Going Down Hill

by JAX

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Rape, Magic, Heterosexual, Fiction, .

Desc: Sex Story: I let my hand run up and down her perfect body, she wasn't wearing much, a short party dress over bra and panties. Her poor husband was straining a gut to get free and save his pretty wife from being molested by me. If it had been down to me I'll have pulled her into the next room, out of sight, but Rami's instructions were implicit. She said I had to do everything in front of the husband.

Things were going down hill rapidly and I didn't care for my wife had left me. In my studio were many unfinished canvases; my talent seemed to have deserted me too. All I thought about now was where the next bottle was coming from. I went to bed, as usual in a drunken stupor, but then suddenly I was wide-awake and sober.

I sat up and across the room sitting in the armchair next to the window was a stunning looking woman.

"W-who are you," I stuttered, she just smiled at me.

There was something about her; she was no ordinary woman, she shone with some inner radiance. My first thoughts were that I had reached that stage when you start to see things, pink elephants that sort of thing, I almost giggled.

"Hi Chris," she said in a low throaty voice.

"Who are you?" I asked again half convinced that she didn't really exist, no one could look that good. She moved, uncrossing her legs and leaned forward in her chair, exposing the whole of one perfect thigh.

"I have many names but you can call me Rami, I'm the Goddess Of Lost Souls," she said with a smile.

"Goddess," I gulped, now I knew for sure I was seeing things.

"You are mine now," she said with a smile, "and I want you to do some things for me Chris,"

She got up and walking, no gliding would cover it better, anyway she moved towards me, and sat on my rumpled bed.

"Things? What things?" I asked.

Up close she looked even better, her large unsupported breasts stood out proudly from under her thin top and again one perfect thigh was exposed through the long spilt in her dress.

"Just things," she smiled again making my trousers tight. "Sleep now and I'll tell you all about it later."

When I awoke she was still there but only in my mind. Without any thought for food or drink I rushed into my studio and sketched her likeness; the energy surged through me and on to the canvas. By early afternoon I at last stopped and surveyed my work, it didn't do her justice but the painting still radiated life. It was the best piece of work I had done for many a month if not ever. Suddenly I felt hungry and made my first meal for days, just a sandwich and boy did it taste good. Her vision inside my head was still as clear as ever, so I started a second canvas this time with her in a different pose reclining naked on a chaise. Before I knew it, it was after midnight and suddenly I felt very tired and for the first time in a long time I went to bed sober.

She didn't reappear that night or the next, nor for the next three nights, my days were filled with frantic painting, trying without success to record her perfect face and body, five painting I had completed in those few short days. On the fourth night I awoke and she was there.

"Hi Chris," she said, "my you have been busy."

"Y-yes," I stuttered very nervous to be in her presents.

"I have a task for you," she said.

"Yes," I said, funny I had no thoughts to say no.

"Nothing to difficult," she said with a big smile, "fun too, for you anyway."

"Yes," I said waiting for her to continue.

Then she outlined what I had to do, it all sounded so reasonable at the time, but when I awoke it was a different story, but I knew I had to obey her commands.

I didn't know you could buy handcuff, you know proper cuffs with keys but every sex shop sold them from as little as ten pounds. So suitably dressed and equipped I waited for my victims to come home from their night out. At last the almost new BMW pulled into the drive and a couple got out. They both seemed very happy from their night out but I knew soon their lives would change forever.

I had made no plans on how I was going to do this I just went for it. Just before the front door closed behind them I ran and threw my whole weight against it. It flew open and both of my victims were flung to the floor. Before they could recover I had hand cuffed them both and put gags over their mouths, it only took seconds. Now I had time to think, I shut the front door and locked it, then I dragged him first and then her into the lounge. While they were still disoriented I used the strong cord I had brought with me and tied him up tight. She was now recovering rapidly, but I still had time to pull the curtains and turn on the lights. Now for the first time I could see who I had. The guy first, he was about mid thirties, stocky and losing his hair.

When I turned my attention to her and I almost died from the shock, it was her, Rami in the flesh but no it wasn't. Somehow she was different, she looked like her true, but she lacked that fire, that certain something that my Goddess had. I sat down confused, why had Rami sent me around here to ruin these people's lives. I didn't know, but I knew I had to continue, I pulled her in front of her tied up husband then I sat down beside her.

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