The Book of Asses

by Carlos Malenkov

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, Gay, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Everything you ever wanted to know about asses, but were afraid to ask.<br>This is the ultimate ass fetish story.

Copyright© 2003

Val's ass obsession dates back to his freshman year in college. A casual acquaintance had been describing how a nice round undulating bottom summed up for him everything that was enticingly feminine in a woman, and all at once it hit Val over the head. Like a sledgehammer. "This is what it's all about. What sex means. What life means. The focus of it all. Ass!"

Right then and there, Val decided that he didn't just want a "piece of ass"... he wanted the entire ass. The logic was so compelling that he just had to put his insights on paper for all the world to see. He began to write a book.

Starting the first blank page was the hardest thing he had ever done.


Part I

Fundament Fundamentals

Ass is magic. The lush roundness, the curves... The Curve. That most elegant and sensual of all geometric shapes -- the vertically split oval, the inverted catenary, the upside-down heart.

The ass. It releases nauseating, evil-smelling waste and emits noxious gas... it's the exit passage for lumps of shit and rotten-smelling farts. It's the symbol of all that is unclean. And yet, by some strange alchemy, it becomes the most highly-charged and sensual body part. It's an obsession, a ruling passion, a crystallization of purpose.

Remember how weird and disgusting even the plain vanilla sex act seemed when you first learned about it at age 10? Well, anal sex was even more disgusting when you found out about that. "Cornholing, that's what queers do when they have sex. One guy sticks his dick into the other guy's asshole and fucks him up his shit tube." That image haunted you for years. Even the word "corn" conjured up demons.

The very idea of fucking an ass is explosive. Forbidden fruit. It's perverted. It's nauseating. It's magnificent. Vaginal sex is, at best, a pale imitation.

The higher the barrier, the more difficult the passage, the stronger the resistance, the stickier the lock -- the more explosive the energy release when you break through.

The ass is the entrance to the Mysteries. Just insert yourself into the keyhole and plunge. Open the door. Enter the chamber of hidden delights. Welcome to a higher order of existence.

Val's next girlfriend, happily, was into ass play. (He had made damn certain of that before they got too deeply involved.) It didn't take much persuasion for her to try anal. Their first attempt was rather pathetic in its clumsiness and not much fun for either of them. Too eager, too impatient... he had pushed too hard trying to get into her back passage. Too little lube. She was too dry and it hurt a bit. He came while still stuck fast in her outer ring.

Marsha took him firmly in hand after that. She had done some reading and judicious asking on the methods and techniques of ass fucking.

"Val, dear Val. Let me guide you through this. You'll do it exactly as I say, and you'll be patient, too... or I'll chop off your...

"First, we need a higher quality grade of lube. Not that cheap shit you got at the corner drugstore. And we won't skimp on it, either.

"Next, you'll turn me on with pussy stroking and clit sucking before I let you anywhere near my asshole. Make me come once or twice. Three times is even better.

"Finally, listen. Listen to me. Me! The boss. When I'm ready to let you stick anything into my ass, I'll let you know loud and clear.

"Yes! That's good. I'm going to lean forward and bend over those pillows and stick my ass into the air. It'll be totally open to you.

"All right. Prepare me with a finger inside, and plenty of lube on it, don't forget. Now two fingers. Twirl them around. Stretch me. Loosen me up. Lube me up inside. Now lube yourself up. Slather it on. Get ready to slide in now. Ready?"

Boy, was he ever. He positioned himself at the entrance to her ass and pressed forward gently. The dick head slowly disappeared, and with a sort of liquid pop, he was past the entrance. There was almost no resistance now, and he slowly slid in deeper. Inch by inch, his shaft submerged into her darkness. The front of his thighs bumped against the curve of her buttocks. He was all the way inside.

At first it didn't feel all that different from cunt fucking, though the fit was somewhat tighter. Then it hit him that he was doing something... dirty... forbidden, and a wave of heat almost made him faint. There was a powerful electric current surging through him and he was locked rigid in ecstasy. He let his entire weight rest on her back and buttocks, totally immersed in her.

Marsh sure liked it. She came right away, and the rhythmic squeezing of her asshole on his cock sent him right over the edge. He howled in delight.

A trickle of his come leaked from her asshole as he pulled out of her. There was a small smear of brown on his tool, and a pungent shit-smell. All of that was a major turnon and he was immediately ready for another go.

While it lasted, it was the best thing that had ever happened to him. But it was an argument over money, of all things, that broke them up. His parting words were: "Well, your next boyfriend may not be as cheap as I am, but will he be able to keep your ass happy?"


Part II


There are as many different shapes of asses as there are subtypes of humanity. Oval, round, boxy. Elongated, flat, voluptuously protruding. Chubby, gaunt, and all shades of in between. The architecture of the ass reflects, and to a certain extent even defines the body structure.

Women have a wider pelvic girdle, for ease in giving birth, and this, together with their additional padding of fatty tissue, gives their asses a rounder and fuller shape than those of men. Men's asses tend to be more compact and muscular. Which configuration appeals more to the senses is a matter of individual taste and orientation.

Women's asses in particular run the full spectrum of morphological variance. The classic ideal is the curved, full-bodied pear-shaped ass. This gives its owner the somewhat bottom-heavy appearance that has fallen out of fashion lately. Almost as pleasing is a plump round apple-shaped ass. Much less desirable is the long-and-lean ass type dictated by Hollywood and the fashion industry. Seen from behind, the bearer of this ass variant might just as well be a teenage boy as a mature, desirable woman.

For the true connoisseur, an important criterion of any particular ass is how it feels to press and bump against it when fucking its owner from behind. The ultimate test, of course, is the inner texture -- how it feels to fuck the interior.

In between girlfriends and horny. Empty bed and an ache in the loins. Finally someone came on to Val. Wanted to get close, physically intimate. Only one problem. It was a man. He did have a nice ass, though...

They spent a pleasant enough afternoon together. Warren was friendly, laid back, even moderately witty. They didn't have much in the way of common interests, and the conversation soon sputtered and died... but there was that physical attraction. That same evening they had a late dinner in Val's apartment.

Warren's ass didn't feel all that much different inside than Marsha's. Same tight fit, same silky-smooth texture. But it was hotter inside there. An inferno. It was the heat of molten lava, the primordial fire. The fire that singes, then melts you... and you lose your sense of self and float in harmony with everyone and everything. The fire you can feel, but not approach too closely.

Then there was the added bonus of being able to reach around and with a massaging hand make Warren's hard dick twitch and spasm and spurt... and see and feel Warren's stretched-open asshole involuntarily contract and clench around the dick deeply embedded within it. It seemed that ass-fucking a man had its peculiar attractions.

The next time they met, Warren wanted to be on top. The thought had already occurred to Val, but...

The one thing men fear most is being penetrated. Being fucked in the ass. It implies loss of manhood, loss of control, degradation. It's the ultimate taboo. Yet, anything forbidden, especially that forbidden has a powerful attraction.

... Yes, Val been more than a little bit curious about how it would feel to take a dick into his own ass... to be the one fucked. He was getting hot and horny just thinking about it. And Warren somehow knew that. He gave Val a confident smile and began unbuttoning his shirt. It was a race between the two of them to see who could get out of his clothes first.

It went surprisingly well. Warren was a patient and skilled lover and he understood the value of lube.

The initial entry was a bit of a shock. Val felt himself stretching down there, felt his hole enlarging, felt himself opening and being pulled apart by the hard flesh pressing into his tunnel. He ached with the sheer rapture of it and a long drawn-out sigh escaped his lips.

"Are you all right?" Warren asked.

"What you're doing to me -- it's tearing me apart, but it feels so good and I don't know what's happening... "

"Just think of it as a transformative experience," Warren suggested. "Let your feminine side express itself."

Looking at the full-length wardrobe mirror, Val watched two naked male bodies on their hands and knees. It was bizarre seeing Warren's bare ass bouncing back and forth. The glimses of fleshy shaft sliding in and out of his own ass brought on flashbacks of all the times he had been on the giving end. It was perverted. Dirty. Unnatural. Thinking that made him even hornier. His dick was hard.

The liquid friction of the dick pistoning in and out of him and the sensation of fullness rippling up and down his gut felt... well, good. No, better than good. Intensely good. Head-exploding good. His own hard dick was throbbing in the rhythm of what was going on inside his ass. Each time Warren bottomed out in him, Val sensed his guts vibrate with a rumbling surge of power. After a few minutes of that, he felt pressure building up within him and... and... Warren was holding steady at maximum depth and reaching around to massage his dick with a greased-up hand. Val pulsed and released his liquid between Warren's fingers, while his ass throbbed and clenched around Warren's dick. He gasped and strange geometric patterns flashed behind his eyeballs.

"So, you liked it?"

"It was okay," Val managed to croak. He felt a pleasant ache in his rectum as he used a hand towel to wipe up the wetness dribbling out of him. What had happened to him, really? Had he lost an essential part of himself -- his manhood, or had he gained something? What had he become?

A quaint term for orgasm is "the little death." The person experiencing it allegedly dies, and is reborn changed in some essential way. So it is with a man sodomized for the first time. He has overstepped a barrier, and this has released an enormous charge of psychic power. For better or worse, he has transformed into a new and different person.

"I do believe you're a natural," Warren was saying. " A natural bottom. You took to being fucked like a duck to water. I wouldn't even have had to reach around and jerk you off up front; you were on the edge of shooting your wad even without that. Not everyone can have a prostrate orgasm -- come just from being ass-fucked -- but you can. In fact, you have the most talented ass I've ever seen. Seen, hell, the most talented ass I've ever been inside of. If any ass was ever made for fucking, yours was."

"That sounds rather poetic. What's all this leading up to?"

"Look. I want you as my steady. Your ass is mine. It belongs to me, and me only. Likewise the rest of you. Your whole body is my exclusive property. I own you, all of you."

"Warren, baby, I do believe you're presuming a bit much. My ass is more than just a receptacle for your cock. It belongs to me. Me. A real person. A person with an identity and free will. A person with a destiny to fulfill. A person who has all of a sudden had his fill of assholes who insist on asserting ownership rights on other people. A person who has just decided to boot your ass out."


Part III

Taking Pleasure

In the valley of the buttocks sits the crown jewel -- the rosebud, vulgarly known as the asshole. This is one of only two openings to the body's digestive system. Nature designed it to function as a portal, to release stored solid waste from the lower intestine. As it happens, it's a two-way valve, allowing entry as well as exit. The anus can be trained to become the most responsive and pleasure-giving of all the sex organs.

The anal sphincter is a double valve. It consists of an outer ring of muscle that can squeeze shut and open up under conscious control. About three-quarters of an inch deeper inward is a second ring of muscle that responds to pressure from within and peristaltic motion. There are, however, methods of relaxing the inner valve to permit insertion of a foreign object -- a butt plug, dildo, or penis.

Certain techniques facilitate anal entry... for purposes of ass play and ass fucking. Lubrication and relaxation are the key.

The lower chamber of the large intestine, the rectum, has a lining of relatively fragile mucus membrane. Insertion therein of objects or body parts absolutely requires lubrication. A water-based slippery emolient is appropriate for silicone dildoes and condoms. Petroleum lubricants, such as Vaseline, seemingly work well with a bare penis, but they do have certain failings.

Relaxation is critical for the passive partner -- the receiver or "bottom." This prevents pain, not to mention possible damage to the rectal wall, and makes the experience much more enjoyable for both parties. Preparation and loosening of the receiver's anus usually involves gentle insertion of one, then two well-lubricated fingers. The receiver can aid insertion of fingers and, later, penis or dildo, by pushing gently out (as when having a bowel movement) at the moment of entry. If necessary, the receiver can also assist insertion by reaching back around to pull apart the buttock cheeks.

An experienced bottom can often accept insertion from a well-lubricated dildo or penis with minimal preparation. A fortunate few can even climax just from being ass-fucked, with little or no stimulation of their own "primary" sex organs (vagina/clitoris or penis).

When bottoming, some men get pleasure from stimulation of the prostate gland, located on the forward wall of the rectum, below and behind the base of the penis. Feeling the head of the inserter's penis poking and rubbing against the prostate is often by itself sufficient to bring the passive partner to orgasm. Sensations of friction, stretching, and fullness likewise contribute to the pleasure of the receiver and may also trigger orgasm. This helps explain why many women also enjoy being fucked in the ass.

Reputedly, anal orgasms are qualitatively different from the vaginal, clitoral, or penile varieties. For some persons, they feel more intense or even seem to occur on an entirely different plane of experience. Others find a deep sense of relaxation and calmness, a feeling of oneness with the cosmos, a transformative experience. Some even claim the anal orgasm to be a powerful triggering element for sex magick.

Her ass was big. Gargantuan. It drew his eyes like a magnet. She had the perfect shape, bottom heavy with a huge, pear-shaped ass. It was, as an astronomer acquaintance used to say, an luminescent globular cluster. When she walked, her wide hips swayed enchantingly in a complex trigonometric curve, and her ass must have made a blip on radar screens continents away.

Val was still coping with the effects of the breakup with Warren. He had an empty feeling in his gut, the lower part of his gut to be exact. The emptiness that Warren's hard dick had so satisfyingly filled. But, dammit, he craved a soft and warm and round womanly body to hold and caress... and make love to, and be loved by.

Amaya had a mind to go with her perfect ass. She was funny and smart and delightful to be with. She had an infectious smile. Her laughter could dispell the gloom of an overcast day. She could talk intelligently about about computers and science fiction and classic Russian literature. More important, she seemed interested in him.

Val acted the perfect gentleman toward her the first few times they were together. Lunch followed by dancing followed by pleasantly murmured goodbyes. Dinner and a movie, then a kiss on the cheek. An early morning ride in a horse-drawn carriage, breakfast in a sidewalk cafe, conversation, and a light kiss on the lips.

She was the one who had to take the initiative. "Don't you feel any physical attraction at all toward me, Val?"

"Well, Maya, now that you mention it... "

"Then show it, damn it! You act like a brother toward me. I'm well aware you enjoy my company, but isn't there anything else there? Maybe, just maybe my body turns you off. I'm too damn fat, I know, and then there's this huge fat ass of mine. It's part of me though, it's me!"

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