by Kien Reti

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Magic, BiSexual, Heterosexual, TransGender, Anal Sex, Sex Toys, Transformation, .

Desc: Sex Story: A mysterious curse condemns him to change into a woman every other month. It isn't easy, but he adjusts to it, even finds it interesting in a bizarre sort of way. Then he gets careless about birth control...

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It was my month to be a woman again.

I get a couple of days warning as my penis shrinks and the testicles first recede, then gradually disappear up into my torso. My muscles and bony angles transform into soft feminine curves. The shoulders narrow and the hips swell. The breasts become puffy and sore, then start to grow. Padding accumulates around the upper thighs and butt. The final change is when the skin between my legs splits and the cavity opens.

For the first several days the female organ is too shallow and sensitive to tolerate penetration -- Believe me, I've tried. But after that, anything goes. Anything. And if one of my boyfriends is too impatient to wait until my pussy is ready, well, there's always that other orifice. My anus is always receptive. Even in my male phase, actually, but more on that later.

Then there's Jason. He's the dearest and sweetest of my special guys. I see more of him than any of the other fellows because, well, he's my boyfriend in both my identities. Yes indeedy, both as a male and female. And Jase hasn't the faintest clue that Mel and Lissa are the same person, just in different phases and in different apartments.

He's very special, Jase is. He's AC/DC, bi, and just plain versatile. When I'm Lissa, he likes me to strap on a dildo and take him in the ass. When I'm Mel, he likes me to use my natural equipment -- my penis -- and... take him in the ass. Of course, he also likes to take me in the ass, both when I'm Lissa and when I'm Mel. On special occasions, I can even talk him into doing my pussy -- in my Lissa phase, of course.

Once, he walked in unannounced right in the middle of a transition. Talk about bad timing! I was still Mel, but no longer very functional as a man. I couldn't get a respectable erection out of the penis that was trying its hardest to transform itself into a clit, and there was this embarrassing slit opening up just behind my disappearing scrotum. I did some quick thinking right then, and told him I had a urinary tract infection and so couldn't be the active partner for a while. Jase didn't complain when I bent forward over the arm of the sofa and pulled down my pants and underwear -- not quite far enough for him to see what was up front, but more than adequate for him to have access to my rear. For some peculiar reason, it turned into one of the hottest lovemaking sessions I'd ever had. He fucked my ass three times that afternoon, and he stayed hard inside me almost an hour the final time. I was spasming simultaneously in the stub of my diminishing penis, in my developing pussy, and in my rectum. Kaboom! A three-way jackpot. That had to be one for the record books.

Every month I change over, and it all began a couple of years ago. I had been a more or less "normal" man in my late 20s. Well, actually I was just a bit bi even then. Mostly I went for women, but would occasionally fool around with men. Hey, whatever felt good. And then I had to go and get involved with Ysané. Passionate, temperamental, insanely jealous Ysané.

How was I to know that she was a practicing witch? Sure, she played around with all that occult shit and once even tried to get me to do Tarot card readings and Ouija Board stuff with her. I just laughed and told her to knock that stuff off. Yeah, she was just another dame to me, with an overactive pussy and an overactive ego. It was fun while it lasted, but then she started trying to run my life. Me! Mr. Independence himself. Melvin the Marvelous.

Well, just to teach her a lesson I took up with another woman. Oh, all right, two other women. Hey, I had a right. It's not like I had made anything like a commitment to her. She was just another girlfriend -- a playmate, a bedmate, a fuck buddy.

She flew into a vicious rage when she found out. Now that was one grand climactic blowup. After she had scratched up my face and almost clawed my eyes out, she picked up a kitchen knife and lunged at me. I grabbed her and threw her out on her ass. That was a mistake. A bad mistake. Later that night I felt a tremendous pain in the back of my head... and woke up in the hospital.

There was no sign of trauma. There was nothing physically wrong with me at all, outside of some nasty scratches. But there was something very much out of kilter inside me, though I didn't know it at the time.

A week later I got a letter from Ysané. In her semi-legible scrawl she had written:

Dearest, accursed Mel!

Hotly did I love you, but you dragged my heart into the mud. You scorned me! Serpent!

Yet now you are truly accursed, for I have laid a most potent binding upon you. You knew I studied the Black Arts and still you dared trifle with me! Fool!

No man can know what a woman suffers. But you shall! You shall be a woman and experience her vulnerability and pain... and then, and then, once more will you for a time be a man. And again a woman. And again.

Monthly will you change. According to the ancient rhythm of the moon. Monthly will you suffer. Monthly!

Remember me fondly in your sufferings.

Lovingly yours,


A bit heavy on the melodrama, that. She had obviously been reading too many bodice rippers or watching too many historical soaps on the tube. I read the letter to my buddies at the bar, and we all got a good yuck out of it.

A week after that, the changes began.

Damn. I'd misplaced the diaphragm the night before. Couldn't find it anywhere. With my strange body chemistry, I can't use the Pill, but I have to take some precautions. I don't think I'm fertile in the female phase, but wouldn't want to chance it. If I should happen to get pregnant, would that mess things up at the changeover? What about the fetus?

Of course, Jase dropped over the next morning. Horny as hell, too. Couldn't wait to have me. Just in time I remembered about the diaphragm. Didn't feel like looking for the damn thing and going through all the bother of plugging it in. So I just tossed him a tube of lube and got on my hands and knees. "Straight up the ass, guy. My pussy isn't primed for action right at the moment."

Maybe I was careless. After he finished, some of his come leaked out of my ass and dripped downward. Pussyward. Could something get started from that? I'd heard of "splash conceptions" -- but such things are freak occurrences, aren't they? Just to make damn sure, I douched.

Several weeks later I started getting these strange feelings. Nausea in the morning. Puked a couple of times. Strange appetites. Just like a woman in the early stages of pregnancy. Pregnant? Nah. Couldn't be.

It was getting near changeover time. I was looking forward to being a man again. Ah, the pleasures of being the inserter for a change, rather than the insertee. My pussy was dripping wet just at the thought of sticking a hard cock into some other woman's pussy. Or into Jason's tender asshole for that matter.

A couple of days later, I knew something was wasn't right. The changes weren't kicking in. I was still a fully anatomically correct woman, complete with breasts, padded ass, and pussy. I wasn't turning back into a man. Why not, damn it?

Shit. The pregnancy test showed positive. That just might explain a few things.

I remember well the first time I changed over. I had by then forgotten all about Ysané's wacky letter. Change into a woman? Yeah, sure. Funny thing, though... I did seem to be putting on poundage in strange places and my body felt a bit weird. My chest was swelling up and there was something funny going on down below...

A couple of days after that I was in a full-fledged panic. Something was happening to my dick. It was definitely getting smaller and I couldn't seem to get a decent hardon any more. My balls were rising up into my abdomen. I could just barely feel them. (I'd never heard of ascended testicles happening to an adult, and it scared the living shit out of me.) And there was this inflammation or something right in back of my scrotum. It felt as if the skin there and the flesh underneath were starting to crack open.

I didn't dare see a doctor. The medical guys would chop me up and try all the usual stuff. And when that failed, they'd probably put me on exhibit. No thanks. I'd just as soon take my chances.

A week later I was a woman. Ysané's curse. I was well and truly accursed.

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