Alcohol and My Sex Life

by JAX

Caution: This Incest Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, Incest, Brother, Sister, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Incest Sex Story: I had judged it just about right for in her hand was her forth glass of white wine. After four she was just about perfect, all her inhibitions are gone but she was still conscious enough to know what's going on; one more and she was anybody's

I sat on the sofa and watched my young wife sway to the music; I really couldn't call it dancing for her body just moved slightly with each beat. It was late and the party was winding down and we were almost the last to leave. I had judged it just about right for in her hand was her forth glass of white wine. After four she was just about perfect, all her inhabitations are gone but she was still conscious enough to know what's going on; one more and she was anybodies.

Thinking about my wife and alcohol reminded me of long ago and my elder sister. It was her senior prom night and she came down those stairs dressed like a princess. Later when she came home very late she was more like a fallen angel, drunk out of her mind. Whoever brought her home just dumped her on our doorstep and legged it. It was down to me to get her upstairs and into bed before our parents woke up and see her in that state.

Luckily for me she was quite light for I had to all but carry her up to her room.

"My dress," she giggled drunkenly. "Mustn't ruin my beautiful dress."

It was a rented job and I don't think our dad would be too pleased if he had to pay for any damages.

By now she had flopped on her front on the bed but at least I could get at the zip at the back. With some difficulty for there wasn't a lot of help from her I managed to get it off and hang it up within its fragile plastic cocoon. On returning to the bed she had turned over and was now lying on her back dressed in just her scanty bra and knickers. I had seen her a few times wandering about the house dressed like this but for the first time I could have a good look.

"Lets go home," I said taking my wife into my arms.

She wasn't dressed particularly sex, she didn't see herself in those terms, try as I might her hemline stayed just above her knees and her bra stayed firmly in place. The only concession I got was at least it was a front opening type. My hand reached up between us and I gave her pert tits a good squeeze. The four buttons of her top were easy for me to undo and the clip that held her bra together came undone under my expert fingers.

"Naughty," she giggled, but made no attempt to stop me exposing her naked chest to my groping hand.

The room was fairly dark and there were only few people around to see anyway.

My sister's legs were slim with just a hint of a nice shape, while her middle was flat and taut. Her bust was her best bit as far as I was concerned, they may only be a B cup, for that's what I had found written inside one of her bras, but they were high and proud even while lying down.

"I want to go to sleep," she slurred, trying to reach behind herself to undo her bra clip.

"Let me," I said and with some difficulty I managed to unclip it and pull it off down her arms.

Oh my, I thought for this was the first time I had ever seen them naked and I just stood there opened mouthed staring down at her.

"Get me into bed," she mumbled but as she was lying on top of her bed this was very difficult to do and I couldn't help but come in contact with lots of her naked flesh.

At last she was under the covers and already almost asleep, I didn't leave but stayed to watch her chest rise and fall while she was breathing deeply. I couldn't help it I just had to reach out and touch her.

"Stop it Steve," she mumbled in her sleep.

I had no idea who this Steve was but obviously he had tried to do what I was doing now.

"Great tits," I whispered in her ear while my hands moved over her silk like skin.

"Mmm, thanks," she mumbled and she put her arms above her head and stretched making her bust even more taut.

"Naughty," my wife whispered again while I fondled her naked tits on the dance floor.

"Do you want a good fucking?" I said close to her ear.

"Mmm, that'll be nice," she sighed her arms held me tightenly.

"Let's go into the garden then," I said taking hold of her hand and leading her out through the patio doors into the darkness beyond.

I couldn't leave I had to stay and move my hand over her perfect bust.

"Don't stop Steve," she sighed.

I looked up at her face but her eyes were closed tight but her mouth was open and she was breathing heavily. Her nipples were erect now and though she was asleep, she was getting turned on.

My wife doesn't own any sexy knickers but the plain white pair she was wearing were soon off over her feet and I put them in my pocket. She was leaning up against the garage wall while I manoeuvred in behind her.

"Spread 'em," I said crudely and kicked her feet apart.

Unzipping myself I got into position and pushed myself into her.

"Mmm," that feels so nice," she sighed.

I reached around and squeezed her hanging tits, while I thrust into her hard.

With both hands now I was lightly squeezing my sister's tits but she didn't seem to waken.

"Mmm, that's nice she said and one of her arms moved under her blanket and I could see her legs open.

As carefully as I could I peeled her blanket back to I could see her hand working within her small thong knickers.

"Make me come Stevie," she mumbled.

As carefully as I could I peeled her knickers down her thighs but I could only go so far what with her legs so far apart. With a bit of effort I pushed her legs together so at last I got her thong off and then her legs sprang apart again.

"Oh Stevie," she muttered, "Fuck me, make me come."

I pushed two fingers into her sopping pussy and her whole body twitched.

"Oh god yes Stevie," she groaned and her hips pushed against me.

My cock was painfully hard in my pants so one handed I unzipped my self and pushed my cock into her face.

"Suck me," I whispered.

Her lips closed around me and the chain was complete and together we moved to a mutual climax.

I was nearly there, thrusting in to my wife from behind and just as soon as her orgasm made her body jerk I let go and came into her sweet body.

Her body was still now except for her throat as she swallowed my spunk that I had jetted into her mouth.

"Nice one Stevie," she sighed and she was asleep again.

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