Harvesting Kim

by LordDragonsWing

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Romantic, .

Desc: Sex Story: In the heat of a garden, two lovers discover each other.

Damn! Who would of thought that could happen in the garden? Definitely not me! But everytime I think about it I get those little bumps all over. You know the ones. Not the ones that make your skin crawl, the one's that give you a shiver of excitement. Just thinking about what happened that day long ago and I still get those damn bumps.

You ever gardened? I don't mean the small flower beds or a couple plants in a pot. I'm talking about a decent size plot that you have to fence in to keep the deer and other animals out. Well, some animals anyway. This particular wild one I'll always let into the plot. Especially when it's harvest time. Of course, I'm sure you would also. Damn, there go those bumps again.

On this particular day the Alabama sun was really beating down. It had to be 100 degress if it was anything. A real scorcher. That's why I was just wearing shorts and an old T-shirt. By the time I left I was sure to be reddened on top of the dark tan I already had. Even working quickly wasn't going to help. The sun was going to burn. Thank the garden gods for automatic sprinklers. At least I didn't have to stay out there and water. Just set the timer and wham!!!!! The sprinklers would soak everything.

Besides, I really wanted to get back to the house. Kim was visiting this weekend and I promised her we'd spend time together. Who's Kim? Oh, she's a friend from work. Every so often she likes to get away from the rat race we call a city and come out to the country and relax. I mean just relax. Kick back on the deck, watch the sun set over the pond, sip a glass of cool wine. You know what that's like. No pressure, no traffic, just kicking back laughing and letting the stress slip away.

Well, this morning Kim was sleeping late in the guestroom. She always slept there. Like I said we're just friends. She had gotten here late last night, Friday, and had kicked back on the deck drinking wine and chatting away. It's always fun to have Kim over. When you live so far from civilization and the nearest neighbor is over a mile away, some company during the weekend helps break the monotony of living alone.

That's why I was rushing to get the weeds pulled and do a quick spraying on the garden before she woke up. We didn't really have anything planned. Just a few hours riding the horses and then an afternoon of swimming in the pond. I just thought I'd rush through then fix a bite to eat so we both could start the day full of energy.

I was nearly done when Kim surprised me. Sneaking up behind me as I was bent down pulling some weeds out of the tomatoes. She just had to make the comment "Nice Ass."

Being caught by surprise, and of course my mind roaming, I jumped up immediately. Turning to face that girlish giggle, I looked straight into those big brown eyes. Damn, it was easy to get lost looking into those eyes. Even with the flash of mischief she had as I turned red as the beets, I could easily lose myself to this friend.

Watching those eyes roam around the garden I just stuttered when she asked "So, is the sun that hot already or did I just make you blush?"

There's that giggle again. Damn, she got me a good one. Flashing Kim a big smile I glanced back at the tomatoes. "No way, I was bent over and the blood rushed to my head."

The mischief in Kim's eyes flash again as she giggled and strolled over to the tomato plants. Watching her bend over to help pull the weeds I couldn't help but notice the short white pants and cotton T-shirt she's wearing.

Bending over beside her I stared down at the weeds and grin. "You're ass looks nice also in case no one's every told you."

Kim giggles as she looks over at me smearing some dirt onto her long tanned legs. "Oh I hear that alot. But never from anyone I've cared about before."

I can feel the blood rushing to my head as I begin to blush. Coughing, well choking actually, I turn and look into her tanned face as her blonde hair hangs loosely in front of her. Grabbing a freshly pulled weed I toss it at her slender thighs playfully.

As the small mound of dirt splashes against her she laughs and stands up straight. Wiping her thighs slowly she flashes her smile at me. "Ohhhhh, Now you're in trouble boyo. That ass is mine."

Suddenly I jump as Kim's small hand grabs a part of my ass. Not a large part mind you, her hands are small and delicate. But enough to make me fall over in surprise. Falling into the bed of tomatoes I look up at Kim. Damn, where did that come from? Noticing some nice ripe fruit hanging on the vines I reach up and grab a plump tomato as I slowly stand and smile at Kim mischievpously.

Watching Kim's eye's widen in surprise I grin as I slowly approach her with the ripe tomato in my hand.

"Oooooh, no you don't! You know I don't like those things."

Grinning wickedly I take a large bite from the fruit as I let the juice run down my chin into my goatee.

"I know, but who says you can't wear one?"

I watch Kim grin as she straightens her back and returns my grin. Damn, I've never noticed how her breast stand out so straight or how those short pants form to every curve of her thighs. God, I need to get out more. Or do I? Maybe staying here in the country with a friend such as Kim would be perfect. No, she's just a friend. That's it! Right?

Walking up next to Kim I can feel the heat from the sun scorching down more than I did earlier. But is it really the sun, or is it me? Can this 35 year old woman, dressed in white short shorts and a cotton T-shirt have this effect on me?

Slowly I hold the dripping tomato over her breast as she looks at me smiling. Leaning forward, Kim takes a bite out of the juicy fruit, letting the warm liquid run down her chin as her tongue moves around her lips.

"I never said I didn't eat anything warm."

Dropping the tomato to the ground, I reach up and take her by the chin. Leaning over I lick the juice running from her mouth. Feeling her hand run through my curly brown hair I listen as she whispers:

"I was wondering how long it would take you."

Wrapping my arms around her I press Kim closer to my sweating body. Feeling her relax as our lips open to each other, our tongues dancing inside our open mouths, I get lost in the feel of her hands moving over my body.

Moving my hand around Kim's neck, I pull her passion closer. We become lost, running our hands over each other's sweat drenched body. Touching and exploring, feeling each other's bodies as we never have before.

Suddenly, the timers on the sprinklers begin to go off. Standing there, tangled in each other's grasp, our bodies are covered in cool water. Moving my hand down Kim's back I feel the wet T-shirt pressing against her bare skin.

Running my tongue over her soft lips I can taste the salt from her face running into our mouths. As I move my hand lower to her firm ass I press her taut body against me. I can feel Kim moving her right leg around mine as she presses her body closer against mine.

Grabbing Kim's taut little ass, I press myself closer against her wet shorts as she grabs my ass with her delicate hands.

"God, you have no idea how long I've wanted to hold your ass in my hands."

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