Special Sauce

by Trog

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, .

Desc: Sex Story: I wondered why her Polish Sausages always tasted better than what I could buy in the store. She said it was her secret sauce, but don't all cooks have their secrets? I sure found out hers.

I'm a truck driver. Yeah, yeah I know one of those big slow things you hate to get behind but I really don't care. You see I have a job to do and if it weren't for us truck drivers what would you use to wipe your ass? Think toilet paper grows on trees? But that's not important. What I'm going to tell you is very important.

There is this corner way out in the desert I drive by every day. Unless it rains, I see the hot dog stand with an umbrella giving shade to the woman selling them. For the longest time I never stopped until the day I forgot my lunch. I was hungry and a hot dog sounded really good.

I pulled over onto the shoulder, popped the maxi brakes and heard the hiss of escaping air as I opened my door. Stepping down from the cab I eased my way toward the little trailer with the hot water to heat the dogs. As I eyed the menu price list I glanced up to see a lovely woman.

"I just got set up but everything is hot and ready," she said with a huge smile.

"Sure glad to hear that. My belly's been growling so loud for the last hour I could barely hear the engine whining. How 'bout letting me have one of them Polish Sausage dogs with all the fixin's?"

I watched as she set about her task. First came the Polish, then the mustard and ketchup with lots of onions. My eyes wondered over the woman and sent pleasing signals to my brain. Nice legs, slim waist and lovely swaying breasts. She handed my lunch and I gave her some money and walked away. I don't know how much I gave her but the show was well worth it.

For the next few months I made it a practice to stop everyday for a Polish with everything on it. Before long we were talking and had gotten to be on first name bases. I finally had to ask her a question.

"I don't know just what it is but for the last two weeks these dogs have tasted better than ever. You doing something different with them?"

"Not different," she smiled, "just my special sauce."

"Oh. It's like McDonalds with their secret sauce?"

"Kinda but I'm sure you won't find anything like it there," she laughed. "I knew you would be stopping so I have yours in my van," she said turning away.

Her van was situated so only she could see inside when the side door was opened. I watched as she went inside, waited a minute or two and she came back with my Polish. She put on the rest of what I liked and handed it to me. I gave it a sniff.

"Yeah, special sauce alright. Well, see ya later," I waved moving towards my truck.

"If you come by when I'm closing I'm sure to have another if you want," I heard her call out.

"I just might do that," I said and waved again.

Five hours later found me back at the hot dog stand. She was just finishing with packing up for the day when I stopped.

"Hey, I almost gave up on you," she smiled.

"Well, you know how much I love them Polish dogs. Got any left?"

"Yeah, it's in the van. Come on around and I'll fix it special just for you."

I followed her and admired her nice tight looking butt as her hips swung from side to side. When she lifted her leg into the van I ogled and licked my lips. She sat on the floor in waved me inside. She had the engine running with the air cranked up on high. It was nice and cool inside.

"Come on in and close the door. I don't want to waste gas running the air trying to cool the entire desert."

From the inside her van looked almost normal. In front were two bucket seats and carpet covered the floor. Towards the back doors I could see some of the buns and condiment bottles she carried with her. I sat on the floor facing her and found the carpet especially deep and soft, almost like sitting on a bed.

"You really have this van fixed up nice inside," I commented.

"Yeah, I like it. My husband did all the work."

I guess my face must have fallen to my knees as she laughed.

"Don't worry, he won't be coming around. Actually we have kind of an understanding."

"I don't think I get your meaning." I was puzzled.

"We don't ask and we don't tell."

Something clicked in my brain as she licked her lips and popped the button of her tight shorts. Slowing she inched them down her long sexy legs until they cleared her feet and she tossed them aside.

"Uh, I understand don't ask, don't tell but what are you doing?"

"I've fixed your Polish and was about to give it to you," she replied in a low sultry voice. It was almost like she breathed out the words.

I sat transfixed as she shed her thin lace panties and lay back resting her upper body on her arms. Her legs moved widely apart showing me her naked hairless sex.

"All you have to do is go for it. I've kept it nice and warm and covered with my secret sauce," she panted breathing heavy.

One doesn't have to hit a truck driver over the head with a tire beater to get him to understand she was hiding my Polish inside her cunt. I could see juice oozing from her slit and running down to her ass. It only took me a few seconds to come out from my shocked state and onto my knees. She lifted and rested her legs over my shoulders as I dove between her inviting legs. The first taste was just as I expected and coated my tongue with her special sauce. I heard her grunt and felt the Polish ease its way from her pussy and into my mouth. My teeth clamped down and took a bit of the sausage. I chewed and kept my mouth glued to her dripping snatch.



"You gonna eat me or that damned sausage," she groaned as my tongue flicked over her swollen sensitive clit.

"I was gonna do both but I've decided I'm gonna eat you then let you feel my sausage messaging the insides of your cunt."

"Don't talk, just eat," she panted pressing her snatch to my greedy lips.

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