The Gift

by Kimberly Parker

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Desc: : Girl has the gift of always getting what she wants.

Since the beginning of time many people seemed to have the so-called "Midas Touch" or at the very least had lady luck in their corner when called on. There are those who when visiting Las Vegas or Atlantic City casinos one or two times, always seem to win "the big one", while some try over and over and over without the faintest taste of a jackpot. Melissa Anderson is one of those few.

Her ability to "will" good luck her way can be traced as far back as her first year in junior high school, where as a seventh grader she desperately wanted to play the part of Snow White in the school play.

Although she exhibited a rare talent for a young girl, the part was given to the older eighth grade student, Marilyn Dotson. Marilyn did not get the part because of superior talent, but since she was judged equal to Melissa, she was awarded the part because she was in the upper class.

Two days before the big play, Melissa and her best friend Katie Summers were walking home from school when Melissa let it be known her desire to have the part. "Gosh Katie, I know I auditioned better than Marilyn for the part and it's not fair to let her have it just because she is in eight grade. I really wanted that part, I mean I REALLY WANTED that part."

That evening Marilyn began complaining of a sore throat, and soon she developed an elevated fever. When she felt no better in the morning, her mother kept her home and called the doctor and made an appointment for that afternoon. After being examined by her family doctor, who quickly determined that Marilyn had a severe case of tonsillitis. So severe, he had Marilyn admitted in the hospital and a tosillextamy was scheduled for the next morning.

The operation, as they say, was a success, and Marilyn was allowed to go home about fours hours later, but throat was way too sore to talk much, let alone read all the lines in the play. The drama teacher took Melissa aside and asked if she was up to taking Marilyn's place in the play, which of course she was more than willing.

A few years later Melissa had the huge crush on a boy in her English class, who didn't appear all that interested in her, but she wouldn't give up. One day, Mr. Roberts said he smelled smoke coming from the boys' bathroom and began to "frisk" the guys in the hall. Peter, Melissa's heart throb quickly handed Melissa his pack of smokes and told her to hide them for him. She palmed the half empty pack and quickly shoved them into the pocket of her jacket, but Mr. Roberts caught the whole thing in the corner of his eye. What he didn't know was, who was the boy who gave the cigarettes to Melissa. He threatened her with a three-day suspension, but Melissa thought this would be her chance to get in good with Peter and refused to "rat" him out. Of course she paid the price for keeping quiet, and from that day on she claimed she "hated" Mr. Roberts.

When Melissa started her junior year, she and Katie tried out for the cheerleader squad. There were going to be only twelve girls on the squad, but twenty had tried out. Katie made the first cut of six, which meant she was definitely on the team, but Melissa's spot was still in doubt. After another tryout, the last spot was between Melissa and Janet, a cousin of the squads' captain. Both girls were given one last chance to prove their worthiness by doing a routine, which would be judged by the head of the girls athletic department. Melissa was almost perfect until her final jump, which she stumbled a bit and fell backwards; still her routine was pretty good.

Janet was flawless though the routine, and there was not a doubt, even in Melissa's mind who was going to be chosen. Katie put her arm on Melissa's shoulder to console her when Melissa sighed. "Oh Katie, I really wanted to be on the squad."

Just then Janet was finishing a back flip when her foot landed just off the side of the mat. A loud snap could be heard, the Janet screamed in pain as she grabbed her ankle. Janet was taken to the emergency room, and was told what everyone who saw her fall knew, she had a broken ankle. Naturally Melissa was given the last spot, even though Janet was also listed on the squad's roster.

With senior year just around the corner, Melissa and Katie pulled into the school parking lot to pick up their schedules and schoolbooks for the upcoming year. Melissa was really disappointed to see that her World History teacher was going to be Mr. Roberts, a teacher who seemed to have a vendetta for her since the cigarette encounter her freshman year, even though Katie was also in that class. Katie though, was excited to be in his class. Being a first year teacher and only being twenty-seven years of age, he had been in Katie's erotic dreams for sometime.

The last fling of the summer was the annual Labor Day fair, which just happened to be Katie's eighteenth birthday and Melissa and Katie were in attendance. Although it was not unusual for members of the faculty to been seen, it was a little shocking to see Mr. Roberts walking around sipping on a glass of beer. When he spotted Melissa and Katie he smiled and said hello and actually seemed really friendly. Melissa was short and sweet with her greeting, but Katie seemed to "pile it on" a bit, and appeared to be actually flirting with him a bit. Melissa was getting a little nauseated by her friends' actions, and tugged at her arm and tried to get her to move along. "Come on Katie, we got to get going. You don't want to spend your birthday hanging around here, do ya?"

Mr. Roberts looked at Katie and smiled. "Well Katie happy birthday"

"Thank you Mr. Roberts, do I get a birthday kiss?"

Mr. Roberts at first said that was a no no, but after Katie pressured him a bit and mentioned the fact that she was eighteen and no longer "jail bait" he leaned down to give her a peck on the cheek, but Katie had other plans. Putting her arms around his neck she pulled him close and instantly slipped his some tongue and ground her hips against him. Before he could pull away, another student saw the embrace and quickly snapped a Polaroid of the two of them. It didn't take too long for rumors to spread even though the school year had yet not begun.

Although Mr. Roberts and Katie went in front of the school board to explain that it was all her fault, the board asked that he resign, and no mention of this would be part of his permanent record. When the school year started, there was someone knew teaching World History.

This is how things seemed to always go for Melissa, it just seemed that she could "will" things to be as she wished, although something like that really couldn't happen, it was just fate.

When she met David, he was like everything she dreamed a guy would be. Good looking, smart, considerate, and most of all liked Melissa. Her thoughts were always filled with the idea that someday she and David would be married and have a family. Then with just one week until graduation, Melissa knew something was not right. She had failed to have her period for the second straight month, and soon discovered that she was pregnant.

David cared a lot for Melissa, but really wasn't ready for what was happening, but being the honorable person he was, they got married a month after graduation.

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