Sometimes You Get The Bear...

by Patricia51

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Rape, Heterosexual, .

Desc: Sex Story: A serial rapist kidnaps his latest victim. He discovers that she doesn't react like his previous victims.

Each time another set of headlights swept across the parking lot Carl attempted to slide a little lower in his car. He knew it was foolish. Not only was the parking lot crowded, but the end he had chosen was dark. No one was liable to see him at all. And if he ducked he couldn't pick his next quarry.

He watched the different women pull in and out of the supermarket parking lot. Most he dismissed immediately. No one with a man and definitely no children. Carl thought women were only good for fucking but he would never hurt a child. He was always careful to be masked when he took his prey. That way they would not be able to identify him and he could explain that he could safely let them go. Not as much struggle. And he always did let them go, after he had shown them who was boss, of course.

Now the last one, yeah, Carl unconsciously rubbed himself. A snooty redhead, one of his favorites. He had held the knife to her until he got her safely tied up. He had cut her clothing off till he could push two fingers up her. It got her spread eagle body ready for him. She had begged and pleaded with him. He loved that. He got so hard listening to them. All the excuses, he didn't care, just more reasons to fuck them. That redhead, he had crammed his cock up her ass. He had been so tempted to pull the rubber off and fill her tight ass up. But he knew better. DNA tests could be damning nowadays and he wanted to leave no evidence.

Oh, now there was a likely candidate. A woman alone, about her late twenties, in a king-cab pickup truck. She was about 5 and a half feet, maybe a bit shorter, with dark blonde hair. She wore a tan skirt and a man's shirt with loafers on her feet. The thing that really drew Carl's attention was the brisk, self-confident way she jumped down and walked into the store. "Oh yeah, baby," he thought, "I'll take that right out of you."

He slipped out of car. He walked openly, not calling attention to himself by being furtive. He dropped below eye level as he reached the passenger door of the truck. He took the lock-picking tool out of his jacket pocket and manipulated the lock till it opened. Checking his surroundings, he quickly got in, locked the door behind him and got in the back seat. He already had his gloves on and took the knife from the sheath he carried it in. Finally he donned the mask he had brought.

He didn't have to wait long. He heard the door open and the truck rock slightly as she got in and closed the door behind her. There was the click of the seat belt being fastened. Good, that meant she was careful, and thus less likely to do something stupid. She started the truck and pulled out of the parking lot onto the main road.

When the vehicle passed into a dimly lit area, Carl made his move. He suddenly sat upright and pressed the knife to the woman's throat. "Don't do anything stupid and you'll come out of this alright," he commanded. "Follow my directions and do exactly as I say. Do you understand?"

"Yes," she whispered, her air restricted by the pressure of the knife.


She carefully followed his instructions as he made her drive to his prepared spot. Parking behind a boarded up office building he had discovered earlier, he had her turn off the vehicle. Without losing touch with her, he climbed into the front seat and made her get out. He walked her through the open doorway and into the inside room he had set up that afternoon. He kicked the door closed and turned on the light, knowing it could not be seen from outside the building. He heard the woman gasp as she saw the table with the ropes bunched at the top of it.

"Lie down," he told her, "and put your hands together over your head." He pulled her arms out straight and rapidly wrapped the rope around her wrists and tied it. Only when he had her secured did he relax. He went around to the front of the table. He reached up between the bound woman's legs and jerked her white cotton panties down and then off, her shoes clattering to the concrete floor.

Smiling unseen behind the mask, Carl unzipped his trousers and pulled his already hard cock out. Setting the knife on the edge of the table, still close to hand, he began to fit a condom over his cock. "Not for your benefit, bitch, but for mine," he told her. He stroked himself as he came close, kneeing her legs open.

The woman's reaction was completely unexpected. "Wow," she licked her lips as she stared at his hardon. "Is all that for me? Come on, big boy." She insisted. "Don't just stand there. Give it to me." She opened her legs and pushed her hips towards him.

Carl was surprised. In one way he was disappointed. One of the things he enjoyed was showing those stuck-up bitches that they weren't so high and mighty as they thought. On the other hand, her words made him even harder than usual. She wanted him!

Matching actions to thought Carl closed in. He rubbed the head of his cock in her curly pussy hair, being rewarded by a deep gasp of excitement from her. Setting, he rammed himself up inside of her. She squealed with delight. "Yeah, oh yeah." Her legs lifted to him and she began to meet him as he thrust into her. Grunting with the effort, his hips pumped his hard cock in and out of her.

"Oh yeah, you like that don't you, you slut. Fucking high and mighty bitches. You're all the same. You just can't get enough of me once I start fucking you."

"Mmmmmm, yes, baby, just one thing though," panted the woman underneath him. Carl felt the ankles of her bent legs stroking the side of his hips as she gave way to his thrusting cock.

"What is it?" he hissed as he continued to slam his hips against her. He had never answered any of the questions or pleas of his other victims, but this one was showing what he knew all along, that all women were sluts begging for this. He felt good at his vindication and he gave way this once.

"Is it in yet?"

Before Carl could even grasp the enormity of the insult, the woman pulled her legs back till her knees touched her breasts. Planting her feet against his chest, she straightened her legs with a deep grunt. The hard shove threw Carl backwards. He tried to grab the knife but only knocked it to the floor. Flailing his arms futilely in an attempt to keep his balance, he crashed into a pile of dusty boxes and went sprawling.

He managed to fight his way back to his feet, his face red with rage. He saw that somehow the petite woman had managed to get the ropes off her hands and was springing to her feet. He looked for the knife and saw it on the floor between them.

"Uh Uh," the woman waggled her finger at him. She reached one bare foot out, snagged the knife with her toes and swept it behind her. "After all," she taunted him, "Surely you don't need a knife to deal with a woman?" She suddenly stopped and stared, her eyes on the clock. "That damn thing had better be fast," she said flatly. "Because if I'm late because of you and your tiny cock I'm really going to be PISSED!"

With a growl of anger, the veins standing out on his forehead, Carl rushed the woman. He drew back one fist to slam the woman to the ground. After all, she was 8 inches shorter than him and probably a hundred pounds lighter. And she was a female. Everyone knew they couldn't fight.

Just as he came almost within reach, she suddenly pulled her skirt to her waist. Carl checked his charge from sheer instinct as his eyes raked the pussy he had just been fucking. That probably was the reason he never saw the kick that landed on his jaw, slamming his head back with a click of his teeth. As he staggered an errant thought crossed his mind. How did such a shorter woman reach all the way to his jaw with her foot?

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