Appearances and Reality

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Teenagers, Consensual, Safe Sex, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: Lauren is what everyone thinks is "a nice girl" who never does anything sexy or inappropriate. But, after Lauren turns 18 and is ready to graduate from high school, she decides to shed her Miss Nice Girl image.

Lauren was a very cute and nicely built young woman. She was now 18 years old, of legal age to do anything and everything she wanted. That was the reality that she now could do things she'd only fantasized about and dreamed about -- which in many respects were things she'd never been seen doing or known of doing before.

Lauren had seemed to be a very nice, very responsible and very good girl. She'd always worn clothes that weren't too tight, too revealing, or too suggestive. In her last two years of school, she'd really started to develop the curves and roundedness of a developing young woman. In her sophomore year, Lauren had began wearing a B-cup bra and by her senior year, she'd moved into the first stages of needing a C-cup to adequately hold her growing breasts. She'd dated various guys but it was known by every boy in the school that Lauren was a good girl, she didn't put out, she didn't even kiss on the first date, and there was no point asking her out if a guy had those things as high priorities of things on his mind.

Nothing is ever like it appears -- the girls who make out in public like they're "good" and don't play around -- they're sometimes the ones who are actually banging their boyfriends on a regular basis. And, some of the girls who seem to dress the sexiest and seem to carry the reputation for putting out the most, they're the ones who really aren't engaging in that much sex after all; they're just wanting everyone to think they are. So, what things appear on the surface is definitely not reality in many cases. Lauren was going to prove to be a classic example of that.

Lauren was a classic example of the "good girl" who wanted everybody to think that but underneath she was a wanton lusty young teenager who wanted to get fucked as much as she could. She'd put on that nice girl front for years and whenever she had the chance, she let her more lusty and sexy side come out. Tonight was one of those special nights. Lauren was determined that she was going to get her boyfriend Ben's cock inside her pussy that night or know the reason why. And, the second option was not acceptable -- she was going to get herself fucked.

Lauren's boyfriend was a jock, one of the all-star tackles from the senior class on the football team and she knew that he'd pack quite a wallop when they had sex. She'd already felt him up several times but they hadn't fucked yet. Lauren had felt her pussy get extremely wet the first time she'd gotten her hand on his erection and when she'd actually pulled it out of his pants, she found herself longing to suck his big cock and even to have him fuck her. Lauren couldn't wait any longer.

Lauren had arranged for her boyfriend to take her out that night, and she made sure he took her hints and brought along a couple of blankets for them to "lie out underneath the stars on". She laughed at the knowledge that he'd taken her serious on the stargazing part. She also tried to give him a bit of a hint about what she had in mind by asking him if he had a new box of condoms that he could bring along, too.

"Condoms? Did you say condoms, Lauren?" her boyfriend asked as he couldn't believe that his girlfriend had even hinted that she might be willing for him to fuck her.

"Yes, silly, condoms. Like the thing you use to put on your dick when you have sex so you won't get me pregnant?" Lauren said as she laughed and realized that she'd pretty well shown her plan to her horny boyfriend at that point. "Baby, I'm gonna give you reason to use an entire package of rubbers before the weekend's over."

Lauren showed her boyfriend just the place she'd had in mind for their little hot evening of unrestricted sex together. She had him get the blankets out and then she showed him where she wanted them laid out so they could play together unobserved and undisturbed. Lauren walked into her boyfriend's waiting arms, putting her body close against his and she quickly felt his cock hardening into a very sexy hardon that she couldn't wait to get uncovered. Before she began letting him undress her, she looked up into his eyes and asked him again, "You did remember the condoms, right?" and he nodded his head in instant acknowledgement that he'd done what Lauren had requested of him.

Lauren moved her body against her boyfriend's in an effort to turn him on so much that he'd lose control, quickly undress her and then fuck her brains out there in the glen of the forest where they'd put out their blankets.

"You know, Ben, everybody thinks I'm a good little girl and I'd never do anything adventurous or naughty, but you're about to find out that Lauren's just like every other girl in the high school. I'm horny, I'm lusty, I've got sexual needs like every other girl, and there's no such thing as "a nice girl" anymore," Lauren said as she stood back from Ben, reached down, unzipping his pants and his belt and then quickly had Ben's hardon out of his pants as she pulled his pants and his briefs down clear to his ankles. With his cock and his balls exposed, Lauren was able to do something she'd been wanting to do with him for a long time -- suck his cock and caress his big balls.

While Lauren started sucking on Ben's exposed cock, she felt her nipples hard in her bra and her pussy was quickly very wet as she could feel the crotch of her panties soaked with her pussy juices. When Lauren knew Ben was totally hard and more than ready to fuck, she stood, pulled her top off and her pants and, standing there in only a very sexy bra and thong, Lauren pushed Ben back onto his back there on the blanket, moving down again on him to take his cock in her mouth and to caress his big cum-filled balls before she mounted him to give him her pussy for the first time.

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