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Desc: Sex Story: "I've invited Bob over tonight for a drink, but as yet he's undecided, perhaps you can persuade him to accept," I asked her.<br>"Oh yes, please come over tonight," she enthused, pushing her firm tits out at him.

I was bored, when my second divorce came through, I decided to retire at the early age of 55. To fill my time I was seeking female company, but the only female company I could get, have big hips and sagging tits, not a pretty sight, so I decide to have a go at some daytime education instead. I've always been interested in History, so I went along to the local college to sign up. I found out that if I sign on for 3 courses, I would be classed as a full time student and I would be eligible for a grant. So as well as history I sign up for archaeology and psychiatry, as these were the only other classes that I fancied that didn't clash with each other.

I was the oldest in my classes by over 30 years and regarded as a father figure by all. Some of the young girls were truly spectacular, in their tight Jeans and T-shirts. The only other guy anywhere near my age was Bob, the tutor of my Psychiatry class; I found his course very interesting indeed.

One day in the refectory, Bob and I were continuing a discussion from our morning lecture about hypnosis. The common premise is that you can't make someone do something under hypnosis that he or she wouldn't do normally, a few others from our class who were sitting nearby, also piped in with their views.

"But Bob," I said, "it's a proven fact that the human species will do just about anything, given the right stimulus, history has taught us that."

The conversation carried on for some time, until it was time to return to the lecture room.

Later in the student bar, Bob and I were still discussed a few points.

"Look Hugh," he said, "I've hypnotised a few in my time and it's not like popular fiction you know, there's no way you can get a girl to strip off for example."

"Nothing could be easier," I said, "all you need to do is to tell her that she is alone and that she needs to take a shower."

"Well I suppose that might work," he conceded, "but what about having sex with her."

"Again nothing couldn't be easier, just tell her that you are her boyfriend or husband," I replied.

"No, I don't think that would work," he mused, "but it might be fun to try," he laughed.

"Well if you decide to try, let me suggest Kim," I offered.

"Yeah, she sure is a doll," he conceded.

Bob and I really got on well, he was a divorcee like me and we had dinner together a few times. One night after a good dinner and two bottles of wine Bob said.

"Look Hugh," he said, "there's no way I can try out your ideas, you know, with me being a teacher and all, but I could teach you how to hypnotise someone and perhaps you can let me know how it goes."

I sat there somewhat stunned with all sorts of naughty scenarios running through my head, especially with the trim figure of Kim stretch out naked on my lounge carpet.

"Well," I said, "how difficult is it to learn?"

"The actual procedure is relatively simple," he said, "but it's a confidence thing."

"Ok then," I said before he sobered up enough to change his mind.

The next two hours Bob ran through the basics, like having subdued lighting with the light behind me and a soft down beat voice and so on, he also gave me some actual phrases that he had found useful in the past. No one was going to learn all about the subject in a drunken two-hour session, but at least I had started my education. The next class I had with Bob I could see that he was regretting his decision but it was too late now.

By Christmas I was reasonable confidant that I knew enough to try my first subject, of course I wanted it to be Kim but as it happened it was Tracy. I was sitting in the refectory one lunchtime when Tracy sat down beside me; Tracy was in my History class, perhaps not as pretty as Kim, but she had a nice full figure.

"Hi Hugh," she said as she sipped her coke.

"Hi Tracy, how's it going," I replied.

"Fine thanks, just a bit tired, had a late night last night," she added with a smile.

The word 'tired' click in my brain and without almost conscious thought, I started the hypnosis litany.

"Yes you do look very tired, your eyes look like they want to close, just take a few minutes and have a rest. Just close your eyes and visualise that you're lying in a hammock on a nice sandy beach, watching the waves gently roll up the white sand. Every time the wave's retreat you feel more and more relaxed, your eyes are now heavy and you can't open them. Each waves that coming in and going out, makes you more and more relaxed."

It was a good job that there was nobody near enough to hear my voice. Eventually her head dropped to her folded arms and she was under. After a few seconds of panic, Bob training came to the fore.

"Tracy you can only hear my voice and you will obey," I spoke quietly to the sleeping girl.

"Whenever you hear me say 'Sleep Tracy Sleep' you will return to this relaxed state and wait for my instructions."

I said this a couple of time to reinforce my words. I took a look around me, but nobody was taken any notice of us, so I carried on.

"Tracy from now on, when you sleep you will dream of me as a sexy father figure, someone who will take care and protect you, you also will visualise having great sex with me."

I woke her up, saying she would not remember anything.

"Sorry, I must have dropped off for a moment," she smiled at me.

"That's ok Tracy," I smiled back, "time for our class I think."

I left it for a few days to let the magic work.

"Hi Hugh," Tracy said, sitting down beside me.

"How's it going, no more late nights?" I asked.

"No, I'm getting plenty of sleep thanks," she replied. I noticed her looking at me with a strange smile on her face. I looked around and there was nobody within hearing distance.

"Sleep Tracy Sleep," I said, her head drooped to her chest.

I re-enforce my instructions and then added a few more.

"Tracy you will become sexual aroused when ever you see me and find it exciting when you see I notice your body and you yearn for me to touch you."

I quickly woke her up as other members of our history group had entered and were coming over.

"Can I give you a lift?" I asked Tracy.

"Oh thanks," she smiled at me.

It was tipping it down and it was a long walk to the nearest bus stop. She climbed into my car and we drove off.

"Were do you want to go?" I asked.

"Your place would be nice," she smiled sexily at me.

"Sure," I agreed smiling to myself.

"Fancy a drink?" I offered, when we had settled in my lounge.

"Please, a beer would be fine," she replied.

Her hand gently rubbed my thigh as we spoke and everytime I looked at her she smiled sexily at me. Time to take the bull by the horns and put my theory to the test. I reached over and kissed her, her arms immediately closed around my neck, pulling me down on top of her. Wow that seemed to work ok. Soon, as we kissed, my hands were cupping her firm young tits, bringing a moan from her lips. My hands slowly stripped her clothes off until she was beautifully naked. Her body was perfect, with long slender legs, flat stomach and a good size bust. My hands continued to fondle and caress her body till she cried out.

"Oh yes please," she begged, pulling me further on top of her. I released my hard cock and slipped it into her sopping pussy.

"Oh yes, Daddy please harder," she grunted.

My thrusts picked up pace and power, until her back arced as she climaxed; I let go and pumped my sperm deep inside her. I had no worries about pregnancy for I had the snip some years ago.

"Oh Daddy that was lovely," she said as she cuddled up to me.

"Sleep Tracy sleep," I whispered and her head slumped.

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