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Desc: Sex Story: It's the first few minutes that are the trickiest, you have to subdue and keep her quiet all at the same time. Once you have done this she is your for as long as it is safe.

It's the first few minutes that are the trickiest, you have to subdue and keep her quiet all at the same time. Once you have done this she is your for as long as it is safe.

She was asleep on her front, that was a good start and there was just enough light coming through the curtains for me to see by. The omens looked good. Her front door was easy to open, no bolts or chain, when will they ever learn. Trying not to wake her prematurely I pulled her bedclothes back and out of the way. Gently I took hold of one of her wrists I snapped on the cuffs, she stirred slightly but didn't wake. I was almost there and I could feel my heart pounding in my chest. Taking a firm grip of her other wrist I pulled it gentle around behind her and snapped it into the cuffs.

"What," she said sleepily.

While she was still disoriented I pushed the tooth ring into her open mouth and secured it behind her head. I could now sit on her lower back and looked down at her struggling form knowing she was mine, and there was nothing she could do to stop me.

"Now listen slut," I leaned close and whispered into her ear, if you whisper your voice can't be identified. "Just as long as you don't know who I am, you're safe and I will leave you alive and unharmed, do you understand me?"

I wasn't expecting any reaction from her but I think she got the message.

Her nightclothes were, I suspect, just an old but comfortable T-shirt and it was time for it to be removed. With my knife I cut through the thick bit at the neck and then just tore it from her body. Underneath she was naked, not even any knickers, the slut. For the first time I removed my thin gloves and let my hands move over her satin like skin.

"Very nice slut," I whispered.

I rolled her over on to her back and sat back down on her stomach, and for the first time she could see me. What she saw was a slim man, just under six foot tall, dressed all in black with a ski mask on his head. In return I could see her, she was in her early twenties, slim with small tits and great legs. My hands were becoming familiar with her body now, all her bumps and hollows; now it was time for some action. I moved off her to turn the central light on from the switch by the door. In the short time I had taken she had struggled to get off the bed, I just straight-armed her flat again. Now in the soft light I could really see her and my what a lovely sight. I walked around to the bottom of the bed, her eyes wide with fear, following my every move. At first she clamped her thighs tight together and crossed her ankles but a hard punch to her middle unlocked her and I pulled her legs open wide. I knelt between her slim legs, my hands moving up and down as I savoured every inch of her smooth skin. Slowly, there was no rush, I unzipped myself and rolled on a condom.

"Time for a little action," I whispered to her and I fed my hard cock into her dry pussy.

The lubrication on the condom was enough for me to push all the way into her; although through the tooth ring I could hear her muted scream. Now that were intimately joined I again took my time, slowly thrusting into her while my hands moved over all that I could reach. It was a time to savour, to enjoy to the full.

I was getting near now and my thrusts became harder, I noticed that although her eyes were shut tight she had raised her knees slightly thus allowing me better penetration. My orgasm washed over me and I pumped a big load into the condom.

That was fucking great, I thought and I pulled out and stripped off the used condom carefully as I didn't want not to spill any evidence and I placed into the bag that I had brought with me.

"Now my little slut," I whispered while cupping her small tits, "that was fucking great, now we must wait a little while before we can start on round two."

I moved from between her legs and sat on the side of the bed so that I could stroke her slim body, her tits although small were very nice and firm with a good shape, while her legs were just fucking incredible. Normally I wouldn't get hard again in under an hour but the whole situation was so fucking exciting I was hard again in no time.

"There you see my little slut," I cooed, "and it's all down to you and that sexy body of yours."

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