Master Theron

by Irishrose1215

Caution: This Sex Story contains strong sexual content, including Ma/Fa, DomSub, MaleDom, Spanking, Rough, Oral Sex, Anal Sex, .

Desc: Sex Story: Theron has a session with his slave

"C'mon bitch! What did I just say to do?"

"I'm sorry, Sir! Please don't pull the leash again! It hurts my throat!"

"It hurts my throat, well, a lot more is going to hurt if you don't do what I fucking say! Now suck my cock!"

"Yes Sir!"


I felt the hard sting of Master Theron's hand come down hard on my cheek, and held back the tears that formed in my eyes.

"Thank you! Thank you Sir, for letting me suck your cock!"

"Such a polite bitch."

My eyes cast to the floor before I crawled to where I was wanted in front of Master Theron. I sat up on my knees, and took the head of his cock into my mouth. My hands went to the shaft, and I began to stroke him as I sucked. I looked up, and saw him sneering down at me, the leash in hand; he yanked it, sending my head off his cock.

"Is that the best you can fucking do? I thought you were a good whore!"

"I am! I am! Master please! Let me try again! I don't know what I did wrong!"

He loosened his grip on the leash, and brought his other hand down to his cock. As my lips went to wrap around him, he moved it, and slapped it against my face.

"Suck it!"

I moved my head, trying hard to capture it but he kept moving.

"I said to suck it!"

He slapped his cock so hard against my cheek that it left a red mark, and made the tears come back in my eyes.


"Shut up!"

As I had opened my mouth to speak he shoved his cock in. I gagged as it hit the back of my throat, and choked again as he thrust hard into me.

"Oh yeah! I love that you little bitch, choke on my cock!"

I tried to breathe, but found that it only made me choke again. At least half of his cock had been shoved down my throat, and it rejected every inch.

He finally pulled up and left the head at my lips.

"Now, suck my cock, and do a better fucking job than last time!"

I wrapped my hands once again around his now wet shaft, and began to suck hard, bringing my teeth down and nibbling on it as I stroked his cock with my hands.

"That's enough!"

He pulled the leash again, and I toppled over with a grunt. He smiled down as I lay on the floor.

"Some one has become very wet."

"Because of you Sir! My pussy is soaked from sucking your cock and I thank you for giving me that pleasure, and for making me choke on it Sir!"

He said nothing but had an approving look on his face. He began to walk, and I quickly moved so that I could crawl behind him. He sat on the bed, and grabbed my hair, pulling me up by it and by the leash. He moved me so that I was laying flat on my back, and he moved between my legs. I looked at him, eagerness on my face, at the thought of his cock sliding in me, but instead, that look turned to one mixed with pain and pleasure as his hand came down and smacked my pussy. My hips thrust up as the impact left, and with his other hand pressed on my stomach he moved me back down. He smacked me again and I cried out.

"Thought you were going to get my cock didn't you?"

I didn't answer, which brought another harder slap from him.

"Yes! Yes Sir, I thought you were going to fuck me!"

"See what you get for thinking!"

He moved his hand from my pussy, and brought it down on my erect nipple. I screamed in my mix of pleasure and pain.

"I'm sorry! I'm so sorry Master Theron! Please quit hitting me!"

"You like it, don't you? C'mon, tell me the truth!"

His hand hit my other nipple and a loud moan escaped my lips.

"Yes, I love it! I love when you hit me Sir! It feels so good!"

"It's because you're a whore, Jessi. Isn't that right?"

He moved his hand back to my pussy and smacked it repeatedly.

"Yes! Yes! It's because I'm a whore!"

His hand moved, and so did he. His face coming within inches of mine, and a loud gasp coming from me as his cock thrust deep inside of me. My hips bucked so hard that I lifted us both from the bed for a second. His lips came down on mine, and he kissed me hard, running his tongue inside my mouth, causing a moan from me. He pulled up and looked down as he thrust his cock so deep in me that I could feel it in my stomach.

"What are you?"

"I'm a whore!"

His hand came up, and smacked across my face, and as I went to turn my head back to look at him, his hand came around my throat. I looked up wide-eyed at him.

"Wrong answer! Try again!"

He applied more pressure.

"I'm your whore!"

I screamed at him, and though he didn't relieve the pressure he looked pleased.


"I'm your whore, Master Theron! I'm your bitch! Here to pleasure you and nothing more!"

He applied more pressure, as he thrust and I looked up at him with fear.

"Keep going!"

I was stuck, I didn't know quite what else to say, and he looked down at me angrily. He moved, helping himself up by my throat, causing me to gasp for air when the pressure was completely off. He sat up on his knees, and thrust my legs in the air. Holding them with one hand, he came down hard on my ass.

"What the fuck are you?"

"I'm a cock-hungry bitch!"

He smacked me again, catching my thigh, and making another pleasure/pain scream come from me.

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