Cadbury in Service

by Robin

Copyright© 2004 by Robin

Sex Story: I wrote this story for a friend of mine. She and her dog are best friends, soul mates and yes, lovers. I hope you like this one.

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Consensual   Romantic   Zoophilia   First   Bestiality   .

Jenny dangled her unadorned legs over the edge of the bed, her slippers had fallen off and landed on the carpeted floor silently, one across the other. Her thoughts raced and anticipation mounted with her heart as it beat faster in her chest.

It wasn't her first time, but she had decided that she wanted to take it to the next level and a Friday night would give her ample time to recover if she needed it. Just the thought of her long-term lover and his experience caused her to breathe a little more rapidly and her pulse to quicken. The heat in her belly and sex rose like a furnace of desire. There would only be one way to quench the need, but she didn't want to rush it.

She lay back and rested her head on the pillows she had arranged to support her. Almost automatically, her fingers found her lips and parted the silken folds. Her fingertips told of the smouldering heat and her natural wetness. A slight touch with her index finger against her clit was like an electric shock. A buzz of intense feeling travelled through her stomach and produced a shivering thrill. Just the thought of what was to come had her on the precipice of a major orgasm that threatened to boil over and erupt like Vesuvius.

She wanted to hold on though and share her climax with her partner. She pictured him in her minds eye in a third person perception and replayed the scene she had been dreaming about for so long. The visual images playing behind her closed lids almost took her over the edge and she took her fingers away from the temptation of rubbing her clit and fucking her to a crashing high. It was a supreme effort and Jenny contented herself with a taste of her moisture and female lubrication as she sucked off her wetness from slickened fingers.

She was ready, but he hadn't entered the room yet. Jenny knew he would come, eventually, as he always did in the night and tried to relax and calm down. The scenes continued to play in her imagination, she watched, as a voyeur might, the couple entwined on the bed and she couldn't help but stroke her wanting lips again, bringing her to the edge once more. Once more though, she managed to control the natural urge to complete the action to a logical conclusion. It took her a little longer this time to return to anything like a controlled condition. Cadbury had better hurry up and come in from the back yard, otherwise, she would have lost complete control and frigged herself into a stupor.

She made a conscious effort to cap the threatening eruption and managed to snooze for a few minutes although she dreamed her plan, observing herself and Cadbury from a high vantage point as she had for some time now. It maintained her high of sexual anticipation and her heart rate diminished only a little.

The click of claws on the wooden floor woke her. Immediately, adrenalin coursed through her veins, raised her awareness and turned up the heat even more. She was sweating from the internal furnace that broiled and rampaged through her system.

Jenny couldn't hear him, but she knew exactly where he was. Cadbury was sitting between her parted knees, just far enough away to not be touching her. In an empathetic communication, she felt his head cock to one side as her scent wafted to his sinuses. She heard his tail thump on the floor in a hollow tympanic tattoo that was in time with her own heart. Their empathetic communication relayed his mounting interest and they shared the excitement of the effects of her seminal fluid as it tripped over his olfactory nerve ends and signalled her need for him.

Silently, she asked him to come closer and was rewarded with the soft sound of his pads coming closer across the carpet. She observed from her third person dream position, how the dog raises his nose to get a better smell of her, she saw how close he was to her nerve centre and watched as he licked his muzzle, tasting the heavily scented air.

Her consciousness was brought back to her body with a sudden jolt. His cold wet nose just touched her clit in a passing exploratory nudge; she reacted as if she had been electrocuted. Her insides turned to water and her breathing came in shallow pants, making her heart rate raise even higher in the effort to oxygenate her blood and cope with the extra demands of her internal organs.

But, this is what they shared on many occasions and her fingers lightly gripped her lips and opened her to him, exposing her inner womanhood for his inspection. Cadbury obliged and his nose took in her aroma, brushing lightly against her parted lips. Jenny almost came at that point, but somehow managed to control her need for release. His soft floppy ears brushes tantalisingly against her inner thighs and added to the confusion of sensorial information crowding her brain.

Then, in one heart stopping moment, Cadbury's tongue flicked out and placed a most intimate caress to her sex. In one fluid motion, his taste and smell receptors signalled her condition of heightened arousal. In that one fluid motion, Jenny's mind flew away and surrendered to the animalistic urge to mate. She was reduced to a primal state and reverted in that second to her most basic level. She grunted and managed to stop herself from clamping her knees together and trapping him in a suffocation embrace. Instead, her heels knocked against the side of the divan in spasmodic jerks. Cadbury, seemingly unaware of what his tongue had caused, repeated the act again and again, then was rewarded with a nose full of Jenny's fluids as she crashed through her orgasm with a surprised shriek.

Her back arched almost throwing her off the bed, she had to bite her hand to stop from screaming. The anticipation and gradual build up to this point had overwhelmed her and the release was unstoppable.

Her come left her body in a gushing flood, instantly soaking the towel she had placed over the edge of the bed, it liberally coated Cadbury's face and made him sneeze as it invaded his nose and it splashed to the floor, pooling for a moment and then soaking into the carpet.

The suddenness and violence of her orgasm caused them to break and pause. Cadbury was still trying to clear his sinuses while Jenny calmed to a manageable level through mini after shocks that gradually receded.

"Oh God Cadbury!" He looked up at the mention of his name. "That was unbelievable."

As if in agreement, Cadbury nuzzled against her shaking legs and then rested his chin on her stomach, waiting for a command or something to tell him what to do. They had been lovers now for some time and on many occasions, he had brought her to a shuddering climax with his tongue, but this had been very different in the intensity of her reaction. It confused him a little, but at the same time, struck a base chord in his own instinctive responses.

As she calmed down, her hands felt for and found his head. Jenny stroked him, making soft cooing noises, more to gain control over her self than to soothe the dog. She scooted up onto the bed, leaving the spreading stain on the floor and folding her legs up. Cadbury took his cue from her actions and smoothly jumped up alongside her naked body. She cuddled and stroked him while calming further.

Cadbury stretched and inched his way up the bed until his head was level with hers. A stroke of his tongue over her throat and under her ear made her giggle, releasing the tension and relaxing them. He licked her again under her ear and got a completely different response. Jenny stiffened and waited to see what he would do next. Her hands slid down to her sides and she turned her face towards Cadbury. She mumbled something that neither of them understood; perhaps it was just a contribution to the tableau or permission for him to take her. In any case, he licked her face with his broad, pliable and expert tongue; she turned slightly more towards him and kissed his tongue as it travelled over her mouth. Her lips parted exposing her teeth, which also parted to accept him into her mouth in an intimate consummation of love. Her heart skipped a beat and instantly, the internal fires were stoked to a raging temperature.

Her hand that lay flat on the bed found his cock and grasped him lightly. In this position, his sheath fully covered him, but the promise of his stiffening member was enough for now.

Breathlessly, she broke their kiss and rolled half over towards him. For a moment, they were chest to chest; she could feel the rapid beat of his heart. Jenny inched her way down the crumpled sheets, all the time lightly gripping his cock. She pushed him over so that he was on his back.

It was Jenny's turn to flick out her tongue and return the favour. The tip of his penis protruded from its protective sheath and received a lash of her tongue. His was new territory for them. Jenny had been content to allow Cadbury to bring her off with his tongue up to now, but a little guilt or just a desire to take it further had started the dreams and now this.

She pulled his furry sheath back slowly and gently, she didn't want him to get upset by this turn of events and, in truth, wasn't sure herself, just how it would go. His sheath slid back easily, exposing the sensitive rod inside. Jenny took him into her mouth, immediately tasting his precum and his peculiar scent. It was bigger than she imagined, but with no experience of a dogs cock, she had nothing to compare it to.

Cadbury opened his legs as a puppy does when its belly is rubbed. It had the effect of thrusting his cock forward as she slid him into her mouth and sucked him gently. Gradually, she managed a little more than the tip, getting a couple of inches into her virgin throat. She massaged the base of his cock, pumping him in long strokes and slowly building him to erectness. His cock filled with blood and thickened between her teeth. Jenny wondered idly, just how big it would get and worried that he might be too big for her to accommodate.

Her tongue massaged his engorged cock and manipulated him deeper into her mouth. She sensed his mounting excitement and felt him twitching as his cock reached a rigidity that demanded her attention. She bobbed her head, gently sucking and milking his precum. Cadbury gave an involuntary thrust, pushing the pointed tip further into her warm and willing mouth. Jenny accepted him and needed to scratch her nose where his soft fur tickled. Her light grasp on his cock had now pulled his sheath completely back and she felt the beginnings of a swelling of his knot. She managed to get more of him into her mouth, but knew that any more would provoke an instinctive gagging. Cadbury was matching her bobbing head with small thrust of his own and then, with a sigh, he shot a thin stream of come over her tongue. Surprised at the heat of his fluid, Jenny allowed it to escape and took him out of her mouth.

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