Jackie's Life

by Jazzy655

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Desc: Sex Story: A young couple's night out turns into murder and abuse.

I woke up startled with loud knocking at my front door, I still felt drunk from the night before. I tried to ignore it as I thought it must be Bob my fiancé forgotten his key.

"Well" I thought to myself "there is no way I'm getting up with this hang over, he'll just have to wait it's his own fault for forgetting his key."

I remember hearing many voices but I must have dropped of to sleep again.

When I woke, my head was still pounding and it took a few minutes for me to get my thoughts together.

I looked around and remembered that Bob had not come home. It was dark I leaned over to reach the clock which was on the floor where Bob had obviously knocked it a few days ago.

It was 2.25am "where is Bob?" I got out of bed to ring his friend Larry. The phone rang for ages before anyone answered. Then in an angry voice, Larry said, "do you know what the fucking time is?" It suddenly dawned on me that everyone was in bed asleep,

"Oh Larry I'm sorry I was worried about Bob and wondered if he was with you only he's not home yet"

"No he's not Jackie I haven't seen him"

"I'm sorry to wake you Larry only I haven't seen him since early yesterday evening. If you hear or see him could you just tell him to ring me sorry again for disturbing you?"

"That's ok Jackie let me know he's ok when you hear from him it's not like him is it?"

"No he's never done this in all the years I've known him, I'll let you know soon as I hear, bye"

"Yes please do Jackie you've got me worried about the fucker now".

I made a cup of coffee and sat looking out the window expecting him to be walking up the road. I started thinking maybe he was mad because I didn't open the door to let him in and he's getting me back,

"No he doesn't think like that I'm just trying to make myself feel better instead of thinking the worse."

Then there was a bang on the door. It made me jump and my coffee went every where I ran to open it "Oh Larry it's you"

"He's obviously not back yet then? I rang Ken he gave me a lift I was hoping he may have been with him; tell Jack when you last saw him Ken"

"Yes it was strange we were all at the club and about 1.30/2.00 he said he was going to look for you, he had had quite a few and tripped and spilt some of his beer on some bloke, any way he got up and punched Bob"

"Oh what! Was he alright?"

"Yeah Ben and I dealt with him we took him out side and gave him a good kicking"

"Yes but! Bob was he ok?"

"His nose was bleeding but he was ok, he went to clean himself up and none of us have seen him since, we thought may be he'd come home".

"Oh Ken do you think he's alright? I'm really worried now shall I ring the police?"

"Don't humiliate the bloke Jack I expect he's just crashed out round a mate's house tidying him self up so you don't notice his two shiners"

"Larry what do you think I should do"?

"Well I know it aint like him to do this and I don't like it but you got to leave it at least another day. The Ole bill will laugh at you worrying about a fully grown man like this, he's got to be missing a good couple of days before there do anything any way"

"Hey don't cry Jack he'll be ok, getting punched like that in front of his mate's an all had to hurt his pride, he's waiting for the bruising, maybe to go a bit, he'll be fine Babe you'll see, come on cheer up"

"I'll go and get a few cans of beer for us"

That sounds good Ken hurry up".

"Hey Ken you better of give that bloke a real going over"

"Well Ben said he wont be having a fuck for a while as he kicked him so hard in the balls its a wonder they were still attached to him."

"Oh Ken you know Bob hates violence he wouldn't of wanted you doing that"

"Too late Babe damage has been done, a good job too"

"Right I'll go and get some beers".

"I'm going to have a shower Larry so if the phone should go would you get it"

"Yes no problem you go and brush up love"

"There's someone at the door Jack shall I answer it"?


"Oh certainly come in I'll go and get her, Jackie it's the police they want a word with you"

I came running out I knew it was some thing to do with Bob; my heart was in my mouth, "Is Bob ok? Where is he?

"Are you "Mrs Mathews"?

"No but I'm his fiancée we live together"

"Would you mind sitting down we have some bad news to tell you"

"Oh please tell me he's alright"

I could see in the officer's face, that what he had to tell me was going to be the worst thing in the world for him and myself.

"We found your fiancée's body at 6.39am early hours of Saturday morning"

"Can I see him?"

"Will some one stay here with her? Alternatively, can you go to your parents my love?"

"Why? I want to see him what happened to him?"

"We need the body for evidence at the moment my love, will you be ok? We will be in touch in a few days love just make sure you're with some one".

Jackie cried uncontrollably

"I do not believe you! Where is Bob? I need him." Jackie sobbed.

Just as the police were leaving Ken was walking up the path "What you lot after then you should look nearer to your own kind"

Larry quickly shut him up "Bob is dead Ken, go in, and look after Jackie I have to talk to the police" Fucking hell was the response he got.

Larry hurried towards the police and asked, "How did Bob die?"

"We don't think his girl friend could handle knowing the way he was murdered, we cannot go into detail at the moment as we haven't discovered all of his body parts at present but I can tell you he was badly mutilated and tortured to the extreme."

"In all my years as a sergeant I have never seen and never want to see any thing like it again. He had his scrotum in his mouth and it had been torn from his body, I'm sorry I can't tell you any more but his girl friend will be getting a full report. Could I rely on you to make sure there is some one with her most of the time? In addition, we do not know who done this to him, they may want his girl friend too, we have to look at every option."

Larry could not believe what he had just been told he knew he had to face Jackie now, he went back into the house.

Jackie was crying and in between sobs, she was asking

"Why? Why? Did it happen" Jackie's parents turned up so Ken and Larry gave Jackie a hug and told her they would be back tomorrow. Her mum said "thank you both but she will be staying with us for a while I'll get Jackie to ring you". With that, they both left.

"Ken you know Bob's death was something to do with that incident Friday night don't you"

"No who said?"

"The police said that Bob had his scrotum in his mouth"

"So what are you saying?"

"You said that Ben kicked him in the balls it just seems too much of a coincidence don't you think?"

"Maybe, we will have to wait and see I don't know what else we can do"

"Say they come for Jackie? As who ever did that to Bob seem very angry and capable?"

"We had better keep an eye on her."

A week had gone by and Bob's funeral was next week.

"Larry have you heard from Jackie? Only I've just finished work and I can't get hold of my mate who's been keeping an eye on her"

"Yes she's fine I've been with her most of the day, she's had the report on how Bob died its bad what happened to him they tortured him right until the end."

"I've got a few mates trying to find out the bloke's name who we give a kicking to, I doubt if I'll see you now so see you at the funeral ring me on my mobile if you need me at all"

"Yes I will do Ken bye".

Well it was the day of Bob's funeral.

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