Kristin: A Hot Italian Babe

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Petting, Pregnancy, .

Desc: Sex Story: Kristin, a 20-something daughter of Tom's friends finally gets him to give her the present she's been wanting the night before her wedding.

Sometimes things are not what they appear -- in fact, more often than we might know, things aren't really what they appear to be. That was the case of my good friend Sam and his youngest daughter, Kristin. I'd met Sam in my college years and I'd been his best man when he'd married his college sweetheart, Marie. They'd been happily married for several years and I'd watched them grow in their love and in their family as Marie had their first baby and then a second and a third. The third child, Kristin, was the cutest and most attractive of the three and when she entered her teenage years, I could tell that Kristin was going to be extraordinary as a young woman. What I really like was that while Kristin's oldest sibling, a girl, had obviously taken their mother's English genes, Kristin had the obvious attributes of her father's very Italian genes in her. She was a classic Italian beauty and one of the things that rapidly became apparent was Kristin's nice sexy big tits. I could hardly believe how beautiful and sexy Kristin was as she moved through her teenage years and then into her early 20s.

Kristin and I became very close through her childhood and then her teenage years even though I was no blood relation. She called me "Uncle Tom" and she'd give me hugs and kisses even when she was in her senior high years in school. By then, when Kristin would hug me, I could feel the large rounded pressure of her nice breasts pressing firmly against my muscular chest. And it was all I could do to keep from grabbing her sexy rounded asscheeks and pulled her close against me.

Kristin and I had actually exchanged kisses one evening when I'd come over to her parents' home and her mom and dad were away for the evening. Kristin was the only child still living at home, and she'd been sitting there watching a DVD movie when I arrived. it was quite interesting because Kristin came over and actually sat in my lap like she'd done for many years but now she was almost 22 years old. I fought my own reactions to have this dark-haired gorgeous Italian woman sitting smack in the center of my lap with my cock quickly rising into full erection at having Kristin's tight ass sitting on top of my hardon.

Kristin and I proceeded to make out right there in her parents' family room but I wouldn't allow her to seduce me into fucking her even though she finally asked me to take her to her bedroom and make love to her. I told her there was no way I could betray her mom and dad's trust in me by seducing their baby daughter while they were away from her house. Kristin finally gave in and let my "No" be no, but she told me that one day I'd regret not giving her what she asked for. She was right; I kicked myself every day after that for not taking Kristin to bed, deflowering her from her virginity and fucking her sexy hot-blooded Italian brains out. Still, we did sit there and kissed and fondled each other and she got my hand up underneath her top, her bra unfastened and she let me enjoy the sexy fullness and roundedness of her mature breasts.

Then, the announcement came that Kristin was engaged to be married. I was certainly invited but by then I'd decided that I was going to give Kristin her wedding present the night before she got married. Just a little while after Kristin got married, they found out she was pregnant but both Kristin and I know that it wasn't her new husband who got her knocked up with a baby. It had happened that last night of her single life before she got married the next afternoon. I'd come in from out of town, and had been invited to stay with Sam and Marie in their home for the wedding weekend. Kristin was also sleeping under her parent's roof for that last time.

I heard Kristin come in the house at about 1:00 A.M. from her bachelorette's party, and shortly after I knew she'd had time to go to bed, I walked quietly down to her bedroom. When I entered the room, she was sitting on the side of her bed in a sexy yellow babydoll pajama top and I had never seen Kristin looking quite that sexy before. She begun to wear sexier and more figure-emphasizing clothes since she'd become a young adult, but now I was seeing Kristin in only a see-through nighty.

"I came to give you your wedding present, baby," I said to Kristin as I walked into the bedroom with only my robe on and nothing on underneath it.

"Oh, and what would that be, Uncle Tom?" Kristin asked as she stood from her bed and walked over to me. She instinctively walked into my arms for a hug, and when I felt Kristin's sexy tits pressed again me, I ensure she could feel my hardon pressing against her body. She didn't have any panties on underneath her babydoll and I could feel my hardon pressing against moist pussy.

"Kristin, sweetie, this is your wedding gift from me," and I took her hand and moved it down inside my robe so she could feel my hardon.

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