys come on to her?"

Sarcastically, I said, "Recently, no. You are the first guy who has asked Tony to set me up with him."

As he said all this, he was taking off his clothes. His cock was sticking straight out. I looked at it. This was the real thing. It was now neither easy nor simple. He was going to put that in me. God, Sharon, I wanted to pick up my clothes and run out of there, but I did not. I was shaking; sweat was forming on my brow. I turned red from embarrasment. He took me in his arms. His lips found mine. He kissed me, but I did not return his kiss. His hands foundled my breasts, which brought a gasp from my lips. His finger felt my cuntal bush, hunting for my entrance. I started to pant.

"You're new to this, Babe?"

I just looked at him, with sweat running off my body. His finger entered me. I closed my eyes. There was no escape now. He would have me. Gently, he lowered me to the bed. I opened my legs to accept him. He ate me for just a couple minutes, enough to get me wet, and then he took me. He stuck himself into me, like he owned me, which I guess, in a way, he did. A man that I hardly knew was on me, with his head next to mine, using me for his enjoyment.

There is no way that a man would understand the turmoil that I felt. My mind was saying that it would be over in just a few minutes. But, I was opening my legs more and more so that he completely filled me. When he got the rhythm, he would give his cock an extra thrust just as he hit my cervix. My box was on fire. I started to thrust up at him. We were now fucking each other. As my orgasm came on, I openned my mouth, panting. Then I tensed up and my pussy clamped down on his cock. He came in me, as I knew that he would. He took me again, ten minutes later.

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