Power Shift

by sarna

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, NonConsensual, DomSub, Rough, .

Desc: Sex Story: A Dominant loses control of her male sub.

I come home from work and there you are on your knees waiting by the door. You are naked and your hard, thick cock tempts me to ride you until we are both unable to move but I control the impulse. There will be plenty of time to enjoy your delicious body later.

You greet me with kisses on my feet, as a good slave should. Weak men have never appealed to me so I command you to stand. I enjoy looking up at you and knowing that, while I am smaller, I am in control.

After a delicious meal prepared by your loving hands, you bathe me in a warm, vanilla scented bath. Vanilla seems to make you hunger in more ways than one and I love it when you have a difficult time maintaining control. Your sensual pain pleases the sadist in me. I glory in the frustration and agony reflected in your dark eyes.

Your handsome face becomes hard as stone so as not to betray the torment you are enduring.

I drape my hip-length, blonde hair over the back of the tub, lay my head back and close my eyes as your big hands gently bathe my shoulders, arms and neck before lathering my firm breasts. My nipples stand out proudly, begging for attention and the rough texture of you hands sends a shock through me.

I peek at you through my lashes. You look intent as you massage my aching breasts and I wonder what you would do if I gave you control tonight. My mind is filled with images of your hard cock pounding into my eager but defenseless pussy. Maybe...

The thrill of soapy hands gliding over my flat belly interrupts my thoughts. They dip into my belly button then slide down over each hip to my long legs. They linger at my feet and a smile lifts my full lips at the incredibly erotic wave that is washing over me as your strong hands firmly massage my feet. This is my favorite part. My feet. You know that nothing turns me on more than a foot massage. It's like there is a direct nerve from my feet to my pussy and you know just how to stimulate it.

My pussy is throbbing in anticipation of it's turn to be bathed. As always, you respond to my needs as if by magic. Your soapy hands are caressing the insides of my legs then up to my hairless mound. I part my legs and you cover my pussy with your hand then begin to rub gently back and forth. One finger has slippped between the swollen lips and is making contact with my hard little clit. A searing wave of pleasure causes me to moan, to open my legs wider for your ministrations.

Jesus! That is all I can bear. I instruct you to rinse me quickly then I step out of the bath to be dried with a soft, thirsty towel. You are very thorough, not missing an inch of my sun-bronzed skin.

I command you to sit on the edge of my massive bed and keep your hands behind your head. Your cock is hard as granite and I know that you want me as desperately as I want you. Tonight we will fuck. No making love or emotional clinging. Just fucking.

I climb onto your lap. Your thick cock slides between the hot lips of my pussy and over my clit as I am rocking my hips up and down, up and down. Never penetrating, only anticipating the relief of you inside of me.

The muscles in your chest jump as my lips close over your flat nipple to suck and tease it to hardness. Your control is amazing. You keep your hands behind your head but I can see your bulging biceps flexing with the need to put your hands on me. To take control.

I spear my hands through your dark, shiny hair and drag your mouth down to mine. My tongue sweeps the inside of your mouth then draws your tongue into mine. The friction of your iron-hard cock rubbing over my throbbing clit is tempting me to raise my pussy just an inch more and slam down on your cock, to feel that satisfying fullness.

My hand reaches behind me to roll your balls in my palm. I squeeze them gently then with more force while I suck on your tongue and slide my pussy faster on your huge cock.

My teasing is causing beads of sweat to trickle down your face and your balls begin to tighten in my massaging hand.

"Don't cum yet, slave. I'll tell you when." I whisper close to your ear and I nip at your earlobe with my sharp teeth. You remain very still and I feel the power I have over this strong, handsome man surge through my body.

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