Paradise Musings

by sheens

Copyright© 2004 by sheens

Sex Story: Travails of She and He<br>Heightened passion of Adam and Eve<br>The apple uncovered<br>Undying truth discovered<br>The truth of knowledge,<br>Of divine union to pledge!

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Romantic   Coercion   Heterosexual   Fiction   Cream Pie   .


From meat, to dessert
Hard to soft - I assert!

Meaningful transition
Corny proposition?

What says u?
Are your hints my cue?


Meat to desert is a beginning
To new course that leads back to meat.
Hard suck lets you take the flesh
Off the bone and caressing/licking
The soft bone drenches your throat
With the juices so warm.


Ripe and Juicy no doubt,
When there is meat and cream, there will be no drought!

Happy is the tongue
When the juice from the meat it has wrung

Sing along mate,
Lure me with your bait!


Bait is strong,
... as it has been
Ever since a devil,
... turned mean.

The tongue-as it slaps the bait... with brutality,
Gives feeling of wet waves, oh! testing my sensuality,

Ripe fruits, as they hang from the tree so meaty,
The stem thick and meat getting greasy,
Holds down the fruit and tastes eternity,
For this juice is all thats required for serenity.

Hand to hand, tongue to tongue
Skin on skin, eye to eye,
Contact of all makes you think why
... why are we apart?


This devil ain't mean
Only very keen

To test this Adam's sensuality
Words he might use - but What is he in Reality?

Description of meat, oh so exotic
Brings on the heat, oh so erotic

It's the distance that rules
The "Passion Within" it cools.


Where there is Meat,
How can one cheat.
All is so clear to see,
... the meat-as it comes to thee.

All talk thats good, is no good
... till you got enough to put up.
Greasing the bust-whats the fun,
... till u got enough to rub up.

A little peck on those nipples,
tears apart the losest ripples,
that grow with the softening of the skin below,
on the bait thats tough to stick up.

As you approach the bait-beware,
It is sensitive but can act strange.
It stands up with a gentle touch,
And delivers passion-OH so much.

The tunnel so moist,
Gives out shivers and invites,
Let the ripples in there,
And let passion ooze in there...


"Innocent as hell"
True it maybe, so people tell.

Oxymorons befitting
My teeth are always gritting

To bite hard into soft flesh
And entangle oneself in this mystic mesh

Let the li'l fella awaken
And I will make sure he is taken

Deep he will drown
His desires I will crown

The river awakens a fire of passion
Playing along only heightens the tension

Speaketh dear Adam
Fulfil the desires of this madam.


"Innocent as hell"
"A drive through in heaven"
With teeth like pine,
They dig in so fine.
Soft flesh as it was,
Has turned into a hard-on.
Do not touch it now,
Got teeth? grit it now.
Drown it deep,
Where nothing but tongue soar stronger.
The wet flesh around,
Makes the bait grow harder and longer.
Speaketh to thy dear Eve,
I've got your desires up my sleeves.


Drive so high,
With Pleasure I'll cry

Pleased I 'll be
With union of you and me

Lets make haste
Or our energies will waste!


Let out no sound,
Let out no tear.
My arms wrapped around,
gone is thy fear.

A bond of pleasure,
Under that body pressure.
A feathery touch,
Puts you off leisure.

As slow as the bonds tighten,
As much as the lips widen.
The pleasure would come in sly,
And then babe, you shall cry.


Are u the glorius swan?
Your words so poetically warn

Thy heavenly pursuit
Lulling, as the tune from a flute

Softly treading,
Urgency dreading

I hear a whisper
Did something touch me? As soft as fur...

My senses alert
DANGER I assert

Heavy breathing
Sudden wreathing

Aggressive Rhythm
Pulsating within

The power of fire
It's passion does not tire.

Completely inflamed
Bravely I gamed

Warmth thou may bring
Luring me into thy ring

I know of your power
You are a charming lover!

But, This Leda is strong
She was the winner all along!


Swan tries to spreads it wing,
But tight is the thigh ring.

Held down by lover,
Held with brutal power.

Weight in the stature,
Taste is game's nature.

Pulsating would get more wanting,
Throbbing would get more haunting.

For breath thou shall scream,
You got to get taste of that cream.

The game is pretty tedious,
Power you shall experience.
... as we get along.


There is no pleasure
If there ain't no pressure

You do pulsate
passion is our fate

Brutal you are
My body you mar

Do not underestimate this muse?
She will only inspire you to loose!


More pressure you get,
For more pleasure you give.

The more I pulsate,
More cream to taste.

Thrusts you count,
Your pleassure mounts.

Belly arching and reaching a height,
Don't you give up the fight.

The body settles,
The bait freckles.
Not the end of show,
It's ready before you know...

Come no now,
Spread the wings.
Make you fly,
Make you sing.


Pressure's pleasure
Yours or mine? - to measure

Delve into my core
And Our bodies will soar

Am a damsel of might.
I dont give up a fight

Will I settle?
My will is made of metal

The show never ends
Only into glory, it transcends

The wings, I will spread
When beautifully you have led

High, will I fly
With you close by

Songs we shall sing
When I declare you king!


King I won't be,
For Im a beast.
Suck it deep,
The bait wants more,
Reaching the core,
So soft and soar,

Dont fly to high,
To earth I shall pull.
Ground is your pride,
When it's me you ride.


Beast thou art
This, i dont doubt

Your wild oddities
Its potential - me pities

Should I succumb
To your body, numb

I will make you beg,
Make sure you bend each leg

I am a torturer
On the verge of becoming a sorcerer

On earth, shall be our duel
I shall fight you hard and cruel.


Doesn't matter how you fight,
Bleed though both of us might.

The tongue gets a peck,
The nail gets a nip,
Will hurt a lot, But then... what the heck.

As it might happen,
That you would scream,

Let the balls roll,
Move the legs more near,
Let the tongue swirl,
Make the gap more clear.
For I shall enter,
... the thrust so hard.
For V shall come,
... with passion on thought.


Red reads passion
Tinges this solemn occassion,

What better gain,
Then to experience pleasure through pain,

Scratches and bites
Only the fire, it re-lights

Agonizing shouts
Echoing due to the bouts

Will trouble only further,
As you bury urself in the region nether,

Try and spread,
Make your way
For I will not end
And do as you say

Dont make haste
Just lay back and taste!


Red is wild,
As wild as u can be.
Black is dirty,
As dirty as i can be.

Let colors not get in way,
When theres two of us to sway.
A tingle, a fondle,
Makes you erotic, too hot to handle.


Laughter midst your colourful metaphor
Wild and dirty will dance on the floor

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