Me And My Muse

by Jeremy Spencer

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, BDSM, DomSub, Light Bond, .

Desc: Sex Story: Sometimes you just get tired of all that plot and character development and just need some good old-fashioned white hot monkey sex (without the monkeys), right? Yeah... thought so. The story of how I met my muse Erin... and how she continues to raise my... uh... my WRITING, to new levels.

Chapter 1: A Muse Is Born

I woke up screaming hysterically. Not a very manly thing to do I'll admit, but what would you have done if you'd been nudged out of your sleep and found a... something sitting on your lap? I screamed.

"Who are you?" I asked cautiously. The woman astride my legs appeared to be slightly younger than my thirty years, with long brown hair and a pixie face.


I didn't know anyone named Erin, and was just about to ask where the hell she had come from when I noticed she was stark naked.

I screamed again.

"You're silly," Erin giggled, and I fought the urge to let loose once again when I noticed her wings. Instead I lay there, my eyes threatening to spring out of their sockets, my mouth gaping open.

"What are you?" I asked when I managed to find my voice. I found it difficult to speak, I was so mesmerized by the soft sway of her breasts.

"I'm your muse," she said simply.

"My what?" I shook my head, trying to clear the cobwebs. It sounded like she had said she was my muse.

"Your muse," Erin laughed.

Fuck, I was right.

"A muse?"

"Mmm hmm."

"What are you supposed to... ah!" I screamed again as my... muse squirmed in my lap. The wet lips of her pussy slid against my thigh and I could feel the head of my cock bump against the wiry curls of her pubic hair. I always sleep in the nude, so that made two naked people in my bed, the first time that had happened in quite a while. Although never had the other person had wings. That was definitely a first for me.

"What am I supposed to do?" she giggled, completing my question, and I stifled another gasp, nodding frantically as she reached a dainty hand between her thighs and grasped my rapidly stiffening prick.

"Yes. Why are you here?"

"I'm supposed to inspire you," she said and rolled her hips against me, pressing her cunt against my erection.

"Inspire me?" I was distracted again as her fingers played along my shaft. She was driving me crazy and I didn't know the first thing about her! "How did you get in?" I asked, my eyes glued to where our bodies were joined as her hand slowly slid up and down my cock.

"Hmm?" she asked absentmindedly.

"How did you get in?" I repeated.

"I just did," she answered. Her tongue poked out from between her lips as she raised up on her haunches, and before I could say a word she had dropped down completely on my prick, embedding me in her wet warm folds.

"Holy shit!" I gasped. It felt like a thousand tiny tongues were licking all over my shaft as she slid up and down my length.

"Are you inspired yet?" she asked, giggling yet again. Her eyes were focused on my face as her pussy slid along my prick, now wet with her juices.

"Inspired?" I gasped.

"I'm supposed to give you good ideas," she explained. "Besides fucking, I mean," she added, blushing as I thrust my hips up to meet her downward stroke. "Ooh. Do that again," she hissed.

I rocked back and forth as much as I was able, humping up against her cunt, my prick sinking deeper and deeper into her slippery sheath.

"What kind of ideas?" I asked. Erin by now was panting above me, each of her tiny hands twisting on a distended nipple, her breaths coming in tiny pants.

"Story ideas," she moaned and I felt a flutter as her pussy muscles contracted around my prick and a flood of fluids washed over me. "I'm supposed to give you good ideas for your stories."


"Don't you like it?" she said, appearing entirely bothered by the prospect of disappointing me. "I know you like for the girl to be on top. At least it's in almost all your stories, so I thought you'd like that for sure." Her movements had slowed and she appeared ready to cry. Suddenly she was dressed in a cheerleader's uniform, complete with pleated skirt and a pom pom in each hand.

"What the hell?" I asked, stunned by the sudden change.

"Is this better?" she asked hopefully. "Guys are supposed to like cheerleaders."

"What... how did you do that?"

"Easy. Oh! Maybe you like nurses?" she asked, and before I could answer she was dressed in white as her legs, covered in white thigh-high stockings, were spread wide as she continued to ride my prick. She reached a hand down between our legs and grabbed my balls in her fingers. "Turn your head and cough," she laughed, squeezing gently.

"I don't understand," I admitted. "I like it, and I liked you better naked, but I don't understand."

As quickly as I said it the nurse's uniform was gone and I once again had a wriggling bundle of naked muse in my lap, a happy smile on her face. She bounced up and down and I started with surprise as I noticed her pussy was now completely bald.

"What the hell?" I asked, pointing to her smooth pubes.

"Oops," she giggled. "That's leftover from when I was a cheerleader. Do you like it?" she asked slyly as she leaned back. My prick popped out of her cunt and I had an unobstructed view of her pussy, completely devoid of any hair.

"I do," I nodded my head. "It looks great."

"Does it make me look young?" she asked, her voice suddenly high pitched and sounding very much like a junior high girl.

"Too young," I said. "And be quiet. The neighbors will call the police if you keep that up."

"Sorry," she said, her voice suddenly back to normal. "I'm glad you like it though. Fucking just feels so much better this way." As if to prove her point Erin once again dropped down onto my erection, her movements much more frantic and suddenly I felt the sperm boiling in my balls and I knew my orgasm was fast approaching.

"One more time," I gasped. "Run it by me one more time why you're here?"

"Jesus," she hissed as the head of my cock bumped into the back of her pussy. "I'm here to inspire you to write. I'm your muse. That's what a muse does."

"And this is how you do it? I thought a muse was supposed to give me ideas, not fuck me."

"Oh?" She looked disappointed once again. "I've never been a muse before. This is my first time," she said. "I mean, my first time for being a muse. Maybe I'm doing it wrong."

"I don't mind," I blurted. I felt the head of my prick swell as the first spurt of my cum shot out of my prick, and I began coating her inner walls with my semen.

"Yes, like that!" she panted, slamming her hips against my thighs as her pussy rocked back and forth over my prick. I reached out my hands, grabbing at the firm cheeks of her ass, pulling her body tight against mine as my orgasm abated.

Suddenly I felt Erin stiffen in my arms and just as the last trickle of my cum leaked out of my cock she started to spasm around me, her face frozen as her orgasm rolled through her body.

"Holy shit," I muttered as I felt myself to grow hard again. "This never happens to me."

"What doesn't?" she asked languidly.

"I'm ready to go again," I said. "That never happens, at least not so soon."

"Goody," she grinned. "So I guess I'm doing a good job?" she asked as she batted her brilliant green eyes at me.

I nodded absentmindedly. Still holding her by the hips, I rolled Erin onto her back. As we switched positions I noticed her wings had disappeared sometime during our lovemaking, but wasn't surprised. I'm not sure what it would take to shock me after this.

"So this is what it's like having a muse," I said. I bent my head forward, sucking gently on her pink nipples.

"Hmm hmm," she answered as I slammed into her pussy.

"I think I'm going to like having you around."

Chapter 2: Bathroom Amusements

I walked into the living room and my breath caught in my throat as I caught sight of Erin. There my muse lay, stretched out on the sofa, covered only in a sheer silk wrap. I could see the pink tips of her nipples poking through the filmy grey material. Her natural musk permeated the air as she stood when I entered the room, the moist lips of her pussy poking out from behind the translucent covering.

"Hello," I finally managed, my eyes locked on Erin's delicate fingers as they slid over the front of her body. She pinched her own nipple, causing the blood to rush in and swell the tiny nub even further and I stifled a groan as I saw a single trail of her juice leaking down her inner thigh.

"Hello," she giggled as I ogled her smooth flesh.

"Are you busy?" I asked, groaning as a tiny smile playing over Erin's lips as she sucked the tip of her index finger between her pouty lips. I felt my prick swelling dangerously in my pants and fought the urge to readjust myself.

"No. No, I'm not doing anything. Why?" she asked. Erin leaned against me, her soft breasts pressing into my back as she reached around my body to stroke my chest. "Did you have something mind, because if you were looking for something to do..." she trailed off before running her tongue along the bottom of my earlobe.

She pulled me down onto the couch, her legs spread wide as I sat in front of her, my back to her ample breasts. I could feel the diamond-hard points of her nipples digging into my back, even through the material of my shirt. I shuddered, my prick jumping to attention. Erin giggled, reaching down to stroke my shaft through my jeans, her breath hot and moist in my ear.

"I did have something in mind," I said heavily, leaning my head back to rest between the twin pillows of Erin's full breasts. I glanced up, catching Erin's gaze as she looked down on my face. I found myself lost, not for the first time, in the hypnotic gaze of her emerald-green eyes.

Erin tilted her head lower to meet my own and our lips met, my nose pressed against the smooth jut of her chin. My mouth opened and my tongue pressed insistently against her lips, begging entrance into the warm confines of her moist mouth. Erin smiled as her lips parted and her tongue snaked out to meet my own before her mouth dropped down to crush against my own.

Eventually Erin pulled her lips away from mine. I stood and took her hand, a hot look in her eyes as she reached out and allowed me to pull her from the sofa. I led her by the hand down the hall to the bathroom and she cooed in delight when she noticed the tub was already full of bubble bath.

"Are you feeling dirty?" I asked and Erin grinned, nodding quickly. I pulled the nearly nonexistent wrap from around her shoulders, allowing my fingers to trail down over her back and hips, brushing lightly between her firm buttocks. Erin shivered as I reached around, cupping her breasts in my hands, hefting their soft fullness in my palms. She sighed and leaned against me, my erection fitting snugly between the valley of her buttocks.

I quickly shed my jeans and shirt, allowing Erin the pleasure of removing my underwear until I too stood naked before her in the bathroom, the green tiles cool under my bare feet.

I held my hand out to steady my muse as she climbed into the water, watching as she lay back, the bubbles obscuring, but not quite covering her turgid nipples.

"Close your eyes," I whispered, grinning as Erin looked at me happily before her eyelids fluttered closed. I stood there for a moment, enraptured by the beauty reclining before me, before standing to light several candles placed around the room. Erin breathed deeply as their scent reached her nose and she visibly relaxed back into the soapy water, her hair fanned behind her in an auburn halo.

I reached out and grabbed a washcloth, immersing it in the water before running it lightly over her tummy, dipping my finger into the tiny valley of her belly button. Erin giggled, her eyes popping open as she smiled at me.

"That tickles," she complained, laughing as my finger moved once again to her dimpled center.

"Eyes closed," I commanded softly and with a tiny smirk my muse complied, her eyes once again shutting. I lifted one of Erin's arms from the water, running the washcloth up and down its length before switching to the other, gently repeating the process. She giggled as I let a few droplets of water drip from the wet cloth onto her forehead, but kept her eyes closed, although her lips pursed as she laughed.

Satisfied that Erin was no longer watching, I dropped the washcloth into the water and continued with only my hands. Erin sighed as she felt my fingers slide along her slippery flesh, gliding along the swell of her hips as I washed her legs. My hands traveled down first her left then her right leg, stopping to tease the bottoms of her feet and backs of her knees as Erin fought to keep from giggling.

I moved my hands from her smooth thighs up until my knuckles almost, but not quite brushed against the bottom of her cunt. I imagined I could feel the heat of her pussy even through the warm bath water and smiled as I heard her attempt to stifle a moan.

"Lay still," I whispered in her ear, dragging my hand over the mound of her pussy, barely brushing against her smooth flesh as I moved my hand over her belly and up to her breasts. I turned on the water momentarily, splashing away the suds from Erin's breasts before I leaned over and captured a firm nipple between my teeth. Erin inhaled sharply and I glanced up, pleased to see her eyes still closed, a small smile evident on her lips.

Erin's chest was flushed as I licked and sucked at the meaty flesh of her breasts, alternating from left to right until both were slick with my saliva. Finally I allowed her nipple to pop from between my teeth. I leaned back, shivering as my erect cock brushed over the cold porcelain side of the tub.

"Stand," I said quietly, enjoying the look of confusion as my muse looked to me. We're done already? The unasked question was evident on her face. "I haven't cleaned you properly yet," I explained.

Erin nodded quickly, water draining from her curves as she stood. I turned her to face the wall, watching as the last of the soapy bubbles slipped between her ass cheeks before dripping down her legs. I reached out a hand, my fingers gliding easily over her slippery flesh as I kneaded each muscular cheek.

I grinned as Erin subtly spread her thighs, silently inviting my fingers to travel lower, to the wet mouth of her cunt. I felt the urge to bury a finger between her moist lips, but instead I moved away, drawing a quiet moan of disappointment. Reaching down, I cupped my hands together and filled the temporary bowl with water as I rinsed off her back and legs.

"We're done," I announced and Erin spun quickly to stare at me.

"What?" she sputtered, her eyes looking at me in confusion. She appeared ready to protest until I reached down to stroke the thick shaft of my erection, poking out from my groin.

"We're done in here," I clarified. "You have a hard to reach place that needs to be attended to. This last bit of cleaning needs to be done in the bedroom."

A look of understanding flickered over Erin's dainty features and a happy grin split her face. The two of us hurried into the bedroom, uncaring of the wet trail of footprints following us down the hallway, and jumped onto my bed.

"Oh Jeremy," she sighed as I knelt between her open thighs. Erin's eyes were riveted to my groin as I swabbed the head of my cock between her labia, coating myself in her slippery secretions. She moaned as I teased her until finally her hips rose from the bed, the mouth of her cunt seeming to open wide in an attempt to capture my prick in her hot wetness.

The sensations of her slippery flesh against the soft crown of my cock grew until at last my own need reached a boiling point. I gripped my staff in my hand as I aimed it directly into her center, thrusting my hips forward. We both groaned as my cock split through her slippery tunnel as I buried myself in one stroke.

It never ceased to amaze me that this woman was always so wet and anxious for my prick. In the two weeks since Erin had appeared out of the blue, announcing herself as my muse, not a day had passed that we hadn't made love at least twice, each time as frantic and passionate as teens. I felt renewed in body and spirit and now lived for the moment, intent only on capturing all that life had to offer.

A sigh escaped Erin's lips as I withdrew from her slippery sheath, my cock now shiny with her slick cream. I caught myself as I was about to once again thrust ahead wildly, forcing myself to go slowly. This time I wanted to make our lovemaking last.

I bent to kiss Erin's waiting lips, her tongue as slippery as an eel inside my mouth as it swirled against my own tongue. I slowly pushed my prick into her cunt, her walls stretching tightly around my cock until I felt my balls resting against her ass. I reached down to cut the firm cheeks, feeling them tighten in my hands as she flexed her inner muscles around my shaft.

"Oh God, that feels good," I moaned. Erin hissed her agreement, her arms reaching around my neck as her fingers played with the hair on the back of my head. Slowly I withdrew until only the head of my cock was still trapped inside her pussy. I paused, looking down between our bodies to where we were joined. I watched as Erin's outer lips seemed to flutter around my cock, drawing me back into the warm wetness of her cunt.

Erin's hips raised from the bed to meet me as I pushed forward once between the lips of her quim. As I thrust ahead, Erin trapped my hips between her thighs, locking her ankles behind my back and forcing me even deeper. She groaned as my cock bumped the back of her pussy and I felt her lurch as my prick threatened to force its way past her cervix.

"Oh fuck," she hissed, squeezing me even harder. I froze as I felt her entire body shudder as a massive orgasm flowed through her muscles. Erin's pussy spasmed around my cock as she released a flood of juices, further lubricating her tunnel. I pulled back, feeling her cunt's grip lessen slightly and sped my movements into her wetness, my own orgasm rapidly nearing.

As I held myself up on my forearms, Erin tilted her head forward and ran her tongue around the rough skin of my nipple, something no woman had ever done to me before. I felt a jolt as my nipple responded to her attentions, tightening slightly under her slippery tongue. She quickly switched to my other nipple, teasing it also to a stiff rigidness matched only by my prick, which I was now sawing quickly in and out of her cunt.

Suddenly I saw stars and my cock erupted, coating the inside of Erin's pussy with my sticky cum. I froze, shooting again and again until at last I was spent. I sagged to the bed, rolling my weight off Erin's slight form and she quickly rolled with me, resting her head against my chest.

I panted, my body now as wet with our sweat as Erin's had been straight from the bath. My pulse slowed gradually as I held her naked body against my own. I reached out a hand between Erin's thighs to smear our juices over the nub of her clitoris, slowly bringing my muse to another orgasm as she clung to me, screaming her release into my chest.

I watched in fascination as Erin's stiff nipples slowly returned to their normal size as the flush retreated from her neck and upper chest. She sighed contentedly, one leg thrown over my own, her pussy resting against my hip as I caressed her smooth flesh. The scent of our lovemaking permeated the air, a mixture of sweat and musk.

"I think we both need a bath now," I joked. Erin looked up at me, smiling lightly as her green eyes danced with anticipation. She reached down to grasp at my cock, slowly stroking me back to erection.

"I get to wash you first," she laughed. "God, I love baths."

Chapter 3: A Muse Refused

"Jeremy," her voice tickled in my ear and despite my best efforts I felt myself shiver in response.

"What is it?" I asked, trying to sound as businesslike as possible under the circumstances.

"I just thought you might need a little more inspiration," Erin said throatily, her hands gliding around to my front, dangerously close to the bulge in my pants. Once again my prick was rock hard in my pants and I sighed in resignation. This had gone on long enough and something had to be done. I grabbed my muse's arm by the wrist, knowing I had to stop this now or lose another day of writing to her sexual advances.

"Enough," I said tersely, startling Erin with my harsh tone.

"I'm sorry," she said quickly, her eyes dropping to the floor. "I just thought... I thought maybe you wanted to... don't you want to?" she asked pitifully, her arousal evident to both my eyes and nose. Her thick musk permeated the air around us and it was a struggle to retain control of myself, so strong was the urge to throw her over a chair and have my way with her.

"Erin," I warned. "I've talked about this before. I love it when you... inspire me, but it's too much. What am I supposed to do with all the inspiration if I don't have time to write?" It was true, she and I had spent so much time rutting together that my output had dropped to nearly nothing.


"But nothing. I was more prolific before you came around. You're marvelous and sexy, but I wonder if maybe you've been a bit of a failure as my muse."

"What!" she cried. Erin appeared close to tears once again, fearing a harsh punishment. She started to protest, but I cut her short with a wave of my hand.

"Just... just leave me be for a few hours. I need to be able to concentrate. I have to write," I begged her.

"I'm just trying to help," she sulked.

"I know."

Erin still stood there, so I rose from the desk chair and dragged her to the door to my study.


"Just a few hours," I repeated, pushing her into the hall and shutting the door behind me as I returned to my work.

It was scarcely more than thirty minutes before I heard the door to my study open and I once again felt Erin's hot breath on my neck.

"Are you busy?" she asked.

I nearly jumped out of my seat as I felt her hand snake around to cup my balls. I groaned as I felt my prick once more begin to swell under her delicate touch. Damn the woman, damn my muse!

"I said a few hours," I said as menacingly as I could. Erin was completely naked now, kneeling on the floor beside the desk, her pussy pink and swollen with arousal. She pouted, dipping a slender finger into her wetness and placing it beneath my nose.

"Can you tell?" she asked plaintively. "Can you tell how much I want you?"

I squeezed my eyes shut, trying to block her out, but the sensations were too much.

"No!" I roared as I stood above her. "Out. Out out out! I said a few hours, and here you are thirty minutes later."

"I... I just want to inspire you," she said, her eyes begging for me to take her on the thick carpet of my study. I was tempted, of course I was, but again I fought the urge.

"Why... why don't you just disappear?" I asked in exasperation. To my amazement, and I had thought myself incapable of surprise, Erin turned from me and vanished without a word.

I looked for her, but was able to see no sign of where my muse might have gone. She had simply disappeared, true to my request.

Joyous at my newfound luck and blessed solitude, I returned yet again to my desk. I had somehow managed to fill half a page with new characters and story ideas when I thought I felt something brush lightly against my arm. I turned sharply but could see nothing. Shaking my head in confusion I attempted to continue writing, but had the distinct impression I was being watched.

I threw down my pencil, scanning the room for Erin but saw nothing. As I stood there I again felt something move against me and to my shock I watched as my zipper magically lowered and I felt a hand on my cock. I looked down, certain I would see Erin kneeling before me, blinking my eyes in surprise as I saw nothing.

I nearly screamed as I felt a pair of lips circle the head of my cock, a wet tongue lashing against the soft head as my prick quickly swelled to attention.

"Erin," I cried out. "Where are you?" Suddenly she reappeared and I saw her, as I had imagined her to be, naked in front of me, my prick captured between her pink lips.

I jerked back in surprise, falling down heavily on the sofa.

"What?" she asked innocently, but I could see a twinkle in her eye.

"Don't do that!" I shouted, feeling my heart pounding in my chest. "You could have given me a heart attack."

"I'm sorry," she groused. "You said to disappear and I did."

"You knew damn well what I wanted," I accused. "Now come on," I said, grabbing her roughly by the arm. "I want you to leave and stay out there until I come for you. Now get out."

Once more I led my protesting muse to the study door, closing and this time locking the door behind me. I shook my head in astonishment. Never before had I met someone whose sexual hunger seemed to run so deep.

I sat in front of my notebooks, trying in vain to regain my concentration. Finally I threw down my pencil and paper and lay down on the sofa. This proved futile, as the cushions were now so infused with the scent of our lovemaking that only a long airing on a warm summer day would rid them of our smells.

Frustrated, I began pacing back and forth. I have no idea how long it had been since I had last forced out my muse, but soon I began to hear a plaintive cry from the kitchen. I stopped, trying to understand the words I was hearing, but was unable until I finally opened the door.

"Jeremy," Erin called softly. "You have to eat something. You need food."

I didn't answer, instead choosing to remain silent as my muse repeated her entreaty time and again. Finally my stomach rumbled in sympathy to her cries and I slowly walked into the kitchen, stopping abruptly as the scene in front of me came into focus.

"Finally," Erin breathed from atop the table, where she lay, spread-eagled and naked, her pink inner flesh open to my eyes.

"What are you doing?" I asked.

"I'm what's for lunch," she giggled. "I thought you could start off with a piece of my pie, then perhaps a muffin or two, or you could always..."

"Stop it. Get down. Put some clothes on," I said curtly. Erin looked hurt, a surprised look on her face as I spun around to leave.

"Where are you going?" she called after me.

"Out," I said. "I'm going for a walk. If you behave when I return I'll just forget the whole thing, but if not..."

"What?" she asked, her eyes shining brightly. "Will you... will you punish me again?" she asked, remembering the time I had tortured her for hours, tied to the bed with silk scarves and teased with a feather. I watched in amazement as the sudden memory caused her neck to flush and her pink nipples crinkle in anticipation.

"Something like that," I said vaguely.

"Oh goody!" she squealed, clapping her hands in excitement. "I love it when you punish me."

"Not this time," I said in a low voice. "Not this time."

Chapter 4: A Muse Abused

When I returned from my walk Erin had apparently decided to be on her best behavior, and there were no more troubles for two days. I was sitting in my study after dinner, again attempting to put words to the page when Erin suddenly appeared in front of me.

"Fuck me?" she asked sweetly, her fingers reaching up to pull at the stiff pink nipples which rested atop her smooth, creamy breasts.

"Sorry," I said apologetically, giving no thought to my earlier threat of punishment. "I'm trying to work."

To my surprise and delight Erin simply nodded and walked to the door. I heard the door close and breathed a sigh of relief as I found myself with much needed peace and quiet. The appearance of solitude lasted little more than five minutes before I was once more accosted, a pair of tits rubbing lightly over the bask of my neck as Erin's fingers played through my hair.

I lurched to my feet and spun around, fire in my eyes.

"That's it!" I cried. I grabbed my muse by the arm and dragged her into the basement. I had purchased everything I needed to properly punish my muse, but had not thought I'd have the opportunity to put it to use so quickly.

Erin looked so hopeful as she stood in front of me I had a difficult time restraining my laughter. She was certainly attempting to play the part of the unwilling recipient of my discipline, but I could see her excitement and sense her arousal.

"Yes?" she asked, the anticipation clear in her voice.

"Strip out of your clothes," I commanded. I watched impassively as the most beautiful creature I had ever known quickly stripped out of her flimsy undergarments. Her chest was flushed and I grinned, knowing that I had been right in my estimation of her arousal. I had always held a certain doubt that Erin's nipples were ever soft, but if they were it was a rare occurrence for her tits were once more capped with tiny bullets of flesh, puckered and swollen.

My nostrils flared as Erin slipped a lacy pair of panties down her smooth thighs. I could see the pink lips of her pussy, hot and swollen with lust, the crotch of her panties already flooded with her juices. Erin bend slightly at the waist, her breasts swaying pendulously in front of her slight form and gracefully picked the lacy undergarment to me for safekeeping.

Naked now, Erin stood in front me, nervously switching her weight from hip to hip as she awaited her punishment.

"Kneel in front of me," I commanded, nodding in approval as she quickly obeyed. "You will unzip my trousers," I continued while she hurriedly complied. "Take out my cock and stroke me to erection, but go no further." Erin nodded happily as she fished inside my underwear, emerging a short time later with my still flaccid member, which she expertly jacked to full hardness in her tiny hand.

""Do you want me to lick it?" she asked hopefully, knowing how much I enjoyed being on the receiving end of one of her expert blowjobs. To her obvious disappointment I shook my head.

"No," I said. "I want you to stand and be quiet." In a state of mild confusion my muse stood, looking at me intently as she awaited further instruction. Choosing not to speak, I maneuvered Erin to the center of the basement where a hook hung down from the ceiling. I reached out and grabbed her by the arms, lashing a rope tightly around her wrists and quickly threading the hook between her hands, effectively suspending my muse from the ceiling.

I stood back momentarily, looking critically at the effectiveness of what I had planned. Erin was taller than I'd thought, and her feet had no trouble reaching the floor, much to my disappointment. It was time to improvise. I grabbed my muse by the hips, reaching roughly between her legs which she willingly parted for me, unsuspecting of my motives.

A three-foot long piece of lumber was perfect for my needs, and I quickly fashioned it into a restraint, attaching loops of rope to each end which I then slipped around her ankles. When I had finished, the extra spread of Erin's legs had in effect shortened her height, and it was now necessary for her to stand on the very tips of toes in order to gain traction on the ground.

I watched my muse struggle in this homemade contraption for a moment before bringing her punishment to its inception. Better to start slowly, drawing her in, arousing her passions steadily until depriving her at the last moment of that which she wanted most. A slender white feather would do the trick and as I walked around her naked form I once again took in her beauty.

The position Erin found herself in caused her pert breasts to thrust away from her chest, and it was here I began my delicate dance with the feather. I teased each firm cone, drawing lazy circles around her taut flesh. I leaned down, replacing the feather with my lips and tongue momentarily, biting down lightly on her pink nipples, still hard with arousal.

As I let her rubbery flesh slip from my mouth Erin gave a whimper of disappointment and I smiled as I watched her struggle to bring her tit back into contact with my lips. She craved contact, the previous weeks had made that evident, but I knew she was unprepared for what she would face this evening.

I was able to spin her body easily through the air, suspended as she was, allowing her to rotate slowly, finally stopping her movements as her lush bottom came into view. I reached down, running a finger between the firm globes of her ass, grazing a fingernail over the pucker of her anus before dipping down to rub lightly over the wet lips of her pussy. I could feel Erin straining against her bonds, but she ultimately failed to push herself back against my finger.

Returning the feather to my right hand, I trailed it delicately between my muse's plump labia, tracing a line through the vertical slit of her quim up to the bump of her erect clitoris. She hissed as the edge of the feather brushed lightly over her most sensitive parts, and I noticed the muscles in Erin's legs quivering with her effort.

My cock was now fully erect, sticking straight out through the opening in my jeans from when Erin had pulled me free. I walked into her view, stroking slowly at my erection, watching as Erin's eyes darted frantically to where a drop of precum hung precariously on the tip of my prick. Erin's tongue darted between her lips, desperate to taste my salty essence, and she sighed wistfully as the drop of fluid fell to the cold floor.

I released my prick, allowing it to bob up and down in front of me, before moving closer to Erin's warm body. Using my cock as a quill, I began rubbing the plump head against her smooth skin, tracing patterns on her hips and buttocks, always leaving a slick trail of my secretions behind. Again she attempted to press herself more firmly against my turgid flesh, but I pulled away, drawing a sigh of disappointment.

"Hold still," I said, reaching above to where her wrists were attached to the steel hook. Erin watched my movements with her eyes, a look of anticipation flitting over her face as she assumed I was freeing her. Instead I released a tiny clasp, which allowed the hook to drop nearer to the floor. Erin was now at a thirty degree angle to the floor, her face perfectly aligned with my cock.

"I want to suck it," she whispered, but I ignored her plea for the moment. Grabbing a chair from the side of the room I sat down, feeling the weight of her breasts pressing into my legs. Erin relaxed her arms, which no longer reached upward above her head but straight up to the ceiling behind her body, stretching the skin of her chest to its utmost. Her nipples were hard pebbles as they dug into my thighs.

Again grabbing the feather, I spent many moments caressing Erin's body, paying particular attention to the plump mound of her pussy. My muse's natural odor was heavy in the damp basement, her spicy musk filling my nostrils with each breath I inhaled. Abandoning the feather, I used my fingers on her sticky wet pussy, thrusting deep within her cunt, bringing Erin closer and closer to the orgasm she frantically desired.

"Do it," she hissed breathily. Hearing her speak once more I removed my fingers from her quim, wiping my sticky digits on her back and thighs. I stood and walked to the table, returning with a leather and plastic contraption in my hand.

I forced Erin's head up, straining her neck as she gazed up at me.

"This is a ball gag," I told her. "This goes in your mouth," I said, holding up the bright red plastic ball. "I told you to be quiet, but you would not. Now you will not speak. Do you understand?'

"Yes," she began. "I'm sorry, it won't..."

Before Erin knew what was happening my hand crashed down on the toned muscle of her left ass cheek, the impact echoing through the basement.

"I said you will be quiet," I hissed. "Do you understand?"

"Yes," Erin said and I could see her eyes already filling with tears. Once more I brought my hand down on the smooth flesh of her supple ass.

"Quiet," I repeated, testing her once more. "Do you understand?"

This time, to my relief Erin simply nodded. I considered foregoing the gag, but decided its use would be necessary. I had said I would use it and so I did. Her eyes grew wide as the plastic sphere stretched her jaw wide before slipping into her mouth. I quickly positioned the straps in place, being careful not to twist her luxurious auburn hair, pulling the leather tight around her head.

Standing now, I pulled the winch to return the hook to the ceiling and Erin was pulled vertical once more. The strain on her hips and buttocks was made evident by the muscle spasms in her legs and I grinned, knowing the following would be even harder on her body. Leaving my muse suspended as she was I walked to the edge of the room, retrieving the next two instruments of her punishment.

The heavy object I dragged behind me on my return caught Erin's immediate attention, although I could see her eyes were full of confusion. What I pulled behind me looked at first to be a simple sawhorse such as you might find on a construction site. It was made of rough hewn wood, raw and green. Into the vertical crosspiece I had pounded dozens of metal studs, some rounded and smooth, others rough and jagged.

By spreading Erin's legs wide I knew I would be able to slip the sawhorse between her thighs and with some tiny adjustments could position her now dripping pussy directly above the abrasive metal.

Because of the strain on her legs and back my muse would face a choice. Her first option would be to rub herself lightly against the metal-tipped sawhorse and hopefully bring herself to her long-withheld orgasm. This would of course be her first desire, but in doing so her legs would ultimately collapse and she would come crashing down on the sharp bits of metal.

The second choice would be to rest heavily against the metal, ignoring the excruciating pain long enough to regain strength in her legs, an option which would provide no release to her pleasure-starved body. I again pulled Erin so she was standing on her toes, making certain she received an unobstructed view of the rough top of the sawhorse as I placed it firmly against the lips of her cunt.

"Do what you want," I shrugged as I sat back in my chair to watch. Erin had evidently not realized the sting the metal would provide as she immediately thrust her hips down, pressing the delicate wetness of her pussy firmly against the sharp object. Her reaction was sudden as she jumped up as if scalded, her hips and back arched to maintain as much distance as possible between the metal studs and her tender inner flesh.

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