Jessica: One Hot Woman

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Oral Sex, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tom and Jessica become friends where he works and then one day he decides to see if he can take their relationship to a much more intimate and sexy level.

I saw Jessica again today and the memories of the first time I ever met her came flooding back into my mind. It was one of those "one in a lifetime" experiences, one I don't think I'll ever forget. The first time I ever saw Jessica was about 3 years ago and she was new to town. She'd moved into the town where I live with her family and she was checking out all the educational and research facilities in our area. She came into my place of business looking for prospective materials and I quickly made myself available to her to provide whatever assistance I could. From the moment I first started talking to Jessica, I was infatuated. She was sexy, she was gorgeous and she was a very smart woman.

One thing I noticed about Jessica the moment I laid eyes on her the first time was that she was a big girl. No, I'm not saying that Jessica was fat at all; she was a big-boned young woman and she had the most serious set of breasts on her chest that I've seen in a long time. Jessica's breasts are a solid DD-cup and they look perfect on her body. She also had eye-catching ass-length long brown hair when I first met her and I don't care what anyone else thinks, that kind of long hair on a babe is totally awesome.

I quickly met Jessica and began to find out how I could help her in what she was seeking. We soon became close friends and I finally hit her up for a date. At the time, Jessica was engaged to a young man but the next summer he did something which caused her to break their engagement. Then, the coast was clear for me to take my chances with Jessica.

I asked Jessica out and at the appointed time, I showed up at her parents' home to pick her up. I decided to move on Jessica slow and steady and see where possibilities might present themselves. Jessica and I went to a nice restaurant, and we quickly became fast friends. I, of course, was much more interested in Jessica than just a platonic male/female friendship; frankly, I wanted to fuck Jessica and enjoy the hot sexy pussy that I knew was in between her legs. I sat there throughout the steak dinner we had together and Jessica and I talked about all kinds of things while we ate. I actually just enjoyed looking at Jessica, taking in her pretty face, her long sexy hair and those bodacious tits that sported on her chest. I've known women who had a large rack of tits and some of them looked like cows. If you're not the kind who enjoys a woman with big tits, you might think they all fit that category, but for Jessica, her very large full rounded breasts looked totally awesome on her pretty body. I could sit and look at Jessica's tits all night long. I especially loved it when the coolness of the restaurant or something I'd said to Jessica made her nipples harden. There's nothing sexier than the barometer of a woman's nipples and whether what you're doing to her or with her at that moment is showing because they've grown visibly hard. Jessica's a very sexy, sensual and responsive woman and her nipples were hard more times that night than I could count.

You'll be disappointed to know that Jessica and didn't fuck our brains out that first date. I was too but I could see that Jessica was a woman worth cultivating and getting to know before I tried to get her to let me into that intimate part of her life. We agreed to date again after that first night, and on occasion I'd see her at my place of employment. I knew I had her "on the hook" the first time she came in where I work and she came to see me with some tidbit of exciting personal information that she couldn't wait to share with me. Then, I knew we were moving in the right direction.

My big breakthrough with Jessica came late one afternoon during the first summer we'd been dating. We'd done all the typical things a guy and girl do on a date, but I invited her to go with me out into the countryside and just enjoy a private pick -- just me and her on a blanket next to a stream out in the far end of a pasture. Jessica had always struck me as being a bit of a country girl, loving the out-of-doors and enjoying nature. My offer for us to do that was very quickly accepted and I told her to dress comfortably and wear some shoes that she could hike in. She said she had just the things and I picked her up the next day and away we headed.

Jessica was wearing a comfortable blouse that buttoned up in the front along with a comfortable pair of shorts that looked just right on her. I loved the sexy bra she was wearing underneath the blouse and it was very obvious what the design was from the way her full DD-cup tits pressed firmly out in the bra against her clothing. Jessica very nicely shaped ass was shown off well inside those shorts she'd worn as well. We got where we were headed in about 30 minutes and we proceeded to enjoy our picnic lunch that I'd packed for the two of us. I was stuffed with lunch and we headed out into the woods and nearby pastures for a nice secluded walk together and I hoped to walk off some of the lunch we'd enjoyed.

When we returned from our hike, it was about 3 in the afternoon and neither of us had to be anywhere else soon. I straightened the blankets I'd brought along for us to sit on and both Jessica and I reclined there to just spend some time talking and being together. I'd noticed off and on during the whole afternoon that Jessica's nipples would occasionally get hard, and I hoped it was a sign of arousal that she was giving me. Up to that point, Jessica and I hadn't even kissed before, but we'd held hands and it was very obvious that she enjoyed my company.

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