Painter's Canvas

by LordDragonsWing

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, .

Desc: Sex Story: Within the world of art, life is given and taken away.

She stood there motionless. Her nude body reflecting the light that flowed in through the windows. Shadows cast angles under her chin and breast. Her muscles ached from the pose she'd held so long. Beads of sweat trickled off her nipples and down her flat belly. Moving just her green eyes, she glanced at the man sitting just 10 feet in front of her. His balding head moved back and forth behind the canvas. Flesh colored paint covered his jeans. His barefeet gripping the wooden floor.

Standing there waiting, Kim began to wonder what the finished creation would look like. Nothing slutty she hoped. She'd taken this sitting for the money it offered. With that sum she could buy textbooks for the next semester and have a little left over for food. Medical school was expensive to say the least. Grants and student loans had helped. But she still needed the income that sittings like this brought in. That's why she did these sittings.

Artist were strange people at best, but this guy seemed even stranger. Kim thought back to the initial meeting with Ron. He seemed pretty normal at the time. Sitting in the booth, sipping coffee and showing her his portfolio, he seemed no different than other artist she'd posed for. The fact that he sold alot of his work impressed her even more. That's why he offered the sum he did for two days of posing. He'd said he wanted to do something different. Something bewitching and surreal. A painting that you felt in more places than just the mind.

Watching Ron stand and stretch behind the canvas, Kim knew it was getting time for a break. Not moving a limb, she sat still as the dust in the streaming sun drifted over her lean body. Moving her eyes to the wall, noticing the unsold paintings, Kim was impressed at the completed works. A small child holding a daisy in the park, a scene of New York during the rush hour highlighting a lone woman. All painted with bold strokes, each showing innocence and beauty.

"Okay, take ten."

Moving her limbs, Kim stretches in the sun. Turning to watch Ron staring at his canvas, his brushes gripped in his mouth, Kim reaches and grabs her robe. Slipping her arms into the cotton fleeced robe, Kim turns and walks toward the painting.

"So, can I see yet? This is the last day you know."

Ron raises his head and looks at Kim. His blue eyes seeming to stare beyond her.

"No, not yet. We've still got hours to go before it's done."

Pouring herself a cup of tea, Kim glances around the room again. Visions of how Ron sees the world covers the walls. Paintings of innocence are few, those of seduction are more rampant. Wrapping her robe tightly around her thin frame, Kim stretches her legs as she walks along the borders of the room.

"Ron, let me ask you something if you don't mind?"

Ron looks up from the canvas as he walks away.

"Okay, ask away."

Kim cocks her head to one side and turns to look at her employer.

"Most of your paintings are abstract. That's popular today. Why change to something surrealistic?"

Ron takes the brushes and slips them into the glass of turpentine. Shaking his head, his hand moves over his balding scalp.

"Well, it's like this. To many artist abstract are commercialized. It's been that way since the 50's at least. Something that is surreal and grabs the body, not just the mind. That is where art is going now... And trust me, this painting is going to grab more than just the mind."

Turning to look at Ron, his head glistening under the light, Kim arches an eyebrow.

"I'm not going to be some slut in someone's dream am I? I mean, this all looks cheap to me. No lights, no background. Not like what I'm use to."

Ron grabs a glass of tea and smiles.

"No, not a slut. But in their dreams? Well, that's a possibility. As for the lights and background, let the others use those. I don't create my scenes the way some artist do. Let the sun give me shadows, I'll adjust. At least it's natural."

Kim sips her tea as she turns back to the paintings. A possibility? Hmmmmm, that could be interesting. Not a good way to start you're career as a physician, but who's going to see it anyway? And if anyone did, would they recognize her? Looking up at a painting, Kim doubted it.

"Okay, breaks over. Let's get back to it."

Kim took another sip of tea as she let the robe drop over the bench. Moving her body to the stool, she took up the pose again. Her long brunette hair flowing over her pale shoulders. Her left hand pressed against her thigh as her right hand pressed against her firm belly. She raised her left leg to support her high heel on the stool. Letting the right leg hang loosely, she spread her thighs apart, revealing her trimmed pussy. Turning her head to the left, she stared into the windows. The sun once again moving over her body as it cast it's shadows.

Ron, nodded with satisfaction at the pose. Reaching down, he grabbed his brushes.

"Now, it's time to paint the real picture."

Arching an eyebrow, Kim dared not to move. Her body firm and set in the afternoon sun. Moving her eyes, she watches Ron grab his brushes and palette.

"Okay Kim, now comes the ending. I need to paint the tones on your body before the sun sets. Just be still and this won't take long."

Kim moves her eyes to Ron. Watching him dab his brush into the tanned paint she tightens her muscles. Moving her eyes rapidly around the room she tries to ignore the brush as it strokes under her breast.

Moving her eyes to watch Ron, Kim shudders under the touch of the camel haired brush. Feeling her nipples grow hard, she releases the air in her lungs with a gasp. Sinking back into her train of concentration, Kim wonders why the brush excites her. Her mind goes back to school. Struggling to concentrate on the lessons.

Trying to ignore the slow strokes of the brush under her breast, Kim looks around the room. Moving her eyes back to Ron, working his brushes under her breast, Kim moans. Ron raises his head and smiles.

"It's okay. I'm going to capture the shadows on your thighs before the sun goes down."

Kim feels her thighs tighten as Ron tells her his plans. Her trimmed pussy working it's muscles as she thinks about the brush stroking her.

Setting as still as a statue, Kim feels the tip of the brush moving over her nipples. Slowly her ass begins to move against the seat of the stool. Beginning to squirm from the brushes caress, Kim feels her juices begin to flow onto the seat.

"Oh my God!"

Ron reaches down and spreads Kim's thighs. Taking the brushes, he paints the toned colors leading up to her thighs.

Kim moans as each stroke caresses her skin. Feeling the wetness of the paint, the tip of the brush against her skin, Kim's body begins to move with each stroke of the brush. Moving her hand over Ron's balding head, Kim moans as the brush strokes closer to her pussy.

"Stop Ron, please. If you don't I'm going to cum."

Watching Ron's hands, Kim eyes them stroking her thighs faster with the brushes. Strokes moving up her thighs with colors of the flesh entice her body to shudder. She quivers under the touch of the brush moving faster up her thighs. Moving her hips with the rhythm of the brush, Kim opens her legs to Ron. It's been too long. Her body releases her pleasure to the artist.

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