Detention, a Young Man's Best Friend

by Adiran

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Magic, Heterosexual, Fiction, Size, .

Desc: Sex Story: Andrew is asked to stay after class. Detention is about to become teacher and student's favorite class.

She stood at the chalkboard, writing the next day's lesson plan. If she had to be here, she might as well be productive. Andrew was never one to get in trouble, and it was definitely odd. She had felt him staring at her all day. It made her kind of uneasy. Now that she thought of it, it seemed that he almost wanted to get in trouble. She felt him staring at her again. She turned slightly, and caught him staring at her ass. She had to admit that she did have feminine wiles. Nothing pronounced, but curves where there should be some. It was normal for teenage boys to fantasize. She was proud of her athletic figure. Normally her chestnut hair ran past her shoulders in waves, but today it was tied, brushing the nape of her neck.

Was it getting warm in here? She adjusted her blazer and continued to write. It was definitely getting warmer. She felt flushed. She undid the buttons, revealing her white blouse covering modest breasts, and a firm, flat stomach. A few stray hairs were sticking to her forehead. It wasn't warm anymore, it was hot. She was nearly panting. She looked over her shoulder, and he was still there, but he didn't look warm, he did have a knowing look in his eyes though. What was happening to her? She felt a tightness in her chest. It was getting hard to breathe. Suddenly she didn't feel comfortable in her clothes. Her skirt was too tight, and her bra felt like it was digging in to her. Her bra WAS digging in to her. Somehow her breasts had started to grow, and the fabric was straining to contain them. She took off the blazer and hung it on the back of the chair. She could feel her heartbeat through out her body, a pounding in every vein. Her breasts continued to swell, and she rushed to the door, only to find Andrew there, blocking her path. The door was shut and locked.

"Ms. Kallaghan, we have to talk," he said. "I've been thinking about you, and how you look at other women and are jealous of their 'endowments'. You shouldn't be, you're beautiful the way you are. I can give you what you want though. I can give you what you need." Her face flushed. She turned away, embarrassed. Her bra felt like it was cutting into her. She had to do something, but what? Her pulse beat faster. Panic was setting in, and it wasn't helping that her bra was digging into her. She thought she couldn't take anymore, but then snaps gave way, and her breasts swung free in sweet release. They were much heavier than they were, but surprisingly, they were still as perky as they had been. She reached up a hand and touched her left breast and she was shocked. It was firm, round, and more the filled her hand. These were the breasts she had always wanted.

She felt Andrew's hot breath on her neck. Lightly, his lips brushed her skin. She knew she should stop him. Relations between teachers and students were strictly prohibited. He kissed her neck again. The brief, gentle sucking at her neck was distracting her. She couldn't think, or she didn't want to. It felt so good, and no man had been interested in a while. The large hands on her hips certainly felt like a man's. She was only 5 years older than him. It wasn't really that big a deal. His hand moved up, brushing her stomach through the fabric. Shivers ran down her spine and arms, she sucked in a breath. He certainly knew what he was doing.

"It feels good, doesn't it, Sarah?" He asked. "Yes, I think you'll like these." She felt his hand brush her nipple and she moaned in pleasure. Turning, she leaned into his hand.

"Mmm, yes," she breathed. Her eyes slid shut. Her nipples were much more sensitive than they had been before. They were pressed into the thin silk fabric, hardening, stretching, yearning for more. She tilted her head back and his mouth covered hers. Andrew's tongue traced along her lips, and then pressed on, delving deeper into her mouth. He pulled her hair from the elastic, letting it flow again, and his other hand was at the small of her back, guiding her into him. She sucked on his tongue, caressing it with her own. His large hand slid up her sides to her breasts again and she moaned and pulled free.

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