by Kien Reti

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, BDSM, DomSub, FemaleDom, Humiliation, Anal Sex, Fisting, Sex Toys, Enema, BBW, Caution, .

Desc: Sex Story: B&D client experiences it all: discipline, MF sex under bondage, MM anal sex, orifice enlargement... But then he decides to turn the tables on his dominatrix.

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"Three hundred bucks an hour? I gotta be out of my everlovin' mind!"

Yet here he was, sitting in the waiting room. Waiting. Vic had arrived twenty minutes early for his appointment.

"Mr. Victor?" The middle-aged woman in a crisp nurse's uniform ushered him into the dimly lit room. The only furniture was a low, vinyl-covered padded table. There were what looked like television screens mounted on two of the walls. "You are to undress while you await Mistress Domina," she told him. The door shut with a barely audible click, and he was alone.

This was his first visit to a real live dominatrix. He had heard crazy stories about what went on in their chambers (dungeons?) -- stories of clients being subject to extremes of degradation and humiliation. Whippings, torture, insertion of unusual objects into various body orifices, and even worse. Much worse.

There was a shabby terrycloth bathrobe hanging on a hook beside the table. He pulled it on. Underneath he was naked. The door opened.

Mistress Domina -- "DOE-meen-ah," she pronounced it -- was wearing a tight black elastic bodysuit. Tall and classically voluptuous, she even verged on chubby. Wire-rimmed glasses incongruously gave her the look of an old-fashioned schoolmarm. She was leafing through various papers on a clipboard.

"Your file lists your treatment plan as exploring extreme variations of anal sex, but with only a mild degree of humiliation, and minimizing pain where possible. Pity. One of our specialties is training and severe discipline, but we always cater to our clients' needs.

"Due to the nature of your particular program, you will require cleansing enemas in preparation for each session. In future visits, our medical staff will administer these. Today, however, I will handle this, as it will permit me to assess the physical health and capacity of the relevant parts of your anatomy -- the lower colon, rectum, and anal sphincter."

Vic lay facedown on the padded table. Nylon straps locked his arms and legs rigidly in place. A rubber hose ran upward from the crevice of his buttocks to the large enema bottle dispensing a cloudy amber liquid into his lower intestine.

"This is a mild Castile soap and mineral oil solution. You should not find it unduly irritating, but it will most effectively accomplish its purpose of thoroughly purging your large intestine. We will follow up with two rinsings of distilled water. You are expected to retain the solution within your colon for ten minutes, at which time I will release the restraints and permit you to use the bathroom facilities."

What a relief it was to dump the liquid contents of his colon in a single, smelly, explosive burst! Perched on the toilet, Vic mulled over what awaited him for the remainder of the two-hour (six hundred dollar!) session.

Preliminary dilation, Mistress Domina had called it. Now he was standing, bent forward over the padded table. His arms stretched out at an angle past his head. Straps buckled around the wrists held him firmly in place. His chin sank into the soft pillow under his chin.

"If you will look upward and a bit toward your right, Mr. Victor, you will be able to follow our progress on the video monitor."

Mistress Domina was examining what appeared to be a rather large corkscrew device with a handle on its end.

"This is a Type IV Orifice Spreader. Practitioners in our field consider it superior to a medical speculum for stretching and expanding the anal orifice. From its small rounded insertion tip, it gradually tapers outward into a cone as we move toward the base. There is a wide spiraling screw thread running diagonally along its surface to engage the ring of muscle at the entrance of the anus. The crank on the end permits the operator to rotate the device, with the net result that it actually screws into the recipient. The net result is to gently but inexorably enlarge and loosen the anal sphincter. For our first session, we will content ourself with a modest gain in aperture."

"Screwed by a corkscrew," Vic was thinking as Mistress Domina introduced the tip of the thing into him. It felt rather like a small dildo as it penetrated about an inch deep, just past the anal ring. "So far, so good," he mumbled. He was starting to get an erection.

Now there was slight sideward pressure, and he began to feel the stretch as Mistress twisted the crank. It was advancing deeper into his rectum, and widening him sideways. There was little friction, due to the lube applied to the spiral threads. He watched on the video monitor, fascinated and disbelieving, as about a third of its length disappeared into him, and he stretched, stretched, and stretched. He felt as wide as a railway tunnel, and it was starting to get distinctly uncomfortable.

"Seven inch depth and two inch width," Mistress Domina announced, then she slapped him on the right butt cheek. "Now we disengage." Vic could feel his sphincter relax and spring back as the corkscrew untwisted and unscrewed out of him.

"Ten minute rest period before the final phase of this session," Mistress said. The door clicked shut and Vic was alone, standing, bent forward over the table, still held in place by wrist restraints. He closed his eyes and dozed off...

... and awoke as he felt something inserting into him. Into his anus again. Looking at the video monitor, he saw Mistress Domina penetrating him with something protruding from a black harness she was wearing around her hips. A dildo. A very large dildo.

The corkscrew treatment must have loosened him quite a bit. He didn't feel any discomfort at full penetration. How deep? At least six inches. Now she was vigorously pumping in and out. Mistress was fucking him. Fucking him in the ass.

Half an hour later, Vic was driving home. He felt exhausted, utterly and completely drained. Well, why not? He had climaxed twice during the "final phase" of his first treatment. There was still a pleasurable throbbing in his bowels. Mistress knew what she was doing, all right. Painless extreme anal -- that was right on the money.

He had to continue the "treatment." It was the fulfillment of lifelong fantasies. Being dominated and being penetrated... simultaneously. There was only one small problem, though. How to pay for it.

Six hundred per session was quite a bit more than he could afford. So, what were his options? Get a second job? Take another mortgage on his condo apartment? Borrow money from the loan sharks? None of those alternatives particularly appealed to him.

Inspiration! Vic had once been quite an accomplished computer hacker. What if... what if he could figure out a way to electronically recover the money he paid for Mistress Domina's services. Say, if he could access the house bank account on-line and drain some funds from it. Now this idea rang his chimes. While she was fucking him in his most intimate place, he could be fucking her right back in hers -- in the pocketbook.

This waiting was making him nuts. Waiting for his second session with Mistress, Vic was busy chewing his fingernails down to ragged nubs. Damn. They really ought to have a better selection of magazines for the waiting room. "House Beautiful" and "Woodworking Hobbyist" didn't quite do it for him.

"Mr. Victor -- " A different nurse this time. Younger, prettier. The room she admitted him into was likewise different. In addition to the familiar padded examination table there was an elaborate mechanical chair that appeared to have various devices built into it. It also had a sort of cutout in the center of the seat, toward the back.

"If you will please disrobe, we will administer the series of preliminary enemas. Starting with this session, their purpose is not just internal cleansing, but increasing intestinal volume. You will receive a full four quarts, and retain the solution for twenty minutes."

Twenty minutes! He could never hold it in that long.

As it turned out, he could. If he had to. After the attractive nurse had filled him to bursting, he felt something expanding just inside his anus.

"This special-purpose enema nozzle contains an inflating bladder to block the exit from your rectum." In the video monitor he watched the nurse pump a small rubber bulb in her hand. "You will find yourself unable to expel any liquid, and attempts to do so will be futile and only cause increased discomfort. Bye. See you later." The door shut behind her.

Those were the longest twenty minutes of his life. Several times he thought his belly and guts were going to burst. Then he surrendered and gave himself over to the feeling. Totally distended inside, blown up like an overinflated balloon. Transformed into a human water container. Yet, in the midst of his discomfort, he felt the stirrings of... lust. On his stomach on the padded table, arms and legs in restraints, pumped up with a solution of chemicals... his penis began hardening beneath him.

He hadn't even noticed that the nurse had returned. She was regarding him with a faint smile as she unbuckled the straps.

"Through the door and to the left. Empty yourself in the sanitary facilities and be back here within ten minutes."

The following two rinse enemas were no big deal. He didn't have to hold them in very long, and he enjoyed the sweet feeling of inner purification they left him with.

"Welcome back, Mr. Victor." Mistress Domina had entered. She dismissed the nurse.

"We will employ a special-purpose Dilation Chair for this next stage of your treatment. Please sit down, if you will."

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