Doing Another Sexy Neighbor - Rhoda

by Tom Land

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Consensual, Cheating, Slut Wife, Petting, .

Desc: Sex Story: Tom helps his sexy new neighbor, Rhoda, with a home emergency while her husband's away and he gets more than he bargained for in return.

I'm surrounded by sexy women -- they're all married, they're all very pretty and sexy, and, fortunately for me, they're all willing to put out. Yeah, whatever terms you want to use for it, all of my married neighbors are willing to spread their legs, to take my cock up their pussies, and most of them are equally willing to suck my big hard cock into their sexy mouths and suck me until I'm hard enough to fuck them or even to suck me completely off. It's an unbelievable neighborhood.

Rhoda's certainly not one of the sexiest names I've ever heard -- I much prefer Lisa, Gina, and some of the other names that my married neighbors have -- but it's not her name that I got to fuck, it was her hot sexy body. I met Rhoda a few years ago when she, her husband, and their little boy moved in near me. She has always seemed somewhat quiet and even shy around me but when I finally got my chance with Rhoda, I found out what she was like behind closed doors.

Rhoda was average in attractiveness, but there was a mysteriousness about her that came from the way she was so quiet in public. She was rather tall and thin, sporting a nice set of A/B-cup titties on her chest. Rhoda was nicely shaped, slim but she was definitely a woman, and she had light brown hair that hung below her shoulders and she often tied it back into a ponytail to manage it.

I finally got my chance with Rhoda one weekend when her husband, Larry, was out of town. Their little boy was staying with his grandparents for the week, and Rhoda's washing machine hose ruptured and she suddenly had water spraying wildly all over her utility room. She tried to turn the water off, but the hot/cold knobs at the machine hadn't been turned off in so long that she couldn't budge them. She finally picked up the telephone and called me and I rushed right over and got the master water valve turned off until I could go and get my wrenches to fix the water source at the machine. I was soaking wet from getting all the different water taps turned off and getting the one fixed behind Rhoda's washing machine. She apologized profusely and I was standing there after I'd gotten the necessary repairs done -- noticing that as a result of the water break, Rhoda was giving me a private "wet T-shirt" show. She been wearing a pair of jeans and a T-shirt when she'd started fighting with the ruptured hose and by the time I got there, Rhoda was soaking wet. As a result, I could clearly see what size and shape breasts Rhoda had underneath her top. I could also see that the coolness of the air with her wet T-shirt and bra had resulted in Rhoda's nipples getting hard and poking out firmly against her top.

I didn't realize at first as I stood there with Rhoda that seeing her hard nipples had begun to give me a big hardon. I think Rhoda actually realized it before I did, and I could see her gaze occasionally traveling down to my groin. I'd been fantasizing about Rhoda and having sex with her for quite sometime. I'd already had my fucks with my other neighbor, Lisa, and I'd hoped that someday somehow I'd be able to find myself naked with Rhoda as well. Little did I know that the day and time had arrived.

"Tom, I don't know how I can thank you enough for being over there and coming to help me," Rhoda said.

"Well, Rhoda, I can think of some ways that you might show me your appreciation," I said. How do you come right out and ask a neighbor to fuck you? I wasn't really sure but I was going to press this opportunity as hard as I could without hopefully offending Rhoda.

"Oh, what would that be, Tom?"

"Well, you could dry my clothes off for me before I go home," I said.

"Sure, Tom, why don't you slip out of that wet shirt and pants and I'll throw these in the dryer. I couldn't believe that Rhoda had actually offered that, but I immediately pulled my soaking wet jeans and shirt off, and handed them to Rhoda while I stood there in only my wet T-shirt and briefs. I hoped Rhoda could notice the bulge of my hardon in my briefs but I didn't overtly draw her attention to it at that moment.

"I'll be back in a little while," Rhoda said as she took my soaking wet clothes and headed off to the utility room where her dryer was located. I was sitting in the kitchen, sitting at the table drinking a nicely fresh cup of coffee while Rhoda was doing her thing, and when she'd been gone about 10 minutes, I couldn't resist the temptation to see what Rhoda was doing. I went over to where she'd pushed the door to the utility room almost all the way closed, and I got the cock-hardening surprise of my life. Rhoda was standing there in front of the dryer, waiting patiently for my wet clothes -- and obviously hers, too -- to dry. Yes, hers too. Rhoda was standing with her back to the door, and all I could see on her body was the naked cheeks of her ass with only the skimpiest of black thongs concealing nothing of her shapely backside and the skimpy bra strap of her small A/B-cup bra. Other than those items that concealed very little of Rhoda's otherwise naked body, there was nothing but bare skin to greet my gaze. My cock responded instantly to the sight I was presented with -- and I automatically reached down, caressing the hard bulge of my aroused cock inside my briefs.

I tried to be as quiet as I could because at that moment I didn't want to startle Rhoda. And, I was having too much fun checking out her almost naked body from her backside. I could only wish that she'd turn around and let me see her front view too without her knowing I was leering at her. I felt my cock throbbing in my briefs as I saw how trim and shapely Rhoda was underneath her clothes. My cock was growing totally hard, and I reached inside my briefs, wrapped my hand around my hardon and quietly stroked myself back and forth. I loved how the skimpy straps of Rhoda's thong split up the middle of her rounded asscheeks and then only the skimpy waistband of her thong.

I pulled the door to the utility room even further closed and stood there hoping Rhoda wouldn't notice me peeking through the little crack I'd left. While I stood there, Rhoda turned to get something near the dryer and I got a nearly frontal look at her bra and thong panty. Sure enough, Rhoda was small-chested but her sexy black bra and her matching black thong looked totally hot on her nice body. One thing I liked a lot was that the cups of her bra was see-through and I could see both of Rhoda's sexy dark nipples showing through her bra cups. I kept stroking myself back and forth, wanting to fuck this gorgeous "lady next door".

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