Second Time around

by Heathen57

Caution: This Romantic Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Mult, Consensual, Romantic, Heterosexual, InLaws, Gang Bang, .

Desc: Romantic Sex Story: After catching his wife cheating, Tom files for divorce. He is surprised at just who shows up to plead his wife's case. Part of the FKWLounge story fest.

"Fuckin' Bitch!" My mind screamed as the axe fell once again. "Dirty whore!" as the blade bit deep into its target. I kept swinging the axe again and again as every name I could think of went through my mind. At least she would never do this to me again.

By the time I had finished the job my arms were aching, and my mind was not as clouded. I still had to clean up what remained from all my labor. I set the axe down and bent over to pick up the pieces closest to me.

After several trips, I soon had the firewood stacked inside the cabin. This cabin had been in my family since my great grandfather had staked a claim on the land over a hundred and twenty years ago. It was the one place where I could go to get away from all the horrors of life. Catching of my wife with the four local junior college jocks that lived next door as she serviced them had been the worst of the lot by far.

I had come in from work early with the news that the deal that I had been working on for months had finally come to fruitarian. As of the first of the month I would be a multi-millionaire. The buyout of the R&D Company that I had started would be complete, and I wanted to share the news with my wife of ten years.

Things had been very cool between us sexually for almost a month. I was willing since I still found her attractive and I loved her. She was always ready with some excuse as to why we couldn't do anything sexual. And when that wasn't feasible, she would start some kind of fight to halt any chance of activity. She had always been somewhat a social climber, interested in appearances more than substance. I was hoping the news I was going to tell her would bring her back around.

I had gone into the house through the garage and immediately heard noises coming from the living room. Stepping to the door I saw my wife laying on one of the guys with his cock in her ass, another standing between her legs pounding into her pussy. She was sucking off a third. The last guy was taping the whole thing while he stroked himself. I was stunned and watched the whole scene play out. The guy in her mouth pulled out after she had swallowed his load, and she was yelling out for the two in her ass and pussy to fuck her harder.

That is when I lost it. I came storming into the room, and whacked the one with the camera in the head with the briefcase I had in my hand. The rest of the troop froze in position as I grabbed up the camera. The one that had been is Terri's pussy pulled out just as his orgasm started and he sprayed cum all over her lower body.

Terri had tried to sit up and disengage from the cock still stuffed up her ass. She started sobbing as the jock under her shoved her off and ran for his clothes. The one who had cum in her mouth tried to mumble an apology as he was backing away. "Listen man, she came on to us. She had seduced Richie and then offered to do us all. I swear; she wanted it!"

They all scrambled out the door and ran naked to their own house next door. Terri just sat there sobbing with cum dripping off her stomach and out of her pussy. Apparently someone had been there before the one I interrupted, probably the camera operator. I was so pissed; I turned and walked away, not realizing that the camera was still on.

I got back in my car and sat for a few minutes. I was terribly hurt and confused. The woman I loved and who I thought loved me in return had just been having a gangbang with the boys from next door. I saw everything I had worked for in the past 10 years just go up in smoke. Waves of conflicting emotions were swarming through me, rage, hatred, betrayal all combined to send me into tremors. One thing that I was sure of was that I didn't want to see her again.

As soon as I gained control of my emotions, I pulled out of the driveway and headed back to my office. I walked in and dialed Mark Winston, a good friend and the lawyer that handled all my business needs. He said that he didn't do family law, but he gave me the name of someone in the field that he would trust.

I called the number he gave me and the woman on the other end said she would be right over. When she entered my office I was struck at first by her youth, wondering if she had the experience to handle this case. She soon put my mind to rest saying that she had been in family law for five years, and won the majority of the cases she took on. We discussed what had happened.

She asked if I had any evidence and I remembered the video camera still in my car. I brought it up and we played it on the screen. It showed that Terri had been a willing participant, inviting them in and admitting that she had been having sex with one of the guys for months. It showed her stripping then servicing them all in turn before they cleared the table where I had caught them.

When the tape ended, I looked over to see Lisa, the prim and proper lawyer blushing and squirming. She gave a big sigh and stated that this would be more than enough evidence. She promised to file the papers in the morning and Terri should be served by the afternoon.

I stayed in a motel for the next few days. A friend of mine went over with the police as witnesses and retrieved most of my personal belongings. I got a call from Lisa that Terri's father had hired a lawyer for her and she was going to fight for everything. We made an appointment for the next day.

The meeting started out with Terri's lawyer trying to claim desertion and blustering about how his client should receive all assets. Terri's father was there. He figured his political clout would somehow frighten us. Lisa pulled out the video and started playing it for both men. By the time it played to where she had stripped and started sucking the first guy's cock, both men were looking very uncomfortable.

That was when Lisa gave them our terms. She could have the house and the car she drove. I got the rest of my personal belongings and half of all current assets. She would not get any alimony since her father provided her with a nice income from investments. All future monies from this day forward would be off limits.

The other lawyer felt this was not fair, but the commissioner told him to take it. He could not afford the chance of that tape getting on public record in an election year if this would go to trial. They left Lisa's office more humble than when they came in.

True to their word they agreed to the demands and the terms were entered into the courts. The final decree was due in 120 days. The first of the month came and the deal I was so happy about went through. With $54 million in the bank and no job, I headed to the family cabin.

I looked around and decided that in spite of my bouts of anger and hurt about Terri, I had actually accomplished quite a bit in the week I had been here. The place had been cleaned and the pantry had been stocked. All the bed linen had been washed and put back on the beds. The 'cabin' had been added on to and modernized by my father, then me, so instead of a one-room box, we had more of a modern lodge with 4 bedrooms and most of the modern convinces. The only thing missing was a phone and that was deliberate.

I had just sat down to my dinner when I heard a vehicle come up the driveway. I peered out of the front window to see a blue SUV pulling up to the front of the cabin. The figure that got out of the driver's door was about five feet six inches topped with dark blonde hair. Her jeans and shirt accented her well-shaped body. As she stepped up on the porch, I opened the door. "Come in Cindy and tell me what brings you up here."

My soon to be ex-wife's sister walked past me and waited as I closed the door. I offered her something to eat, which she declined in favor of coffee. She sipped on the coffee as I ate my dinner. I finished up, and after getting a cup of my own, I again asked what brought her up here.

"Terri asked me to come up and try to talk you into forgetting the divorce. She said to tell you she is sorry and that she would never do such a thing again."

The message didn't surprise me, but who delivered it did. Cindy had always been the black sheep of her family and had never gotten along with her sister. Just the opposite of Terri, she was honest and open, preferring to put herself through college rather than to be under her father's influence. She had even spoken out against some family values legislation that he was pushing. He had then told her that she was disowned and she actually thanked him. She got along even worse with my ex; their battles had been ongoing since I had first met her when she was fourteen.

I looked her directly in the eye. "Do you believe what she said?"

"Hell no! She found out that you are now worth millions and she thinks you'll suddenly forgive her and she can get her claws into that money. "

"Then why did you drive all the way up here to give me a message that you don't believe in?"

She suddenly looked down hiding her face. "Because I wanted to come and see you. You know, just to make sure you are alright." She looked up and her expression was one of concern. "I have always though she treated you like shit. I kept hoping that you would come to your senses and realize it."

"Cin, you know that I have always admired you spunk and independence. You don't bow to the pressures that people and society in general try and put on you."

"I know. You have always supported me, and now it is my turn to support you in this."

"I appreciate it a lot Cindy. While I really don't give a damn what your family says, it is nice to know that someone is taking my side."

With that she came over and gave me a hug and a kiss. Not quite a full blown lovers kiss, but definitely more than just an in-law peck on the cheek. I invited her to bring her coffee and we went into the main room. We sat on opposite ends of the overstuffed couch that faced the huge fireplace. I lit a fire to remove the evening chill so we watched the flames as we talked. She caught me up on the goings on in her life. She had graduated with honors from USC with a degree in communications. She was still single, not seriously interested in any one guy, but rather going on friendly dates.

It was late in the evening before we realized it. Rather than letting her drive home in the middle of the night I offered to let her stay the night. She smiled as she accepted the offer. I showed her to the bedroom next to mine upstairs. A large bathroom connected the two rooms. Seeing this, she stated that she had some clothes that she always carried in her SUV and she wanted to take a shower if I would grab the duffel from the vehicle.

I returned and set the bag on the bed in her room. I heard her in the shower and I had the fleeting thought of her compact, curvy body in all its naked glory. I had thought she was sexy as hell from the time she had started to develop but had always kept those thoughts hidden deep out of respect for her sister. Now those glimpses of her in a thong bikini (that her father hated) or of her in a nightgown came flooding back causing my long neglected cock to grow.

I shook my head to clear it from those thoughts and went back downstairs. I picked up my book intending to get another chapter or two finished before I retired. I did try but the thoughts of Cindy naked and wanting me kept flashing through my mind.

I heard the object of my fantasy call out my name. I looked up to see Cindy wrapped in a towel leaning over the railing. The towel barely covered her body leaving a good amount of cleavage and almost all of her legs exposed. "Do you have a t-shirt or something that I could use for the night? I don't have anything to sleep in."

I nodded, not trusting my mind to for a reply. I went up to the master bedroom and pulled out an oversized t-shirt that had come as a free gift to some charity event that Terri had went to. I turned to hand it to her and stopped dead in my tracks.

Cindy was in the process of removing the towel that covered her torso. As it dropped to the floor I lost my ability to breath. Her breasts were not large rather they looked just right on her frame. Her nipples were poking out and stiff in the cooler air of the room. Moving down, she had just a bit of rounding in her tummy. Her shapely legs molded into her firm thighs. At the junction of her thighs, I saw that her pubic hair was trimmed above a set of rather large pussy lips. The light from the nightstand was reflecting on what looked to be beads of moisture reflecting from between those lips.

When I looked back to her face I saw the confident college graduate looking very much like a little girl. There was an uncertainty in her eyes.

I finally found my voice and whispered "Cindy, you are so sexy." She smiled at my comment and moved closer to me.

"Thanks. I was so afraid that you wouldn't find me attractive."

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