The Cottage

by Spiller

Copyright© 2004 by Spiller

Sex Story: Linda and Hans find new ways to utilize their cottage, as they form a hedonistic family of like-minded people.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa   Mult   Consensual   Swinging   .

Chapter One

They bought the cottage for family reasons, many years ago, and they all loved the place, not ever dreaming of the purposes it should serve years later. In those days they were the typical family: Husband busy, wife wifely, kids unruly and very active. The huge, old cottage was very primitive, but it was situated on the shore of a mountain lake with a breathtaking view of snowy mountains across the water. Built out of enormous logs joined the old-fashioned way, it had neither running water, electricity, nor proper bathroom facilities, but nobody seemed to care. It had water-skiing, swimming, fishing, cross-country winter skiing, sometimes skating, and it had privacy. Nearest neighbour lived about 10 miles away, and if you were driving on the county road about a mile from the cottage, there was no indication that the old timber-track was their private entrance to paradise. Over the years they acquired a small generator for current and a well for running water.

Life rolled on as it was supposed to do. Kids grew up, parents grew older, and finally the last kid moved out to pursue a life of her own in another town.

At 42 and 45 Linda and Hans had quite some rearranging of priorities to do. Both houses were paid for, so Hans made a severe cutback on his workload and concentrated on his wife instead. And, with no more children to care for, Linda started to care for herself and her husband. About a year later you should hardly have recognized them. Their love blossomed, their bodies looked trim and younger, and their sex-life took off on a joyous journey into the unknown.

Later on Linda and Hans would pinpoint the date they started their journey. Linda had chosen to go under the knife. Her breasts, slightly sagging from breastfeeding three children, were tightened up, and a roll of empty, wrinkled belly skin, left over from three pregnancies and 15 pounds of extra fat, was removed.

She came home after one day at the clinic, but on doctor's orders the menu said no sex for a couple of weeks until the scars had healed up properly. When the initial pain had subsided they found it increasingly difficult to obey orders. At last they gave in to their lusts, in the form of mutual masturbation, which opened up new doors to them. Showing off to each other they shared masturbatory fantasies, gradually becoming more and more honest and more and more daring.

Linda was thrilled to learn about Hans' fantasies of domination, and some of the 'nasty' things he wanted to inflict on his victims made her pussy boil. On the other hand Hans felt his cock rise to unseen proportions, when Linda told about her fantasies of being not only a slut and a whore, but a dirty, nasty, extreme slut and whore. When the black and yellow bruises had healed, Linda stood out as an extremely beautiful woman. Slender and trim with smallish pert breasts, flat stomach and rounded ass, and with an erotic exuberance and confidence she had never had before. When they took to fucking again they were like rabbits, and invariably they would titillate each other with new fantasies. The old cottage once again changed purpose. Up there was so much privacy that they would fuck everywhere; on the living room floor, on the terrace, on the grass or in the water, and now and then even in their bed.

One sunny, brilliant Saturday afternoon Linda was languidly masturbating in her hammock, once again telling of fantasies. "God, how this place would be perfect for a group of horny, wild people. I'd love to have an audience right now. I know I'd pop like a balloon if there were men and women looking at my cunt and my fingers." Whereupon she popped like a balloon, and set the hammock swinging from her undulations.

Hans went up to her, his cock sticking out with a life of its own, and threw his arms round her and kissed her. "What a perfectly lovely idea, Linda. Would you really like that, too?"

It turned out they had both dreamed along those lines, actually for quite some time. Back home they set out to do it. First they studied a few magazines for swingers, surfed the net to find letters and articles about swinging, domination, slut-wives and all, and by the end of May they were ready to publish a carefully prepared advertisement:

"Adventurous couple, 44 and 47, fairly good looking, would like to form a group of like-minded couples. Key words: Exhibitionism, domination, sluts, group activity and role-playing. We imagine that everybody takes a check for diseases, and that we solemnly promise each other to be honest about it, should we fall to temptations outside the group. Let us meet and talk things over, before we make any commitments. Preferably people within driving distance from xxx-town."

The next three weeks answers came pouring in. They were amazed at the number of couples, not to mention singles, which were interested. "We could start a whole new village with only hedonistic people, wouldn't that be fun?" Linda was really thrilled.

From the outset they had hoped for a group of 3-4 couples, as that would fit the number of beds in their cottage, but reading the letters and looking at pictures they simply had to include 6 of the answering couples, making it 14 people to the group.

The group met for the first time at a restaurant where they could have a whole room to themselves. As people arrived there was plenty of looking at each other, obviously assessing the erotic radiance and desirability. Linda was surprised how good looking the whole bunch was. She knew there was an age difference from 35 to 55, but they were an outstanding bunch of people who definitely must be active in gyms or wherever, and people with a desire to dress up to their best.

After a welcome-drink the first course was served, and when the doors closed behind the waiters Linda hit her glass with her knife.

"Dear friends. We all know why we are here today. If this dinner is a success we shall form a group, a society, a club, call it what you want, but Hans and I really hope that you are all the open-minded kind of people we like. For practical information I can inform you that everybody has sent me copies of their test-results, and all passed with flying colours. In order to present ourselves to each other I propose that each of us make a small speech, telling about our fantasies and the hopes and expectations for this group. Hans, my dear husband, has persuaded me to start so as to overcome an eventual shyness in any of you. Do you want me to do that?"

There was a general consent round the table and Linda remained standing.

"I am, as you know, Linda. I'm 44 years old, married to Hans for 24 years. We have three kids who have all moved out to pursue education or careers. My wild fantasies go in the direction of exhibitionism, of being a slut, of having sex with several men and most likely with women, too. Plus I feel I am open to any suggestions when it comes to sex." Linda sat down, and her little speech was applauded warmly.

Then Hans rose. "I am Hans, married to Linda. I am 47 years old and my fantasies go towards domination. I dream of enslaving women to my will, prolonged sessions of mild spanking mostly with my hands, role-playing, and making a woman surrender to my wishes even if they sometimes are unusual."

Hans was applauded too. Then Linda looked round. "Who is next? Anybody volunteer?" A tallish blonde woman with a curvy body rose from her chair.

"I'm Ulla. I am 49 years old and I am married to Peter. Unfortunately we never had children so we've had plenty of time for each other. We have never involved other people in our lovemaking before, but we have often shared fantasies. I am a bit on the submissive side, and often when I masturbate or Peter licks me I dream of being forced to do different acts on the border of perversions. I really hope we can form this group. I've been horny since I read Linda's and Hans' advertisement." The applause had hardly died out when her husband got up.

"Hi. I'm Peter and I'm 52. It would be a dream come true at my ripe age, if this group is formed. I am drawn towards strong willed horny women, flashy or trashy makeup, and maybe I am a little bisexual - I don't really know, but I'm thrilled at the thought of holding another man's cock and feed it to my wife." Peter's speech was greeted by several nods and plenty applause.

The next to get up was a tiny black-haired woman, very beautiful with a hint of Asia in her looks. "Hello. I am Lucinda, or Lucy if you want. I am 41 years old and I am married to John. These last 5 or 6 years I think I've been horny 24 hours a day. Just sitting here listening to you has made me so wet I'm afraid I have stained my dress." She turned round, and true to her words a wet stain was spreading on her red silk dress. "I guess my fantasies are running the slut-way like Linda's, and the thought of being fucked blindfolded, so I don't know who it is, can almost make me come untouched. Let us form this family, friends."

One by one people told about dreams, wishes, fantasies and experiences. When the evening ended with the decision to form the group, Lucinda's proposal was accepted and they called it their 'new family'. The first gathering was planned for the following Friday evening at the cottage. The lack of bathrooms and toilets was quickly solved. Among the group were a wholesale appliances company and two carpenters. It was agreed that four guys, including Hans, would meet at the cottage on Wednesday and install sun-powered hot water etc. while they waited for the rest of the family to arrive. Other duties, like supply, cooking, drinks etc. were assigned, as well as a plan for a car pool. The whole party had developed more into a scout-parents' planning session than the formation of a sex family.

Kisses and hugs were shared when they left the party, and everybody drove home in high spirits. "I bet there is going to be quite a lot of fucking tonight", Linda smiled.

Wednesday came round. A lot of hard work was applied, and by Friday afternoon the cottage could boast 2 roomy showers with a capacity of 800 litres of hot water, 3 toilets, two of them indoors, plus 6 solid extra beds in one of the side-rooms. When the first car arrived at 6 o'clock they found the four guys freshly showered, relaxing on the terrace with a beer.

Chapter Two

"Ooooooohhhh, my God, what a wonderful place." The first car-door had hardly opened when Ulla's shrill voice was heard. "This is like some place out of a picture book."

"Well, then welcome", Hans said. "Have a shower or a swim to get rid of that hot-car-atmosphere and then sit down for a drink."

"I'd sure like a swim, which I think the others would too, but nobody told me to bring a swimsuit."

"What on earth would you need that for? There's only us to see you here, and I hope we'll get to see more of you this evening."

Ulla laughed. "Sure, uncle." She turned to the others who were getting out of the car. "Last one for a skinny-dip is a sissy." Her dress and underwear were off in one minute, and pretty soon 5 naked people were running to the shore like a bunch of kids, yelling and laughing. Within the next half hour 3 other cars brought the rest of the family, and everybody who liked it had a swim, except Lucinda.

"No. I just spent an hour putting on a slutty make up for Peter's benefit and I don't want to spoil that."

The four shower-builders received a lot of praise and a lot of kisses for their work. A precooked roast was put into the stove to heat, and by half past six the whole family was seated round the large table on the terrace in different stages of undress. Halfway through the first course Ulla hit her glass and stood up.

"Dear family. Of course my mind has been reeling since our first meeting, and to express it mildly, I've been damp ever since. But I have two things to say. First; can we agree that any proposal or wish can be said, and should always be received kindly, but that a 'no' shall be received just as kindly?" There was a lot of nodding acceptance all around the table. "Secondly: Would you please indulge me? In order for us to get better and faster acquainted, I should love it, if the men would change places every 15 minutes, and there is an obligation to touch at least 3 times and to kiss at least once during those 15 minutes. Are you game?"

A friendly laughter greeted her and everybody nodded agreement, except Lucinda.

"I want Peter first, before anyone else smears the makeup I put on for his benefit." More laughter, and Peter rose from his place and went over to Lucinda. He cradled her head in his big hands and looked into her eyes.

"I'm honoured you took so much trouble, and I like the result sooo much. Just feel under this towel, I'm all hard from looking at you." Lucinda pulled off the towel to reveal a shortish, very fat and very hard cock, which she immediately put her right hand on. Her husband smiled good-naturedly and said: "Seems like the change of places starts now. Do we move one place?"

They were nearing the end of the main course. Places had been changed four times, and a few muffled orgasms had occurred, when everybody's attention was called to Annie, a tall, willowy woman, who was the last 'victim' of an orgasm. She was crying silently, tears running down her cheeks, and Carl who had just brought her off with his hand, was wildly confused.

Annie became aware that everybody was quiet, and she lifted her head. When she looked through her tears at their worried faces, she suddenly flashed a cute smile and said in a very low voice:

"Dearest. This is just so beautiful I can't help crying. I had never imagined that something so wonderful could take place anywhere but in my wildest dreams. It's just that I always cry when I'm really happy - that's why." She threw her arms round Carl's neck and kissed him, while her eyes sought out her husband on the other side of the table. She threw him a finger-kiss, and leaned into Carl again.

Linda got up from her chair and hit her glass. "I don't know about you, but I've been dreaming about this all week, and I'm so damn right horny now that I can't think of any more eating. Let's clear the table and do the dishes and then take dessert later? I really need some good fucking right now." Loud applause greeted her all round the table, and with all 14 people participating, the table and the kitchen were cleared in 10 minutes, the battery operated CD player was started, and people started dancing. Ten minutes later they were split up in groups of three or four people, three of them in the huge living room, one group on the terrace.

"Remember to start the mosquito-candles" was the last thing Hans got to say before his mouth was filled with Annie's right breast.

Chapter Three*

For Lucinda all afternoon and evening had been one long climb uphill, as far as her passion was concerned. The situation was so unlikely for this petite schoolteacher. In her everyday life she always had to dress and behave with utmost care, unless she wanted screaming parents on her doorstep. Not even her time off gave her any relief from this 'moral majority' pressure. Here it was wonderfully reversed. She looked like a whore, she knew that, because that was the way she had applied her makeup and chosen her clothes, with Peter on her mind. And to her utter delight she felt more and more like one, and her husband, John, had looked very appreciative. Whenever she was kissed or touched during dinner, she had turned her body towards him, to make sure he could see what was going on, and when she kissed, she opened her eyes to look for him and see, if he noticed how she enjoyed it.

When the dancing started, it turned out that someone had gone to a great deal of trouble on his or her computer, to burn some CD's with only slow, smoochy melodies. When Peter came over and asked her to dance, it felt like a victory, and a rush of adrenalin paced through her veins.

"I think it's a good thing you cannot feel my pussy right now. How do you like that it has been made so wet by other men touching it and kissing me?"

"Mmmm, that's exciting. Did you really like it?"

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