Roll of the Dice

by Peter

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Mult, Consensual, Drunk/Drugged, Heterosexual, Fiction, Group Sex, Oral Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: A fantasy story based on actual conversations I had with my ex-wife of what could have happened if we had brought another guy into our sex-lives.

This story, while not entirely true, is based in part on conversations my Ex and I had while we were still married, and reflect what could have happened if the opportunity had properly presented itself.

Names have been changed to protect the not-so-innocent.

Many years ago, shortly after joining the military, I was attending a training school not very far from the major metropolitan city where I originally came from. My wife, who continued to live in the city while I was going through training, would visit on the weekends when I was not on duty, and the two of us would spend most of these weekends in the motel room screwing each other's brains out.

After some time, we began discussing ways we might be able to "rev-up" our sex lives. I had confessed to her a few weeks earlier that I had fantasized about her fucking another guy while I watched. I also admitted it surprised me how much that particular fantasy aroused me. Apparently the idea appealed to Nicky as well, since we started discussing it more seriously soon after.

We finally came to the agreement. If it were going to happen, it had to be someone she found attractive enough to want to screw, but also be someone we both could trust completely. This cut down the number of prospects greatly.

Finally, after weeks of discussion, we agreed on a name. Chris, one of the guys in my training class.

Chris was 19, a few years younger than either my 27 or Nicky's 24, but from some of my conversations I had with him while hanging out in the evenings after class, he was a total nympho. He was blonde, about 5' 6" tall, good looking though still almost boyish and pretty agreeable to most anything. Nicky and I decided we would invite him to hang out the next weekend she was in town and see where things went from there.

"If we can get him out with us, what do you want to do with him?" I would ask in a teasing manner while the two of us were fooling around.

"First I would suck his dick and make him nice and hard, like this," Nicky replied as she leaned over and demonstrated on me, taking my full length into her moist mouth and sucking slowly, making my cock long and rigid, just the way she liked it.

"Then I would mount him like this," she added a few moments later, climbing on top and impaling herself on me, slowly moving her wet pussy up and down on my steel-hard dick. Slowly up, slowly down, getting a little faster with each thrust.

"So we're agreed we're going to invite Chris out the next weekend you're here?" I asked as Nicky slowed down a little again. She nodded yes. "Ok, I'll buy a pack of condoms and stick them in the nightstand before we get him just in case he wants to use them."

"No," Nicky said, stopping her squirming on my hard dick. "If I have sex with him, I want to make him cum inside me." She then leaned in close to me and kissed me passionately. I had to admit, knowing she was 'safe, ' the thought of her making another man cum inside her pussy aroused me even more. I agreed.

Over the course of the week before Nicky's next visit I wondered whether I should warn Chris about our plans first, and risk him saying no, or if we should surprise him and risk him not wanting to participate and ruining any sort of plans Nicky and I could have come up with instead. I finally decided to play it safe, sort-of, about mid-week after our training class was finished.

"Hey, Chris!" I called out, catching up to him as he climbed up the hill on his way to the base exchange. "I've got a question for you."

Chris waited for me to catch up, then gave me a look that said, 'Ask away.'

"This is a hypothetical question," I emphasized. "You know my wife. If you were given the chance to have sex with her, would you?"

Chris gave me a funny look, then said, "You mean behind your back or with your permission?"

"With me watching, actually," I said, quickly adding, "... Hypothetically, of course."

Chris gave me a broad smile and said, in a mock-sarcastic tone, "Of course, hypothetically. Yeah, sure, I suppose I would. Might be fun. Why do you ask?"

"Oh, it was just something Nicky and I were talking about in passing her last visit."

The remainder of the week dragged. Especially after I later asked Chris if he had any plans for the weekend and would he like to hang out Friday night? He gave me a knowing look and replied, "Nothing I can't easily cancel. See you Friday."

Friday afternoon Nicky picked Chris and I up in the parking lot near our barracks. We all had dinner at one of the local well-known pizza joints and, after making a stop at the liquor store for a few items, headed back to the motel room Nicky and I had reserved.

The motel catered to both the military from the nearby base and the local tourists. Some of the rooms were your typical small room with two beds and a bathroom. Others contained one larger bed and a small table and chairs. The room we preferred to rent was an efficiency room. It contained a large bed, kitchenette, bathroom with full size tub/shower and lots of extra floor space. It made the weekend visits much more comfortable. This was the room we managed to grab this weekend.

Once we were all back at the motel, I tried to think of a way to progress things along. We all had a small drink. Nicky, however, reacted to even the smallest amount of alcohol. Normally she would become very uninhibited and very horny. A few weeks earlier, while hanging out with another friend of mine, after a few drinks more than she normally would have, she started pulling her clothes off. As I struggled to try and keep Nicky dressed, I turned to my friend and said sheepishly, "Would you mind a great deal if my wife stripped?" My friend's response was an enthusiastic, "Hell No!" But by the time I stopped struggling with Nicky, she just fell asleep on the bed, still dressed in her underwear. I do not know how my friend felt about all of this, but there was a part of me that was a little disappointed, because while we had not completely agreed on someone to bring into the sex game at the time, it seemed like a lost opportunity.

Nicky was Asian. She was short, only 4' 11", and on the verge of petite. Her hair was dark and cut short, above her shoulders. More due to her personality then her looks, she seemed to be able to attract a lot of guys when she wanted to.

I, on the other hand, was 100% Caucasian, 6' tall, and due to my recent basic military training, in the best shape I had been for as long as I could remember, though by no definition skinny. People often commented we made a strange couple together.

As the three of us sat around the table, inevitably the topic of sex came up, with Chris relating stories of some of his more recent conquests since joining the military and getting divorced less than a year before. Nicky hung on his every word, though I had heard most of these stories before. I decided it was time to move things along and see where they would go.

"You two feel like playing a game?" I asked as I pulled a six-sided die from my travel bag and tossed it on the table.

"What kind of game?" Nicky asked, though I suspected she knew.

"A game of chance with a little bit of risk," I answered with a wink. "Nicky, grab a piece of paper and a pen. Write down the numbers one through six."

Nicky wrote down the numbers while Chris looked on curiously. From his expression I knew he suspected what was going to happen too.

"Ok, these are the rules," I said. "We keep rolling the die until the same number comes up five times."

"And what does each number represent?" Nicky asked with a sly smile.

"The game goes like this. If we roll either a one or a two, both you and Chris have to strip and you give him a blow-job. And yes, you have to swallow." Nicky broke out in a huge smile as she simultaneously blushed red. Chris simply smiled. "If we roll a three or four, Nicky and I strip and you fuck me for Chris' viewing pleasure. If we roll a five or six, all three of us strip and Chris does you doggy-style while you suck me off. Are we agreed?"

Chris and Nicky looked at each other and both broke out in whole new smiles as they nodded enthusiastically.

"Ok, Chris, you roll first."

Chris picked up the clear red die that was sitting on the center of the table. He winked at Nicky before blowing on the die for luck, rattling it around in his hand and tossing it on the table.


The die passed to Nicky.


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