Same Bed, Different Wife

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Slut Wife, Group Sex, First, Oral Sex, Petting, Exhibitionism, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Robert and Linda are experienced mate swappers and they introduce Lydia and Larry to the experience.

Robert was lying in between the shapely sexy legs of the young shapely brunette and his hands were covering both of her medium-sized breasts as he slid his big hard cock into her pussy. He'd just finished eating her pussy until she'd orgasmed on his face and now both he and her were ready to fuck each other.

In the other bed, an equally beautiful blonde woman was in the process of guiding the hard thick cock of the man she was about to fuck up into her tight waiting pussy. She had large breasts that were nice and high on her body, and she was bent over, using her hand to guide his hardon up inside her so she could ride his dick and fuck him on top.

The brunette flat on her back underneath Robert was Lydia, the wife of the guy in the bed next to him who was about to find his cock up inside Linda, Robert's wife. Lydia's husband was named Larry and the two couples had just gotten together for the first time that night in their search for suitable and compatible couples to swap mates with. Robert and Linda had quickly felt like Lydia and Larry were an ideal couple to swap for an evening of sex and while their original plans had been for the swaps to take place and then the subsequent sex to occur in different rooms, Linda had suggested that they go into the same room and enjoy the hot sexiness of fucking each other's mates while the other couple was there to share the experience.

Robert had thoroughly enjoyed sliding his face up between Lydia's sexy thighs and eating her for some time and bringing her off at least three times. At the same time, Linda had been sucking Larry's cock while he'd been eating her out as they had 69'ed with each other on the other bed there beside them. It had been incredibly hot for both swapped couples. Robert had always enjoyed having sex with Linda, but whenever he and her got the notion to swap with another sexy couple, he really found it arousing when he heard those same sexy moans and groans coming from his bride but being caused by some other woman's husband. And, as long as he was making the other guy's wife equally hot and horny and turned on, Robert loved it totally.

"Ohhhhhh, baby," Linda moaned as she settled her pussy down onto the thick hardness of Larry's cock as it slid up inside her wet pussy and gradually filled her until her wet pussy lips touched his crotch. "You feel so good, Larry," Linda said as she sat there, impaled on Larry's big hardon while she gathered her concentration to begin fucking him. At the same time, Robert had already successfully mounted Lydia and now he had pushed her legs back up towards her ass, her ankles touching her butt as he leveraged himself up over her and began to thrust his hard dick in and out of her pussy.

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