Me And My Muse

by Jeremy Spencer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BDSM, DomSub, Light Bond, .

Desc: Sex Story: Sometimes you just get tired of all that plot and character development and just need some good old-fashioned white hot monkey sex (without the monkeys), right? Yeah... thought so. The story of how I met my muse Erin... and how she continues to raise my... uh... my WRITING, to new levels.

Chapter 1: A Muse Is Born

I woke up screaming hysterically. Not a very manly thing to do I'll admit, but what would you have done if you'd been nudged out of your sleep and found a... something sitting on your lap? I screamed.

"Who are you?" I asked cautiously. The woman astride my legs appeared to be slightly younger than my thirty years, with long brown hair and a pixie face.


I didn't know anyone named Erin, and was just about to ask where the hell she had come from when I noticed she was stark naked.

I screamed again.

"You're silly," Erin giggled, and I fought the urge to let loose once again when I noticed her wings. Instead I lay there, my eyes threatening to spring out of their sockets, my mouth gaping open.

"What are you?" I asked when I managed to find my voice. I found it difficult to speak, I was so mesmerized by the soft sway of her breasts.

"I'm your muse," she said simply.

"My what?" I shook my head, trying to clear the cobwebs. It sounded like she had said she was my muse.

"Your muse," Erin laughed.

Fuck, I was right.

"A muse?"

"Mmm hmm."

"What are you supposed to... ah!" I screamed again as my... muse squirmed in my lap. The wet lips of her pussy slid against my thigh and I could feel the head of my cock bump against the wiry curls of her pubic hair. I always sleep in the nude, so that made two naked people in my bed, the first time that had happened in quite a while. Although never had the other person had wings. That was definitely a first for me.

"What am I supposed to do?" she giggled, completing my question, and I stifled another gasp, nodding frantically as she reached a dainty hand between her thighs and grasped my rapidly stiffening prick.

"Yes. Why are you here?"

"I'm supposed to inspire you," she said and rolled her hips against me, pressing her cunt against my erection.

"Inspire me?" I was distracted again as her fingers played along my shaft. She was driving me crazy and I didn't know the first thing about her! "How did you get in?" I asked, my eyes glued to where our bodies were joined as her hand slowly slid up and down my cock.

"Hmm?" she asked absentmindedly.

"How did you get in?" I repeated.

"I just did," she answered. Her tongue poked out from between her lips as she raised up on her haunches, and before I could say a word she had dropped down completely on my prick, embedding me in her wet warm folds.

"Holy shit!" I gasped. It felt like a thousand tiny tongues were licking all over my shaft as she slid up and down my length.

"Are you inspired yet?" she asked, giggling yet again. Her eyes were focused on my face as her pussy slid along my prick, now wet with her juices.

"Inspired?" I gasped.

"I'm supposed to give you good ideas," she explained. "Besides fucking, I mean," she added, blushing as I thrust my hips up to meet her downward stroke. "Ooh. Do that again," she hissed.

I rocked back and forth as much as I was able, humping up against her cunt, my prick sinking deeper and deeper into her slippery sheath.

"What kind of ideas?" I asked. Erin by now was panting above me, each of her tiny hands twisting on a distended nipple, her breaths coming in tiny pants.

"Story ideas," she moaned and I felt a flutter as her pussy muscles contracted around my prick and a flood of fluids washed over me. "I'm supposed to give you good ideas for your stories."


"Don't you like it?" she said, appearing entirely bothered by the prospect of disappointing me. "I know you like for the girl to be on top. At least it's in almost all your stories, so I thought you'd like that for sure." Her movements had slowed and she appeared ready to cry. Suddenly she was dressed in a cheerleader's uniform, complete with pleated skirt and a pom pom in each hand.

"What the hell?" I asked, stunned by the sudden change.

"Is this better?" she asked hopefully. "Guys are supposed to like cheerleaders."

"What... how did you do that?"

"Easy. Oh! Maybe you like nurses?" she asked, and before I could answer she was dressed in white as her legs, covered in white thigh-high stockings, were spread wide as she continued to ride my prick. She reached a hand down between our legs and grabbed my balls in her fingers. "Turn your head and cough," she laughed, squeezing gently.

"I don't understand," I admitted. "I like it, and I liked you better naked, but I don't understand."

As quickly as I said it the nurse's uniform was gone and I once again had a wriggling bundle of naked muse in my lap, a happy smile on her face. She bounced up and down and I started with surprise as I noticed her pussy was now completely bald.

"What the hell?" I asked, pointing to her smooth pubes.

"Oops," she giggled. "That's leftover from when I was a cheerleader. Do you like it?" she asked slyly as she leaned back. My prick popped out of her cunt and I had an unobstructed view of her pussy, completely devoid of any hair.

"I do," I nodded my head. "It looks great."

"Does it make me look young?" she asked, her voice suddenly high pitched and sounding very much like a junior high girl.

"Too young," I said. "And be quiet. The neighbors will call the police if you keep that up."

"Sorry," she said, her voice suddenly back to normal. "I'm glad you like it though. Fucking just feels so much better this way." As if to prove her point Erin once again dropped down onto my erection, her movements much more frantic and suddenly I felt the sperm boiling in my balls and I knew my orgasm was fast approaching.

"One more time," I gasped. "Run it by me one more time why you're here?"

"Jesus," she hissed as the head of my cock bumped into the back of her pussy. "I'm here to inspire you to write. I'm your muse. That's what a muse does."

"And this is how you do it? I thought a muse was supposed to give me ideas, not fuck me."

"Oh?" She looked disappointed once again. "I've never been a muse before. This is my first time," she said. "I mean, my first time for being a muse. Maybe I'm doing it wrong."

"I don't mind," I blurted. I felt the head of my prick swell as the first spurt of my cum shot out of my prick, and I began coating her inner walls with my semen.

"Yes, like that!" she panted, slamming her hips against my thighs as her pussy rocked back and forth over my prick. I reached out my hands, grabbing at the firm cheeks of her ass, pulling her body tight against mine as my orgasm abated.

Suddenly I felt Erin stiffen in my arms and just as the last trickle of my cum leaked out of my cock she started to spasm around me, her face frozen as her orgasm rolled through her body.

"Holy shit," I muttered as I felt myself to grow hard again. "This never happens to me."

"What doesn't?" she asked languidly.

"I'm ready to go again," I said. "That never happens, at least not so soon."

"Goody," she grinned. "So I guess I'm doing a good job?" she asked as she batted her brilliant green eyes at me.

I nodded absentmindedly. Still holding her by the hips, I rolled Erin onto her back. As we switched positions I noticed her wings had disappeared sometime during our lovemaking, but wasn't surprised. I'm not sure what it would take to shock me after this.

"So this is what it's like having a muse," I said. I bent my head forward, sucking gently on her pink nipples.

"Hmm hmm," she answered as I slammed into her pussy.

"I think I'm going to like having you around."

Chapter 2: Bathroom Amusements

I walked into the living room and my breath caught in my throat as I caught sight of Erin. There my muse lay, stretched out on the sofa, covered only in a sheer silk wrap. I could see the pink tips of her nipples poking through the filmy grey material. Her natural musk permeated the air as she stood when I entered the room, the moist lips of her pussy poking out from behind the translucent covering.

"Hello," I finally managed, my eyes locked on Erin's delicate fingers as they slid over the front of her body. She pinched her own nipple, causing the blood to rush in and swell the tiny nub even further and I stifled a groan as I saw a single trail of her juice leaking down her inner thigh.

"Hello," she giggled as I ogled her smooth flesh.

"Are you busy?" I asked, groaning as a tiny smile playing over Erin's lips as she sucked the tip of her index finger between her pouty lips. I felt my prick swelling dangerously in my pants and fought the urge to readjust myself.

"No. No, I'm not doing anything. Why?" she asked. Erin leaned against me, her soft breasts pressing into my back as she reached around my body to stroke my chest. "Did you have something mind, because if you were looking for something to do..." she trailed off before running her tongue along the bottom of my earlobe.

She pulled me down onto the couch, her legs spread wide as I sat in front of her, my back to her ample breasts. I could feel the diamond-hard points of her nipples digging into my back, even through the material of my shirt. I shuddered, my prick jumping to attention. Erin giggled, reaching down to stroke my shaft through my jeans, her breath hot and moist in my ear.

"I did have something in mind," I said heavily, leaning my head back to rest between the twin pillows of Erin's full breasts. I glanced up, catching Erin's gaze as she looked down on my face. I found myself lost, not for the first time, in the hypnotic gaze of her emerald-green eyes.

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