Four's a Crowd

by Carlos Malenkov

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, Ma/Ma, Mult, Consensual, BiSexual, Heterosexual, Swinging, Group Sex, Anal Sex, Enema, Voyeurism, .

Desc: Sex Story: They've been living together a while and the relationship is getting stale. The two of them are open-minded, so why not try "swinging" to liven up the sex? Uh oh, now things are really starting to get messy.

Copyright© 2003 by Carlos Malenkov

We were making love maybe twice a month. "The problem," Joanne had once said to me, "is that you're just too damn unimaginative. Has it ever occurred to you that there might be more to lovemaking than just kissing my breasts and climbing on top?"

After living together for a year, the relationship was spiraling down into the doldrums. Jo wasn't even my type physically -- I like 'em big, blonde, and curvy -- and she's a petite brunette. We didn't have much else in common either. We weren't even talking much. In short, we were just plain bored with each other.

One evening she brought home one of those weirdo magazines that they sell under the counter. I had never heard of "Swinging Couples" before, but we ended up poring over it for hours.

We placed an an ad there.

MF twosome in their mid 30's seek same or older to explore the swinging lifestyle. Adventuresome, willing to travel, willing to try new ways of expressing affection. We are both bi-curious.

An even dozen replies came in the mail, about half of which we classified as possibles.

After a few exchanges of letters and numerous phone conversations, we narrowed it down to two couples, then one.

Marv and Winnie Burton were intelligent people in their mid 50's. They lived in western Texas. He was a retired civil engineer and she a registered nurse. They were RV people, spending at least a couple of months of each year on the road. We agreed to meet.

On an evening several weeks later, the phone rang, and it was Winnie, telling me to expect them at our door momentarily. A half hour later, there was a throaty rumble outside as a huge vehicle painstakingly maneuvered into three adjacent vacant spaces of our apartment building's parking lot. At first I thought it was a bus, but Jo, laughing and nudging me, asked if I had never seen a mobile home before.

Winnie was a very tall, plump woman, with graying blonde hair. Her husband was couple of inches shorter, maybe 5'9", and a well-muscled flannel-shirt-and-hiking-boots outdoorsy type. We sat around talking while Jo whipped together some light snacks and got out the fondue cooker.

It was getting on toward midnight, and by then all four of us knew we could stand each other's company without discomfort. We were socially compatible, but now what? The conversation wound down, then stopped.

Jo broke the silence. "I'd like to spend the night with Marv, if he's willing." She smiled shyly at me. "Cal, could you possibly work something out with Winnie, if she's agreeable?"

She was.

Marv stayed in the apartment with Jo while I accompanied Winnie down to to their parked RV.

"This is a 26-footer, Cal. It's fairly small, as such things go, but it has most of the amenities of home. I'd be happy to show you. Step right on up."

Such a luminous smile she had, there under the stars and the orange sodium-arc lights. I followed her bouncy round ass up the metal steps.

She switched on the interior lights. "It's battery power when the engine's not running," she explained. With a distinct click, she bolted the door behind us. Down the aisle, in the very back, was a fancy-looking queen-size bed.

Her cool hand on my forehead momentarily startled me. "You're very tense," she said. "I know just what you need to relax. As a nurse, I'm professionally knowledgeable about such things. While I freshen up, you can take your clothes off and make yourself comfortable on the bed."

I was nervous, all right, but I undressed down to T-shirt and Jockey shorts. My feet ached from a long day at work, and that bed sure did look inviting. I slipped under the covers and closed my eyes.

"Wake up, sleepy head."

She was standing at the foot of the bed, smiling and holding something aloft. I recognized it, all right. It was an old-fashioned red rubber enema bottle.

"This is just what you need to unwind," she said, and winked. "I don't know if you've ever had an enema, but it can be a very soothing and enjoyable experience. And, after that, we can proceed to other matters, if you're up to it." That endearing smile again. Marv was a lucky man, all right. Maybe it was my turn to get lucky tonight. I smiled back.

She pulled back the covers and I tensed up involuntarily. "Oho, you're a little shy. No need for that. I'm a nurse, remember? Roll over on your tummy and put yourself in my professional care."

Lying face-down, I felt her gently slide my underwear down past my knees, then all the way off. She was caressing, then massaging my buttocks.

"A very nicely shaped little butt you've got on you, sir. We'll be cleansing the interior of that particular part of your anatomy momentarily. You're a beginner at this, so we'll start off nice and easy. You'll only get a quart this time. Just relax."

My buttocks were feeling nice and warm and loose by now. I loved the feel of her strong capable hands on them. Now she was lightly stroking between the cheeks, and I felt something cold and moist at the entrance to my anus.

"Just a little lubricant to let the nozzle slip in more easily. Ready now?" Her voice had gotten a little hoarse. Or was that an undertone of excitement?

"Carry on, nurse."

I felt a slight pressure, then something slid into me. A gush of liquid warmth spread through my insides, then there was a gradually building feeling of fullness. Somehow, in the midst of all this, I had gotten a solid hardon. Funny thing, that. I wasn't sure whether to be proud or embarrassed.

"Let me know if I should stop. If it gets unpleasant or painful, I can cut off the flow." Her soft reassuring voice came from above and behind me.

I was starting to feel unpleasantly full, as if something were blowing up my lower guts like a balloon. Manfully, I tried to hold out.

"Almost there. Just a little more cleansing water into you. You're a brave little boy. Momma approves." I felt a gentle slap on my butt.

She held up the deflated rubber bladder in front of my face with a gleam in her eye. "You done good. Not everyone can take a full quart their first time. Now, just hold it in for as long as you can. Five minutes would be fine, ten even better."

Damn, but I had to get to the toilet. The pressure inside me was screaming to be set free. I was ready to burst. To explode. To spew that stuff out of me. Anything to relieve the cramps.

"Hold it in just a bit longer. It works better that way. Make momma proud."

I tried. I really tried. Then I vaulted off the bed and dived into the small bathroom cubicle. Raised the lid on the commode and sat down just in time. Then came the explosion. An enormous, watery, gushing, smelly explosion. I heard applause on the other side of the partition.

About ten minutes later, with my guts thoroughly washed and emptied, I staggered back to the bed and collapsed. Exhausted and more than a little sleepy. Limp as a noodle. I didn't know if I were capable of much of anything. She was lying there waiting for me. Naked.

She gathered me into her arms and pulled my head down to her breast. I sucked on a nipple for a few minutes then drifted off, pillowed in her reassuring talcum powdery warmth. The last thing I remembered that night was the sound of her voice lullabying me to sleep.

I awoke to the crackle of hot grease and the smell of sausages grilling. My clothes were neatly folded on the nightstand. Stacks of pancakes with butter and real maple syrup and the sausages on the side. Grapefruit juice. She sent me off with a lingering kiss.

I walked back up to the apartment to check in with Jo before I took off for work. She greeted me at the door with an open-mouthed kiss and pulled me into the living room. Without warning, there she was, bent forward over the end of the sofa with her skirt flipped up. No underwear. (How long had it been since she had exposed her gleaming, naked bare ass for me?) Seconds later I was inside her, and she was slick with moisture, and I was holding on to her skinny hips and pumping. She screamed as she came. I was half an hour late for work.

Joanne had always been the dominant partner in the relationship. When it came to sex she called the shots. I was the shy one.

I remember the first time we made love. We had only known each other a couple of weeks. She was driving me home from a poetry reading and I noticed we were on an unfamiliar road. She pulled off into a dark side street, unbuckled, then opened her door.

"It's a beautiful night out and I feel like a walk. Look at how brilliant the stars are. I see them reflected in your eyes."

We walked and she pulled me close and we cuddled while we walked. Her cheek was cold. She took my hand and pulled it inside her blouse. Her breast was hot.

We kissed in that secluded place on a nameless street. "I love- "

"Hush," she said. "I've loved you since the first time I saw you. You were so needy, and it touched something deep inside me. I can't resist wounded creatures. Come here."

We were behind a small grove of trees, and without any warning she had pulled down her skirt and was bending over. She presented her bare behind to me.

"Come here," she said. "Come to me. You know what to do now. I need you. I need you inside me. I'm so empty. Fill me."

Then and there I filled her, and it was the beginning for us. Things were never quite that good again.

That evening, Marv and Winnie were already there when I came home. Jo had fixed one of her Cal-Mex black bean taco specials (shredded cheese and hot sauce optional). The four of us were all smiles, and there was no shyness or hesitancy.

After dinner, Winnie insisted on putting on a "show" for the rest of us. I dimmed the lights, and she took center stage. She sang a couple of 1950s Broadway hits (quite a decent voice she had), then, with a few showbiz-type flourishes, removed her blouse. Another song. Her bra joined the blouse on the floor. Two more songs and she was wearing nothing at all.

She walked over to Marv and took him by the hand. Slowly she undressed him, then pulled his erect penis into her mouth. He huffed and puffed a couple of times, mimed steam coming out of his ears, then withdrew from her lips. He tongued her breasts, traced a line of kisses downward, then got on his knees and sucked her clit. She groaned, then laughed.

"We'll take requests," she announced.

Jo raised her hand and asked for the doggie position. Winnie bent over on hands and knees and wiggled her ass provocatively. Marv positioned himself behind her and got ready to insert. Winnie suddenly giggled, then farted loudly. Marv waved a hand in front of his face and laughed in turn. "Quite a sense of timing the gal has. And they call me an old gasbag."

He grabbed on to her hips and put himself into her, reached around to hold her breasts, then pumped. The sight of him bouncing off her plump round ass excited me, despite the rank fart smell filling the room. His own ass wasn't all that bad, either.

I pulled Jo onto my lap, reached down and began stroking her pussy. She stood up, shrugged out of her panties, and, facing away from me, eased down onto my hard dick with a practiced wiggle of her torso. With both hands around her, I tweaked her nipples while she milked me. All four of us were making love within sight of each other. It was the nearest thing to an orgy I had ever taken part in.

A bit later, we traded partners. Winnie lay on her back on the carpeted floor, raised her knees to her chest, and took me into her for the first time. She turned out to have a trained pussy. A nutcracker. The sensations were so intense that I couldn't spare any attention for Marv and Jo.

That just about wrapped up the evening. After a late snack, our guests left and I fell asleep in my own bed in Jo's arms.

The following evening, we took a break from sex. The four of us went to an outdoor concert in a nearby park. Sousa's military marches and Handel's "Music for the Royal Fireworks".

"There's a quaint little family-run Italian restaurant not too far out of our way," Jo said as we were walking back to the car. "Chewy, garlicky pasta, and the atmosphere's warm and home-like."

Garlicky indeed. Afterwards, enjoying wedges of key lime pie and fighting off heartburn, we got to talking about, of all things, finances.

"Yeah, we do like it out here in Simonton, but the problem is the high cost of living," I was saying between suppressed belches. "Rent for our two bedroom apartment runs $900 a month, and when you factor in electricity and the heating surcharge... forget it."

"Well, what's keeping you here then?" Marv asked. "Your jobs? Family attachments? Friends?"

I had to admit that it was mostly inertia. Pulling up stakes and moving was such a hassle, after all.

"You might consider settling out in our neck of the woods, out west of the Pecos... Van Horn, Texas," Marv said. He suppressed a belch. "Beautiful country -- mountains nearby, cheap living, and I could probably fix up the both of you with decent jobs.

"You're a what? Systems programmer, you said? There's a new software outfit starting up a few miles down the road from us and I'm know they're desperate for skilled people. Jo can get a job teaching in a county school. Lord knows, there's a shortage of experienced teachers.

"As for living accommodations, you might consider an RV. You could get a used one for only a few thou, and space rental in a trailer park is pretty cheap. For that matter, you could buy a couple of acres of land to park the RV. Even paying a mortgage, you'd be considerably better off financially than you are now."

I had a mouthful of questions. We sat and talked. And snacked. And talked.

It was past midnight when yawns began to overpower the discussion, and we drove home to warm beds. To sleep. And think.

Now it was Friday night. "This will be something special," Marv had promised. I couldn't imagine how it could get any more special than it had already been, but he told me to wait, just wait.

"Winnie likes it in the ass," he said.

She laughed out loud at this. "I don't like it in the ass half as much as he likes giving it to me there. And as for taking it up the ass, ah-huh, well, that's it's a tossup as to who likes it there more."

I had often fantasized about fucking a woman in the ass, but had never actually done it. Jo had been willing to consider it early in our relationship, but had we had never gotten beyond talking about it. She was afraid it might be too painful, and I had some issues with hygiene.

"Show us," I told them.

Marv lovingly undressed Winnie. He kissed her long and hard, then moved down to her nipples. Five minutes later, she was arching her back and scratching long, red welts on his forearms. He traced a line of kisses down, down toward her pussy, then spent a good while tonguing, then sucking her clit. She was gasping as he raised her legs over his shoulders and inserted himself into her, then held still without stroking.

"Ready, honey?" he asked.

"Give it to me. Put the eight ball into the side pocket. Or rather, put your cue stick there."

He pulled out of her, and she positioned herself on hands and knees. I handed him the tube of lubricant he reached out for. Now he was gently massaging the valley between her ripe, round buttocks. He inserted a finger, then two, finally three into her rosebud. Her sphincter stretched and opened up as he rotated his hand, then slowly withdrew it.

"Ready, mate?" he asked.

"Check, mate," she answered.

He gradually pressed the head of his cock into her ass, rocked back, then pressed in again. Her opening dimpled, then yielded. "Here we go, baby. Sliding past the ring. Shooting the rapids now."

He was all the way in, pumping in and out, seemingly in slow-motion. The sight of his hard dick slowly disappearing into her backside then reemerging coated with gleaming lubricant was almost more than I could bear. Jo had moved in for a close-up look.

"I'm going into lecture mode," he said. "I expect you all to take notes. Look at how gently I press in. The friction, and much of the sensation comes from the out stroke, just the opposite from cunt fucking. The ass is considerably more fragile a vessel than the pussy, and it needs special care."

There was a faint pop as he pulled out of Winnie's ass. He pointed at me. "All right, demo's over. Cal, your turn now. Final exam time."

I was hard as a rock and Winnie's round, stretched asshole was beckoning, pulling at me like an electromagnet. There was a glistening drop of something (lube? come?) quivering at the crimson-rimmed entrance. I stood behind her and rubbed my hands over her lush cheeks. Holding on to her hips, I placed the tip of my dick against her innermost gate and gingerly pressed forward.

It was surprisingly easy to slide in. The sensation was almost like being inside a pussy, but tighter, and yes, somehow smoother, with a gently rippling texture. Like slipping into a silky, ribbed velvet tunnel. Fucking a silk-lined tube... a tube whose function was passing foul-smelling feces and noxious gas... yes. Yes! Then Winnie clamped down hard on my dick and I almost passed out as I came.

While I had been otherwise occupied, Marv had been instructing Jo in the theory and practice of ass fucking. "The side-by-side spoon position is the easiest and most gentle for beginners to receive in," he was saying. Winnie had her arm around me and was nuzzling my neck as I watched Marv inserting into Jo's ass, then comforting her as she winced.

"There, that's better now. Once I'm past the ring, all you feel is a gentle stretching, and possibly a mild burning sensation. I'll finger your clit while I'm in you." Jo's face relaxed, then she closed her eyes and her lips settled into a faint smile.

I must have drifted off with my head on Winnie's breasts (they made plush, comfortable pillows). Marv's voice wakened me.

"I saw you staring at my ass while I was doing Jo, Cal old fellow. Interested in getting inside me? Simon says, fuck him in the ass."

I was instantly hard again. I hadn't really been thinking of doing that, not consciously, but what had happened tonight must have stirred up old fantasies from the dusty recesses of my mind.

He took me by the hand and led me over to an exercise mat spread out in the corner. He handed me a tube of lube and positioned himself on hands and knees.

"Now, the trick is to slather the lube on. Squeeze some on your index finger and press it into my ass. Not so hard. Easy does it. Do it again, and repeat until the stuff is oozing out of me. Now, put two fingers in and stretch me a little. Side to side, and up and down. Spread the fingers and swivel them around. That's it. Now, more lube. Try three fingers. I do believe I'm ready for you. The door's wide open. Lube up your dick and come right on in."

By feel, it wasn't really all that much different than the inside of Winnie's ass. Well, maybe just a little tighter. I hesitantly told Marv that after I had fully inserted.

"No shit, fella. An ass is an ass is an ass. An ass by any other name." That's all I need, I thought, a literature-spouting smartass. I commenced fucking that smart ass.

Oh, that was good. I had come inside him, but was still partly hard when I pulled out. Still horny. Still wanting something or other. He noticed.

"You want to find out what it feels like? Inside you, I mean." Marv was smiling at me as he used a damp towel to mop up the semen seeping out of him.

I was curious. Very curious. His detailed explanation of the art of bottoming must have tripped a relay in my head. I was totally hard again and both my penis and anal sphincter were throbbing in rhythm with my heartbeat.

"Lay down on your left side. You'll find it easier to relax that way. Now I'm going to prepare you the same way you did me. Don't worry, I'll be gentle."

He lay down behind me and began massaging my neck. I closed my eyes and let my breathing slow. Then I pulled my top knee part way up toward my chest, as instructed.

"Good boy," he said. "Now, I'll lubricate and stretch your opening a bit. That'll soothe and relax it."

He stroked, then kneaded my buttocks. For a split-second I flashed back to the feel of Winnie's hands doing the exact same thing. The technique was identical. I jumped involuntarily as his fingertip stroked between the cheeks. It was like a jolt of electricity. But it felt (ah!) so good as he rubbed something slippery into the groove down there, and fingered my opening with a feather-light touch. Now I felt something gently inserting into me.

"Relax. It's just a single finger. Push out. Press out as if you were having a bowel movement. Gently."

I felt the finger slip in further, then slowly withdraw.

"Two fingers now. Feel the slight stretch. I'm going to spread them slightly and rotate. That will stretch and relax you even more."

Still doing fine. Dick hard as a rock.

"The final test. Three fingers. If you can take that, you're ready for the big time. How does that feel?"

I felt open and vulnerable... and eager to get on with it.

"Go ahead, Marv. Fuck me."

I could feel the stretch, the steadily increasing pressure as he gradually pressed against, then into my hole.

"I'm just past the entrance and holding steady. Ready to pop past the ring. Pop your cherry, so to speak. Are you okay with that?"

"Do it. Fuck my ass."

My sphincter stretched apart with a painless shock and he was inside. Inside me. He was sliding up into me with no resistance and there was a slippery column of flesh moving up into me and filling my intestine. I was filling up with him, then I was full and his thighs pressed against my ass cheeks. He was totally inside me. It felt a little strange, but there was no discomfort. It excited me in a way I had never experienced.

Again, he checked with me. "I'm going to rock and roll now, but stop me if you feel any discomfort."

(He was fucking me. Fucking me in the ass. Did that change me somehow? Make me queer?)

I felt him sliding in and out, and it was exciting me more and more. Was it my imagination, or was friction heating up the inside of my ass? I was burning with fever. Then, his hand reached around me and grabbed my dick.

"I'm almost ready to pop off, Cal, and I want you to come at the same time. You'll know why in a minute." His lubricated hand sang up and down my throbbing dick. I howled and spurted, and my asshole clenched and released, clenched and released against the hard shaft corking me up, which was now squirting bursts of hot liquid up into my bowels. Into the place where my shit came from. Into the dark, deep mystery. Into my guts. Into the very heart of me.

I heard cheers and felt blood rush to my face. The women had been watching our performance, watching me being ass-fucked, watching me being opened up and hollowed out. I was blushing like a teenage girl. What was happening to me?

That night I dreamed... I couldn't remember what I dreamed. I awoke short of breath and soaked in sweat. Jo made me some herb tea and told me to stay home from work. I took two aspirin and went anyway.

Saturday night. Over cheese lasagna, we discussed going on an RV trip together. A weekend outing seemed to be a good way to introduce Jo and myself to that way of life. We planned it for the very next week. Meanwhile, we had other matters to attend to.

"Do you know what 'double bubble' means?" Marv asked me.

"Yeah, it has something to do with chewing gum, doesn't it?" I wisecracked.

"El wrongo! It's a woman taking it in both openings at once. Winnie goes wild when she does it. It's an unusually intense sensation for the men involved, too."

"Hmm. Sounds interesting. I assume you brought it up because you want us to do it. I'm game if everyone else is."

Marv pointed at Winnie. "You on, honey?"

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