by Justice Fingers

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Heterosexual, Anal Sex, Masturbation, Sex Toys, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: Sitting on the balcony whilst on holiday a noise disturbed me. Closer investigation revealed a hole to witness some hot solo action which triggers a powerful climax on both sides of the divide.

The heat on the balcony was stifling. Rivers of sweat raced down my chest and pooled around my swimming trunks, making damp marks on the material. I put down my book and, reaching down for my drink, I looked around.

My wife, Julia was sitting in the canvas chair next to me, reading her book. She was looking as lovely as always, with her brown hair dampened with perspiration sticking to her face and her tanned body glistening with the suntan oil that we had enjoyed applying earlier. She was topless and the areola around her nipples had enlarged in the heat. Her ample breasts sagged slightly under their weight. She had her legs stretched out in front with her dainty feet perched on a small table. A red pair of bikini briefs, which tied at the sides, hid the delights at the junction between her legs. The sight of her always started a stirring in my loins and I had to move to get more comfortable.

She was engrossed in her book so I looked around at the view in front of us. The balcony had a brick partition to each side separating us from the neighboring balconies and a four-foot wall in front. We were on the top floor of the hotel and the view looked out on to parched ground and mountains billowing up before us like storm clouds. The heat shimmered on the ground like an old cine movie. Nothing moved. It was too hot!

Just then, I heard a door sliding open on the balcony next to ours. I had noticed some large cracks and damage to the wall and being bored I decided to investigate. It would be great to see who was on the other side and see what they were up to. I got stood up quietly and walked over to the wall, examining the cracks that I had seen. There were several holes and I discovered that by placing my eye to one of the holes, I could see clearly through to the next balcony.

Stooping down slightly, I placed my eye to the hole and surveyed the scene in front of me. Wow! A woman was standing with her back to me. She was obviously topless and the metallic blue coloured thong that she was wearing disappeared from view into the cleft of her perfectly shaped rear. Her hair was blonde and she had long, slender legs, with a slim figure. Just then she bent down to arranged a flowery yellow beach towel on the floor, giving me a perfect view of her from behind. Not even a wisp of hair showed. Probably a Hollywood or possibly a Brazilian. I put my money on a Hollywood! Next, she placed a bottle of suntan oil and a book on the floor beside of the towel. Standing up, she then disappeared inside again.

I looked around at Julia but she was still reading her book, oblivious to what else was happening. Hearing a noise, I looked back through the hole to see that the woman had returned. She had moved the towel slightly to get the best of the sunshine and was now seated on it, so that she was slightly side on to my vantage point. The bottle of suntan oil was in her hand and she removed the lid to squeeze a pool of the oil into her cupped palm. Slowly, her hand spread the oil over her shoulder and down her arm. The movement was slow and sensual, rubbing over the entire surface of her skin, making sure that she covered it all. She then did her other shoulder and arm with the same slow, teasing movements, rubbing around the back of her neck, shoulders and the top of her back. Her skin glistened in the sunlight, showing off her smooth slender figure. When she had done her arms, she massaged some oil over her face and then began to oil her legs. Starting from her feet, she slowly ran her hands upwards, rotating them over her limbs to ensure that she had covered ever inch of skin. Higher and higher her hands worked to the top of her leg. Then she stopped, poured some more oil and swapped to the other leg.

By now she really had my attention and I had to adjust myself to be more comfortable. Next thing, I felt a hand gently touching my shoulder and I looked around to see Julia was standing, looking at me with a quizzical expression on her face. I smiled at her, putting a finger to my lips to indicate that she keep quiet and gestured to the hole that I was looking through. She bent forward and looked. Quickly, she looked back, her eyes wide with amazement and put a hand over her mouth to suppress a giggle. I gestured for her to keep looking and I knelt down to a lower hole, steadying myself with one hand on her thigh and the other against the wall, so that I could carry on my vigil.

By now she had started on her body and was gently rubbing the oil over her stomach, down to the edge of her hips to her thong. Slowly around and up her sides her hands stroked, closer and closer to her breasts, then back down again. She was obviously enjoying this as her nipples had stiffened to hard points and her legs opened and closed slowly. She started to message around the two delectable mounds of her breasts, kneading them and pulling on her nipples as she rubbed the oil over them. Suddenly she stopped and stood up. She bent forward slightly, put her fingers in the band of her thong and gently slid it down her long legs. The material did not want to leave its warm, moist nest but finally, reluctantly, it let go. I had been right, not a hair in sight, definitely a Hollywood. She lifted each leg in turn to remove the thong and tossed the briefs to the side. Looking up, I caught Julia's attention and we both giggled silently and looked back through.

Sitting back down, she leaned back and poured some oil into the palm of her hand and rubbed both her hands together. Then she began to run her hands up and down the outside of her thighs, slowly one way and then the other so that she ran her hands back up over her lower stomach and then down her thighs and circled in so that her hands now ran up her inner thighs. She opened her legs wider and brought her hands up, missing her centre, teasing herself. She kept this up for a while as we watched, enraptured.

I glanced up at Julia. She was engrossed by the scene being played out in front of her, her nipples were hard and she was moving her thigh against me. I reached up and cupped one of her breasts in the palm of my hand, caressing the soft flesh and tweaking the hard nub between my finger and thumb. I continued doing this while looking back through the hole so that I did not miss anything. Julia's breathing became quicker as I alternated slowly between each breast in turn and she reached down to gently caress my head.

The view was now wild. The woman on the other balcony had lost all abandon and was rubbing directly over her mons, lifting her pelvis up to receive the administrations of her hands. As her hips came up the swollen folds of her moist pussy became visible. She now spread her legs wide and lifted her knees up to her shoulders. Her breathing was much faster now and little whimpers broke from her as she continued to rub herself frantically. With one hand rubbing her mound, the other dipped between her legs and she inserted one finger, then two, building up the speed as she went.

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