Winter's Heart

by LordDragonsWing

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Desc: Sex Story: From the cold of the blizzard a man discovers love.

Being stuck in a mountain cabin with a beautiful friend isn't bad at all. Being stuck in the cabin without electricity and heavy snowfall takes on a new meaning to being uncomfortable. Especially when you're from the south and hate the cold.

That's what happened to Kim and I last year during a week in the Rockies. We thought we'd take sometime off during the holiday season and spend a romantic week in the mountains. I actually thought this would be the perfect setting to propose. You know, firelight, champagne and a seductive dessert. Just the two of us cuddled up in front of the fireplace enjoying each others company. With heat and running water conveniently available of course.

It probably would of helped if we'd of listened to the weather more closely. When we tuned into the Weather Channel and they said snow in the Rockies we couldn't resist. We should of listened to how much snow was predicted. Of course, I should of taken the hint from the rental agent when I called her. She got real quiet.

"You know we're expecting a lot of snow this week?"

Smiling and picturing Kim and I hugging in front of the fireplace, the snow drifting down outside. Well, I guess I just didn't listen too well. So I just nodded my head expecting the agent to hear the beans rattling upstairs.

"Oh, yea. Sure do. We can handle the snow."

After booking the cabin and flight, the rental car came next. Since it was the Rockies and we'd seen all those commercials about jeeps conquering trails, that's what we chose. After throwing sweaters, jeans, coats and some other essential items for two lovebirds on a week getaway, we headed to the airport.

Arriving at the New Orleans airport, Kim and I both felt like kids again. Giggling and laughing, playing grab ass in lobby. I guess the other passengers thought we had a lot of growing up to do. It didn't bother me though, especially being able to tweak Kim's tight little ass each time she grabbed mine.

The flight to Aspen wasn't anything exciting. Sipping sodas and chatting about how romantic the week was going be. Just the thought of it made me horny. Especially when Kim would rest her hand on my crotch. Needless to say, I had to sit there awhile after the plane landed just so I could stand up. Kim's giggling and that mischevious twinkle in those brown eyes of hers didn't help matters.

After throwing our luggage in the jeep it was off to the agents office for the cabin keys. On the way, Kim threw on a sweater which just happened to have a new nightie stuck to it. Looking at me and smiling, innocently pulling the black teddie off her sweater, Kim's eyes begin to twinkle.

"Oh, look what I found. I wonder where that came from?"

Glancing over at Kim mockingly and picturing her in the teddie with her tanned skin, I decide it's best she goes inside to get the keys. Leaning over and giving me a kiss before she heads into the office, Kim runs her hand over my bulge.

"Don't worry baby. It'll be nice and cool in the mountains. Just the thing that'll help cure that knot you keep getting."

Mumbling as Kim runs up the stairs giggling, I reach back and grab a sweater out of the open luggage. Slipping it over my head, I turn and look towards the mountains. Each peak covered in white, thrusting itself into the blue sky. Staring sharply, I imagine the skiers heading down the slopes. Their bodies twisting and turning on each bump.

Kim jumps into the jeep with her face all alight.

"We've got a hot tub on the patio! Woohoo!"

Laughing as I pull the jeep onto the highway, I look around for the nearest grocer. Sitting beside me, her blonde hair draped over she shoulders, Kim scans through the directions to the cabin.

"This isn't too hard to follow honey. Just go where I point and we'll be there in about an hour."

Trying not to choke as I pull into the store, I glance over at Kim.

"Okay. We'll grab some food for the week and I'll go the opposite way you point. Then we'll find it."

Slapping me on the arm and continuing to smile, Kim grabs her purse and heads into the grocers.

Grabbing a basket and joining Kim, she immediately begins tossing food, wine and personal items into the cart. Watching her go through the store like a tornado I'm amazed how efficient she is with her shopping. Just the woman you'd want to spend the rest of your life with. Patting the ring in my pocket, I smile as we head to the checkout.

Unloading the basket on the counter, I notice the three cans of whipped cream stuffed underneath the chips and steaks. Looking up at Kim chatting away with the cashier I grin. This is pay back time for that cool air and knot comment.

"Kim? Why did you pick up the whipped cream? We never eat that?"

Looking over at me with her sparkling brown eyes Kim moves the other items up the counter.

"Oh, you know honey. That's for to go on top of your pie for dessert."

Knowing she didn't grab a pie out of the frozen foods, especially since she knows I don't eat pies and cakes, I smile at Kim.

"You sure? There's not a pie in the basket. Unless of course you're the... Ahhh!"

Watching Kim's face define the color red I can't help but burst out laughing. Score one for the Gipper.

Grabbing the bags while Kim stumbles through her chat with the giggling young cashier, I catch Kim's eye and wink.

After loading the jeep again, we finally head into the mountains under Kim's direction. With our voices belting out sounds from the radio and the stunning scenery along the way, we had a very pleasant drive to the cabin.

As we pulled up to our getaway, Kim and I were amazed at the splendor that encircled us. Trees, much taller than our cabin, loomed overhead. The scent of pine and fresh air filled our being. Drifting down on the mountain air, a scattering of snow covered the mountain's carpet. This was going to be a beautiful week. Just the two of us alone and in love. Surrounding us was the beauty of undisturbed nature.

Grabbing an armful of groceries from the back of the jeep, I watched Kim run up the steps of the patio like an excited child on her first day of school. Unlocking the door and darting inside I laughed as Kim yelled out.

"Holy shit! Wait till you see this place Mike."

Walking through the door with an armload of bags, I stopped and looked around. It was gorgeous. I was standing in the great room, it's floor of black marble glistening from the sunlight that came through the overhead windows. Looking up, beams of aged pine formed the braces for the cabin. Against the far wall, a stone fireplace stood ready for warmth and seduction. Leather furniture filled the room.

Placing the bags down on the counter that separated the kitchen from the great room, I watched Kim come running down the stairs. Her small feet moving rapidly carrying her petite body to the bottom.

"Wait till you see the bed honey. Damn, that's the biggest bed I've ever seen! And the bathroom, it's gorgeous. You'll have to check out the shower. We're going to have fun in that thing baby. There isn't a fireplace in the bedroom, but that's okay. We'll keep each other warm. And..."

Grabbing Kim by the waist, I pull her next to me in the middle of her rambling. Moving my hands over her firm ass, I kiss Kim passionately. Our tongues dancing in each other's mouth, our bodies pressed together, I feel the bulge growing against her. Wiggling her hips against mine, Kim slaps me on the ass.

"You better finish unloading the jeep or we'll be here forever."

Running my hand through her hair the scent of flowers drift across my nose.

"Okay, I can do that. But if I walk funny don't blame me."

Laughing Kim turns from my arms and heads to the kitchen.

"I'll put everything away. You just empty the jeep and get a fire started. There's a big pile of wood out back."

Limping back to the jeep, I mumble as I grab more groceries and luggage. Looking up into the clouded sky, I open my mouth and stick out my tongue. Taking the flakes in my mouth, I taste the purity of nature. Being from the deep south, that was something I'd always wanted to do. Like the Charlie Brown cartoon. Laughing and shaking my head I head back into the cabin.

It didn't take long to unload the jeep. Starting the fire was another thing. We don't have many fireplaces down south. But, finally stacking the wood like you would do for a campfire, I got a nice blaze going. By that time Kim had everything put away and the hot tub was bubbling. It was going to be a perfect night.

Making sure the thermostat was set and Kim was comfortable, I headed out to the patio. Kicking the snow, I laughed as it desolved in the hot tub. If it kept falling this heavy, I'll just place the bottle of wine in the snow to keep it cool. Feeling mischevious, I scoop up a hand of snow and slip inside.

Seeing Kim bend down to look into the oven, I grin as the snow drips in my hand.

"So, what can I help you with honey?"

Rising up and looking around the kitchen, Kim motions to the vegetables sitting on the counter.

"If you want to, you can slice those for the salad."

Keeping one eye on Kim, I glance at the cucumbers, lettuce and other vegetables sitting on the counter.

"Okay, but it's going to cost you a hug first."

Smiling, Kim walks up and wraps her arms around me. Reaching around, I shove the snowball down the back of her sweater. Gripping her tight I feel her body stiffen.

"Oh you brat. Your ass is mine now."

Smiling down at Kim, I wink.

"My ass has always been yours."

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