At the Lake

by falcon29

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Group Sex, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, Cream Pie, .

Desc: Sex Story: Adding some spice to a marriage.

I'm not sure what happened last night. I mean, I know what happened, but I don't know why. I'll have to wait until Ted wakes up to ask him about it all. In the meantime, I'll tell you so that we can both get some answers.

I'm Sandy Phillips. I'm no teenage virgin or blushing bride. I've been around the block a few times and enjoyed the hell out of most of it. I'll be forty three on my next birthday. I don't work out and I know I'm overweight. Still I'm usually horny and my husband, Ted, tells me I'm the sexiest woman he's ever known.

Ted is ten years older than I am but he has the energy of a younger man. He can still get it up as often as I need him to -- which is saying something. He's got a bulging belly that I love to feel resting against my own or slapping against my ass.

Last night we finally tried something we had talked about for years. When Ted first suggested bringing another man into our sex life I didn't want any part of it. It awoke some bad memories for me. My ex-husband used to think he'd like it if we had an "open" marriage. He wanted us to have other people if we wanted to. What that really meant was just that he wanted to fuck other women.

But I was really young then and I went along with it. He saw other women a few times and told me about it afterward. It was kind of sexy, so I decided to hold up my end of things. I gave in to Gerry, a guy I worked with who was always flirting with me. Gerry happened to be black. I'd heard all the stories and was naturally curious.

I found out that the stories were true, at least as far as Gerry went. And Gerry went pretty far -- far inside me, that is. I really enjoyed the night we had sex. I emulated my husband and didn't stay the night with Gerry, though we both wanted me to. When I got home I told my husband all the details.

He listened until I was finished. Then we just went to bed. It was almost 3AM. The next day he seemed distant and preoccupied. That afternoon he went out and didn't come home until the next day. After that he rarely wanted to have sex with me. When we did do it we both came away from it dissatisfied. Things deteriorated badly. Finally we had a terrible argument. When he let it slip that he couldn't stand the idea that I had let another man fuck me, I knew it was the end. I'd done things his way and he couldn't live with it. We got divorced. Two years later I met Ted.

So when Ted suggested something similar I was apprehensive. I thought, isn't anybody interested in plain old monogamy any more? Or maybe they weren't ever interested in it. Anyway, I told Ted about my misadventure with my ex. He let the subject drop. It resurfaced from time to time. Our sex was great and he would add fantasies to it as we made love. He would whisper in my ear how it was "the other man sliding his long, hard cock into me while he (Ted) watched. Or he told me that He was fucking me as I sucked on the other guy. I loved it when he would use the dildo on me while I sucked him off.

The stories were starting to work on me. It always made things hotter for me when I thought about some other stud with us in bed. So, like I said, I decided to give it a try. I told Ted, though, that he had better not go weird on me afterward. He swore he wouldn't. Well, that was two years ago. It took us this long to make it real because we couldn't agree on who the other guy should be.

We were afraid to ask any of our friends because they were just that: friends. We thought that inviting one of them to share me might ruin the friendship, or that he would begin to expect it to be a regular thing. For us this was a one-time deal. At least we weren't sure we would want to do it again after the one time. On the other hand, we didn't want to answer one of those ads because you never know what will happen then. The guy might be some kind of psycho or something.

So we just kept on fantasizing and renting porno tapes with two guys doing one girl. As it turned out, it was the renting of the tapes that got us going -- I mean they always got us going, but... well, keep reading.

Our supermarket has a video section up front near the customer service desk. We usually rent a video about every third time we go grocery shopping. They aren't all porn, but they do have a good "adult" section and we used it sometimes.

There are only two people who work in the video area. One of them is this girl who looks like she's about twenty five. She has long black hair and a ring in her eyebrow. The other one is Pete. He is about thirty five and is losing his hair. He is about average in most ways and he wears glasses.

He was always friendly and after he had been there a few months he began greeting us by name when we went in. If I was alone he would flirt with me after he got to know me on sight. If Ted was there he was still friendly but would only wink at me when Ted's back was turned. With some guys that kind of stuff would have been offensive. With Pete it was just fun.

I told Ted about Pete flirting with me -- Ted and I tell each other everything -- and he said he couldn't blame the guy because I'm so damn sexy! You see why I love Ted so much?

Anyway, the other day when I was in the store alone I was feeling extra horny. I decided it was time to see if any new videos had come in. Pete gave me a big grin when he saw me and I returned it. I beat him to the punch and winked at him first. That made him laugh.

Even though I've done it a bunch of times, it always makes me feel kind of naughty when I move past the main section, through the curtain, and into the adult section. I was scanning the shelves for something new that might have some three-way stuff in it. I jumped when Pete spoke behind me. "Can I help you find something, Sandy?"

I felt my face heat up with embarrassment, even while I knew how silly that was. After all, Pete knew what kind of stuff Ted and I liked since he checked the movies out to us. Still, he had never said anything about them one way or the other.

"Oh, um... well I just wondered if you had gotten anything new in recently," I stammered.

Pete came on past the curtain and frowned up at the shelves. "Let's see, I think we might have some new threesome videos. That's what you and Ted like, isn't it?" He looked down and his eyes held an intensity that wasn't usually there. I felt the rest of my body heat up to match my blush. My crotch started to get wet.

"Uh... yeah, mostly," I mumbled. I had to look away because I just knew he could tell what I was feeling. When I looked back he had gone back to looking at the tape boxes. I let my breath out and drew in another shaky one. He moved toward me and I backed against the rack behind me. There wasn't a lot of room between the two racks so he brushed against me as he moved past. It wasn't like he meant to, it just happened. It still gave me a shiver.

When he was on my other side he stood on a footstool and reached up to the top shelf. My eyes just naturally went to his butt. I hadn't noticed how tight his khakis were until he reached up. I could see the muscles flex under the brushed cotton fabric. I realized that there was no line for underwear. He either had on boxers, a thong, or no underwear at all! The thought made the itch between my legs get stronger. I was still staring at his ass when he pulled a tape from the shelf and kind of twisted his torso to hand it to me.

He saw where my eyes were looking and he smiled. Our hands touched as I took the tape. "That one came in since you guys were here last, I think," he said. I looked at it. The title was "Three Wishes". The picture showed a tall, redheaded woman standing in some tropical vegetation. Behind her were two rugged looking men. All their clothes were torn as if they had been stranded in the jungle a while. One of the woman's tits was hanging out -- well, sticking out (there was no 'hang' to it) -- and one of the men had a hand on her waist.

Pete said, "It's better than most. There is an actual story line to it. The sex is pretty hot, too." Then he squeezed back by me to check the front. He left me standing there while he went to help another customer. I sat down on the footstool and let my breathing get back to normal. I couldn't figure out why I'd never noticed how attracted I was to Pete before. Flirting is just playing but I found myself really thinking about what he might be like in bed.

I don't mean he was knock dead handsome or anything. I'd have noticed that a long time before. It was just that there was something about him that got to me suddenly. Maybe it was because I was so horny that day, but I knew I'd found our guy. At least Pete was suitable to me. I checked out the tape in a rush and hurried home.

I greeted Ted at the door naked and with a cold drink in my hand. He took the drink and wrapped his free arm around me, hugging me to him for a long kiss. His hand drifted down to my ass and he gave it a sharp slap. It made me groan, as usual. I love the sting of a bare hand on my bare ass.

We went into the bedroom, where I'd left my drink. I sat and watched Ted strip off his work clothes. When he was naked he crawled on the bed next to me. I could smell his male scent and it really turns me on. We made out a while and let things take their course. We moved fairly quickly from kissing and stroking through fondling and on to oral sex.

Ted's cock is pretty big. We measured it once and it is just over 6 1⁄2". I guess that isn't too unusual, but it's also just under 2" thick at the base. Anyway, it's perfect for me. I love feeling it slide into my mouth; the ridge of the head is just right for me to stroke around with my tongue. I sucked on him a while, pinching his nipples. After a few minutes he pushed me off him and rolled me onto my back.

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