Chat Fantasy

by Earth

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Fiction, Slow, .

Desc: Sex Story: A woman finds a man who can really "reach out and touch someone" over a Chat network. Slow and sensual.

The lights are off. I am wearing panties and a man's shirt, having a last look at the Chat before I go to bed. I sit at my keyboard, watching the Who's Here, when a talk window opens with the handle "Long Distance", and the message: "I can touch you."

I type back: "Yeah, sure you can! Go ahead." And I do a quick find and profile on this guy, and it comes up blank! "Now how did he do that? What's this fellow up to?" I wonder, and as I lean back in my chair I see his return message: "Don't turn around."

Just then I feel a hand on the back of my neck! I jump, and whip my head around, but nobody's there! When I turn back to the screen, I see another of his messages: "I said, Don't turn around!"

All of my muscles tense, waiting. Then I feel the hand on the back of my neck again. It is a gentle, strong hand, and when it caresses my neck and sweeps my hair to the side, I cannot help but turn around again. No one! I really can't believe this, so I type: "What are you doing?"

The screen shows a smiley: ;-})> and then the message: "Just relax and enjoy!" I am really a little scared, but also curious and a little aroused, and my neck tingles from where I felt the hand, so I lean back into the chair and close my eyes.

Almost at once, I feel the hand on my neck again, sweeping away my hair, and a definite kiss is planted on my neck, and I think I can feel a moustache and beard! Little shivers start up and down my spine. The hand gently massages my neck, and I begin to relax a little, until I feel the first button on my shirt undo!

I look down sharply, in time to see another one undo! I'm not sure I like this, it's a bit too weird, and I sit up straight. But the hand on my neck feels verrrry good, and now I feel another hand stroke my forehead, and then my eyebrows, and then my eyelids, and I feel a sense of warmth and well-being, and I keep my eyes closed.

The hand caresses my cheek and my ears, and then I feel a finger stroke along my lips. With each stroke, a little arrow of sensation darts from my chest into my belly. I think: "I don't care that it's weird, it feels really good!", and I open my eyes for a moment, and see the message in the talk window: "It only gets better!"

I feel the hands caressing my chin and neck, and I close my eyes again, leaning back in the chair. The hands stroke down my neck, getting closer to my breasts. I can feel the fabric of the shirt slip back and forth over the tips of my nipples with the stroking, and they come erect. I shift in the chair without thinking, my thighs parting slightly to ease an almost unconsciously-felt pressure.

Now the hands are caressing the curve of my breasts, with fingertips slipping under their weight, to slide along the sensitive crease where they join my chest, and when the thumbs stroke over my nipples for the first time, my breath comes in sharply, and I feel another arrow of sensation shooting from my nipples into my belly. I don't mean to, but I open my eyes and turn my head, and the feeling of the hands disappears instantly! I lean forward quickly, and type: "I'm sorry, please come back!" The message returns: "Close your eyes and lean back." And I do.

Almost instantly the hands are back, undoing the rest of the shirt buttons. I lean my head back, and then I feel little hairs tickle my breasts, and then a light pressure and warmth, and then I feel a warm kiss on my lips. I can't stop myself, and I raise a hand to feel if someone is really there, and for an instant, I think I feel skin, but then it is gone. I drop my hand.

Now there is the sensation of lips nibbling at my neck, kissing their way down to my breasts. The blood rushes into my head, and I feel my scalp tingle, and a pressure in my cheeks. Then the lips gently close over a nipple, and tug on it, pulling it up from my breast. My whole body gives a little jerk, as the sensation of a tongue moves back and forth over the nipple, and a feeling of suction pulls my whole nipple into this unseen mouth. I squeeze my eyes closed, and just give into the sensations. At the same time as the mouth is loving one nipple, a hand is pinching the other between index and middle finger with rhythmic squeezes, thumb stroking across nipple over and over. The rhythm of the mouth and the fingers sends a continuous stream of sensation through my body, and I feel small contractions happening between my thighs, and a fluttery quiver in my belly.

The mouth begins over again with my other nipple, and I feel a hand giving the abandoned nipple a slide-y caress in the moisture left by his mouth. Now I feel a hand starting to stroke down my belly, not in a hurry at all, just feeling the skin and caressing lower every time. I open my eyes again, and it all disappears, except for my arousal. I lift my bottom, and take off my panties, throwing them at random. Then I sit back in the chair again, deliberately lifting my pelvis and separating my thighs. I lean back, close my eyes, and wait.

What I suddenly feel is the heat and touch of a torso against my breasts and belly, and simultaneously with a deep kiss, I feel the touch and pressure of an erection against my moist furriness. My whole body contracts with the sensation, and I involuntarily lift my arms again in order to hug this person. This time, as my arms wrap around the feeling of a body, his arms also slip between my back and the chair, to hug me as well. I decide to open my eyes NOW, but I CAN'T OPEN THEM! It's as if they were glued shut. The mouth kisses it's way up to my eyes, and kisses my eyelids, teasing them gently with the tip of the tongue. My being scared fades off in the nice feel of this body holding me, and the warm skin under my hands and arms, against my belly and thighs. I feel that it's alright, and I relax again, except for a delicious feeling of pressure and tightness where his erection is hard against my wetness.

Now I feel his mouth glide down, kissing its way to my breasts again. My nipples crinkle in anticipation, and then I give myself up completely to the glorious sensation as he loves my nipples again with his mouth and fingers. As his other hand slips down between his body and mine, I press my fingers into his back, sliding one hand down his back to feel his muscular bottom, and the other up to his head, to pull it in closer as he creates sharp sensations in my nipples and belly.

As I feel his hand caressing my belly lower and lower, I bring my legs up higher, separating them widely to give him access. But to my surprise, he doesn't immediately touch me at my core. Instead, he strokes his hand down one side of my vulva, fingertips feeling and caressing the hair and skin, stroking my inner thigh. Then he glides his hand back up, and I hold my breath in anticipation, but once again, he just strokes down the other side of my outer lips to my thigh. Then, with the pressure of his hand against my outer lips, I become aware of how swollen I have become, and enjoy the sensation of the pressure on first one side and then the other as he repeats the caress. Finally, he cups me in his hand, his fingertips just barely touching and tickling at the entrance between my swollen lips, where I can feel my wetness, and knowing that he can feel it too.

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